Game of Sex – Unexpected Twists and Fucks

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[This story is going to be chaotic. As a writer, my focus is always to write something real, and I dive deep. So has happened in this story. While writing this one, my girlfriend and I were too intense and horny. Now, Happy Reading.]

Swati and Sid were fucking in the middle of the circle. As decided, Tanya stopped them after one extra minute. Sid had to take out his hardened dick without ejaculation. Swati rested for a while in the middle of the circle and then got up. She looked around. All her students were looking at her.

“Oh, girls, did I get carried away?” Swati asked, taking her blouse off. She took it off and wiped off some of the sweat from her body.

“Carried away, I think I am not calling you Professor henceforth. You are one of us now, Swati Miss. I mean Swati Bitch,” exclaimed Shadia.

Swati smiled at her statement and stood in the middle of the circle. Sid did not put on his thongs and sat with his hard dick. Everyone watched Swati stripping. She started taking the saree off her waist and then threw it in the corner of the room. Swati gave a few stretches to her body. Everyone watched with awe.

“Okay, kids, let’s continue the game,” said Swati and sat next to Sid.

Outside the room, Jiya and Ritu kept their foreheads close after kissing. They both were smiling after sharing a passionate smooch. “That was wild, Ritu. You are no shy girl,” said Jiya. Ritu smiled at it and said, “Let’s see what they are doing next.” Both looked in.

Next was Sid’s turn. He picked up a card from the White pile, “Grope a girl in the group from back and make her squirt.” Sid looked around. “I am ever ready,” Disha said, cupping her boobs. Swati was looking at Sid with desire. “Heena,” everyone looked at her. Heena had boobs just like Shruti Hasan.

Sid smiled and spread his legs for Heena. She sat with her back against Sid’s chest. Sid kept his hands on her mangos and started playing. He first moved his hands around her borders and then pinched her nipples. Heena moaned. Watching Sid pinch her nipples, the other girls, too, left a soft moan.

“Go ahead, Sid. Grope them like a pervert in a crowded bus.” Heena’s encouragement made Sid squeeze her boobs. Heena put her hand over Sid’s hand, and moans started leaving her mouth.

Jiya and Ritu from outside watched the game. “Jiya, this is too much intense. How can a woman let someone grope her?” Ritu asked, “When you are slutty as hell, you just enjoy the moment, not the person who is doing it. Are you getting turned on again?”

“I am, Jiya,” said Ritu, “I guess he is going to grope her for some time. Do you mind making out again?”

In no time, Ritu turned around and started kissing Jiya. Both the girls were now exchanging tongues and enjoying. “I thought you would never ask,” said Ritu and continued kissing.

Inside the room, it was Heena’s turn. After being groped by Sid for 5 minutes. She rolled the dice. She picked up the Green card, “Okay, Golden Shower in public.”

“Eeww, that’s so gross,” said Shadia.

“I will pee on Shadia,” said Heena. Shadia wasn’t ready to let Heena pee on her. Heena got up from her place and took her thongs off, aiming her pussy at Shadia. Shadia looked at Heena and got up, running to the other side.

“Choose someone else, why me?” asked Shadia.

“Because you denied it, and it is fun.” Shadia kept running, and Heena wasn’t ready to pee on someone else.

“It is a part of BDSM, golden shower, Shadia darling,” Swati said. Heena saw Shadia running away. “According to the dare, it has to be done in public. You both have to walk out of this room and do the dare,” said Mahima.

“But it is not my dare. Why will I have to take the fall for it?” said Shadia.

“Be a sport. If you get to pee on her, she will do it too,” Tanya said. Shadia eventually agreed. Heena, with a smile on her face, took her hand. It was almost 1 am and the girls went out of the room, in the corridor. Ritu and Jiya were in the back, but they did not see the dare.

Shadia got on her knees, facing Heena’s pussy. Heena gave a devilish smile. Aiming her pussy straight at Shadia’s face. “This is for fucking my crush at the Christmas party last year,” Heena shot the pee with force on Shadia’s face. Shadia sat there with closed eyes.

“You Bitch, piece of shit. It is going in my mouth, stop,” Shadia was abusing Heena. Heena finished peeing. Shadia opened her eyes and looked at Heena with anger. “I knew you did it on purpose. You are still holding a grudge.” Heena ignored and walked in.

