Hot Sex with Widowed Indian Masseuse

Good day friends, this story is about the massage lady, I had sex with, in the second meeting. I am 5 ft 11” with a 6-inches dick and an average body. Due to my strained back, I had to do some massage and used to go to the spa. Most of the therapists there were Thai. But this time due to non-availability, I tried a local therapist.

This local therapist woman was Neeta (name changed). She was about 35 years old, 5 ft 1 inch in height and her breast size was about 32cms. The rest of her measurements, I don’t know. But she was short and a bit fat and had a big ass. I was surprised when we spoke as she spoke good English.

We had a nice conversation about my massage and about my likes and dislikes. She was very friendly to talk to.

When I am on the massage table, I like to be naked. She agreed to my wish and as the massage continued, she did a good job. Once she did my legs, and lower back, she went lower to my ass. The therapist poured oil and massaged my anus very well, making nice circular motions around it, making my cock hard.

Neeta played with my cock, with her nails around the head. She was giving me a lot of pleasure, and a little pain by inserting a little bit of her nail in the tip of the cock. This was almost making me cum. She was aware of how to handle a cock well.

I asked her for the price of a happy ending. She said, “Give me whatever you want when you are happy.” It seemed the masseur was interested in customer satisfaction. We spoke more of her family, her husband had passed away. She had 2 kids, and a family friend who was attending to her sexual needs.

She had small boobs which I asked her to open and show me. I was hungry as I had never been with an older woman. After playing with her boobs, we kissed a lot as I was unable to control.

Neeta finished the massage and made me cum. I had a really good time. I enjoyed the experience. I went back after 2 months and fortunately, I got her again. I remembered her. But it took some time for her to recollect that we had met earlier.

We had spoken about my girlfriend and my sexual fantasies, which she remembered, but that is a story for the next time.

Our massage continued. I offered her some money to do the massage topless. She agreed. She does this amazing anal massage.

We then discussed in detail our sex life. The masseur was not satisfied by the man she was fucking. I had a one-hour massage and had paid for 30 minutes in. Seeing her reaction, I doubled the time. She understood my intentions. I asked about her charges. She said, “It’s nothing,” and we started to kiss.

She sat over me and kissed my neck, holding my hands up. She then bit my nipples. Oh, what a feeling it was. I just submitted to her.

Neeta kissed me all over. She went down and gave me a bite on my cock with a wicked smile, and started blowing me. I told her that I would cum, but she continued. I pressed her on my cock. She loved it. I made her stop.

Then I took off her pants and saw that she had a shaved pussy. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating. I started to lick the therapist and began putting 2 fingers in her pussy. She got really wet. Then there was a bit of squirting. I gave her pussy good attention for 5-10 minutes.

We also did the 69 position. She used the tip of her tongue very well around the head of my cock and then inserted her tongue in the hole of my dick. Wow! What an amazing feeling it was. I almost forgot about her boobs.

I started to kiss her. Then I also returned the favour by biting her nipples and sucking them. I was rubbing my cock on the masseuse’s pussy as well and was just not allowing it to go inside. She was getting wild. She was kissing me and biting my lips. I asked her what she wants.

Neeta: I want to be fucked, like you own my pussy. I will be your personal whore. Just fill me with your cum. I want to feel the warm cum in my pussy.

She told me that she wanted to be fucked for a long time. Her partner would just enter her and cum quickly. She told me that she wanted to be fucked for a long time. I was still teasing her, and rubbing my cock on her pussy. She was getting angry. I loved her reaction. I pressed her boobs and licked her neck. She was now getting out of control.

I asked her what if she gets pregnant if I cum inside her. She said, “Not to worry. I am on pills. My sex partner always cums inside me, and till now after all these years, I have not conceived.

I was teasing her more and more. When she was about to say something, I just in one hard stroke inserted my cock in her pussy. I then kissed her so that no sound comes out of her mouth.

We fucked in a missionary position for some time, and then she changed position. She came on top of me and was riding me like a pro. She made all kinds of strokes. At times, she went fast and at other times she made it slow. It seems she was ready to get her revenge.

She kissed my neck and bit my nipples again. We then moved to the doggy style, that’s when I realised what a nice round ass she had.

I fucked the horny Indian therapist hard and put all my weight on her. She went flat down and I continued fucking her. She was biting the towel, as she could not moan loudly.

I love anal fucking. I got her back to doggy style. I asked her if she had done anal before. She said that she too loves anal sex and that she was a slut. She had been fucking only in her pussy with her partner, as he did not like anal sex.

Neeta said that when her husband was alive he would fuck her in her anus. She told me that I was only the second man to fuck her anus. I then poured oil on my dick, and on her ass and played with her anus with my fingers. First I inserted one finger and then the second finger.

She was comfortable with my finger-fucking. I then inserted my dick. It was difficult at first, as my cock is 6 inches, but it has a big head. With a bit of struggle, it went in. We fucked hard. I was about to cum, She instructed me to fuck her pussy and cum inside her pussy. I did that, and we went to a missionary position.

We fucked hard and kissed each other passionately. I then came in her. That was a feeling like no other. The feeling of cumming inside a hot pussy cannot be explained. The warm feeling of the pussy-grabbing the cock, is heavenly. We stayed like that for a few minutes.

As the time was up, she got some hot towels as there was no time for a shower. I gave her the cash. She was not happy to accept it, but I forced her. Then she kissed me and said till we meet the next time. I left the place. After some months, I tried to visit the place again, but the place had shut down.

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