Revenge On Boyfriend By Naughty Slutty Girlfriend

I am Sohini, a busty girl from Kolkata. I am very naughty I admit, and have a huge navel fetish. So before starting. My boobs are very soft and big, 36C. My ass is 34 and so sexy that everyone would love to rub his penis in my ass in bus or train.

So today what I am sharing is my recent experience. See first of all. I am a bad girl. I am slutty, kind of. I wear anything in any way and never care what people think. Even I don’t care about my boyfriend which I keep changing very frequently.

So this I just did take revenge from my last boyfriend. He used to flirt with other girls even while being in a relationship with me. I was quite mannered and was being devoted to him as soon as we got into the relationship. But he was not doing that.

So I decided to teach him a lesson. He loved to play with my navel. It was his favorite. He used to pour chocolate in my navel and suck it. Sometimes dig it so badly with his finger that I would get so horny that he had to fuck me.

So I caught him making out with random girls in a pub in Salt Lake City. I saw him French kissing another girl. He also was groping her ass. Then he lifted the girl and took her to the attached room which is usually used for the fucking purpose.

This incident made me weep a lot. What did I lack that he is fucking that flat-chested shit girl with flesh in the ass only? After crying a lot I decided that this relationship is shit and always will be. However much committed you will be, your guy will cheat for sure. So I decided to end it.

But before ending it, I wanted to give him a lesson. That day, I knew his night out plan. I also did plan to nail him fully and then break up. He was going to that pub. He had a very well built friend whom he used to call his best friend. He gave me the address.

How? Simple I seduced that big guy. I directly kissed him in his lips going to his home. Then I opened his pants and gave him a deep throat blowjob and he enjoyed it very well. He did not regret for a moment that I am his friend’s girlfriend and he should not do. Instead, he asked if he can suck my boobs.

So in return, I asked about my boyfriend’s night out plan. And told him if his information is right, I will make him suck my tits. Also, he will get to fuck me. He was delighted and agreed. He said that then he will surely make me moan very soon.

I prepared myself for that night club or pub whatever shit it was. I wore a strapped bra and panty with strings. A mini skirt that ends before my knee. I wore some high pencil heel shoes. I wore a crop top of matching color with a skirt.

Everything was black and only my white fleshy tummy was exposed to invite eyes of a hunk. He will start to fuck me in dreams seeing my deep navel and keep wishing if they could grope me at least once. So I reached that night club. It was around 9.30.

It is a very dirty club where people start making out in public. There are some girls arranged by the club owner who get groped by everyone publicly. As I entered, a guy slapped my ass. I looked at him shocked and then he winked. I gave a naughty smile.

My eyes were looking for my missing boyfriend whom I found soon in a bar table. One girl was lying on his table. There was his drink at the table too and some food maybe. The girl who was lying in his table was wearing a saree. He just threw out his saree down and made her stomach exposed.

Her navel and boobs in a sexy bra came out. My cheap scoundrel boyfriend poured his drink in her navel and started drinking the drink licking her navel. And the girl was caressing his hair closing her eyes. I went to the table. He took a glance and was shocked at seeing me.

Before he could say anything I told, “Carry on, baby. Because tonight you will see me doing the same thing which you are doing with girls here. And watch me being eaten by other horny guys. Enjoy the show.” His eyes were big and shocked.

I walked away to an adjacent table. A group of bad boys was sitting there. I went there (good boys were nowhere naturally) and asked one. “May I sit on your lap?” He said, “Sure girl.” I sat on his lap and he started roaming his hand on my back.

My crop top had a zip behind. He soon unzipped it and started kissing my back. My boyfriend was staring with helpless eyes. This was a gang of boys and I was sure my boyfriend can’t afford a fight with these guys. He is already in guilt after being caught red-handed.

So he is left with only one option that is seeing with his wide-open eyes. The guy asked me to lie on his table. I did so and my huge navel got in front of his eyes. He started kissing my navel and then he poured his whiskey in my navel. The warmth I could feel in my bellybutton!

And then a hot tongue entered my navel and sucked the hell out of it. They were repeating the process twice more now. He started to suck my navel in full flow. He was biting my navel which made me moan. Maybe my words were making others in his table hot and they started acting.

One removed my crop top and then started commenting looking at my cleavage. My boobs were till now virgin for the night. But then my bra went down and a pair of rough hands started groping my boobs. One guy said, “Randi ke itne bade mamme hain. Dekh isko aj main hi chodunga.”

Then I felt a massive grope in my boobs. It was a big fat guy with big hands. His hands were that big that my boobs were having a high chance of being smashed if this guy gets a chance to fuck me. During these tasks being done my navel sucker got satisfied with my navel and he pulled my skirt down.

Here two guys started sucking my two boobs. One guy was biting my boobs badly. The other was sucking it so deeply that I was feeling a strange pull of tissues inside my boobs. As if milk is going out of my tits and that guy is my baby and sucking it.

Then my panty was also down and he started fingering my pussy. He was fingering my pussy and was parting the reddish layers and was putting his finger in and out. Then he took his pant out and then a loud “No,” sound came into my ears.

My boyfriend came to stop that guy and told him, “Hey, dude, she is my girlfriend. You can’t fuck her we just fought so she lost her mind. Please don’t fuck her.” The guy who was about to fuck me was a little bit shocked. Then he smiled looking at his partners.

He said, “I will definitely fuck her. Not only I, but these three guys will also.” You can never stop us. She came here at her will and ready to fuck. Look she is spreading her legs to let me enter her.” I saw tears in my boyfriend’s eyes.

The big fat guy came to my boyfriend and told him, “Not only we will fuck your girlfriend but also will make sure that you see her being fucked like a whore.” Saying it he forced him to sit in a chair. My boyfriend was looking at me helplessly and he deserved it.

Then the guy entered his rod in me, “Aahh,” another stroke, “Ah,” and then strokes repeatedly. The guys also fastened sucking my tits ummm his meaty cock is penetrating me. I opened my eyes to look at my boyfriend. His eyes were moist. I just did one thing looking at him.

I sucked my lips with my tongue. He looked more depressed. The fat guy was now fingering my navel with his huge finger. It almost pained me. I moaned and the guy got fun. He made me cry 5-6 more times they were having fun making me scream.

That night they fucked in turns in on that table publicly. They were good really. That fat guy was a real shit. His penis was big but not much stamina he lasted hardly 3 minutes. That’s why I say nowadays 8 – 9 inches does not matter. A 4-inches can do well but with proper stamina level.

They fucked my ass too that night. One guy of them was good at that. He kept fucking my ass while groping my tits and he too enjoyed very much.

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