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[Disclaimer: I want to tell my readers that what you are about to read is fiction. All the objects mentioned are imaginary. Something wild has come out of my and my girlfriend’s imagination. I hope you will love this game. Imagine yourself as the characters and enjoy. Continue reading.]

“So, everything is ready, girls?” asked Tanya.

“Everything is ready – clean floors and spacious sitting arrangements. No one will feel bored and make the environment more erotic. We have done this,” said Shadia.

Tanya looks around the room and sees two cameras facing the sitting area. “This was Sid’s idea. He wants to record it,” said Disha.

From the bathroom came out Sid and Heena. Heena was buttoning up her shirt’s top buttons. Everyone looked at her and Sid.

“Look at that bright smile on our Heena’s face,” teased Disha.

Heena smiled, “One of the kinkiest places to have sex, shower baby. He banged me,” with a wink.

“Okay, girls, it is midnight, and I went around the area. The boys are drunk and partying while sleeping tight in their bedrooms. This is the time. All the girls put on their thongs, bras and sit in a circle. I will explain the game,” said Tanya as she walked to her bag to get the game.

Meanwhile, in Jiya and Ritu’s room: Jiya and Ritu sat on the chair talking to each other. The other nerdy girls who were with them had gone to sleep already. The room lights were dimmed.

“What do you think they must be doing now?” asked Ritu.

“I don’t think they will fuck. I mean, let’s say he has fucked all the girls in the gang in the whole day. A human body does not have the stamina to produce more cum,” replied Jiya.

“He can fuck them. Why do you need cum every time in the end?” confused Ritu asked.

“Idiot, it is like you know the reward. When a boy cums on a girl’s boobs, in her pussy, or her mouth. It is like he has enjoyed fucking her. The first cum of the day is a lot, just like curd erupting out.”
“Oh, is it so. I don’t think he will cum then. His balls don’t have that much stamina. All day, they fucked. I think they will be resting,” said Ritu.

In the room: All the girls were in sexy thongs, sexy bras. Sid was wearing his underwear when Mahima stopped him. Sid looked at Mahima.“What? Shouldn’t I wear underwear? Tanya told me to,” said Sid. “Yeah, but not that. I have something special for you,” giggled Mahima.

Mahima gave Sid a male thong which Sid had never worn. He looked at Mahima with a smile and dropped his underwear. Sid put on the thong and turned around, showing it to Mahima. “This is a lot tight, I never had my ass cheeks so much revealed, but I like the way I look,” said Sid.

“Okay, everyone, get in a circle. We have to start the game it is almost 10 minutes. Come on,” said Tanya as she brought the game and sat down. All the girls were wearing bras and thongs.

This is the sitting arrangement in the circle: Tanya –> Mahima –> Disha –> Sonal –> Sid –> Heena –> Shadia –> Tanya. This was the circular arrangement, and Tanya placed the game between them.

“So, you all know my elder sister. Yugeena Shah is an air hostess. She goes to weird places and brings a very nice souvenir. Of course, because she does not pay for it. She has lovers who are ready to do anything just to spend one minute with her. She brought this game from a very secluded place. It is kinky and all based on dares.”

As Tanya explained the game, they heard a knock on the door. All the girls get up, hiding their bodies. For emergencies, they had bedsheets arranged on the bed and the floor. Everyone dived into the bedsheets and covered themselves. Sid took a robe that was kept on the bed to answer the doors in a hurry.

He put on the robe and opened the door. The busty Swati miss stood outside wearing her sexy saree yet in the night. Sid looked at her, and she walked inside. All the girls heard the door close and got out of the bedsheets. Everyone gets settled in. Swati was sitting between Sonal and Sid.

“What are you doing here? If someone sees you, you know what will happen,” said Sonal.

“Don’t worry, dear. The boys are drunk in their rooms, and a few are in the garden. No one saw me coming. I wanted to play the game,” replied Swati ma’am.

“Why the saree?” asked Heena.

“Because Tanya told me so. If I am coming, I better put on a saree” Swati looked at Tanya with a smirk.

“Okay, now. We have no restrictions and no stopping. Here is the game. This is a group game, there is no board, but we have to roll the dice. These dice do not have numbers. But there are colors on all six sides, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, & Green. Every time person lands on the color. That person has to pick up that same color card. Read the dare and do it. If you don’t do it. Then you will have to pay 500 rupees as a penalty,” Tanya looked around.

Everyone looked at each other. “You have time to back off. Because you can see every color card have almost 50 dares in it. So, total, there are 300 kinky and gutsy dares,” Tanya said with a smirk on her face. Everyone agrees to play.

