A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 5

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It was 5:30 pm, and Kalyani was expecting Mahima. She was watching TV and was anxious about the event.

She took out her laptop. She opened it and double-checked the laptop’s condition. She doesn’t want to lose the only chance of finding the mystery. She was so nervous that she typed the wrong password for the first two attempts.

After making sure the laptop is in good condition, she stood up and went in front of her mirror inside her bedroom. It was a long one, about 4ft in length. She looked at her own body, and she was trying to control the anxiety.

She then smiled a little, looking at her own image for relaxing. The thought of the dream Kalyani and Ayesha got groped and massaged by the black stranger turned her on.

She took her pallu and shrunk its width and wore it very thin. The pallu didn’t cover the assets it was supposed to.

She was admiring her curves and hourglass structure. She looked like an item song dancer. Even they are nowhere near her beauty.

She then lowered her saree to the low hip, and it made her sexier than anything. She badly wanted to go back to her college life she enjoyed without any restrictions.

She was so deep in her thoughts that she forgot to lock her door from inside. She then slowly removed her half saree and stood in front of the mirror with only a blouse and petticoat. Both the pieces were dark blue.

The mangalsutra was hanging and touched her breasts over her blouse. She took the pendant in her mouth and slowly started unhooking her blouse. One by one, she unhooked them. Every time she unhooked the blouse, her cleavage globes shook mildly, which felt so hot. Two and there goes the third and last hook.

She exposed her white bra. Now she looked so hot, and this sight would make any man lose his control and fuck her so much. The blouse was hanging unhooked but not fully removed. She brought her hands behind her back and unhooked the bra.

Now her bra loosened up, and her boobs started falling slowly out of its cups downwards. Now her under boobs are visible but not her nipples. She took a deep breath and released the rest of her breasts out of the cage. Her boobs fell out, and her pinkish nipples were out in the air.

It hardened as a result of her horniness. They were right-sized (34) and perfect round shaped boobs, which resulted from massaging she regularly did. Her boobs are natural and not so little than a hot pornstar. She massaged them in circles and was biting her mangalsutra pendant.

She even gave some moans and closed her eyes. She fantasized about the exact scenario with her yoga dream on the terrace.  Kalyani is sitting on her heel with her knee bent in a meditating position.

Except for this time, Ayesha was behind Kalyani. Her hands are massaging Kalyani’s boobs with Kalyani’s tank top rolled up to her neck. Both the ladies are feeling the horniness and moaning. But Kalyani is the one moaning in real.

A thudding footstep brought her back to senses. She hurried, and she could hear the sound came near her doorway. She realized that the door is unlocked. She had no time to hook her bra and her blouse.

She just put her boobs inside the bra cups and hooked the middle button of her blouse. The person entered the hall and called, “Kalyani sis, it’s Pooja, where are you?” The person was none other than Deepika’s daughter Pooja, whom Kalyani agreed on teaching maths.

Kalyani rushed and took the half saree, and she wore it faster, but she didn’t wear the pallu as usual. She wrapped it around her shoulders and covered her whole upper body like orthodox women do to hide her unhooked blouse.

Pooja came inside the bedroom, and she said, “Hi sis, if you are free now, can we have today’s maths session? I have a maths exam in two days.” As Kalyani is having a sex session with her husband after 7 pm, she thought now will be the right time for the tuition.

Kalyani played it cool to hide her embarrassment. She said that she has no problem teaching now. She asked Pooja to sit on the sofa and revise a little. She will join her after finishing a small work in the kitchen. Pooja said, ok, and she sat on the sofa and was looking at her notes.

Kalyani slowly went inside her kitchen, removed the wrap, adjusted her bra, blouse, and hooked them. She returned as if nothing happened a few minutes ago. She sat along with Pooja and started teaching her the maths.

Pooja was wearing 3/4 leggings, a t-shirt, and double braided her hair. As Kalyani was teaching her some maths, her mobile rang. She picked up, and it was Ravi. Ravi told her, “Sorry baby, I’m afraid we can’t have the session today. I’m having a lot of work for tomorrow’s audition.”

Kalyani was disappointed by his excuse. After the whole day’s events, she was yearning for sex. She asked him when he will be back. Ravi replied, “There’s a lot of work to do. I think I’ll have to stay in the office tonight.”

