Lucky Uncle Meets Mallu Couple On A Journey

I am a matured gentleman from Kerala aged 49. I would like to narrate a real-life incident here which happened about a year before. Any comments on this real-life story can be made here or send to mail [email protected] It is a couple who are coming in this as main characters other than me.

I first met them in a KSRTC bus stand in Kerala. Even though I have no contact with them now or before, I have the obligation to keep them away from any social complications. So I am not disclosing the place where I found them. Please don’t ask me to disclose anything which may relate to their identity.

One day, last September I wanted to go to Madurai relating to some academic purposes. I am a frequent traveler to many major cities of India and Madurai is also one of such destinations. Usually, I go to Madurai by catching a bus in the late evening from a convenient station in KK Road.

I reach Kumily and from there to Madurai via Theni. But reaching a station in KK Road not easy for me if it is late evening. I usually select Ponkunnam or Kanjirappilly in KK Road. But on that day of my journey, I missed the last bus to reach KK Road and I could not find an alternative.

So I decided to try an alternate route. I reached the KSRTC bus station said above to proceed to Palakkad and from Palakkad, I could go to Madurai via Pollachi. As I was waiting in the bus stand for Palakkad bus I saw a couple is among the passengers waiting. It was nearing 9 pm and we are the only few on the bus stand.

I loved to watch beautifully structured females with attractive boobs. Of-course the wife of the couple was really a feast to my eyes. She was with a pair of beautiful round boobs. These globes were covered with a little loose with a little widely opened neck. She was a voluptuous goddess in jeans and t-shirt.

I could not resist watching her great shape. I had a crush on big boobs in a slim body. Even though she was not so thin, she was not fat as well. But her D cup boobs were really beautiful. For a moment I doubted whether she noticed me watching her boobs.

A mischievous smile appeared on her face but did not adjust her position to cover her boobs. I got fascinated by that young couple. I was little afraid to watch them constantly because they would only be a little older than my kids. If my first child was within one or two years of marriage this couple could be the same age as my kids.

Still, I loved to steal a look at the couple who were sitting very intimately. I always loved to watch a couple in their intimate moments. I even fantasized about helping a couple to enjoy in their bedroom fun. It is my fantasy to help a couple in a threesome with my oral sex expertise.

So naturally, I loved to be involved in the happy moments with a couple whom I come across. But this couple is totally stranger to me. I have no chance even for a chit chat. The guy was engaged with his smartphone and she was sitting close to him keeping her left breast pressing his right arm.

Sometimes I found that she is very particular to brush her boobs with his body. As they are couple nobody except me is caring for her movements. Once I felt from her facial expression that she understood my stealth look on her boobs. But she did not stop to brush his arm with her boobs.

The guy seemed to be a little upset and he was trying to contact somebody on the phone. I looked in his phone and found that he is trying to contact someone in hangouts. She was also looking at his trials and from her face. I could understand that she was also aware of the trials he is making in hangouts.

I was very much fascinated by the ‘made for each other couple’. I was desperately waiting to get a chance to chit chat at-least with them. I cursed the smartphone in which he is engaged throughout and thought I have no luck to get introduced to them.

At that moment a superfast bus came on the bus stand. We both stood and moved to see the destination of the bus. It was not the Palakkad bus and he also found that it is not his bus as well. We walked back to our sitting point. I found it is a chance to speak to him.

I asked him whether he is looking for Palakkad bus. He replied ‘No’ and asked me where am I to go. I could have answered Palakkad. But intentionally to continue chat I said I am going to Madurai. I could go via Pollachi for which I am going to Palakkad.

He said they are going to Kozhikode and waiting for the bus which was expected to pass through that bus stand by 9 pm. At the next moment with an exclaiming note, he said the bus he is waiting is also to Madurai. But it is going via Kozhikode.

I said there is a route from Kozhikode to Pollachi not touching Palakkad. But from the station, I am waiting it will take less time to reach Pollachi via Palakkad. I told this to him frankly. But at the next moment, I cursed myself for losing the chance to travel with them for a few hours.

I was very much disappointed with the blunder I committed. We reached the waiting room where we were sitting. His wife saw us in the chit chat. Maybe because of that she kept a smiling face to me. On sitting and adjusting himself, he cursed himself that the bus is already late by half an hour.

She asked him whether I am also to Kozhikode to which he said, “No, to Madurai.” She said, “Hey uncle we are waiting for the Madurai bus.” She was calling me uncle was as if I am her real uncle. He said, “Uncle can go via Palakkad. It will save at least one hour.”

“Oh,” she said in a tone of disappointment. I was a little astonished to hear the style of disappointment in her voice. Because we are not known in any other way before that. She reminded him to call again. I found him trying for his hangout again.

