A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 20 (Ayesha’s Plumbing And Pervert Mailman)

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After a goodnight’s sleep Kalyani yawned and woke up from bed. After finishing her duties, she went to Devi’s house. As expected, Devi was inside the bathroom, taking a bath. She notified Devi that she’d come back later.

But Kalyani, before leaving, silently went inside the bedroom and picked up her spycam. She left the house without making a sound. Kalyani was so anxious to see what was inside the package. She plugged the spycam into her computer and started surfing the videos.

She saw some dressing video of Devi as the camera automatically switches itself on if any motion was detected. Then after few cut videos, she finally found a little longer video. She opened it and saw Devi picking up the packages under her bed and placing them on the bed.

She went out of the frame and brought a box cutter, and started unboxing the package. There were a lot of plastic wraps over the product. When she was about to take them out, Devi received a call. She picked it, and it must be someone calling from her door.

Holding the phone in her ears, she went out of the frame and returned with Ayesha. Ayesha and Devi spoke among themselves, which Kalyani couldn’t hear as the mic was a little far from them. Then they decided to open the box the next day, which happens to be the sorority’s anniversary party.

Then both placed the boxes under the bed and left the room. Kalyani was disappointed by their actions and switched off the laptop. She got back to her chores with a big disappointment. She was inside the kitchen cooking.

She wore a sleeveless white camisole top with pink 3/4 tight leggings, which showed her perfect ass curves. The camisole rarely covered her navel as her complete navel will get exposed if she lifts her arms a little. She was keen on making her food.

She suddenly heard the calling bell, and when she answered the door, it was Ayesha. Kalyani took a top to bottom look at Ayesha. She was wearing mini shorts and a white tank top. Her hair was pony-tailed. Her tank reached just her ribs, and her slim belly was exposed.

It also had a low neck and showed more cleavage from her perfect dusky round boobs. Her long dusky legs were exposed. Kalyani lost in thoughts while looking at her. Ayesha snapped her fingers to get Kalyani back to her senses. Kalyani blinked and then welcomed her inside.

Ayesha entered and sat on the sofa. She crossed her legs one above the other, and she waited for Kalyani to finish her chores. Kalyani did her stuff and then sat opposite Ayesha on the sofa and admired Ayesha’s attire.

She told her that she looked beautiful in this attire and asked her what made her so bold to choose this attire. Ayesha replied that with no man inside the colony to judge, she enjoyed her freedom in choosing her attire. She also encouraged Kalyani that she must also try something like her.

Kalyani replied hesitantly that she feels more comfortable in her attire. Ayesha then told her that the sorority was celebrating their anniversary and invited her to the party. Kalyani, who always waited for such a wonderful opportunity, badly wanted to accept the invitation.

But she knew that she might expose her true nature to the tenants in that party. She just wanted to be a passive absorber. She told Ayesha that she was not feeling well due to fever and she needs some rest. She also told her that she might pass on her fever to the rest of the members if she attends the party.

Ayesha agreed on her point and accepted her excuse for not joining the party. Kalyani then told Ayesha that she has a little problem with the kitchen sink and requires a little help. She asked for some plumber’s contact to solve the problem. Ayesha told her that she’d take a look at it once.

Kalyani showed her the kitchen sink that got blocked. Ayesha took a little long metal stick and tried poking the sinkhole, but it didn’t work. Then Ayesha went back to her house and brought a pipe wrench and started repairing the clog. She bent and was on her knees and doing her repair job.

But Kalyani was continuously staring at her ass. Her ass was exposed a bit more behind her as Kalyani could see her curvy ass. Kalyani badly wanted to spank it. Ayesha was under the sink doing something. She called Kalyani and told her she needs a little help above the sink.

Kalyani was now behind Ayesha’s ass and was staring at it so close. Ayesha’s top body was under the sink, and she below was outside. Ayesha told Kalyani to hold the sink as she unscrews it. Now Kalyani’s shin bone is just a few inches from Ayesha’s ass groove.

Now Kalyani intentionally caressed ass with her chin bone. Ayesha didn’t react to her touch. Kalyani became bold. Now she placed her shin bone in between her ass grooves over the mini shorts and felt her ass in her shin. Ayesha moved relatively to screw the sink.

She pressed her ass relatively against the shin of Kalyani. Kalyani felt horny, and she felt the warmth of her ass groove. Ayesha didn’t care much about it. Now she finally finished the job and started to fit the sink back. Kalyani’s hands badly wanted to spank the ass.

Then suddenly, Ayesha told her that something lurked behind her hips. She asked Kalyani to see what it was. Kalyani looked at it, and it was a baby cockroach. It moved over her back and near her lower back. Ayesha asked Kalyani to get rid of it as her hands are busy doing their work.

