Lucky Uncle Meets Mallu Couple On A Journey – Part 2

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I am a matured gentleman from Kerala, aged 49. I was narrating a real-life incident here which happened about a year before. Any comments on this real-life story can be made here or send to mail [email protected]

In the previous part, I narrated how I met a young couple during my journey and the happenings that turned out which made us travel together to Kozhikode on a bus. I had got a text file from Sree in my Telegram id which is same as my mail id and I started to read the story she sent

I opened the file. The text in that was as below

My husband Sam is very much interested to include an uncle in our sex life. He has been persuading me for that from the second year of our marriage. I was totally against that idea as I was brought up in a conservative family. Sam’s parents are also conservative and rigid in the values we have to keep.

So I rejected his proposal. Once I even said that I will complain to his parents for his proposal. He was very sad in the following days because of my harsh words. I felt very sad for his mood. I consoled him by promising that I will not tell any of our relatives about what is happening in our bedroom and sex life, against his wishes.

But I can not accept his proposal to involve another man in our sex life. I asked him if he wants he can hook up with a lady or hire a call girl. I said it to test him to know whether the reason for his proposal. If it is to get a license from me for an extramarital affair he is already having.

I tested him even allowing him to go for an official trip with his co-worker who has a crush on him. It came to my knowledge that he arranged her stay in a hostel run by Christian nuns. Without using his freedom as the team leader to get accommodated in a three-star hotel.

This hostel accommodation was arranged by a cousin of my mother who has good connections with the Christian nuns. This came to my knowledge in a casual talk with my mother. My love to him doubled after this incident. I am sure that he wants to see me enjoying with all type of pleasures.

I started to listen to his comments and reciprocate during our lovemaking sessions. Once I begged pardon to him for the bad thought about the extramarital affair he may have. He said he was attracted to me only and his pleasure is in seeing me enjoy in all ways including sex with another man.

He said it does not mean that he does not want me for his pleasures. He will not allow anyone to take advantage of his nature. He asked me to promise him that I will not love another man for sex or in emotions. He needs my love 100%. The uncle whom he allows to join with us will be the tool for our pleasures only.

Also, he doesn’t like to share me with a young guy. He says young guys may not be trustworthy and they may bring social complications. He said he will find a trustworthy matured male for me. Or I may suggest a trustworthy uncle whom I think is suitable.

He was brainwashing me continuously by showing the porns of MFM threesomes and stories. All our intercourses were with his comments to assure the pleasure I will get if one more uncle is with us. When sucking my clit his remark will be to assume if there is an uncle to suck my nipples.

The added pleasure if his fingers kneading my nipples are replaced by the soft tongue of the uncle. By the continuous brainwashing, I was OK to make naughty comments to uncles or enjoy comments from them in our daily life. I was even ready to show my cleavage or boobs as a flash to uncles.

I could sit together with my husband in parks, beaches, etc. If some uncles come nearby he fondled my breasts in the pretext that we are unaware of their presence. All this we did in distant places where nobody knows us. Still, I did not admit his proposals on second thought.

I found that his interest in sex with me is decreasing because of my continuous denial for his proposal. I was afraid if it will adversely affect our sex life. I was in a dilemma. So I decided to find a solution discussing with my best friend whom I approached for advice before.

I even had slight lesbian relations during our hostel days of my graduate studies. I called her and requested to meet me personally as early as possible. We met in a park as decided and opened up my situation. I was sure that she will not disclose this to anyone.

I know the incidents in her life which she kept as a secret from her husband. She said it is not bad and I am lucky to get such a husband. She gave her suggestions. She said I must not allow Sam to shift from one to another in short periods. Also, she warned me not to find one by myself.

Let Sam find one uncle for us, but the final selection must be mine. Also, she said that Sam’s decision to select an uncle is good for obvious reasons.

Reason 1: Young guys will not have the expertise to give pleasures. They will do only what all they know from their reading, porns and pear groups. Uncles know it from real experiences and experiments. As they are family people chances for multiples partners will be less in the case of uncles.

