Lucky Uncle Meets Mallu Couple On A Journey – Part 5

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I am a matured gentleman from Kerala aged 49. I would like to narrate a real-life incident here which happened about a year before. Any comments on this real-life story can be made here or send to mail [email protected]

In the previous parts, I narrated how I met a young couple during my journey and the happenings that turned out which made us travel together to Kozhikode on a bus and from there to a resort in Wayanad in the car. We got checked in to the resort in the early morning.

The room boy left and he himself put the do not disturb board on the door handle. Somu walked to the door and bolted it.

Somu asked me, “When shall we begin ?”
Sree said, “Let us freshen up first and take the bath. I want to present myself to my uncle in a neat dress and my natural aroma. Please, uncle, don’t use any perfumes after your bath. I love the natural masculine aroma only”

She laughed and poured the coffee from the flask in three glasses. She took some cookies and started to enjoy her coffee. I took my glass and she gave Somu’s glass to him.

Let us move to our rooms. She went to her room but did not close the door. I can peep from my seat to see some movements inside the room. But I took my bag and moved to the other room. Brushed my teeth, freshened up, did a shave to hide the few grey hairs peeping out on my face.

I took the bath and changed to my boxers and loose sleeveless pullover without any other inner wears. I came out of my room at 9 am and saw that they are still not ready to come out. I went back and rested on the bed. I fell into a nap. I opened my eyes when a smooth hand was caressing my face.

It was Sree. Oh my God, what a beauty she is now. She is in three fourth pants and a thin, tight T-shirt. Her boobs are in perfect round shape in the tight t-shirt. The shape of her body was fully visible in that seductive dress. I was sure that she was using a very good bra inside.

It is holding her boobs up like those of a young girl in her late teens. She is looking 10 years less in age than her actual age of 29 or 30. I kissed her hand and looked at her boobs. I said, “You are using a 36 D underwired, non-padded push-up bra right now. Am I correct?”

“Oh, uncle you are so naughty and smart. Are you running a brassier company to understand the size and even model of the bra used by a lady without seeing it?” She asked it honestly.

“No dear I am an educationist. I was on my way to Madurai Kamaraj University for a five days residential training program. Attendance of at-least first three days is compulsory for the successful completion of the program. But I am very much interested to understand the ladies inner wears.”

“I have a craze for brassieres. So I am familiar with different models and brands of brassieres. I have a collection of brassieres in my home bought by myself for my wife. Unluckily my wife doesn’t like dressing in smart lingeries but it is my craze. She uses only usual patterns. She scolds me for every bra I buy for her.”

“How sweet of you, my uncle.”

“Shall I lift your top and see my favorite globes in my favorite bra?”

“No uncle, please wait for a little more. I want my Somu to gift me for you. I have been waiting for this moment for about 11 months and Somu for more than 7 years.”

“OK, dear.”

At that moment, the phone rang. We came out but Somu was about to lift the phone holding his vest he wanted to wear. He attended the phone and said OK. He said, “They informed the breakfast will reach within 10 minutes.”

He went again to the room and came out in a pajama and vest. At that moment the doorbell rang and I opened the door. The room-service staff entered and placed the breakfast dishes on the table. They cleared the used glasses and flask, cleaned the table and informed us that the lunch will be served at 1 pm.

They closed the door and Somu bolted the door from inside. We had our breakfast together. I was not in a mood to eat much, not because of the taste but because of the anxiety to receive the gift Somu is going to give me. She cleared the dining table while I rested on the sofa eagerly waiting for my gift.

Somu came near me with his laptop and scribing pads and two pens. He switched on the laptop and opened some files on the laptop. He placed the laptop on the teapoy. Then he opened the scribbling pad which had something written. I was surprised to see what this guy is going to do.

Understanding my thought he said, “This is the job for which we came here in the view of my company. I was given an assignment of preparing a project report and I asked the company for some discussions with some experts. You are the expert I am meeting here.”

“I will be completing my assignment after discussions with you. I have already completed the project report but did not report it to my boss. So my company and my relatives are thinking that I am here for my project work. Even though there is nobody to check me, I am creating this environment of discussions here.”

“Until we leave, this environment will be kept but nothing required to work with this. Now we are free for anything for two days.”

I smiled at him and he went to the bedroom. I was not sure whether I should follow him to the bedroom where Sree is already present. To end my confusion the call from Sree came, “Uncle, please come.”

I entered their bedroom with a throbbing heart. Sree was sitting on the bed and Somu holding her. He made her stand and said, “Uncle, receive my gift for you.” He pushed her to fall on my chest. I grabbed her not to fall. Held her in a hug and planted a kiss on her forehead.

Somu said, “Uncle, you can do anything on my wife for which she is OK. Also, do in my presence as far as possible.”

I said, “Let me hold my gift for a few moments first. I don’t want to hurt her in any way as she is my precious gift. No matured male in Kerala will get such a nice gift. I am so lucky.” Telling this I turned her to face him. Now my lower arms and hands are just below her boobs.

