My Sexy History Teacher Kaaleshwari – Part 1

Hi guys, I am back after a while. I will build this up slowly. I hope you like it.

Once upon a time at college when I was in my second year, I was roaming with my gang. We were known for our notorious activities. Not many people used the corner staircase of the college building. As usual, we bunked our classes and went to the top floor of that staircase to play games.

We finally decided to leave, and my friend Vivek got a sudden urge to do a nasty thing. He started peeing down by standing at the middle landing of the staircase. We shouted at him to stop it but he reasoned that nobody can see us except for our dicks from the ground floor.

Just when we were thinking to join him, I noticed my history teacher staring at us. She was a dark-skinned lady with average weight and height – neither very chubby nor very lean – with a fairly good-looking face. Since most of our teachers were fair-skinned, she stood out from the rest.

Unfortunately, she was standing far away from the staircase such that the ground floor corridor wall hid our activity, but she saw our faces. She just smiled at me and I alerted the others. Vivek immediately stopped peeing and we rushed to the first floor and went to our classes.

Kaaleshwari miss had found us suspicious and discovered what we had done. We were called to her room immediately. On the way, we saw workers mopping the staircase.

Despite being a part of this naughty gang, I was also good at academics and teachers had a soft corner for me. Even before I could begin, Vivek said, “I’ll take responsibility, you guys don’t say anything.”

One by one we were called in and by the time I went in, I could sense the tension from my friends’ faces after their turns. When I went in, I just stared at her with a blank face.

She started, “So you are gonna repeat the same, aren’t you? It was all Vivek?”

I responded with an awkward face, “Not like that, miss.”

She raised her arms and tied them behind her head and let out a sigh and quipped, “See Kumar, you are not like them. You are my special, special student and I don’t want to treat you like them.”

I again stared blankly. She told me to calm down and asked, “Do you know how to treat bitches?”

I didn’t know how to react. Even though I was not innocent and had seen a lot of porn, I doubted if my history teacher was indeed meaning that.

She stood from her chair and pulled me from mine by my shirt and said with a wicked smile, “Kiss me.”

Given my situation, I was startled and started almost pleading with her to let me go and apologized for our actions.

She sternly said, “No! I said kiss me.”

I obliged without a choice and kissed her right cheek. I must admit, it felt good. She laughed and asked me, “That’s the way you want to kiss me?”

She pointed to her lips and said, “I am not done with you yet.”

This time, I went straight for her lips, partly because I wanted this to end but also for the chance to french a woman.

I gave my history teacher a soft, long smooch. She looked at me and smiled and said, “You may leave now.”

Perplexed, I asked her, “What about my punishment? Am I free to go?”

She replied, “As long as you know how to treat a bitch right” and dismissed me with her hands.

I came to know later that my friends were suspended for one week. Vivek got two weeks suspension. Word spread around about our suspension but nobody knew what it was for. Students started to say that I was left because I was a top ranker, so miss liked me.

A few days later, Kaaleshwari called me to her staffroom during class hours. Since she was the vice principal, she had a cabin as well as a table in one of the staff rooms. We were alone since classes were going on at that time.

Pointing to the rack across her table, she said, “Take the test notebooks from that rack.” As I went ahead and reached for the top shelf, she came between me and the rack. She brushed her breasts on my body such that I could feel the softness and casually said, “Passing through.” I had a good feel.

I was processing everything that was happening. As I said, I was not shy to sex and have watched all kinds of kinky stuff. To be fair, I have even fantasized about sex with women around me like my mom, my elder cousin sister, and even a few other fair teachers.

Since my history teacher Kaali was a dark-skinned lady, I had not noticed her enough. But she made me horny and looked hot now that I actually noticed her. She had good breasts and a sturdy frame and almost a flat tummy. She might not be fair but her structure was hot I thought.

She bent down near the next rack and intentionally exposed her hips and her right breast. It looked like a nice, round ball in her jacket. She said, “I told you this rack. Not that, man.”

I was aroused now. I pinched her hips, caressed it, and said, “Sorry miss, I thought it was that rack.”

She stood up and sternly said, “Don’t you dare touch me again. I know you boys are spoiled by the internet these days.”

I was scared for a second before she broke into a smile and pulled me to kiss! I pushed her to the wall and kissed her madly. We lip-locked and started playing with our tongues when suddenly the bell rang.

We broke the kiss and I had to leave sadly. She turned to the wall and adjusted her saree. Driven by my hormone rush, I held my history teacher’s boobs from behind and squeezed them. Even though she was surprised, she closed her eyes and let out a moan.

I kissed her neck and squeezed her boobs since I wanted to squeeze a boob ever since I hit puberty. This was my first opportunity and I took it immediately. She became aware and pushed me.

She looked at me with lust and said, “We can’t do this now, Kumar. This Sunday you are gonna help me correct the test notes at my home. See you then.”

I smiled at her and parted with a steamy lip-lock. She tasted good.

To be continued.

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