Sex And Love Making With My Girlfriend

I am Sumit (name changed). I am sharing my first sex and love making experience with my first love. This happened during my college time that I satisfied my girlfriend. My girlfriend’s name is Priya (name changed). We were in the same class till junior college, and later we went to a different college.

It was even harder to meet her during our college. I called her once when I missed her so much. She answered the call and asked if I can meet her this Friday at her house. I agreed and then went to her house on Friday. I didn’t have any bad intentions as I am in good books with her family.

I got few chocolates as well for her and her sister. I rang the bell, and she opened the door. I went inside handed over the chocolates. Then she told me that her family has gone to some relatives’ house and will be back only by evening. And we started talking blah…blah.

Later she brought some tea and snacks. Suddenly we ran out of topics, and there was nothing left to say. She started looking into my eyes. At this time, I had many unwanted thoughts. She is a desi girl and does not wear modern clothes much. No makeup or lipstick either.

I started enjoying her beauty now. She was wearing black designer salwar with a shawl. I sat on the couch next to her, and then I placed my hand on her shoulder. Then she gave me a short kiss on my cheek.

I said, “Do you know how much I missed you? We’ve been together full time at school, and now I’m not even getting to see you when we get to college.” When I heard that, I fell in love with her. I felt loved. I hugged her tightly. Kissed all over her face, she had a nice scent of ponds talc.

Me: I love you so much, dear.

Then she pouted and asked for a lip kiss. I started licking her lips with my lips. Our tongues rolled, we kissed for about 5 minutes. Then it became something intoxicating, like we were floating in the sky losing weight. We stood up from the couch, and she took off her shawl.

Then I hugged her from behind around her waist. I saw her bra strap from the shoulder. It looks like she’s wearing a black bra. I asked, “Hey, that’s my favorite color.”

She: What?

Me (touching the strap): This one.

She: I know you like black. I placed my hand on her belly. Then we sat on the floor. I laid my head on her lap. Her boobs are in front of my eyes. She has average boobs. But when I laid on her lap and looked up. It looked like a big size. I did not ask her size.

She’s breathing heavily, and I could see her boobs jiggling. I kissed her belly on top of her salwar. She started kissing my face, and her boobs crushed against my face. She held me like a baby. I kissed her right boob, squeezed her left boob with my right hand.

She called me to her room, it’s a dark room decorated with warm white rice bulbs. She turned it ON, and it added up our mood. Then she lay down on her bed. I’m on top of her. She asked me to close my eyes, and I closed them. Then she took my right hand and placed it on boobs above the bra.

I squeezed her nipples over it and enjoyed it. This is the first time I am touching a girl’s breast. It’s very soft. Then we started kissing again. She kissed my cheeks and told me that I smell nice, basically due to Old spice aftershave lotion. It might have turned her ON. I asked her if I could touch her nipple.

She: Ok, but promise me, you don’t break my virginity.

Me: I know, and I promise.

When she heard that, she pulled off the salwar’s top. Wow! She is just in a black lacy bra. I started squeezing her boobs. I searched for hooks and couldn’t open them, then she helped me open her bra. Her boobs are perfect in round shape, with a small pink areola and small nipples.

My left hand squeezed her right breast and licked the left nipple with my tongue. I pulled her nipple with my lips, she moaned, “Ah.” Then I widened her legs. And I asked her to remove her leggings, she was afraid and said no. But I promised her again that I won’t make her lose her virginity.

Half-mindedly she removed her black leggings, and I could see her black lacy panty, matching her bra. I wanted to see her cunt, but I may go out of control and decided not to see it now. But I could see her cameltoe (shape of pussy) through her panties. I kissed her pussy above her sexy panties.

She suddenly sighed and pressed my face towards her pussy. I started biting it. Her eyes were lusty as if in a trance. She started moaning. I started kissing Priya’s lips again. Suddenly she said to me, “Let me have fun with you.” I took off my t-shirt. Then lowered the jeans‌.

She (seeing white jockey brief): Tell me the truth, this looks new, with bright white. Didn’t you wear this to show it to me?

Me: If you ask me like that, it is. (But frankly, I did not expect this.)

I said to her: Do you want to see it?

She: Oh, why are you so embarrassed?

Me: You only remove then.

She pulled down my briefs and took my cock (average size ~6.5inches) in her palm.

She: (seeing my thick pubic hairs) Aren’t you going to cut down this mini-forest?

Me: (Laughter) How about yours?

She: Not clean shaved, but have little bushes.

I placed my hands above her hand placed on my cock and moved my cock up and down. Then I took her left hand and placed it on her boobs, and made her squeeze boobs. My right hand was rubbing her pussy above panties. And with one hand she is giving me a handjob.

Then I kissed her on the lips. She speeds up the handjob, pressing my cock harder. I was about to cum with all the pleasure, but I controlled it by thinking something else to not cum. Looks like she is not interested in blowjobs, and I didn’t ask her as well, as I felt it may be awkward for her.

All because I love her so much. So for a while, she pressed and stroked my cock, and I squeezed her breast hard and rubbed her pussy very quickly with my other hand.

Me: Do you want my cum?

She: Yeah.

Me: Where?

She: Give a shot on my tummy.

I placed my cock near her sexy tummy, and she continued the handjob. I placed my hands above hers and was helping her with the handjob. She had lusty eyes, perfectly round boobs, shaved armpits, black lacy panty, sexy fragrance.  Her hands were on my cock.

I shot my first cum on her boobs with all these pleasures, then on her tummy and panties. She touched that cum with her fingers and later wiped it with tissues. We stood up and hugged.

She whispered: Thank you for keeping up the promise. I love you so much, Sumit.

Me: Love you too, dear, and we will not do that until our marriage. Coz I will not cheat your parents and will not break their faith. And thanks for this.

As it was evening, we put on the dress. And then I asked her what if we take a long time to meet again. Then she removed her shawl and covered our heads with that.

She kissed me, went near my earlobes, and whispered: Take this shawl, and whenever you miss me, just kiss it.

She handed the shawl to me.

She: What will I do if I miss you?

Me: Can I leave a bite mark on your boobs?

She: You crazy idiot.

Me: Open it.

She showed me her boobs. I didn’t want to hurt her much. So I thought of pinching her boobs instead of bite. I pinched her left boob with my fingernail. A kind of mark came, and her boobs became red. She was in pain and had tears in her eyes. I kissed her then.

Me: Sorry, Priya, I am so sorry.

She: It doesn’t matter even if it hurts, I know this is the best. I can feel it whenever I miss you. Love you.

I left back home carrying her dupatta and sweet memories of my girlfriend.

Guys and girls, this is my first experience, which happened in 2014. After that, we had multiple experiences. Do you know where she is now? She’s my wife now. I would love to share my other experiences with you.

I love to experiment on the bed. Every time I try to come up with a new experiment. So that we remember each of them. Based on your response, I will post my next story soon. in the meantime, you can read my other story here.

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