Everyone got settled again, and Shadia rolled the dice. She landed on Black color and picked up the card from the pile. “Tell the truth if you cheated with any of your friend’s boyfriends,” Shadia was shocked reading that.

Everyone looked at Shadia. “Have you?” asked Sonal. Shadia took out a 500 rupee note from her purse and gave it to Tanya.

“You want to keep it a secret, haa,” Tanya said, taking the money.

“Of course, she won’t tell you that she was the girl because of whom you broke up with your boyfriend,” Heena spilled the beans.

Tanya looked at Shadia in a bit angry-shocked expression. “I am going to kill you, Heena” Shadia looked at Tanya, explaining to her, “It was in the heat of the moment.”

“How dare you cock-sucking idiot!”

Jiya and Ritu were hearing this from outside. “Oh, my god. They are about to get in a fight,” Ritu said.

“What did you think? 7 females in a room, playing a game of truth and dare. There is going to be a fight,” Jiya replied.

Sid was watching the tension building up. He leaned towards Swati, saying, “I have never seen two girls fight before in a thong. Is it good?”

Swati gave Sid a smirk saying, “Oh, you will spill your water watching it.”

“I was going to tell you, but I never got a chance,” Shadia tried to explain.

“You know how much I loved him.”

“Come on. You fucked other boys too. For example, Sid, you are fucking him,” Shadia continued.

“I am single now, bitch. It was the rule. No fucking each other’s boyfriend in our group.”

Saying this, Tanya pounced on Shadia, pulling her hair. Heena and Disha started giggling. Sid looked at them. “We should stop it.”

Disha looked at Sid, “Are you kidding me? Boys pay for a girl’s thong fight, and you are getting one for free.”

Mahima looked at concerned Sid. “Don’t worry, dear. It is normal when a pack of girls comes together. You fuck the MILF who is looking at you in a horny way.”

Sid looked to his left, and Swati winked at him. She pounced over Sid, making him sleep on the floor and kissing him. Sitting next to Swati, Sonal had a back view of Swati’s ass and Sid’s crotch. She held Sid’s dick from behind and pushed it inside Swati’s pussy.

Swati sat up, looking behind. “Sonal baby, you are passing my subject.” Swati began to bounce on Sid’s dick. Sid caressed her thighs and enjoyed groping the busty Professor’s boobs.

On the other side, Tanya and Shadia were still fighting. Heena was enjoying the show. In one corner, a professor was fucking a student, and on the other side, two best friends fought over an ex-boyfriend.

Mahima looked at Heena, “This is all because of you. Why did you spill the beans?”

“Relax, Mahima. You know they will fight and at the end scissor each other till cumming,” Heena and Mahima looked at each other. “Why should they have all the fun?” Heena knew Mahima’s intention, and she pulled her over.

Sonal and Disha were the only two watching the show. But in no time, they too got into each other’s arms and between the legs.

Now, there was chaos in the room and three couples fucking and one fighting. Jiya and Ritu did not believe what they were looking at.

“I cannot believe my eyes. What is going on? Oh, Heena is wild watch her banging Mahima’s pussy with her crotch,” Jiya said.

“Look at Disha smooching Sonal. We need to take lessons from her,” Ritu said.

Sid turned over and took Swti beneath him. Now, he was fucking her in a missionary position. Making love to her. Swati was feeling the hard pumps in her pussy.

“Oh, I should be feeling ashamed. My students are fighting in a corner, and I am busy having sex. Fuck with you,” Swati said. “That fight is arousing to watch, but I need to cum, so I am fucking you,” Sid replied.

Tanya sat over Shadia, pulling her hair. Shadia was apologizing, but Tanya was angry. Shadia pulled her close and planted a kiss on Tanya’s lips. No other way was going to lower Tanya’s anger than sex. Both the girls kissed, and Tanya’s grip on Shadia’s hair slowly fell weak.

She started responding to Shadia with passion. Jiya and Ritu watched Tanya and Shadia fighting a while ago, and now they were kissing each other. And grinding the pussies below. They moved their eyes to Sid and Swati. They saw Sid banging his crotch on Swati’s thighs like a hammer.

The other girls were engaged in their make-out sessions. Sid was holding Swati’s boobs in both his hands. Her legs were against his chest. Sid was pumping his dick below.

“Oh fuck I am going to cum. Ma’am, say where should I?”