“I will be the big heart and start the game,” Tanya said and rolled the dice. She landed on red and picked up a card from the red bunch. “Call the last dial on your phone and talk naughty for at least a minute.”

Everyone woos to that, and Tanya puts down the card, picking up the phone. She looks at the last dial and says, “Oh, god. My last dial is my Ritu. That nerdy idiot. I called her in the afternoon for some work.”

“You have to call, dear. You set the rules or pay 500,” replied Swati.

Tanya looked around her group and called Ritu. In the room, Ritu and Jiya were talking. Ritu’s phone rings, and she looks at it. “Tanya is calling me,” said Ritu.

“Did she know that we sneaked into her room?” asked Jiya, “Don’t pick up.”

“What don’t pick up? If she comes here, it will be more embarrassing,” Ritu answered the call, “Tanya, I….”

“Shh, don’t say anything, baby. Just answer what I ask,” said Tanya in a seductive voice.

“Okay, you can ask” confused Ritu looked at Jiya. Jiya had no clue what Tanya was speaking.

“What are you wearing? Don’t tell. Just push your hands inside your pants.”

“Why?” Ritu put on earphones and gave one to Jiya. Now, they both could hear Tanya speaking.
“Just do what I say, baby! Push your hands inside your pants and feel the moist pussy”

Ritu and Jiya looked at each other in confusion. Ritu hesitated, but Jiya did as Tanya said. She pushed her hands inside the pants, and Ritu watched Jiya do it. “Now, honey, are you moist down there?”

Ritu did not reply to Tanya’s question, but Jiya replied, “Yes.” “Aah, lovely. That’s my girl, Ritu baby, finger yourself for me,” Jiya pushed her finger inside the pussy.

Ritu was confused about what to do, but lust took her over. Watching Jiya and listening to Tanya, she too pushed her hand in the pants and the finger in her pussy. “Are you in, baby?” asked Tanya. “Yeah, I am,” replied Ritu. Jiya opened her eyes and saw Ritu participating too.

“What are you thinking as your finger, baby?”

“I am thinking of you, Tanya. You are so hot, and you get all the boys,” replied Ritu.

Tanya, on the other side, was talking in handset mode. So others had no clue. Tanya had a smirk on her face. “Yeah, I do, dear. Come on, push that finger deep in your pussy, and moan my name. I wanna hear the NERDY girl in the class moan my name with affection, with lust, with love.”

Swati was getting turned on hearing Tanya. She bit her lips.

“Oh Tanya, yeah,” replied Ritu. “Will you cum for me, baby?” asked Tanya.

“We will cum for you, baby. Yeah, we will.”

“Then cum for me, baby, cum for me,” Tanya encouraged Ritu. Ritu and Jiya started fingering themselves hard, hearing the sexy moaning voice of Tanya from the other side.

Heena signaled Tanya, and Tanya disconnected the phone. Everyone in the room laughed at that. Ritu and Jiya heard the call disconnect. They both still made them cum, and after relaxing, they adjusted their clothes.

“Why did she call me?” asked Ritu.

“It’s as hot as fuck, though,” replied Jiya licking her fingers. “Stop doing that first, and I think we can know this only if we go to their room.”

Mahima landed on the color green, and she picked up the card from that pile. “Tell the room your filthiest sex, and if you cannot, then slap the person to your right,” Mahima looked at Tanya with a smile.

“Bitch, you dare slap me, and I kick you on your pussy.”

“If I don’t have to slap you and tell. I have to pay 500?” asked Mahima. Tanya nodded to that.

Mahima gave it a thought and turned around, picking her purse up. She took out a 500 rupee note. “Think again, dear. You might not have money left for something worse than this. How bad can be a filthy sex story?” Swati used her wise words.

Mahima agreed to that. She put the money back and looked around. “Okay, so. I want no one judging me on this story. It happened in the first year of college. I didn’t know any of you. Also, I was not a virgin. I had a boyfriend back then. We decided to bunk your period Swati, ma’am. No offense, but I felt you were boring in the initial days.”

“None taken, dear. I understand. Continue,”

“So, then.

[Mahima’s story:
As decided, we bunked the lecture and decided to head to his car. There I got naked on the back seat, and he laid down. I climbed over his dick, and I started bouncing. It was monsoon season. The rain started pouring down, and I bounced on his dick like a slut.

I remember that incident still. My boobs were bouncing. My heart was beating. I wore a skirt whenever we decided to have sex the other day. A skirt is easy to pull up and sit on. His hands were inside my skirt, feeling the naked things – these thighs.

It was afternoon, raining heavy, no one on the streets to watch a bouncing car and come to a stop us. So, we had fun. But suddenly, that idiot pushes me and cums all over his crotch. Motherfucker, idiot, bastard. Everything I called him out in my heart was less. He cummed early.

