A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 19 (Flashback Of A Spanking Game)

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After the phone sex with her husband, Kalyani slept away the afternoon. She then woke up after 4 pm and was watching the TV for some news. She felt bored. She opened her mobile and watched some hot 18+ Indian web series, looking for some spanking game porn. She has always felt hornier watching softcore porn than a hardcore one.

The series was named ‘Khul Ja Sim Sim.’ It deals with a beautiful conservative Indian housewife and her sexual adventure with her newly married husband. The heroine would be sleeping on the bed alone with her saree a little out of place in an episode.

She shows cleavage in the blouse, and her legs were exposed up to her knee. She looked hotter in that position. Then some neighbor boy searching for her husband enters the room and finds the heroine in such a position. He now gets aroused and goes near her, and drools over her body.

He then masturbates then and there on her bed and cums over her exposed legs. Now he hears the heroine’s mother-in-law’s voice, and he hides inside the almirah. Then the mother-in-law comes in and finds the daughter-in-law in such a position and gets shocked.

She also noted the sticky fluid over her legs. She foolishly touches it and feels it in her fingers, and she was disgusted by it. She then wakes up the daughter-in-law and tells her to adjust her clothing. The heroine gets up and adjusts.

She eventually finds the boy inside her almirah and warns him not to come inside without knocking. But she doesn’t know that he masturbated on her.

On seeing it, Kalyani remembered her own experience when she was molested by someone when she first arrived there. Kalyani now realizes her important mission to find the culprit. But she doesn’t have any more plans. She then promised herself that she’ll always remember her mission.

Now Kalyani passed her time in the evening watching the whole series. She remembers that she had already set the spy cam over Devi’s house and had to take it back the next day. During the night, Kalyani was lying on her bed and thought about her day’s adventure.

She remembered the old man who grabbed her waist and felt an unknown feeling of pleasure and fear when he grabbed her. She usually hates men as she was always a lesbian in her old days.

She remembered her old days when she was working in a kindergarten as a trainee. She used to wear a traditional saree and a normal blouse to the school. She used to wear the same red bindi, bangles, anklets, and single long braid. It was one day when she found a small kid who beats other kids and bullies them.

The kid was arrogant and usually made all the mischief in the class. The other teachers usually ignored his actions as the kid is from a wealthy background. But Kalyani being a newcomer, punished the kid. She threatened him that she’d make him stand on the bench if he beats the other kids one more time.

The next day the kid was absent as he was afraid that Kalyani might punish her as she said. The day after the next day, Kalyani was teaching the kids. The attender woman came to her classroom and told Kalyani that the principal was calling her.

Kalyani wondered what might be the reason. The principal was Miss Leela. She was in her early 40’s, but her makeup and structure made her look like she was 10 years younger. She was also wearing a saree with a sleeveless blouse (pretty much not worn in schools).

Her hair was tied in a bun, and she wore black full-frame spectacles. She usually wears the saree showing a little hip cleavage. Her body was a perfect hourglass, and the male parents usually get aroused whenever there was a PTA meeting.

Kalyani saw principal Leela was speaking to some high-class lady who wore a red tight sleeveless salwaar with a low square neck. She didn’t have the dupatta. She wore dark leggings, and she looked like a model. Her hair was free, and her tight dress showed her body structure.

She had an hourglass body, and her bust was a little bigger than Kalyani’s herself. Kalyani wished the principal good morning. Leela told her that the woman is Mrs.Priyanka, the notorious kid’s mother. Her father-in-law is the chairman of the school’s association.

She was here on behalf of her son, who got beaten by Kalyani. Kalyani was shocked and replied that she never even laid her fingers on the kid. Priyanka looked at Kalyani furiously. She told her that her son never lies to her. He told her that Kalyani spanked her kid for some petti mistake he made while writing.

Kalyani thought to herself, ‘That lying piece of little shit.’ Kalyani argued that she never beat the kid. But Priyanka shouted loud and scolded Kalyani for beating her son. Kalyani was speechless, and she didn’t have any other option but to apologize for something she didn’t even do.