He said he is not online and I found they both are little upset. I wanted something to continue our chit chat. So I asked them whom they are trying to contact as it seems that they are a little upset about this. He said, “Our uncle is supposed to receive us at Kozhikode. I could not contact him to inform that we have started.”

“Hey, why are you contacting them in hangouts. Try on their phone.”

He was a little embarrassed on my comment. I found she also in the same way But he said, “I will.” I thought I should not give them any complications if the comment is uncomfortable for them. She told something in his ear to which he nodded and said, “You Try.”

A naughty expression came on her face. She again pressed her boob to his arm and he whispered something in her ear. She replied to him a light voice. I kept silent and behaved as if I left them unattended, not to trouble them in their privacy. But I was keeping my ear to hear what they are discussing.

As they found I am not attending them, their voice became little more clear to me. After a minute he suggested to her that she may ask. She said, “No, you ask.” It seemed that she is permitting him to ask something to someone may be on the phone.

He again said to her that she must ask and reminded her that their bus may come at any time. She called me, “Uncle…”

Oh, I got surprised to see that they were planning to ask me something. She said, “Uncle will you please come via Kozhikode to Madurai? We feel that you will be good for a safe and comfortable journey.” I was raised to the seventh heaven, still, I did not show any excitement.

Simply said that it would be good as it is the direct bus to Madurai. She said, “Thank you uncle,” as if I accepted their request. He again tried to use hangouts and said to her that he has seen his message but not replied. I have seen that she is now sitting more intimately with him. She is not bothered about my presence.

Meanwhile, one lady came to sit on her side. So she adjusted herself by putting her hand through his back to hold his arm beside me. Now her hand is touching my hand. Nobody could see it as awkward because we three are chatting as if members of the same family. They both were calling me uncle.

Our bus still did not come. The lady sat beside her had got up and gone. But she adjusted herself to lay her upper body on his lap in the sitting position. Her cleavage is clearly opened to me through the neck of her t-shirt. I found that she is aware of her position and that she doesn’t mind me seeing it.

After a few moments, his hand was gently touching her boobs. She looked around and found that the bus station is almost empty and nobody is near us. She put her palm on his thigh and it is touching my left thigh as well. Her hand in that position covered her cleavage from the front view with her upper arm.

But I am able to see through the gap. Through the corner of my eyes, I was watching his hand movements. He was searching for her nipple over her t-shirt. She looked on my face bending her head little and I never expected this. She caught me red-handed looking on her boobs and naughty actions of his hand.

To my surprise, she winked at me with a mischievous smile. She made a sign to bend to say something in my ear. While I bend down she whispered near my ear to warn them if somebody is watching. He also could hear her whisper. He smiled as if he approved it.

I said, “Don’t bother, you enjoy and I will take care of it.” Then I put my backpack which was by the side of me on the floor, on my lap. So that nobody standing away can see his hand movements. No one was close to us also. I put my one hand below and one hand over the bag.

Anybody who sees it will understand it as me holding my bag. But my actual intention was to put my hand near her to give a signal when required. She sensed the presence of my hand near her and did not move her hand. Maybe because I did not take any advantage.

Now we are more friendly and confident with one another. There was nobody nearby and we could speak in a gentle voice. He tried to insert his fingers inside her t-shirt and I could see his hand trying to find her nipple. She was little resisting his hand by tightening her breast.

I said, “Don’t you have a shawl to cover so that he can unhook the bra?”

She said, “Yes in the bag but I did not expect this naughty man will want on the bus stand.”
I said, “I have one in my bag, shall I take it out?”

She said, “No uncle this naughty boy does not want it when I cover. He needs it when someone is watching. He is doing it because you are watching it.”
I said, “Are you comfortable if I watch it?”
She said, “Formerly not. Not ok even now for all. But ok for a naughty and trustworthy uncle.”

I said being their uncle I should be knowing their names. He said, “Uncle may call us Sam and Sree. But our real names are different.” I said, “I will not trouble you for knowing real names, and added that they can enjoy their trip.

He said, “Yes Uncle we planned to enjoy this trip. Hence we did not even bring our 6-year-old kid. He is with his grandparents”
“Oh,” I astonished. “You are the parents of a six-year-old kid! You look like a newly wedded couple.”

I then decided to make a risky comment. “Her boobs look as if she is unmarried and you are lucky to be the owner of such a treasure.” I was a little anxious about how they will react. She pinched on my thigh hearing it. He said, “I am also keeping a good treasure for her in return.”

