After Party Leads To Steamy Hot Sex

It was around 9 PM on a Saturday when Shreya called me. She works as the HR in my department. Shreya is 29. She is short, around 5’2”, slightly chubby, very fair and smooth, She has a very seductive smile wanting anyone to enjoy steamy hot sex with her.

She had called to inquire why I was late for our office party planned at a beach nearby. I apologized and told her I would be there in 5-10 minutes.

I am 30 years old, 6 feet tall, quite fair and have a toned athletic body. Our department has around ten people, and we had all gathered at a nearby beach for a casual get-together.

As I reached, my eyes fell on Shreya. She was wearing tight jeans, hugging her sexy ass and a white top crop, exposing her extremely sexy navel. We hugged, and I apologized again for being late.

Shreya and I had always been close. We used to keep giving each other seductive signals in the office. But both of us were too scared to go to the next level, even though we thought of fucking as office friends.

Shreya told me that we would head to my home for an after-party as a punishment for being late. I stayed alone in a company that offered 3BHK, and I readily agreed to the proposal. We (Shreya and I) had a couple of pints at the beach and were hanging on to each other, ignoring others. She had placed her head on my shoulders.

We were sitting quietly in a corner on the beach, sipping our beers. We were holding hands and were pretty buzzed. Shreya asked, “So how come a handsome 30-year-old bachelor gets late for a planned party? Hope you were not up to something naughty at your home?”

I winked and replied, “I don’t do naughty stuff alone at home. I usually have company.”

Shreya: Aww. So is the company waiting alone at home while you are here?

Me: The company was desperately waiting for me here at the beach while I was at home.

I winked. She giggled and brought her face very close to mine. I moved towards her. Our lips just managed to touch when the other employees started making a noise as they decided to pack.

We were both taken aback, adjusted ourselves, and headed towards the group.  She had her head down and was blushing. I was holding her hand while walking back and had a smile on my face too.

Other than Shreya and me, the four of us decided to head to my home for an after-party. Shreya sat alongside me in the car. Throughout the journey, we didn’t speak to each other. She kept her head low and was constantly smiling.

As we reached my home, I brought a crate of wheat beer, and we started enjoying it. Shreya and I sat close to each other on the mattresses on the ground while others sat on the sofa. We had fun till about 1-2 AM, and we were all sleepy.

The four guys went to 2 bedrooms. Shreya and I were left in the living room. I asked her to sleep in my bedroom and that I would sleep on the mattress in the living room. To which she replied, “I thought you were planning to continue from where we left at the beach.”

We smiled, and I took her to my room. I latched the door and turned around to find her lying on the bed. I sat close to her and started caressing her hair. We were talking and laughing and could feel the sexual tension rise in the room. I helped her take her stilettos off and started massaging her feet.

I also took this opportunity to switch off my main bedroom light and switched on a din night lamp. We stopped talking as I was massaging her feet. I could feel her body shiver occasionally as she let out quiet moans, enjoying the massage. I took off my shoes and went near her.

I was partially on top of her. Our faces were so near. We could feel each other’s warm breaths. She opened her eyes and, in a flash, brought her lips to mine. It was as if a dam had broken, and we both crushed our lips into each other. Our tongues clashed and were fighting a battle of their own.

I adjusted myself to be comfortably on top of her and held her by her bare waist. She had her hands in my hair as we continuously kissed each other like hungry animals. I let go of her waist and took her arms in mine, and clamped them on the sides of her neck.

Then I broke the kiss and started digging in her neck. She tasted of sweat and salt, and I could smell a mixture of sweat, salt, and her perfume, which got me all the more excited. I was feeling her nerves with my tongue and started biting her neck. She couldn’t control it.

I let go of her arms and put them inside the back of my T-shirt. It took her practically seconds to take it off and throw it away. In a jerking motion, she pinned me to the bed and was on top of me. Now it was her turn to taste my neck and chest.

I could feel her juicy lips on my neck as her hair fell all over my face. Her smell was arousing me to a completely different level, and my dick was struggling inside my jeans. She sensed the struggle and slowly made her way down. She licked my chest, my navel, and the lower part of my stomach in the process.