She looked at principal Leela and told her that she was sorry if she had done anything wrong. But Priyanka was not convinced. She told the principal that Kalyani should be punished similarly.

Kalyani didn’t catch her words. But the principal got up and came near Kalyani and whispered in her ears, “It’s the only way to save yourself from getting fired.” And she left the room and closed the door. Kalyani looked at Priyanka without a clue.

Priyanka was biting her lips and was getting ready for something. She asked Kalyani to stand near the table with her hands placed flat on the table. Kalyani paused for a second and did as she was told with a hesitant look. Then Priyanka got up and went behind Kalyani.

Kalyani didn’t understand her actions. And the next thing Kalyani remembered was getting spanked by Priyanka. Kalyani gasped a second, and she turned around and looked at Priyanka, speechless. Priyanka told her that she must stay the same till the end of her punishment.

Then Kalyani stayed in the same position as she liked her spank. Now Priyanka spanked again, but this time Kalyani’s saree-covered ass shook in a slow motion. Then the spanking continued. After the 5th spank, Kalyani moaned a little due to pleasure and pain.

Priyanka asked Kalyani that if her spanking was a little harsh. Kalyani replied that it pains a little. Priyanka told her that she’d then pause for every five spanks to revive the beautiful ass of her and caress them a little to smoothen it.

Now, after the 5th spank, Priyanka pressed both her ass cheek and massaged them in circles. Kalyani loved her ass getting massaged by her soft hands. She continued to spank for a total of 30 spanks. Kalyani’s ass became sore, but she got hornier.

Priyanka said that the punishment is over and she can relax. Kalyani sat on a chair and relaxed. Priyanka was staring at Kalyani’s assets and biting her lips. She came near her and said that her son told her that he received only 5 spanks from Kalyani. So she accidentally gave 30 spanks to Kalyani.

To even the odds, Priyanka asked Kalyani to give back 25 spanks to her. Kalyani was thrilled to hear her say that. Kalyani was more than happy to spank the rich woman’s ass. Then Priyanka stood in the same position Kalyani stood before by placing her hands over the table.

Kalyani went behind her and started spanking. Priyanka moaned louder for every spank. Just like Priyanka, Kalyani also gave her revive time after 5 spanks. The moaning and patting sound was even audible outside the principal room.

After 20 spanks, Kalyani was caressing her ass and fondling and massaging Priyanka’s ass in circles. Now the principal opened the door and saw Priyanka was getting spanked by Kalyani. Kalyani was shocked that the principal has found out about her spank settlement.

Priyanka turned around and told Leela to sit and watch. Leela, without a fuss, sat on a chair over the other side of the table in front of Priyanka. Kalyani was spanking behind Priyanka. Leela asked Kalyani to carry on. Kalyani did what she was told.

Priyanka’s breasts were shaking in the last five spanks, and her cleavage showed that her breast pair collided. Leela grabbed Priyanka’s breasts over her kameez and massaged them for the last 5 spanks. After her settlement was over, Kalyani told Priyanka to relax.

Priyanka gave a sigh of relief and sat over the chair opposite Leela. She was panting a little and asked Kalyani if she liked her punishment. Kalyani chuckled and said that she loved the punishment and wanted more. Priyanka laughed and then grabbed Kalyani by her waist.

She gave a deep long kiss to her lips and told her that she could call her anytime she was free. Then Priyanka gave a little kiss to the principal Leela and left the room.

Leela looked at Kalyani, grabbed her bare hips, and said she’d be fired if she leaks one word out. Kalyani agreed she wouldn’t talk about it and left the room. Outside the room sat the attendee woman. She was giggling at Kalyani and looked at her mischievously.

Then Kalyani realized that she must have heard the moans while the spanking play was happening. Kalyani went horny by thinking about that day when she found that her principal is a lesbian and Priyanka was a rich lesbian housewife.

Kalyani slept the night and waited for the next day to find what is inside that package Devi had.

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