“Do it inside. I have been ovulating for 2 days. I fucked. Your dick feels so good! I fucked my husband before coming. So I don’t mind you giving me a baby, put it inside.”

“Then you cock-sucking bitch, why were you worried in the morning when I cum inside you.”

“I wanted to give you a surprise,” she pulled him closer, and both smooched like a passionate couple.

Sonal had heard Swati say it. She assembled all the girls around. Tanya and Shadia, too, watched Swati and Sid. “Come on, Sid, you can impregnate this bitch. Fucker, your sperm can do it,” Disha encouraged him.

“But Tanya said that he is taking tablets, so he might not have a strong sperm to impregnate her,” Mahima said.

Tanya looked at Mahima and said, “Miracles do happen. Maybe after childbirth, we can do a DNA test.”

All the girls started shouting, “Cum! Cum! Cum! Cum!”

Jiya and Ritu outside were also watching the fuck. They were also slowly moaning, “Cum! Cum.”

Ritu watched the force of Sid’s banging, “He is banging hard. The sound is heard till here. Come on, Sid, you can give her a baby.”

“Yeah, he can do it. Cum! Cum!” Jiya chanted.

Sid gave a loud moan and pushed his dick inside. Swati closed her eyes, feeling Sid’s dick reaching her womb. All the girls booed to Sid cumming deep inside Swati’s pussy. Sid fell on her. Shadia and Tanya pushed Sid away from Swati’s body and lifted Swati’s ass in the air.

Ritu looked at them doing it, “What are they doing?”

“Oh, it is one of the processes after sex. If you want to be pregnant, cum has to reach deep. They are doing that.”

All the girls now relax and take a breath. Jiya and Ritu leave from outside.

“Oh, god, so much fun. I never had. Heena spilled the beans. I feel light, and I am sorry, Tanya, for doing that to you,” Shadia looked at Tanya saying it.

“What’s past is past. I was angry at the moment. But the way you pulled me and kissed me,” Tanya smiles.

“This is what you wanted for the game?” Mahima asked. “This game never exceeds 2 rounds because, in the very first round, this happens. ‘Game of Sex’ is meant for this. That is why I suggested everyone play.”

“You can continue to play, dear. I am going to sleep. Come on, Sid. Let’s cuddle and go to sleep,” Swati took Sid’s hand, and both lay on the bed in each other’s arms. The other girls watched the two sleep like a couple.

The rest of the girls had their mattresses spread on the floor. They slept down, cuddling with each other.

Jiya and Ritu came back to their rooms and went into the washroom. Both the nerdy girls looked at each other and put their hands in the pants. “I am moist Jiya,” Ritu said. Jiya looked at Ritu and took out her moist hand. She was making strings of the juices on her fingers.

Ritu understood Jiya was also wet below watching all the fun. They both looked at each other with lust. Both the girls started getting naked, staring at each other in no time. Their eyes were clearly stating their horny intentions.

For the first time, both the girls were experiencing lust and sex. They got naked and hugged each other. They had no shyness or shame holding them back. Their boobs were crushed over each other. They were feeling each other’s warm bodies.

“Oh, this feels good, Jiya,” Ritu said. “I never knew you were so fair underneath your skirt and shirt,” Jiya replied. She spanked Ritu’s ass. Ritu gave a soft moan feeling the spank. Jiya and Ritu kissed each other. Jiya kept caressing her ass. She spanked her ass in between a few times.

The girls then got in the scissoring position on the floor. Closing their eyes and feeling each other’s pussy grinding was a weird pleasure for them. They kept rubbing their pussies over each other for a while and then cum. The nerds were no longer nerds.


The scenario of Tanya’s room was like an after orgy party. Naked bodies cuddled into each other. Swati and Sid were sleeping on the bed, embracing each other’s bodies. Swati’s phone vibrated, and she got up. She saw the time, 7 am, and her husband was calling.

“Oh, he must be leaving for work. I need to take it.” Swati looked around and saw her students sleeping. She went to the washroom and picked up the call.

“Good morning, love. Still sleeping?” Husband asked.

“Yeah, dear. It feels so good to pull up the bedsheets and sleep in this cold atmosphere here in the camp.”

“I hope the students are not stressing you too much, and why is your sound echoing?” Husband asked.

“Because I am in the bathroom. Came to take a shower and also talk to you.”

