Too Young To Be Old

Hello readers, I hope you all are doing great. I am Rollin.

It was the year 2012 when I was in Mumbai. It was a great day; I was coming from my office. I was waiting for the bus when I heard a noise, ‘HELP!’

Furthermore, I looked around, but I couldn’t find anyone. It was about 9 PM, dark and cloudy. So I moved a little ahead to the corner. I saw a lady running in my direction, followed by two nasty men. They passed me without noticing me.

The lady seems to be in her 50s, slim built, wearing jeans and a shirt. I tried to concentrate on my thing but couldn’t. So I followed the ‘Help’ screams. As the area was not too crowded or no one bothered her cries, the riots were fading, so I ran fast.

As I reach the place, I can see those men. I can’t see the lady they followed. So I hid and tried to look for her without letting those men see me. Then, in a low voice calling “Ma’m, where are you? I am here to help. If you can hear me, please respond.”

As it got dark, and you know Mumbai, it started raining. So now, it’s a difficult situation. I can’t wait to find her and take her to a safer place. I heard one of the men saying he may have found her. She is in the shed. So let’s go and catch that bitch.

On the other side, I got wet and started to shiver a bit. But I gathered some courage and followed them. When I reach the shed, I find one of the men grabbing her from the hair and even trying to molest her. Whenever she resisted or tried to resist, they hit her back.

Now, I couldn’t hold back. I ran close to them and beat the crap out of them as I am a black belt martial arts champ. I consoled her. She was in bad shape and seemed tired as she was breathing heavily, drenched and bleeding.

When I checked her out, she had enormous boobs ready to come out from her attacked shirt. I know what she has been through. I removed my jacket and gave it to her to cover herself. Furthermore, I brought her out from that place. It was still raining heavily, and there was no taxi or auto.

As I reached out to find the phone to call the cops, I couldn’t find my phone. So I moved back to go inside to find my phone. In a low voice, “Please don’t leave me, and hold me tight.” I took her ahead; she was dallying because of beating and messing up.

I feel bad for her and get aroused by seeing her boobs and drenched body. She started to faint. It was getting difficult for me to carry her because of the rain and slithering. I was astonished to see a car coming in our direction. I stopped it by almost jumping in front of it.

The driver seemed good and got ready to help us straight away. The driver was looking at our drenched bodies from the mirror. I was concerned about this stranger in my arms lying unaware of her surroundings.

We finally reached our destination. I asked for his help to carry her to my flat.
By the time we reached my flat, even the driver’s clothes had got wet. I paid him for his services, and he left.

I immediately removed my clothes before it caused me to catch a cold. Likewise, I lifted her to remove the jacket. I unexpectedly move too close to her face, as I can’t resist, I plant a small kiss on her lips. She moaned. I hesitated, so I shifted a bit and again got back to undressing her.

As I reached near her belly area and unbuttoned her jeans, she gained consciousness. She screamed, “Leave me, please don’t do it.” I calmed her down by hugging her, but I forgot even I was naked. Our boobs hit each other, causing me to dream of fucking her again.

Somehow I calmed my thoughts and concentrated on consoling her instead.
I finally succeeded in consoling her; she by now started to sneeze. I asked her to remove her jeans and get herself dried up. Meanwhile, I too wore my long T-shirt which I usually wear at home, as I stay alone.

She came near me, wrapped in a towel and asked me where to keep this (pant and torn shirt in her hand). I politely said in the washing bag near the washing machine, and the shirt in the bin as it got ruined.

As she turned her back, I asked, “Ma’m, what’s your name, and where are you from?”

“My name is Urmila, and I am from Bangalore.”

Me: What brings you here?

Urmila: I was here on a Business trip.

Me: What made you get stuck with these creeps?

Urmila: I hired a sharing cab for Airport. There were three passengers already sitting inside. One of them started pinching me on my thighs from the moment I sat. He was also drunk, resisting. He gave me an evil look.

Urmila: I asked the driver to stop the car, and I stepped out. I was waiting for another auto or taxi. The area I stepped out of happened to have a weak network. As a result, the internet was down.

Me: Why didn’t you call the cops?

Urmila: It never occurred to me that they could come after me. As I was waiting for a taxi, I found them coming towards me, so I moved away from that place. They followed me, so I tried to run, but I couldn’t run as fast as I wanted because of the suitcase and high heels.

Me: But, when I saw you run away, you were not wearing or carrying the shoes or the suitcase.

Urmila: (Angrily) Look at me, do you think I can carry and run with that traveling bag?

I apologized and asked her to be comfortable by hugging her. She in that towel was giving me a hard time looking away. She might have seen me looking at her lustfully and might have ignored. I struggled to keep my mindset, calm her, and stop her from crying.

She hugged me tight; she kept her head on my shoulder. But, tear keeps dipping from her eyes to her cheeks, onto my T-shirt. So, finally, I planted a kiss on her forehead to comfort her. She looked up and kissed me on my lips.

My eyes got wide open. First, it was a small kiss, and then it converted to an intense kiss and then a deep smooch. By the time I came to my senses and got up, I accidentally took her towel with me. I didn’t notice it got stuck in my bracelet.

It must have got loose while we were kissing and rolling on each other.
Now, It’s no looking back, I pulled her towards me, and we kissed again. I later took her to my bedroom. She was naked, and her boobs seemed tempting. Her nipples were erect and hard as a rock.

I planted a kiss on her nipples, she moaned. She, after some time, pulled me towards her, removed my T-shirt, got hold of my soft but decent size boobs and again planted a kiss on my lips by pulling my face up. We both were naked.

Chilling because of the passion around, kissing and spanking the respective butts. It was the most passionate kisses one could have, also of the duration we are together. I then asked her to lie down on the bed and started to suck her shaved pussy lips.

Nothing until now has suggested her to be an older woman. Her assets are to die for, her boobs like every woman dream about, her lustrous skin. I mean nothing! She is now holding my head hard and wanting me to kiss, lick as hard as I can. It seems she hadn’t had sex in quite some time.

I followed her lead and did what she instructed me to do. She even started to move faster along with my tongue movement. She came very hard and didn’t let me step aside. So, I had to drink some and spat out the rest on her pussy. My face was wet with her juices.

She licked all the left juices from my face, and we kissed. She now has shown me the bed and instructed me to lie down. Man, what tongue twister she played! I couldn’t resist and cum in a few moments of sucking. She knew what she was doing.

I don’t know if she had hit my G spot or what, but that was astonishing. I shivered, pushed her face inside my pussy. She kept licking and pinching my pussy and clitoris from her teeth and tongue. It seems there was no end. We both wanted more.

So I pulled out a dildo from my drawer and licked it lustfully. Meanwhile, she was rubbing her pussy and clitoris with her fingers. I switched her position to missionary and inserted one end in my pussy and the other in hers.

She held the dildo from the middle and moved it to and fro style, first slowly and then accelerated. I took advantage of the situation and started fingering her clitoris, and she screamed, “Don’t Stop.” Because of that scream, I started fingering her faster until she cum again.

Then, because of the emotionalism and intolerable existence to ejaculate, I ejaculated within a few more pushes from her. It was complete silence, and both lied down next to each other, cuddling. Both of us were releasing too much heat, causing sweat instead of shivering.

She broke the silence by saying, “Thanks, I had a wonderful time,” and planted a soft kiss along with nipple pinching. “I would love to do this again, dear.” I gave her another T-shirt of mine. We headed towards the kitchen, cooked and ate something, and made love again until early morning.

We slept cuddling but naked, after exploring sex with each other.

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