I understand the situation was kinky, but also, he wasted cum on the crotch. I had to break up then and there, but I maintained my cool. We started dressing up, and he said, “Sweety, you can take your time to get dressed up. I will go and attend Swati ma’am’s lecture.”

He just went. We all know everyone likes this busty Swati bitch. Fucker cum in 1 minute and left me. I was mad, but I had no option. I was about to leave when I saw this teenage beggar, dirty like not bathed for 1 week, staring at me. Maybe he saw the bouncing car.

His pants were torn, there were black marks on his face. His lips were torn. No shoes. Grown hair. Torn shirt. I looked at him for a while. I was horny. I signaled him to walk to me.

In no time, the pervert runs to me from under the tree. I make him stand in the rain for a while. Letting a few wastes and dirt get flown down.

Not caring about his lips, I took him in, landing a passionate smooch. His hands were wild. He grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed them over the skirt. Aghh, Yeah baby! Did not care and took out his filthy dick. I did not look below, just sat on it, and he began fucking me crazy. It was big and had veins I felt those.]

All the girls hear the story and look at Mahima. Mahima had a smile on her face and a hand over her belly. “Where did he cum?” asked Shadia. Mahima pointed her finger at the pussy.

“He was hard. His grip was tight. Fuck yeah, I was just doing that. The best thing about that sex was making love to an unknown Filthy Beggar. Aahh, he was dirty but good, hard dick. Pushing in me,” Mahima looked with pride.

“Fucked a beggar in your boyfriend’s car back seat. Thanks to me,” Swati smiled. “Thank you, ma’am” Mahima came forward on her hands. Swati did too, and in between the circle, both shared a kiss on the lips.

“Okay, next” Mahima handed the dice to Disha. Disha rolled, and the dice landed on the red. Disha picked up the red card. “Oh yeah, now this is what we are talking about! Blow one of the boys in your group on a public bench,” Disha smirked at Sid.

“Public bench as in the one that is outside our rooms?” Heena asked. “I guess the ones in the room cannot be counted as public,” replies Sonal. Disha got up, jiggling her ass and boobs. She extended her hand to Sid.

Sid got up, and both walked to the room’s door. Mahima took one of the cameras in her hand walked behind them, recording. Disha saw no one was outside. She took Sid to the garden, and the rest of the females watched from the door.

“I hope no one catches them, or else my job is in danger,” Swati replied. “Don’t worry, ma’am. The boys are drunk, and the girls are sleeping. It is past midnight. Even the resort staff is sleeping.” Mahima was recording through the lens.

Sid and Disha sat on the closes garden bench from the room. There were trees and huge grass around. It was dark too. Sid pulled down his thong, and Disha got on her knees. She held the shaft in her hand and started blowing Sid in no time. Sid placed his hand over Disha’s head and moved it back and forth.

The females watching from the room had a side view of Disha on her knees and Sid looking up and enjoying a public blowjob. “His dick is so big, from here even with her hands around it, his dickhead is out. I don’t know if to feel horny or scared,” said Shadia.

Mahima replies, “I think we should call them Tanya. It is really risky to let them do this out. It is kinky but….”

Tanya agreed to it, and as they were going to call, they saw. Disha gets up and bends over the bench. Sid got behind her naked, hitting his dick on her ass. “This bitch, crazy cock-sucking idiot. She never loses an opportunity,” Tanya said in rage.

“Don’t worry, I am dressed up,” Heena had put on the robe and ran outside to get Disha and Sid. Heena ran to them and spanked the leaning Disha on the bench. Heena shouted at her, and Sid wore his thong. Heena grabbed Disha’s hand.

From the other room, Jiya and Ritu watched. Half naked Sid and Disha. They also watched Heena dragging them back to the room. “They are doing something,” said Ritu. “Yeah, and they are naked, half-naked. Let’s go and see,” Jiya replied.

Back in the room. Disha got a scolding from Tanya for being a jerk and letting Sid fuck her in the out. They got back in the game. After Sonal played her round, the dice came in Swati’s hand. Meanwhile, Ritu and Jiya had sneaked in the backside of the rooms and watched the group through the glass window.

Swati picked up the yellow card after rolling the dice. “Seduce one guy in the group enough to make him horny for you. If he wants to fuck you, do not stop him,” Swati read. Sid was the only boy.

“Okay, if I have to seduce him. Well, I have to enact something,” Swati got up from her place and looked around. She saw a bottle of water and picked it up. She got in the middle of the circle and looked at Sid. Her eyes went to his crotch and saw his hardon.