Kalyani felt she was being punished by God for some crappy things she did lately. Ravi kissed her bye and hung up the phone. Kalyani made up her mind that the rest of the night will have tuition. If any chance, some hot videos by phone at midnight.

She carried on with the teaching. It was 6:15 pm. Kalyani leaned forward from the inside balcony to check the arrival of Mahima. The time is already up, but Mahima hasn’t shown up yet. The time was 6:30 pm. Kalyani continued teaching Pooja,

Devi and Deepika showed up on her doorsteps. Kalyani greeted her with a smile and went inside the kitchen to prepare the tea. Devi sat on the sofa with Pooja. Deepika went inside the kitchen as Kalyani was preparing the tea. She asked Kalyani how her daughter was behaving and other stuff.

And then asked Kalyani if she could let Pooja stay with her tonight. Kalyani asked her the reason. She replied, “We are having all girls get together after a long time. Some party stuff and sleepover in the colony.” Kalyani was so surprised that Deepika is also joining the sorority.

Kalyani told her that her husband might not show up tonight. So it wouldn’t be a problem if Pooja stays here. Deepika thanked Kalyani and said, “If you don’t mind, you can also join the party and I’ll put my daughter to sleep in my flat.”

Kalyani replied, “Thank you, but I’ll try my best to join you. Since my flat doesn’t have the ceiling fan yet, I’ll take care of Pooja in your flat.” Deepika agreed and told her they have ordered a variety of hotel food. She had asked Mahima to buy a dozen beer bottles.

Kalyani could see where it is going. They wanted to have some quality time during the absence of their hubbies and MILs. Kalyani also concluded that Mahima will be late because she had to get those beer bottles. Then all of them had tea.

Then Kalyani with Pooja moved to Deepika’s flat and continued the tuition. Kalyani asked Pooja how long has she been living in that apartment. Pooja replied, “Around 13 years since the old school was closed.”

Kalyani was surprised when Pooja said this building was a school before.  Kalyani asked her in detail. Pooja said this building was once a nursery and primary school. Kasturi was running it until there were some health issues.

Describing the building’s structure appears square shape from an aerial view with an empty square space in the middle. And every floor had the same type of rooms.

The west and east sides had houses with doors facing each other. The north sides had the large common toilet (apart from the attached one in every house’s bedroom) like the schools.

The center of the south side contained the stairs and the entrance. In turn, this made their apartment a gated community cause the only way anyone could enter the building was from the south entrance. And every house had a bedroom balcony facing outside.

Kalyani could now understand how this was a school before. Kalyani gave Pooja some problems to solve. She came out and placed her elbows on the corridor. She watched the fuss in the opposite flat (Devi’s) where the night’s preparation was happening.

Finally, it was 7:00 pm when Mahima entered the apartment. She was wearing dark blue slim fit jeans and some black medium size kurta type shirt. She had loose hair. She was holding a box. Kalyani understood by the clinging sound of the bottles it contained beer bottles.

Kalyani was eagerly waiting to ask her the hairdryer after a long wait. Mahima gave Deepika the box. She turned around to see Kalyani standing, anxious for the hairdryer. As she asked, Mahima went to her apartment, took it, and gave it to Kalyani.

Following her, Kamala came with a bag full of food items. As the smell revealed, they are non-veg items. She patted on Mahima’s shoulders and asked her, “Where to keep this?” Mahima smiled and pointed to Devi’s house, where the food and beverages are kept.

Then Mahima asked Kalyani to join the party. But Kalyani said she had some other job to do first and join them later. Kalyani hurried to her flat and took the pen cam, and she switched on the hairdryer. She started drying the pen cam.

About 10 minutes, she dried it and made sure the cam was completely dried out. She then switched on the laptop and plugged the pen cam. She then typed in the password, and the system was loading and loading.

Kalyani was so hyped and was anxious to know who it was. Her legs were shaking, and she was so nervous to know if the cam is working fine. She opened ‘My computer’ and saw the pen cam took a little time to be recognized by the computer.

She was losing her patience. The third time the pen cam read just fine, Kalyani thanked God for that and found that the cam showed some volume in it. She was so happy to see the cam working fine.

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