Reason2: Uncles especially married uncles are needed to keep the relation confidential as it will affect their life also. But young guys will discuss in their pear groups and sometimes boast about their great experiences which in the course will leak out to the society.

Reason 3: Uncles will end up the connection as they get older. So it is less risky to end up after the desired period. If needed we can find a new uncle when he retires from us.

She kissed me in appreciation of getting a good husband and we departed. I had one more apprehension. If we establish a relationship before the birth of a child there is a chance of doubt about whose sperm gave birth to our child. Even though we can do the meetings in a secured way, I can not risk that chance.

So I decided to talk to Sam about that. The next day I told Sam that I am going to accept his request to include an Uncle under certain conditions. Oh, he kissed, licked and sucked me in passion in all my pleasure points. He asked me what are the conditions.

I said he should find a suitable Uncle. But I will do the final selection on his suggestion. I will involve in the final stage only. “OK, OK, agreed,” he said.
I said, “Wait for more conditions to come.” I put one after the other my friend suggested to me.

After that, I said two more. One was I need sufficient time to interact with the selected uncle to take a final decision My condition for selection will be mainly that the uncle will not cross the boundaries I have. I will allow the uncle for oral sex only in the initial stage.

I should have the chance to see him giving pleasure to my Sam also. For that, the uncle should be bisexual. He should not be gay. When I allow him for sex in a later stage, he must be capable of giving it which is the need of my Sam to enjoy. Initially, I may not accept him for intercourse but eating my pussy is OK.

I will try my best to accept him soon based on his quality. I need time to discuss with the uncle and understand his mindset to accept it. Two was that we will involve the uncle only after giving birth to my child. He was a little disappointed to hear my last condition.

Since I was not ready to dilute this condition he finally accepted it. He said I have not even conceived the baby. It will take at least one more year to happen the wish true. Still, he accepted because he loves me very much. My God, the days following excelled our honeymoon days.

I found his dick more and more strong to fuck me. His tongue and lips did magic in all my pleasure points. I oozed a lot of honey through my pussy. Even a drop was not wasted from that. He sucked and licked my pussy dry until the last drop. The next day, he asked me to avoid the precautions against pregnancy.

Meanwhile, he registered our profile as couples seeking a matured male in some adult sites. A lot of interests came. He screened many and found that no one suits to our expectations. He suggested only one to me telling that all he got are useless. On my first perusal itself, I found that the selected uncle is a flop.

He also admitted my decision. During this, I got conceived in my second menstrual cycle because of the nonstop fuck we performed during the first two months. I was a little affected in my moods because of the pregnancy-related issues I had.

My Sam understood it. He told me that we are going to put our hunt for an uncle in hold until I am emotionally strong for it. There I understood the quality of my husband. He needs me to enjoy only. Since I am not in a mood to enjoy, he put the hunt for the uncle in abeyance.

Months went. I gave birth to one cute baby boy. Our life changed and it revolved around our kid and we forgot about selecting our uncle. During this period, once my friend asked me what happened to our uncle hunt. I said to her we could not find a good uncle in the initial stage. Hence we gave up the idea.

She said to me that, that is why she suggested putting the condition to find one uncle by Sam’s effort. It is not easy to find a good one from adult sites by himself. Even with her help, her husband is not able to find one couple. Her husband wants a female also.

Oh god, she advised me from her experience. She never gave a hint to me in these years. I got a little annoyed at this. She gave wrong advice to trouble my Sam who did not want a female to be included in this. I compared my Sam with her husband. My Sam wanted my pleasure only.

So he tried his level best obeying my conditions. I felt very sorry for not helping Sam in making his wish fulfilled. Now I want to start from scratch. Sam is not even discussing anything to me about the uncle hunt. The profiles he made in the sites were inactive in these years.

My son goes to school and he is now 5 years. I feel a little monotonous in my life. Sam’s parents are taking care of my kid with great pleasure. After eight months of my child’s birth, I was affected by a fever. The doctors advised keeping my kid isolated from me as they could not diagnose the fever exactly.

So his breastfeeding was stopped in the eighth month. My boobs regained the shape to a good level. With a supportive bra, I could maintain the shape now as it was before the pregnancy. In my lonely hours, I thought of our uncle hunt and I was feeling more and more guilt conscious about not helping Sam in what he desired.