Swati leaned forward, deliberately dropping the pallu of her saree and exposing her cleavage. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse. Sid’s eyes got stuck on her cleavage.

Jiya and Ritu were also shocked to see a professor trying to seduce her student from the window. But they kept watching.

“Take some water, Sid ji. You must be tired from all the work you’ve been doing since morning,” she winks. Sid took the bottle from her hand. She got back up and adjusted her pallu. “Sorry, I don’t have a pin, so it keeps falling. Don’t mind,” Swati smiled at him. Everyone watched the one-act play.

“By the way, my husband, who works with you, said that he will be late to come home from work. Why?” asked Swati innocently.

“He has some files pending. I came because he told me to tell you that. His battery was low. I mean phone’s battery was low.”

“So, nice of you to cum. I mean, come. You spend some time with me and then go. Let me take that bottle from your hand,” Swati again leans ahead, and her pallu drops. She looks at Sid biting her lips seductively. Sid just kept staring, and his hands went on the crotch.

“What are you looking at, Sid ji? The married busty housewife dropped her pallu in front of your eyes two times. Don’t grab your dick. Grab her, Grab the busty housewife. Grab Swati.”

Sid, in no time, pulled Swati for a kiss with one hand. Swati, leaning over Sid, put her hands over his shoulder and got on her knees, kissing him. She breaks the kiss and falls back in the middle of the circle. She looked at Sid with a smile. Sid walked to her like a dog and got over her, kissing her.

The girls around watch the smooching in the circle. Swati pushed him back and made him drop his thongs. Sid was kneeling high, and Swati sat low, kissing his dick. Swati spat on Sid’s dick and then started pulling her saree up. Sid jerked his cock, spreading the spit.

“No panties,” said Disha in a high voice. Before entering, Sid got in between Swati’s legs and hit his dick on her pussy two times. Swati was lying on the ground. Tanya was close to her head.

Tanya looked at Swati, and she leaned over Swati to kiss her. The upside-down kiss is like in the Spiderman movie. Swati moaned in Tanya’s mouth, making Tanya understand that Sid had entered the pussy.

Jiya and Ritu, who watched this from outside, did not believe. From their point of view, Sid and Swati were in the middle of the circle, and the half-naked girls around them were cheering. Sid had grabbed Swati’s thighs and was fucking her with deep shots.

Swati’s saree was pulled up to her waist, and her boobs inside the blouse moved. Swati lay with her clothes on like a desi aunty who gets fucked before her husband arrives. She was enjoying Sid’s dick in her pussy.

Tanya stopped kissing and said out loud, “Swati ma’am has completed her dare.” But that did not stop them from fucking.

“This is not fair. You stopped me from letting him fuck me outside, and you are letting this Swati bitch have him,” Disha said in a childish angry mood.

“Look at that Jiya, Swati ma’am is fucking a student. Fuck watch her boobs bounce,” Ritu said.

“Yeah, I was correct. I never thought Swati ma’am would be this slutty. Watch Sid. He is ramming his cock in a married woman’s pussy,” replied Jiya.

“Yeah, and what gave him so much stamina, I wonder. Oh watch, watch, watch Mahima is kissing Sid. I always thought Sid was just like we focused in books but look now he is focused on those naked women.”

“These girls have a lot of sexual appetites. Watch Sid lying on Swati ma’am now. My god, that’s a missionary position.” said Jiya helping Ritu understand sex.

“She is wrapping her legs around him like she won’t be having sex tomorrow.”

Sid was now on top of Swati inside the room, making out with her as he pumped her deep in the pussy. The girls around were horny watching it. Swati’s hands were all over Sid’s back and hair. Tanya watched the two fuck, “Okay, ma’am, 1 minute, and we have to continue the game.”

Swati gave her a thumbs up and spanked Sid’s ass with her other hand. She was indicating him to go faster. Sid understood it and started banging her harder. Everyone was horny and completely drenched in lust. Ritu looked at the sex games going inside, unaware that Jiya was slowly getting horny.

“Ritu, I am sorry,” said Jiya from behind. Ritu kept looking inside, hearing that and said, “For what?” and turned around. Jiya pinned Ritu on the wall and started smooching her. Ritu tried to stop Jiya but was unable to separate the lips.

Later Jiya put her hand over Ritu’s pussy over the clothes, and slowly Ritu started enjoying the smooch. Jiya broke the smooch. Ritu’s hand was around her neck.

“I don’t love you, but watching them is making me horny,” justified Jiya. Ritu nodded her horny head looking at Jiya’s lips like a thirsty bitch. “I don’t love you haa, don’t take it in a wrong way,” Jiya kept saying.

“Shut up, bitch,” Ritu said, pulling Jiya for a kiss.

To be continued.

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