“I will do oral sex with her. I know she wants that. I don’t want to hurt her.”

Hearing this Somu felt little sad, “Oh, no, uncle it was only my restriction before my pregnancy. Now I am OK about everything.”

“No girl, it is my decision. We can think of changing it later. So let us start with oral only. But Somu will fuck you in my presence.”

I did not want to continue the discussion on this matter. So I changed the subject.“Somu, Sree is wearing my favorite model of bra and it is my pleasure to see her in that dress. Please remove her top and give her to me in that dress.” I pushed her to his side.

He made her stand facing me and pulled her t-shirt up standing behind her. She raised her hands to make it easy for him. Oh my God, what a scene, a lady with a perfect pair of round boobs covered in a sexy bra. I was so happy to see her. Her boobs are bulging out from the bra.

It is well figured because of the underwire of the bra. I reached to her and kissed her boobs over the bra. Turned her and kissed all over her back between the straps. Slowly I turned her around and my lips are grazing on her belly. I moved to the bed and sat on it.

Without any resistance, she moved with me so that my kisses are continuing on her smooth and silky belly area. She grabbed my head, held it as if I must not stop kissing her. My lips traveled through the path shown by the silky hairs leading to her naval and my tongue encircled her navel.

She has started to make a low sound of moaning. Again my lips and tongue ran down to stop at her bottom dress. I untied the knot of the three fourth she was wearing and I found no resistance from her. Instead, her fingers were running through my hair holding my face not detached from her.

With a small pull, the three fourth slid down. Now she is in a matching panty with a bra. I understood that she bought this as a bra and panty set. Her belly was smooth except for a few pregnancy marks. I kissed her everywhere below her naval.

My tongue slowly moved down exactly following the path of the silky body hairs becoming slightly darker when it goes down. Now her voice became soft, “Uncle, you are so sweet.” I turned her around gave small bites on her round bums and raised slowly kissing her back.

Somu sitting now on a chair close to the bed can see her in her front view. My kisses went up and my hand was moving up touching her front. My hands are now on the cup of her boobs. My kisses are on her back between the straps of her bra. Now I inserted my hand inside the cup.

My hands played on the perfect round boobs. “Oh, how smooth are your boobs, my dear.” She said, “Thanks Uncle they are for you, enjoy them in whichever way you want.” I said, “No dear the real owner is sitting proudly in your front. It is a gift only and should give him back”

“For two days you will be the owner and I will not claim for it,” Somu added from the chair. I kissed her on her neck and licked her ear lobes. The same time I moved my hands to the back and unhooked her bra. I wanted the bra to be there in the unhooked way.

But she could not resist the pleasure and simply dropped her bra to the floor. I could see the beauty of her boobs from above looking over her shoulder and my hands cupped her globe from behind. My fingers searched for nipples and I pulled the nipples to stretch out using my fingers.

I asked Somu to come forward, he stood up and came near us. I asked him to suck her nipples and make it ready for me. She said, “No, it is for you today uncle”

“No dear let Somu check whether it has any changes today. Sonu, come on, suck your wife’s boobs and tell me whether it feels you in the same way as before.”

He moved near to her. I held her both boobs from behind using both hands and pressed them in such a way that the areola bulged out from my hands. He came close to her and licked and sucked her nipples in a great passion. “Please, Somu, suck my boobs,” she cried.

I asked him to suck both nipples alternatively for a shorter duration. I asked him to suck when I put the nipples in his mouth. Then I made one breast to his mouth and he started with sucking it, I pulled it back and put the second in his mouth. When he did 3 or 4 suckings I pulled it out and gave the first one.

He then understood the way I am expecting it to be done and repeated it. She screamed loudly and said, “Uncle, I am getting this kind of boob suck for the first time. Please, Somu, suck it hard.” She could not continue the boob suck much because she was dying with pleasure.

She shouted, “Stop Somu, stop Somu, please.” He looked at me and I shook my head not to stop. She could not stand it anymore and hence she turned to me by which Somu could not continue. She took my face madly and started to suck my lips in a great passion.

I held her face in my hands and started gently with her lips. Sucked her lips and inserted my tongue inside her mouth and allowed to suck my tongue. She enjoyed this. I asked her to return her tongue into my mouth. I used a lot of salivae to spread all over her lips and mouth and sucked with passion.

I made her sit on the bed and guided her to lay on the bed without stopping my lip lock kiss. When she lay down on the bed I started licking her face neck cleavage and finally her belly button. When my lips and tongue were working with her belly button my right hand slid inside her panty.

Her pussy I felt was clean shaved. Touching her pussy I found that it is wet and honey is oozing out from her pussy. Slowly I removed her panty. She helped me by lifting her body slightly to remove the panty easily. Now she is fully naked. “What a great shape, dear,” I exclaimed in her ear.

She held my face and kissed me as thanks for my compliment. To be continued.

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