Tales From An Indian Guy – Part 1 (Hot Tenant Rashmi)

Hey guys, this is the first episode from the tales of the Indian guy. Talking about myself, I am a guy from Lucknow. I am fair complexioned, 5’9″ tall, average built with an 8.2″ big dick.

Now, talking about the woman of the story, her name was Rashmi and she was a housewife. She was thirty-three when this incident happened. She was fair-complexioned, 5’7″ tall and her figures at that time were 36-28-36.

The story is about the time when I was in my drop year and was preparing for my JEE Advanced exam.

We had a four-storied house and most of it is on rent. Rashmi and her family used to stay on the ground floor. She had a daughter who was only 3 years old when this incident took place. Her husband was the personal bodyguard for a political leader and was mostly out because of the trips that the leader made.

Rashmi and her family had moved in a few years ago and ever since I saw her, I had always wanted to fuck her. I had seen her many times breastfeeding her daughter.

Her husband was mostly out on duty but would fuck her when he was home. Since my room was in front of her room, I had many times heard her husband calling out her name in the night. But I had never heard Rashmi moaning which made me think that her husband was not able to satisfy her. For five years, I used to masturbate while thinking about her.

My drop year started in July 2020, and on the 13th of July, my mother had asked me to go and ask for some curd from Rashmi.

We were very friendly, and so I used to go straight into her room and she also didn’t mind me coming in without knocking. That day also I was heading towards her room. I heard her moaning, and I stopped by the door to listen to those moans. Earlier the moans were very short, muffled, and low which then started getting long, loud, and clear!

Her moans went from, “Aahhahhahh.. Umm, yess to Aaaahhhhh aaahhhh huuummmmm yess yess yess yesss.” Her moans were driving me crazy and I was not able to control myself. I decided to peep and take a look at what is happening.

When I peeped into her room, I saw that my hot tenant was on the bed with her legs spread wide apart, and she was holding a vibrator against her pussy with her eyes closed! That was the first time I was looking at her pussy. It was perfectly shaved and was somewhat pink and her pussy lips were tight.

Her moans were getting even louder as she was about to reach her climax. She released all her fluids out of her pussy and was lying on the bed with her eyes closed, and was taking deep breaths to catch up on her lost breath.

I sneaked out of her room before she could see me, but my mind was still stuck on what I saw that afternoon. I went straight to my washroom to masturbate but still couldn’t get over those moments.

Then I made my mind to ask Rashmi about what I had seen in her room but was scared that what if she told my parents about it. But, a few days later, I don’t know from where I got the strength to ask Rashmi.

It was the 16th of July, and my parents had informed me that they were going out-of-town for a week for some wedding in Punjab, and will be back by the 25th. Since Rashmi’s husband was also out on a tour and would return only in August, my mother had asked her to stay on the first floor, which belonged to our family.

I took my stuff and locked my room, and went to the first floor in the room next to my parents; room, and Rashmi took her stuff and was in the room next to my room.

On the 16th morning, Rashmi took her towel, and her lingerie and kept it in our bathroom as she was about to take a shower. But, before she could lock the door, I asked her, “Can you make a sandwich for me? I am so hungry.”

She said, “Yes, of course,” and while she was making the sandwiches, I quickly went inside the bathroom to take a look at her lingerie. I closed the door and took out her lingerie from her towel to take a look at it. It was a 36D padded black bra and a black panty. Holding those in my hands turned me on and I decided to ask her about that previous incident.

I went straight to the kitchen.

Me: Hey, can I ask you about something?

She: Yes, sure.

Me: First promise me that this will stay between us only.

She: Yes, it will.

I said, “A few days back, I was standing at your door when I saw you moaning, and when I peeped in, I saw you holding a vibrator. I had a look at your pussy which was shaved and pink. This made me conclude that your husband has not fucked you much and you crave for it but can’t get it.

I’ve been fantasizing about you for years, and I really want to make it happen with you. Sorry, if all this sounds inappropriate. Please don’t tell anyone that we had this conversation. I will also not tell anyone about what I saw the other day but if you change your mind then I am studying in my room.”

After saying this, I left the kitchen and went to my room.

Rashmi came after 5 minutes with some sandwiches on a plate and a glass of warm milk in the other hand. She sat close to me and while eating the sandwiches,

She: Ever since we had a baby, he has never fucked me in my pussy. Whenever he is home, I set up the mood and I give him a blowjob and within one minute, he is done. Then he goes off to sleep leaving me unsatisfied. So I was thinking that we can make this work.

I got excited listening to this and asked, “So, when do we start?”

She: Don’t get so excited, first finish your milk and sandwiches while I am cleaning the dishes. And after taking a shower, I will come to your room.

I was not able to control myself and went behind her to the bathroom, and when she was about to close the door, I pushed the door and went inside the bathroom.

She: Wait baba, I will come out in a few minutes and then we can spend time together.

But I ignored her and pinned my sexy married tenant to the wall, and started kissing her and biting her lips! She resisted for a few seconds but then she too gave in. Now I had my hands on her booty while I was kissing and biting her lower lip. I took my hand and started rubbing her pussy over her pyjama and was biting her neck.

I gave her a few hickeys on her neck and was constantly rubbing her pussy. Her pussy got wet in a few minutes and she was now moaning slowly.

After that, I removed her top. She was not wearing a bra which left her boobs hanging in the air. I grabbed them and began sucking those nipples one by one. I was pressing them while she took out my cock from my shorts and exclaimed, “It’s so much bigger than my husband’s.”

I winked at her and pushed her on her knees and asked her to blow my cock. She obliged and started stroking my cock with one hand and was tickling my balls with the other hand while she was licking the tip. I was moaning because the hot housewife was so good at blowing a cock.

I grabbed her head from behind and pushed it in to choke her. After a few seconds of choking, she was all red and exclaimed, “Please don’t go easy on me. I want you to fuck me as hard as possible.”

This turned me on very much, and then I fucked her face for the next 5 minutes. After that, I took out her pyjama. I went on my knees, put one of her feet on my shoulders, and was licking her already wet pussy.

I pushed two fingers in her pussy, and was fingering and licking her simultaneously. She was moaning loudly. The bathroom was filled with her moans, “Aahhhh aaahhhh aaahhhhh, yes yes yes yess yess…uuummmmaaahhh.”

After five minutes, she grabbed my head, pulled me up to kiss me and said, “Put that cock in my pussy. I want it so bad.” So, I turned her around and pushed it straight in her pussy.

Since my married tenant didn’t have anything inside her pussy for years, it was tight and she screamed in pain. Tears rolled out of her eyes, but I didn’t stop thrusting her pussy.

Soon her screams turned to moans and she was saying, “Aaahhhh.. umm… thhhiss iss is so nice, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, hard yes yes yess. You are sooo s-s-sooo much better than my husband.”

I turned her towards the mirror in the bathroom and said, “Look, you are getting fucked. Look at yourself in the mirror. See how your pussy lips are opening for my big cock.”

She: Yes, yes yess, make me your slut, fuck me… fuck me, fuck mee yesss.

After pounding her for another 20 minutes, I said, “I am about to cum.”

She: No, don’t pour it in my pussy. I am not on the pill.

I took my cock out and sprayed it on her face. Then she licked my cock clean and sucked the last drop of cum. After that, we took a shower together.


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