In the next week when we were having sex, I told Sam to bring a smart uncle to suck my boobs one by one while he sucks my clitoris. Or I want the uncle to eat my pussy when you play with my boobs. To my surprise, he got more excited and his dick turned as an iron rod.

I enjoyed the session of that day with the best pleasures I got on these years. After we both were exhausted I put my head on his chest and whispered, “I am sorry dear.” He asked me for what? I said I feel sorry because I did not help to find an uncle which he desired very much.

“If I too helped you for the selection process we could have succeeded. I feel very sorry for it because I understand how much love you are giving me.” Tears were falling from my eyes. He felt the wetness on his chest.

He said, “Sree, I love you more now. I feel that you are my best friend in my life. I will return anything for your pleasure.”

“No Sam it is not for my pleasure. You are giving me enough pleasure. But I am concerned about the pleasure you are not getting. I could not understand the depth of that pleasure in those days. I could not understand the depth of happiness when we are giving up something for the happiness of our partner.”

“ I want to give you whatever you deserve to get. I understand the difference between emotional pleasure and physical pleasure. Now I understand that emotional pleasure is of greater value than physical pleasure. I was only thinking that I am giving you the pleasure to the maximum extent possible by me.”

“But it was physical pleasure only. I kept you away from the emotional pleasures you deserve by making me enjoy in all the ways you like. Please please forgive me. Our social scientists teach us nothing about the emotional pleasure attained through sex.”

My sobbing became a little louder. He closed my mouth by sucking my lips in a deep kiss. When he released my lips I said, “Shall we explore the chances of our uncle hunt. If you want a couple or female hunt, I am OK for that also.”

He said, “No dear, didn’t you understand from my rock-hard erection today that I still want an uncle to make you enjoy?”

“If so we will start jointly the hunt for an uncle. Shall we start it today?”

“It is late today, honey.”

Next day was Saturday. Our parents were planning to leave and come back on Sunday to attend a marriage. My kid, on seeing our parents getting ready, started crying because he wanted to go with them. Usually, on the weekends, I want my kid with us as Sam and our kid can play on those holidays only.

On that day I have asked my in-laws to take my kid with them. They were very happy with my decision. I prepared my kid and set the bag with his dress for two days and they left. After breakfast, I asked Sam how could we restart our hunt for uncle. He took his laptop. Renewed our old profiles.

He took some photographs of mine nude and semi-nude and some in which we together posed. He edited those photos and masked appropriately to hide our identity. Uploaded it with the profiles. He asked me to do only the washing of vessels used for cooking in the morning and not cook for the entire day.

He went out and returned with our lunch and evening snacks. Also with a new smartphone and two new SIMs. I was free from all my work when he returned. He set the mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, IMO, Skype, etc in the new smartphone and gave it to me for our hunt.

By that time one of our new SIMS got activated. He completed the connection requirements with the new SIM. We entered some chat rooms and I sat with him to help him. Attended a call with an uncle he got in chat. I helped him whenever he asked for it.

The main trouble for him was to prove to the uncles who respond to our chat that we are real couples. Most uncles suspected us as cheating guys wanting to enjoy by fooling them. At this point, he gave the number and asked them to call. Some called but some did not. No much results were there on the first few days.

On most of the days, I could not speak to uncles because our in-laws were around. So in the day time, I wanted to keep our special phone switched off. We proceeded with this for a few months. Finally, we could shortlist few uncles with whom we had chat and voice calls.

Now six months are over after we started our second hunt together. Now we are in need to make the final selection. So I prepared this real story of ours ready to share with selected uncles for their response. I can not speak long with uncles on the phone as my in-laws are around always.

I have taken maximum care not to disclose our identity in this real story. I used our names like Sam and Sree which are not our real names. This story will be sent to our selected uncle. Even if it is leaked it will not harm us in any way. Rest we can discuss and proceed on phone calls and emails and chats.

Please reply to me in the Telegram app I am sending this file.

So this is where her message ended. I will continue in the next part about what happened after that.

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