Lucky Uncle Meets Mallu Couple On A Journey – Part 7

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I am a matured gentleman from Kerala aged 49. I would like to narrate a real-life incident here which happened about a year before. Any comments on this real-life story can be made in the first part of this story or sent as mail to [email protected]

In the previous parts, I narrated how I met a young couple during my journey. The happenings that turned out which made us travel together, reach a resort in Wayanad and how I started giving pleasures in different ways.

She put her head on my chest and laid exhausted with her hand holding my erect dick. Somu had gone to the bathroom, maybe to clean himself. I pulled Sree’s left leg holding the knee so as to rest her thigh on my stomach area. By this, her pussy opened and was touching close to my thigh.

Her wet pussy was rubbing my body and I felt her pussy lips kissing my body. She turned her head and gave me a kiss on my cheeks opening her mouth. On the other hand, I held her head so that her mouth is kissing my face and she can’t withdraw.

Now the wet mouth of girl and her wet pussy lips are kissing my face and my lower body respectively. She was touching me with her tongue and clitoris at the same time at two different points. She was laying as close as possible to my body. I was holding her to help her not to detach from me.

I felt her lips, boobs, thigh, pussy, hand, etc in close touch with me.  I felt that she is enjoying when I am holding her in that position making her exhausted body to rest on my body. I planted a kiss on her head to make her feel my love. I massaged her head with my fingers inserting gently through her hair.

I think she very much enjoyed my soothing and beloved touches and holding her close to me. Somu returned from the bathroom to the side of our bed. I felt that he is enjoying the scene. He touched gently on her face. She noticed his presence and kissed his hand as a mark of thanksgiving to him.

She pulled him down as if she wanted to tell something in his ear. Somu leaned and she whispered to him, “Somu, you gave me the greatest pleasure in my life. I enjoyed it a lot. I am sad for not accepting your suggestion in the beginning.”

I pulled Somu to make him sit on the bed and caress Sree so that she enjoys the relaxing moments after sex. Some minutes went in silence and I think we all dozed for a few minutes in a relaxed mood. After a few minutes, I got up, asked her whether she wants to clean her body.

“Come with me to the bathroom, I will clean your body.”

She followed me. We got cleaned with soap and water. She took water in a mug and cleaned my face. I asked her to stand near the closet keeping her legs wide as possible and lean down supported by the commode cover. She stood like that. Her pussy as a rose flower or small lotus opened to me.

With soap and plenty of water, I cleaned that beautiful lotus from the drops of his milk residues. But my main aim was not to clean her pussy but to clean her anus. In the pretext of cleaning her pussy, I cleaned her anus as well even inserting my soaped little finger into it.

With a towel, I wiped her pussy and bums and made dry. Then softly wiped every part of her body even her armpits and underneath of boobs. As a last touch, I focused on her big boobs. And with that, she got aroused for a second play.

Now l lifted her in my hands while she tied her hands around my neck to make it easy for me. Lifting her, I walked to the bed and made her lay on it. Somu was sitting in the armchair watching us. This time I was planning to give her pleasures in a different way.

I also lay with her. Started smooching and kissing. Keeping her close to my body with one hand my other hand explored her pleasure points. The hand gently traveled from her nipples to her pussy. Inserted my fingers inside and moved in and out. Meanwhile, my lips and tongue were busy with hers.

She cried, “Please fuck me, uncle.” I pretended as if I am starting to fuck her. Climbed on her and made my dick rub her pussy. Made her clit aroused with my dick, but I did not insert. I slid down to reach her pussy. I took a pillow and inserted it under her buts so that the pussy is easily accessible to me.

I bent her legs upward and caught her both boobs with my hand. In that position, my arms were locking her legs making the thighs close to her belly. Now she was in an arrested position. All she can do is hold my head with her hands. But I did not want to allow even that.

So I signaled Somu to come by the head side of the bed. I asked him to catch her hands and hold without permitting her hand movements. I again started to lick her pussy from bottom to top for a few moments. But my aim was giving her something more.

I started licking little by little down and my tongue reached her anus now. I licked anus and crack of her bums. I found that she is getting more and more excited. I was sure that she is first getting that pleasure when a naughty tongue licking that hole. Somu might not have understood that hole as a pleasure point.

Sree shouted, “Uncle please please stop, I will die because of pleasures. Please fuck me, uncle.” But I had the plan to continue my oral expertise on her pleasure points forcefully not permitting her movements. This time she must enjoy only, without giving me or Somu the pleasures from her.

I guided Somu to move while I move by turning her 90 degrees. Now she was on the bed in the crossed position. Her head hanging little out from the bed. Somu and I were on opposite sides of the bed. Holding her leg up I sat on the floor extending my leg under the cot.

Somu was standing pressing her both hands on the bed on by the side of her head. She can see Somu’s dick but can’t reach her mouth to catch it. I am now in a comfortable position to lick her both holes. I started licking her anus and pussy. But this time the lick in her pussy was in upward motion only.

Sucking was not done during this, only lick. The lick started from the anus hole and extended upward until it reaches the clit. The tip of her clit moved upward when it brushes with my tongue. Again I started from the bottom hole. I know that the best lick a girl enjoys is licking from the front with the licking person sitting on the floor.

I was mercilessly licking her and she was making sounds of moaning. She cried to give Somu’s dick in her mouth, but I signaled Somu not to give. She cried, “You both mad dogs are killing me. I want a dick to suck.” Now I wanted to change to another position before she comes.

I got up and lifted her in that posture itself. I made her sit on the chair keeping her legs on the armrests of the chair. I then pulled the chair little front and made little space behind the chair. I asked Somu to come behind the chair. I asked him to bend forward over her head and catch the armrest.

Now her legs are locked with his hands. Now I was comfortable to use my fingers while I lick. I sat on the floor and inserted the middle finger and index finger of the left hand together in her pussy. Stroking the fingers and simultaneously licking her pussy I continued.

Meanwhile, I generated a lot of saliva in my mouth and mixed it with the oozing pussy juice to make the pussy more lubricated. She was shivering and crying to fuck her. I understood that she will come soon. So I started a nonstop speedy lick.

I was expecting her to be exhausted. But in a sudden move, she escaped from the grip of Somu and pulled my hair and made me stand. She pushed me to the bed and called me abusing words in Malayalam. “You fucker, fuck me hard with your dick,” she commanded me.

I thought it was cruel not to fuck her. I kissed her in passion and made her cool down. Slowly I inserted my dick in her pussy. It was not much loose or not tight. The perfect sized hole to hold my dick. My dick entered her. She locked my neck with her hand and gave me a passionate kiss on my cheek.

She looked into my eyes. Her eyes were pleading me to fuck her. I started pumping her. “Please finish me, uncle. I want you madly. Next time I will give you oral pleasures. Now I want you inside me. Fuck me nonstop.” I fucked her for about 15 minutes.

I understood that she is about to cum. I could extend my fuck a little more. But wanted both of us to come at the same time. So I concentrated on my strokes holding her hands pressed on the bed seeing her boobs jumping up and down due to the strokes. I always loved to see the boobs playing during the strokes and it was a feast for my eyes.

“Uncle I am coming. Fuck me nonstop”

“I too will come dear.”

I charged her pussy with my milk and laid down on her body. She embraced me in satisfaction. I laid beside her with my dick squeezed by her soft hands.

To be continued.

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