Gigolo Gets Call From Society Woman For Service

Hi guys, let me tell you about myself. I am 6’2 in height, lean, and have an athletic build. Being a gigolo, I have a number of clients, and most of them are matured, married women.

They contact me through email or get my number from the people who referred them to me. If they think that I have given them good service, then they refer me further to others.

One morning, I got a call. On picking it up, I got to know that a woman in my society needed my services. Upon asking her for some details, I came to know that she got my number from another one of my clients.

We talked and decided on a suitable date and time and then booked an Oyo. She was married and hence wanted to meet on a weekday when her husband was at the office.

On the decided date, I woke up, did some exercises, and had my breakfast. By 10 am, I reached the designated Oyo room. When I reached the room, my client was already there.

I wished her, sat next to her, gave her a kiss on the lips, and started talking to her. On talking to her, I got to know that her husband had been seeing someone else for a very long time. Even after being told repeatedly by her, he still met the other woman and didn’t give this client any attention.

She didn’t want to file for divorce because she had children. She didn’t want her children to feel abandoned, which is the case with most of my clients.

She was dusky, with a height of 5’3. She had a curvy figure, had long hair, and was slim.

While talking to her, I kept my right hand on her upper thigh and left hand on her back. We were talking about sex and sharing our experiences. I asked her how did she like it? She said, “A little rough.”

We continued talking and I slowly kept moving my right hand upwards towards her pussy. When I almost reached her pussy, she smiled. Then I pulled her hair which I was holding, and pulled her towards me, and started making out.

I moved my right hand and started pressing her boobs. She held my hand out of pleasure. I started fondling her nipples from the top of her “one-piece” and as a reaction to the pleasure, she pressed my thigh tightly with her nails. I did that for some time.

Then I sat on top of her and opened her one piece. I could see that her panties were very wet. I then was pressing both her boobs and she was massaging my dick while we were making out. This carried on for some time.

I then went down and started sucking her boobs. I was pressing them and licking her nipples. After some time, I was sucking the right one and was massaging the left one between my index finger and thumb. The married woman started breathing heavily.

Then I sat on my knees and began rubbing her pussy from the top of her panties. I could feel her fluids coming out. I took her panties off and she immediately spread her legs.

I licked her clit and she moaned and started pressing my head against her pussy. I was licking it faster now and could taste her cum.

Then I put two fingers in her mouth, deep down her throat. She was gagging on them, and as I took them out, I put them in her pussy. I was fingering her with two fingers while licking her clit. At the start, I was fingering her slowly and then suddenly, increased the speed.

My married client started screaming and grabbed the bedsheet. Shortly afterward, she squirted!

I then sat down on the bed and made her sit on me. As she was sitting on me, she held my dick with her right hand and spread her pussy with her left hand, and sat on me. As she sat, she gave a loud gasp and started moving slowly at first.

Suddenly, I held her from her waist and pushed her against my dick. She let out a small scream and then started bouncing even faster. I put my right hand around her waist and started rubbing her clit. She was breathing heavily and moaning loudly. I could feel she was about to squirt.

After 2 minutes, she stood up started rubbing her pussy and squirting. She squirted and fell on the bed tired.

Then I went on top of her and kissed her on the lips. I spread her legs and started fucking the married woman in a missionary position. She was hugging me tightly and moaning while I fucked her.

She put her hands on my hip and started pushing my hip downwards. After some time while being fucked, she asked me to not stop as she was squirting.

Then I made her stand against the wall facing me. She kept one foot on the bed. I bent down and put my dick inside her. She wrapped her arms around my shoulder and I started fucking her.

I pressed her neck against the wall and could see she was enjoying it. This continued for sometime before I came and she took it in her mouth and swallowed it.

After swallowing my cum, I made her sit on the bed while I went down on my knees. I spread her legs and put my ring and middle finger inside her pussy and started fingering her. She was so wet that it only took 3-4 strokes before she started squirting. While squirting, she held the bedsheet and was moaning loudly.

When I finally stopped, my married client was out of breath. We had two more sessions before she fell on the bed and I was lying down too. She hugged me from behind and after some time, she slept.

In the evening before leaving, we did it once more. Then she paid me and I left.

After that, we used to cross each other’s paths but because other people were around we never spoke.

Whenever she was at home alone for a long duration, she used to call me at her place or even someone else’s place for the night. Now, she became a regular client of mine.

If anyone wants to contact me kindly mail me at [email protected]

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