Then she lifted her head to look at me. Her make-up and eyeliner were smeared, and she looked like a goddess. She let go of my jeans button and pulled my jeans down along with the briefs. And out sprang my 7 inch tool, saluting her. My dick is just about 7 inches when hard, but it is pretty thick.

Shreya rolled her eyes in shock and dived straight in. She ignored my dick at first as she held it separately with her right hand and was madly licking my groin regions and balls. I could feel an amazing tingling sensation even as my dick was not being attended to.

I couldn’t control myself. Both my hands involuntarily went to her hair, and I held them like a pony towards the back of her hair. She got her signal. She took my dick and started licking it from under. She was teasing me as she slowly licked her way to the top.

She gave me another look and realized I couldn’t hold it together. She gave me immediate relief as she started sucking my dick. She took a part of it in, and I could see her mouth stretched. In a few seconds, she was comfortable and was sucking the whole thing in.

I held her by the hair and tried to deep throat her a couple of times. She used to choke and cough whenever I used to let her free. I was about to cum but didn’t want to yet. So I asked her to get up. As she got up, she was sitting above me on my legs.

Her eyes were wet. Her face had black eyeliner spread all over, and her mouth was dripping of her saliva and my precum. I had a huge favor to return. So I pulled her closer by her hands and took her top off. I then headed for her jeans and took them off as well.

She was wearing pink lingerie underneath. I pinned her to the bed again and now started licking her breasts from the top. I put my left hand behind and unhooked her bra. As I completely took it off, I was mesmerized at the sight of a small pair of milky white boobs with baby pink nipples staring at me.

I was lost when she interrupted, “Are you just going to stare?” I laughed and dived into her left boob. I licked it completely and then started gently sucking her left nipple. I could feel her shivering underneath me. I circled my tongue around her nipple, and she lost it.

She buried her nails inside my back and was moaning heavily. I did this to both her nipples and then made my way down. I licked her belly and navel in the process, and she let out slight jerks in excitement. I then used my teeth to pull her panties down.

She had a hairy pussy. A decently dense forest, hiding her delicious pink pussy. I went straight inside the bush first and caressed it with my nose. She let out another soft moan. Then I slowly started licking around the boundary of her vaginal lips. She lifted her butts up and down in excitement.

I continued for some time until she lost control, held me by my hair, and guided my mouth to her pussy lips. I started licking her. I took my tongue deep inside. And she screamed in joy. I started sucking her clitoris and slowly explored the inside of her vagina with my tongue.

As my strokes became deep, her grip on my head got deeper too. It was as if she was pushing me inside her pussy. This went on for a while, and suddenly, I felt her shivering aggressively. She let out a loud moan and collapsed on the bed as her hands lost grip of my head. I understood what had happened.

Her juices started oozing out. I took my head out, climbed on her again, and started kissing her. Both our mouths now smelled of each other’s genitals.

We exchanged a lot of saliva in the process, and I knew she was back to her senses. I slowly took my hand down and pulled her right leg on top of my back. Then I did the same with her other leg. Now I had my dick on her pussy gates. She guided my dick inside.

I slowly went in and could make it comfortable as she was heavily lubricated. Then I took a deep thrust and went completely inside. She let out a scream, and her hands immediately wrapped around me. Her nails were digging deep inside me as I was thrusting in and out of her.

We fucked in this missionary position for around 2-3 minutes and were both nearing orgasm. The thrusting got faster, and I was about to cum. I took my dick out to spray the cum over her. Her body was going up and down rapidly. I knew she was cumming too.

I came, and I came heavily. The shots went all the way from her tummy to her eyes and her hair. She kept on shaking vigorously and soon came heavily as well.

As she finally relaxed in my bed, she started laughing and making fun of how I had completely drenched her in my cum. We lay like this for some time. Then we got up and cleaned ourselves.

As we crashed on the bed again, we realized it was 4 AM already. We didn’t bother wearing our clothes, hugged each other, and slept in each other’s arms.

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