Sexy Indian Wife Maya And Her Cuckold Husband

Myself Alex and my wife Maya were a happily married couple with 2 kids. Due to regular exercises, neither my age 45 nor hers 40 took any charm from us. In fact, after pregnancy, my wife’s feminine vitals got more attractive especially ass and breasts.

Year by year, our intercourse frequency reduced. We tried every possible way i.e, porn, sex toys but it didn’t help us much. My wife is a moderate lady but normally not ready to talk extreme fantasy with exception when she gets excited during sex. Our main point of focus during her excitement always be other males penetrating her.

In the start, she was nervous but slowly she started enjoying it. In fact, my wife started talking more about a man of her fantasy and we noticed we both had better ending with that. Our sex frequency increased as well. My wife started looking more bubbly and started having attractive dressing and glowing makeup.

Fantasy was only at the time of excitement but I wanted to bring this fantasy to reality. So I started talking about other guys to my wife. Either she would get angry or shy. But I kept encouraging her and soon, she got my message that I had no issues if she brought another person in her life and she can discuss it freely with me.

During our sexual sessions, we started fantasizing about known people (our neighbor, my friends, etc). She started expressing herself what she would like to have in them and it was giving me an indication of her choice also. Now even our porn collection there was a married lady who was making out with a man other than the husband.

In our daily routine, I kept on encouraging my wife to attract men by her figure, and dressing behavior. She passed it with a laugh but changes were visible in her actions. She was wearing dresses which revealed some parts of her body. She started wearing makeup too.

I noticed that my wife was now scanning people like a teenager. She was buying modern dresses and I motivated her to buy more young and revealing dresses. When she came out of the trial room in a tank top and miniskirt, it gave an instant hardon for me.

My wife’s boobs were looking like they wanted to tear her top and come out. Her skirt was displaying her full ass and thighs very well. Her curves made all people there to stare at her at least once.

My wife felt so confident and it made her buy high heel sandals too which matched with the dress.

We decided to experiment with her new looks and explore in a mall in the next city where nobody knew us.

We reached there by 12 pm. The mall was not much crowded. My wife was shy and was trying to adjust her clothes but her gorgeous body was giving the full show. We entered the mall and headed towards a coffee shop. I felt I was roaming with a new lady.

My wife was getting more confident with every step she took. Men of all ages mature and teenage guys were ogling at her.

Suddenly, I held her and give her a french kiss to tease the guys! We had a hell of sex that night after reaching home.

Then we decided to try the next step in which my wife roam freely somewhere where nobody knew us. For us, rather than the fantasy of another guy or his big dick, her safety was more important. So we decided I will be in her arm’s length if she needs any help. Any person whom she converses should be gentle, clean and safe.

Anyway, the next weekend, we sent our kids to my aunt so we can leave to another city. This time, we went to a club which was good for couples to enjoy their time. As it was Sunday, we did the prior booking by phone and reached the club by 7 pm.

I told my wife Maya to walk alone and I will be near her. She adjusted her clothes with a big breath and left the car. I locked my car and followed her.

She went and sat on a seat. I took one nearby seat from where she was totally visible. In club’s glowing light and music, my wife was looking damn hot. Many couples and teenagers were there. There were a few couples hugging and kissing inside the cabin spaces.

Then 4 people entered the club – 3 males and 1 lady, all looked very rugged and rough.

They took our nearby seat. Lady with them almost looked like a tomboy. They were talking so vulgar and impolite. One man among them started staring at Maya. I was very near and if I called her, people could recognize Maya was with me.

I was about to go far to call her alerting to be away from these men but this guy had already moved to Maya and asked if he can sit next to her. She allowed but I could see that Maya was not very comfortable with him.

He was fucking my wife with his eyes and I was so disturbed. Usually, my wife is soft-spoken but I felt she was saying something strict and this man left her seat.

I felt that maybe we were in the wrong place. I appreciated Maya through a message and she said it’s enough and she will finish her drink and we will leave.

Then the music started and a few couples started dancing. It was a very romantic atmosphere. I saw more crowd entering and club becoming full. Still, I could see her but intermittently people were crossing in front of us.

