James’ Achy Breaky Butt

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James stood in the clothing store and looked at jeans. He was torn between getting guys’ jeans or girls’ jeans. He knew that the girls would want him in girl jeans.

James had been taking a herbal concoction of black cohosh, chaste berry, dong quai, and Gotu Kola. This herbal remedy was intended to decrease masculine traits and enhance feminine traits. Indeed James felt far more girly in the last few months.

It wasn’t just the panties, the blowjobs, the shaved legs and body, and lip gloss. It was a feeling deep inside that made James feel effeminate all the time.

“Uh-hum! What are you doing?” a voice came from behind him.

James turned to see who it was. It was Nuzla, and her presentation sent a shiver up James’ spine and took his breath away. She was dressed in a black dress with black fishnet tights. She had heavy black eye make-up and black lipstick.

“You are not shopping for guys’ jeans, are you?” Nuzla demanded.

“Uh…I…um…I…” a blushing James stammered.

“Come with me!” she held out her hand as if leading a child.

Nuzla led him to the juniors section of the store and walked up to a short pleated skirt, and held it up in front of him.

“This would be appropriate for a sissy like you! Did you forget that you are a girly sissy? Am I going to have to arrange for you to give 100 blowjobs tomorrow to remind you of your life purpose?” she threatened.

“No, ma’am!” He retorted as he stood at attention for her.

“You really love having tons of cocks in your mouth…don’t you?” she questioned.

“Yes, ma’am,” He blushed.

“Awwww, the truth is embarrassing! Let’s get you some short skirts, you slutty cock-slurper!” Nuzla declared.

“Yes, ma’am!” He obediently surrendered.

Nuzla chooses six short skirts and matching tops for me. James bought them, and she made him wear one of the outfits out of the store and into the mall. Nuzla walked beside him, lifting his skirt in the back and revealing his pink thong panty and butt cheeks to everyone behind him. It was so embarrassing. But Nuzla thought it was hilarious.

She walked James around the crowded shopping mall with his skirt lifted, and pink thong panties revealed for 30 minutes. Just before they reached the exit, Nuzla grabbed his arm and tripped him, making him fall hard on his butt with a THUD!

A group of giggling girls had gathered around them, taking video with their phones. Nuzla instructed him to stand to his feet. As he started to get up, she pushed forcefully on his shoulders and slammed his butt back on the hard floor. Nuzla immediately yelled, “Stay down, sissy!”

James whimpered as she stood over him in dominance. She then ordered him to get up again. James began to scramble to his feet, but Nuzla again shoved him down by his shoulders and slammed his butt back against the ground.

James grunted in helplessness and began to throw a little tantrum, kicking his feet and bouncing on his butt. Nuzla commanded him, “Bounce on that ass, you sissy slut, bounce those little panties hard!”

James grunted, and his butt bounced, his sore ass cheeks slapping the hard floor repeatedly. Nuzla stood directly behind and helped him bounce. She pushed him down hard with each bounce, slamming his butt cheeks hard on the floor.

James whimpered as his sore bottom bounced on the hard floor. Nuzla giggled at his embarrassment.

Finally, she helped him up to his knees. James’ mouth dropped open in flabbergasted shock. Nuzla, giggling at James’ predicament, pulled him to his feet. She flipped his skirt and then pushed him out of the mall doors.

James rubbed his sore bottom all the way to the car. Nuzla laughed at him and flipped his skirt a few times.

On the way home, Nuzla stopped by a local college to visit a men’s soccer team. She dragged James into the building with her. She took James into the men’s locker room, where the soccer team was gathered, having just finished practice.

She told James to get on his knees and then offered his blowjobs services to the team. One by one, the soccer players fed James their cocks. James sucked, slurped, and slobbered 34 soccer players dry. Those men deepthroat fucked James’ mouth like he was a slutty rag doll.

Nuzla had retrieved the cheerleaders for the soccer team. All of the girls watched James prove himself to be the world’s sluttiest sissy cock-whore. The girls teased him and laughed at his blushing. As he finished swallowing on the last guy, he panted to catch his breath.

He blushed so bright red with intense and profound embarrassment. Nuzla then took James to his apartment. She had called Garima to join her at James’ place. The girls tied him over a bench and lifted his skirt.

Nuzla then took a large wooden sorority paddle and spanked his butt cheeks bright red. James blushed and whimpered as she panty-pounded him with 500 Girl Power swats.

Then Garima and Nuzla took James out into the bright sunshine and tied him over a bench. They lifted his skirt and placed a large towel over the back of his legs. That way, only his butt cheeks were exposed to the direct sunlight. After three hours in the sun, his tender butt cheeks were sunburned.

Nuzla coated his butt cheeks in honey to attract some bees. Then she lightly swatted at the bees with a hand towel. Four of the bees stung James’ butt cheeks. Garima and Nuzla then brought a pouting James back inside and gave his very sore butt cheeks another 100 swats with the paddle.

James cried and whimpered about his incredibly sore butt cheeks. But Garima ordered James to sit on the hard floor on his butt. James sat sniffling and pouting.

“Start bouncing on that ass, you sissy cock-gobbler!” demanded Garima.

James’ mouth dropped open in shock and embarrassment. His hands were shoved on his hips as he declared, “You have to be kidding?”

Nuzla stood and gave James a menacing look and announced, “For doubting our authority, you will pay the price!” She turned him over and started paddling his ass again.

James whined and whimpered, “Owowow! My butt! My butt! My butt! My achy breaky butt!”

Then Nuzla made him bounce on his achy breaky butt as he sobbed, with tears streaming down his blushing face. Both Garima and Nuzla giggled about how embarrassed James was and how very sore his butt was. His butt would be sore for several days.

As James bounced, Garima had called some of her Indian guy friends over. So 18 Indian guys showed up at James’ apartment. James knew that those guys were there for him. He dutifully deep-throated each one of those guys. He demonstrated advanced blowjob skills.

His full throat bucked and clicked and ultimately surrendered to those Indian men. They owned his slutty tonsils. James blushed with intense embarrassment as he demonstrated that he is a slutty cock-gobbling cumslut.

He slobbered so intensely on those Indian cocks and guzzled down their Indian cum. Garima ordered that he stick out his tongue and a few of the guys pounded their large cocks on his tongue.

James then stood, his cum-drenched lips quivering in a post face-fuck stupor. He gently rubbed his sore butt cheeks. Garima and Nuzla laughed at him and took pictures of him in that embarrassing state. James blushed and blushed, and the girls laughed and laughed.

James then filled a bucket with ice and cold water and then sat his ass in the bucket. He moaned in relief as his eyes crossed and rolled back. Nuzla and Garima laughed hysterically at him and his poor achy breaky butt.

“This is so totally embarrassing!” whimpered a blushing James.

The girls gave one another high-fives and walked victoriously out of the room.

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