Kalyani tried grabbing it over her hips. She grabbed Ayesha’s slim waist, and she moved her hand according to the roaches’ move. Then she intentionally spanked her ass. Ayesha asked her what that was. Kalyani replied that she was beating the roach. She then spanked another three times.

Ayesha now was sure that Kalyani is weak for beautiful ass. And now Ayesha can trade this information to Radha as she was more interested in Kalyani. Now Kalyani finally caught the roach by her hand. She doesn’t want to end the fun. So she dropped the roach back inside Ayesha’s ass cleavage.

Ayesha now gasped and asked her what happened. Kalyani replied that the roach had entered the shorts. Ayesha panicked and told Kalyani to remove lower her shorts as her own hands are repairing. Kalyani thanked God for this wonderful moment.

She grabbed her waistband and lowered the shorts from behind. She was shocked to see Ayesha was wearing a G-string thong. Her ass cheeks were perfectly round, and even Disha Patani might envy her perfect ass cheeks. The thong covered her asshole and pussy.

Kalyani now badly wanted to suck them and eat them. But she controlled herself and slapped Ayesha’s bare ass for the last time and saw it jiggle. Then she finally told her that the roach was gone now. Ayesha thanked God for that, and then Kalyani raised the shorts back to their position and got up.

Ayesha finally finished her work, and she got up with her hands full of grease. Kalyani thanked her heartfully and asked her what she wants in return. Ayesha told her that a cup of tea is enough. Kalyani then handed her a soap to wash her hands full of grease.

But Ayesha ignored her soap and told her that she was allergic to this specific soap brand. Kalyani told her sorry. Ayesha asked Kalyani to come along with her to her flat to open the door as her hands are full of grease. Kalyani obliged and went with Ayesha to the ground floor to her house.

The door was locked. Ayesha told Kalyani that she has the key in her shorts’ back pocket asked Kalyani to get it. Kalyani inserted her hand inside the back pocket of her shorts and grabbed the key along with her ass. She then opened the door, and Ayesha got in.

Then Kalyani said bye and thanked her again. She promised to bring her tea shortly. When Kalyani started climbing the stairs, she heard some knock over the colony’s main gate. She went and saw through the small door hole. It was a mailman holding some package in his hands.

She opened the door, and the mailman gawked at Kalyani’s attire as she was wearing the white camisole and pink tight 3/4 leggings. The mailman was staring at her body for about 10 seconds, top to bottom. Kalyani hated his acts. She snapped him back to reality.

Then the mailman replied, “I’ve got a package for you, mam.” He handed it over to Kalyani. Kalyani received it, and it was a small box. He then asked for her signature and handed her a small booklet that had the acknowledgment. Kalyani asked for the pen.

He took it from his pocket and intentionally dropped it at her feet while handing it over. Not even a second, his eyes weren’t looking at hers. His eyes were hunting her body. When Kalyani was about to bend and pick the pen, she realized that she didn’t wear a bra and might expose her cleavage.

So she covered her top cleavage with the package and then bent to pick the pen. The mailman who was eagerly waiting for a cleavage show was disappointed. Kalyani, while signing, saw that the package was Devi’s. She told him that she was not the recipient, but she was living in the colony.

The mailman told her that he would enter inside and take it to her doorsteps. But Kalyani hated the idea as the pervert mailman will do something naughty. She told him to wait outside while she brings the real recipient. Kalyani turned around and walked inside.

While she was walking, the mailman was continuously looking at her curvy cloth-covered ass as they swing while she walked. Kalyani hated him staring at her ass. She bit her teeth and finally notified Devi about the package and made her receive it on her own.

Then Kalyani got back to her house, and she was a little annoyed to see a male stranger enjoy her body. While Devi was out to receive the package, Kalyani remembered that she needs to capture the footage of the party. She ran to her house and took three spy cams, and ran to Devi’s house.

She looked over the balcony to see Devi already engaged with that pervy mailman. She found her window, went inside Devi’s house. She planted the cams on the hall, bedroom, and kitchen. She then came out of Devi’s house, stood on her balcony, and waited for Devi to return.

With the package in her hand, Devi came up with a little angry face. Kalyani noticed it and asked her what happened? She replied that the mailman was an asshole. He was eating her body with his lusty eyes the whole time when she was down there.

Kalyani laughed and said he did the same for me. Devi replied, laughing, “If you wear such dress, everyone will look at you.” Kalyani blushed and liked her compliment. She then left Devi’s house and went to her house. She stood in front of the big mirror in the bedroom and admired her body.

Even she agreed with Devi’s point. Her body and skin will make any cock rise. Kalyani was proud of her body, and then she carried on with her chores. All she needs is to go to Devi’s house one more time and switch the camera’s on just before the party gets started.

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