“Seems like my wife is already missing my dick. Are you naked already?”

Sid walked into the bathroom and saw Swati talking over the phone with her husband as they were talking. Swati saw Sid and signaled him to keep quiet. Sid tiptoed behind Swati and hugged her from behind, kissing her neck.

“Yeah, I am naked,” Swati replied, keeping her phone on the soap stand and putting it on the loudspeaker. “That’s my wife. Can I join you for the shower?” innocent Husband asks. “Why not? You are my love,” Swati turned around, looking at Sid and kissing on his lip.

“I come behind you and hug you tight, grinding my morning wood over that bubbly ass,” Husband replied. Sid did the same. “I grind my naked crotch on your ass. How are you feeling, darling?” Husband asks.

“It feels like you are here, baby. Oh, I can feel the dick go up and down as you rub it on me” Swati puts her hand behind Sid’s hair as he kisses her back and grabs her belly.

“Don’t you have a companion in the room? What if someone hears you?”

“Don’t worry. I am all alone in the room and the shower. Now kiss me, baby.”

Swati turns her head behind and kisses Sid. The unaware husband makes smooching noises over the phone. “Now, I put my dick in your pussy not slowly but in one go,” Husband says, and Sid put it inside in one push.

“Ah, you idiot fucker! It hurts you are so big!” Sid starts pumping, hearing the lusty words from Swati.

The husband pauses for a while and says, “You never said it to me face-to-face that I am big.” Swati hears these words and tries to think for a reply. Sid was now ramming his morning wood inside Swati’s pussy from behind. She was leaning forward with one hand over the shower wall. Her boobs were jiggling.

“You there?” Husband asks, not hearing a reply from her. “Yeah, yeah.”

“I asked something, dear.” Swati bit her lips as she enjoyed the morning fuck, but her husband was irritating her. She got frustrated and said out loud. “Aaahhh, if you don’t want to fuck me. I will disconnect the call.”

Husband on the other side, “No, baby, I love it if you call me big. I am holding your jiggling boobs. I squeeze them as I fuck you with my Big Cock.”

Swati takes Sid’s hands and puts them on her boobs, making him press her, “Oh yeah fuck me, baby. You know last night I had dreams of you.”

“Did you?” The husband was excited to hear it. Little did he know that she was talking to Sid.

“We were sleeping together. You fucked me just like now with your big cock, you naughty student.”

“Oh, we are roleplaying. The favorite one, Professor-Student.” Husband giggles.

“Yeah, fuck your naughty Professor. Show how bad a student you are,” Sid squeezes her boobs like a mango been squeezed to juice. “Oh, honey, I can feel that fuck. You are so deep in me, baby.” Her husband moaned on the other end.

Sid pulled Swati’s hair behind and brought her face close to his, whispering, “Disconnect the call.”

“Why? Are you scared? Nerdy Fuck Boi!” Sid hears Swati laughing at him. He pulls her hair back and gives more hard pumps in the pussy.

“Oh baby, I am cumming” Husband said on the other end. “Yeah, yeah.” Swati pushed Sid behind and got on her knees. She started blowing Sid.

“I have to go, baby. I will call you later” Husband disconnected the call. Sid watched his slutty married Professor on the knees, sucking him.

Outside in the room, Disha was on the bed, fingering herself. Mahima got up and looked at Disha, fingering her from down the bed. Mahima got next to her on the bed and kissed her neck, nibbling her ears and asking, “Bitch, got horny in the morning?”

Disha felt kinky with Mahima’s nibbling. Mahima put her hands around Disha’s boobs. Disha kept fingering herself. “Look there, baby.” Mahima looked on the other side.

The bed had a wardrobe next to it and on the other side of the wardrobe was the bathroom with a dense-thin glass wall. Through that dense glass wall, the silhouette of Swati sucking Sid was visible.

Mahima watched Swati’s silhouette down on the knees and Sid standing with his hard BBC. “Everyone’s got their lust-filled to the brink.” Disha looked at Mahima and said, “She was talking to her husband and fucking him. Our Professor has turned into a married slut MILF.”

Both the girls giggled at it.

To be continued.

I hope you guys like this story, and there is a lot to come in this camping as only one day has finished. But I think people deserve a break from this series. So next time ‘rudrascorner’ will come with a new series, which my girlfriend suggests.

If you enjoyed this series, tell me in the comments which part was the best.

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