Pragati, My Friend’s Wife – Part 2

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The next day I never went to the office and never attended her calls. Around 11.00 am, while I was watching a movie, I heard a knock on the door. But the rhythm of the knock was so familiar to me. I went towards the door in surprise. When I opened the door, I was astounded to see her.

We were gazing at each other. Suddenly she walked towards me. I slowly retraced my path. She closed the door facing me. She was wearing a yellow kurti with blue legging. Her kurti has a deep neck, and anyone could easily see half of her boobs.

The navy legging she was wearing clearly exposes her plumy thighs. Her face was all glowing. Jimikki dancing on her ears and a small dot on her forehead accentuates her beauty. She dyed her hair with golden streaks. She was standing there like a sex goddess, and I was all shocked.

She asked with a raised eyebrows and a smirk, “Won’t you give me tea…” Without letting her complete the sentence, I kissed her lips vigorously. I held her back head with my right hand and her spine with my left hand. I banged her on the door so that she won’t get hurt.

I was kissing her vigorously that she suffocated, and I could hear her squeaking. I was biting her lower lip and started pulling it towards me. She moaning like anything. My neighbor must have heard it. Then she started to say something but couldn’t pronounce it properly as her lips were in my mouth.

She tried to stop me from saying something, but I was not stopping. Suddenly she slowly slapped my face to bring me back to my senses and pressed my arms to say something. I stopped. She said, “That day, I wasn’t drunk. I was just acting. I wanted you so badly, so that act was a ruse. I want you to fuck me.”

Hearing that as a punishment, I bit her back neck so hard that she started moaning again with a laugh. Then she started to kiss my lips even more vigorously. Suddenly, she caught my face, started staring at my eyes for a sec. Then opened her mouth with her tongue slightly sticking out.

Then we started to play with our tongues for a few minutes. Then I slowly lowered my hands under her kurta and started caressing her navel. Pressing her navel, rubbing all over her navel. Slowly I moved my hands towards the backside and tried to raise my hands towards her bra.

But I couldn’t get there, So I stalled there and started gently pressing her spine muscles. My action led her bra to pop out a bit, so now I could see her black bra clearly. I was peeping on her bra while kissing her. “Slow down. You have till night,” she said. To which I said not enough.

I removed my right hand from inside her kurti and slowly moved my hand towards her butt. I pressed it so hard that I heard her third scream. Then I lowered my hand towards her thigh and pressed it. Then I lifted her thighs and pulled her towards me.

She then rolled her other leg around my waist. Now she was in my waist. Her one hand is holding my neck, and the other one is holding on to my shoulder. I then slowly moved towards my bedroom. After reaching the bedroom, I tilted myself towards the bed to slowly drop her on the bed.

But my left hand was still under her kurta, so I fell on to her. Now we both are laughing in the bed. Now she started to unbutton my shirt and saw the claw marks she made the other day. She looked at my eyes and started moving her head towards my chest.

She gently kissed my chest for a while and started tonguing the wound. She gazed at my eyes and started making a line with the tongue. She reached my nipples. And she started licking it gently, and she bit it and started rolling her tongue around them.

Then I removed her kurta, and her boobs bounced. I was looking at them in ecstasy. She took my head and pressed it against the boobs. She was full of strawberry scent. I caved my head into them And moved my focus towards her armpits.

I started bristling her armpits with my beard, and she got tickled, so she was pushing me off. I forced her hands steady and continued playing with her armpits. But she tried to slip away from me. Now my face is in front of her pussy. I tried to smell it, but she continued moving away from me.

Then I caught her legs and dragged them towards me. Now we were looking at each other’s faces again. Then I looked at her leggings and looked back at her, to say I’m going to remove her legging. I slowly found the edge of her leggings, inserted my fingers into them, and slowly removed them.

While doing so, I was looking at her face. Because of all her body, her face is the most sexier part. I slowly removed her pants, passing her thighs. They were glowing like evening sun on the sea. Then I managed to remove them completely from her legs.

Then I started kissing her sole and gradually started moving upwards. I kissed her and bit her thighs, and started smelling her panty. Now she was totally in black, my favorite color. That made me even hornier. Then I started rubbing my face near her pussy. She was getting pleasured.

Then I removed her bra with my mouth and spit it away. They were so perfect. I started pressing them like chapati dough. She stopped me from doing so and said gently. After pressing them for a while, I started pinching her nipples so hard. She was moaning in joy.

I started sucking them and biting her tits. Then I removed her panties slowly. Her pussy was neatly shaved. In excitement, I started kissing them, tonguing them, and licking and sucking them. She was moaning heavily. I wanted to give her the best I can.

So I stationed there and continued to do so for about an hour literally. Her eyes went inside her top eyelids. All I could see in the bottom white part, and her body is thrusting heavily. She had several orgasms in that process. Her hands were holding my head and my hairs tightly.

She is trying to rip them off, and I never stopped. My tongue started to get tired, but I managed with my lips. She, in the process, started moaning my name, and that made me do even more. So after a while, I gave up and stopped. I looked at her. She wasn’t moving. So I asked, “Are you okay?”

She said, “Yeah,”  with a very bright face. Then I wanted to try something new. So I went to the fridge found a scoop of ice cream. Then I placed it on my mouth and started rubbing on her navel and her boobs, then finally into her lips. We were playing with that ice cream, pouring into her mouth.

She was pouring it back into my mouth. While doing so, some fell on my erect dick. Seeing that, she looked at me, swallowed the ice cream in her mouth, and started reaching for my dick. She started sucking my dick like a lollipop, not so fast. She was taking her time, very slowly, like a kid sucking the lollipop.

After a while, I had reached climax and didn’t want to cum into her mouth. I tried to push her away, but she knew that I was going to cum. So she clung to me very hard. But in a fraction of a second, I finally pushed her away. But the cum was all over her face and a few on her lips. I said sorry.

She with a smile, drank the cum on her lips. I took a cloth and wiped the remaining away, and started kissing her all over. She said, “I want you to fuck me.” Then I finally inserted my dick into her pussy. Her pussy was so tight. I knew I was lucky to get her unexpected love.

I started slowly, but later I thrust so hard that she was moaning in pain accompanied with pleasure. I was rotating my dick on her pussy in circular motion. “How you do that?” she asked. Then after a lot of stuff, the sex came to an end.

I fell on the bed tiredly, asking her, “How was it?” She raised her head slowly and kissed me, saying, “We should do this often.” I smiled and hugged her tight with all the power I had. I suddenly rose and asked, “Didn’t you ask for some tea?” She started laughing like crazy.

After a few similar days, she and Rahul vanished from our office. Later I heard they quit their job, and her phone number was disconnected. I got vexed, and my life was so bored without her.

Days passed. On one fine day, while I was watching TV, I heard a knock on my door. Not just an ordinary knock, her signature sound.

The end.

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