I said she is giving you two while you are returning only one gift for her. She got up in a laugh and said, “No uncle, I am preserving and giving him three, two hills and a lawn.” He warned her, “Don’t exclaim or laugh. Speak in a serious manner so that others will see it as serious discussions with our uncle.”

He said he shall enquire to the station master about the bus and left for the other end of the bus station. He might have left us alone to become more intimate. I said, “He was trying to get your nipple. If you like you may go to the washroom and unhook your bra.”

She said, “No uncle, I can even do it in public no one noticing it. But he does not deserve it this time.” I asked why.

She said, “Before we started from home I asked whether I shall not wear a bra. He said no as his mother will notice it. I could have managed without a bra. Now he did only because he is aroused when an uncle is watching. He is very fond of doing in the presence of a matured male. He says he will not mind even if an uncle is helping us to enjoy more in sex.”

I wondered how a girl can say this much to a person whom she met only an hour before. Also, I was a little afraid of the boundaries of talk they may have. So I wanted to change the subject. For that, I asked, “Whom you were messaging in hangouts?”

“Uncle it is the secret of our trip. Shall I trust you that you will not disclose to anyone for your lifetime?”
“Sure I promise.”

“It is a long story, I need time to tell you all the story. I will send you a text file in Telegram ID if you have Telegram app installed.
“Yes, I have Telegram.” I shared my Telegram id which is my mail id itself.

“I will send you the first episode of the story as a file. After you read this I will tell the rest when we travel by bus.” She took the phone and typed my id in Telegram App and sent me a “Hi.” The notification came on my phone. I opened Telegram and opened the secret chat in Telegram.

Following the message, she set the self destruct timer as one day in the secret chat. She said she will send a file and told me to open it when I am free to read on the bus. Now Sam was coming after the inquiry with the station master. He informed that the bus will surely come because it is an interstate service.

Now I became little more bold to speak openly to Sam and Sree. I told them that she may go to the toilet and remove the bra so that Sam may not find it difficult on the bus. Sree laughed and Sam signaled fine using his two fingers. She then opened their luggage bag and took a shawl and some other clothes and went towards the toilet.

She asked Sam to accompany her. She went inside the ladies toilet and Sam waited in front of the gents toilet. No other persons were there. Within a few minutes, she came out covering herself with the shawl and signaled Sam to wait for a little. They stood there and were talking to each other.

I found a smile on their faces. After finishing their talk they returned to me where I was guarding their bags. There was something folded in her hand which others could not notice because her hand was under the shall. Of course, it was her bra.

I noticed that she is wearing a spaghetti-like dress inside her T-shirt now and no bra inside that. She unzipped the luggage bag and pushed the bra inside the bag and closed it. I said to her in a low voice but seriously, “You put your 36D inside the bag?”

Sree said, “You are very smart. How do you know the exact size? Even Sam don’t know it exactly.”
I said in a naughty tone, “I am a little smarter.”

Then Sam said, “Uncle, we will buy your ticket from the conductor just to make others think that we are family traveling together. Please don’t feel bad about that. Also if we get a 3 seated row Sree will sit in the middle. She would like to speak to you during the journey. As I am in the habit of sleeping during long travel, the window seat will be more comfortable for me.”

Oh my God, what else I want? I thanked God for my luck in losing my bus to KK Road and changing my route. Within a few minutes, one superfast bus came. Yes, it was the Madurai bus via Kozhikode. We entered the bus. The bus was moderately full except for few rows in the back.

To my luck, a three seated row was vacant in the back. Two or three passengers were only behind to us, in two rows of back seats. From their body language, it was sure that they will get out of the bus in a short distance. As it was a night schedule, the conductor was sitting in the front.

I arranged the luggage as if I am the leader. I asked Sam to occupy the window seat to protect Sree from the cold wind. Anybody who sees my performance could understand that I am the guardian and Sam and Sree are my kids.

The bus started. The conductor came to give tickets. Sam asked for three Kozhikode tickets. Conductor issued tickets and proceeded to issue tickets for those in the back seat. I asked the conductor when he returned from the back that when will reach Kozhikode.

He replied we are already late by one and a half hours and we can make up only a little. We may reach there around 3.00 am he said. The conductor went to his front seat and the driver put off the lights. Now Sree was busy on her phone. I got a notification on my phone. It was in the Telegram app.

I saw that it was a file. It was a long text file. By a short time on the bus, she could not type that much long text. It was sure that the file was one which was already in her phone prepared earlier. She said, “Please read the first episode of our story that I sent now. Rest I will tell you.”

She then adjusted the shawl and sat in an intimate posture to Sam. It was easy for Sam now to play with her boobs. But he simply sat as if they are is traveling along with their parent sitting with them.

I opened the file. The text in that was as below. To be continued.

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