Suddenly, I saw 2 well-suited men in their 30s near to my wife’s table talking to her. Of course, the club had no more space and Maya allowed them to sit next to her.

I saw both men were looking executives of any company and well-dressed. I noticed the bartender giving a new drink to my wife and one guy out of the 2 guys offered her another drink.

She was looking easy and mild chit chat was going on between them. I could feel they were really mesmerized by my wife. I could see slight contacts of their hand but nothing sexual.

This time, when the music started, one guy took her to the dance floor. My wife is not a good dancer but in such places who really care about dance skills? They were holding hands and smiling. The other guy was sitting at the table and watching Maya without blinking his eyes.

The person who was dancing with my wife almost hugged her on the dance floor. I was scared thinking Maya might push him but she didn’t and her smile said she was happy in his arms!

I was excited looking my wife this way with another man. He was enjoying my wife’s body and it was the first time I saw anybody with her like this. His chest was over my wife’s breast, his hand was roaming all over her back, ass, and neck.

Then I saw them coming closer to each other. The guy then gave a kiss on my wife’s neck. Maya’s eyes were closed and before he could proceed further, the song ended and they came back to their seat.

This time, the second guy was proactive. He offered a drink to Maya and as soon as the next song started, he took her to the dance floor. It was the same repeat show of last time but as this person was well-built, he almost squeezed Maya.

I again checked her face. Rather than any uneasiness, she was smiling. I was amazed as well as surprised to see my wife’s involvement with 2 men at a time. For me, this was enough that both guys were politely looking and she was comfortable with them.

I noticed this second guy even giving a kiss on my wife’s lips and like last time, her eyes were closed. This guy was faster as he entered his hands in my wife’s top while dancing. Thanks to the crowd, nobody had the time to see my wife flirting with 2 men at the same time.

Once the song got over, they came back to the seat whereas Maya was still adjusting her dress.

I saw the first guy talking and tipping the waiter pointing the cabin room. All the rooms were filled with love birds but as soon as one got free, this waiter showed them the way. I was again impatient thinking I won’t know what will happen inside but noticed one vacant single seat near to that cabin.

Maya in between looked at me and giggled like a teenager.

The first guy held my wife by her waist and took her inside. The second guy also followed them.

The waiter got another tip to manage the perfect place for them. It was partially visible but I could see both guys kissing and rubbing my wife like they never had a girl for years. She was laughing and playing with their hair.

One guy was kissing and the other guy (well-built one) started licking her neck from the back. She almost got sandwiched between them.

Then they settled on the seat and I could see both were busy playing with my wife’s assets. Maya’s top was up and surely the well-built guy was sucking her breasts while the other one still giving her a lip service. Maya’s hands were not visible. I believe those porn videos we watched helped and probably, she was holding the dick of both the guys.

I could not see under the table but for sure they removed her panty, underskirt and was rubbing my wife’s pussy. They were continuously kissing one after the other and playing with her breasts. Maya’s face in the dim light looked like that of a sex-angel.

Suddenly, I saw her bending to one side of the table and going down. The facial expression of the first guy was saying he was getting a blowjob from my wife!

Maya was still holding the other guy’s dick in her hand. After 5 minutes, I saw the guy getting his cock stroked by my slutty wife opening Maya’s ponytail. The other guy’s expression was more intense. He was pushing my wife’s head to get her mouth cover more of his dick.

After 5 minutes, the second guy must have cummed because I could see my wife adjusting her dress again and tying her hair. Still, those guys were polite with Maya. They were smiling and hugging.

Both of them gave my wife their business cards and left the place. My penis was rock hard seeing all these. I went to the car after sending a message to Maya to come to the car directly.

She came and kissed me passionately. I could taste those the guy’s salty cum over my tongue. My wife was happy as she thought she performed perfectly and took their contact details without giving away any information about herself.

They both were married executives and came to the club to chill after a hectic meeting day. They never got such pleasure from their wives.

My wife’s pussy was damn wet and she said probably next time onwards, she should keep protection to do everything.

I was shocked by her boldness and watching my used-wife, I could not control my excitement any further. I laid her at the back of the car and did the unfinished job of her new lovers.

In the next story, I will write about how Maya brought her new lovers to our house.

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