The Sex Tape – Part 2

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Roshan climbed from the bed, and Sachin took his place. Deepika sat up and covered her breasts with the bedsheets. What is going on, she wondered. Before her, the director undressed till he was stark naked, his shirt, pants, and undergarments flying here and there.

Sachin’s body was lean compared to Roshan’s, and there was less hair. His cock was erect and slimy with precum.

“Sir? What are you doing?” asked Deepika. “I thought you were the director.”

“I’m an actor too, Deepika. The scene we’re going to shoot will be the second episode. As I said, we’ll complete all the intimate scenes today,” said Sachin, still trying to sound professional.

Deepika had a puzzled look on her face. She looked down at the erect cock of the director. Sachin answered the question on her mind. “Yes, we need to have sex for real for the viewers to take an interest in our show. They won’t see any of your private parts. You have my word.”

“Okay, sir. I trust you,” she said.

In the next few minutes, Sachin instructed Roshan on how to properly shoot the scene. The camera needed to move around and catch the action from all angles. After everything was said and done, they were ready to begin.

The lights in the room were switched off except for one night lamp on the drawer beside the bed. The room was cast incandescent orange light. Roshan stood at one corner of the room and now slowly moved towards the bed. The sounds of moaning and the slap of skin on the skin could be heard.

The woman’s back could be seen as she bounced up and down on top of the man, who lay on the bed, his hands on her hips. Her waist-length hair was flying all around, some sticking to her wet body. The camera moved forward to the side of the bed.

Now her huge breasts could be seen, golden-brown in the light and bouncing up and down, making a thud sound as it hit her ribs. The camera moved closer, and the face of Sachin could be seen, exerting great effort in pushing Deepika up and down on his cock.

Roshan turned the camera towards Deepika. Hair stuck to her face, and her eyes were closed, her earrings glimmering in the light. She still had her yellow petticoat on, and all the fucking was happening under it.

Eyes closed, she took Sachin’s hands from her waist and put them on her giant boobies. Roshan’s cock got hard again.

Sachin pinched her nipples and twisted, making the woman cry in a mix of pain and pleasure. He kneaded and squished her tits together, then sat up and sucked them.

Deepika was still riding him hard, her hands on his back, her fingernails scratching his flesh. Roshan couldn’t help but stroke his cock, holding the phone with one hand.

“That enough,” said Sachin. Deepika stopped her riding. They were both exhausted and took deep breaths to calm their thumping hearts. “It’s time to change position,” he said, breathless.

Sachin took his dick out of her slowly. It was covered in her juices, which were now dripping on the sheets. Deepika got on all fours in the doggy position, her petticoat still covering her lower half. She doesn’t care about the camera anymore, thought Roshan. She just wants to get fucked.

Sachin didn’t waste any time. Lifting her petticoat, he grabbed her waist and slammed his cock straight inside her wet cunt. “Ahhh!” she moaned. The sound of his cock entering her was a wet slush. Fluids trailed down her thigh.

He slapped her asscheeks roughly, the noise mixing with that of his crotch hitting her ass. Her dark-brown butt rippled and bounced. Little by little, he increased the speed and roughness until he was practically balls-deep inside her. “Oh god, oh god, slowly, sir, slowly,” she said, eyes closed in deep pleasure.

Before her, close to the bed, Roshan stood rubbing his dick. The sight of her dangling tits was too much for him. He wanted to fuck her again. That’s when she opened her eyes. She saw him and his dick. Her mouth was open, moaning to the thrusts of Sachin.

But her eyes were on his dick. Now is the time, thought Roshan. Roshan approached her with his erect dick. It was at the correct height and so close to her lips. Sachin smiled at him. They were going to turn this into a threesome.

Grabbing a handful of her hair, Roshan pushed his dick inside her mouth. Her eyes went wide, looking up at him. Roshan groaned. “Suck it for me, Deepika,” he said. It was a good feeling. The three of them were in perfect sync.

Deepika’s mouth went back and forth on Roshan’s cock, as she pushed her buttocks to and away from Sachin’s crotch. “Look at the camera, Deepika,” said Roshan, sucking his breath in, trying not to cum.

The woman looked at him with a mouth full of cock, as Sachin hit her harder from the backside. With one hand holding the camera and the other pulling her hair, he started face fucking her. “Fuck! That feels so good!” he said.

Soon, saliva was spurting from her mouth. Whenever he hit her throat, she coughed, but he gave her no rest and continued fucking her face. Her eyes rolled back as she felt herself on the edge of intense pleasure.

Sachin was fucking her like an animal, and she moaned on Roshan’s cock, appreciating how he treated her like a slut. Sachin bent down and grabbed her titties. He couldn’t hold it in anymore. With a loud groan, he cummed, emptying his ball sack and flooding her womb.

Deepika made a loud ‘hmmm.’ She was a sexually frustrated woman, but this was her moment of liberation. Juices spurt out of her in long streams, and her body spasmed and shivered. ‘I came, at last,’ she thought. There was a look of satisfaction on her face.

Sachin continued thrusting until his dick was soft and his balls were drained. Finally, it was Roshan’s turn to cum. He pulled her hair like a madman and thrust his cock faster into her mouth. “Ahh, ahh, ahh, I’m close, Deepika,” he said. “I’m going to cum… I’m cumming. I’m cumming.”

He filled her mouth with load after a load of semen. Her eyes on the camera, Deepika coughed, and the cum shot out of her nostrils mixed with her mucus.

Sachin was flat on the bed, trying to catch his breath. Roshan sat on a chair, looking through all the footage he captured. Deepika was scraping the cum from her face and licking her fingers.

She looked at the time. It was half-past noon. They had started the shooting at half-past ten. They fucked me for two hours, she thought.

“I’m going to get some water,” she said.

“Alright,” said Sachin. “Get us some too.”

Deepika walked out of the room. She only had her petticoat on, which had some wet spots in some places. “That was good, wasn’t it?” said Sachin.

“Yes, it was. I never thought it would be that amazing,” said Roshan.

“How’s the footage?” asked Sachin.

“It’s good, real good. Hardcore stuff. We must edit this and upload it somewhere.”

Just then, Deepika returned, holding a jug in one hand and two glasses in the other. The men still found it hard to look away from her breasts, those big beautiful globes that just hung in the air.

“Is it all done, sir?” she asked as the men sipped on a glass of water.

Sachin and Roshan exchanged a look. “Almost,” said Sachin. “Just one more scene, and we’ll be done.”

In the same room, twenty minutes later, the moaning was heard. If someone walked into the room, they would have seen a bra, a panty, some boxers, a saree, some shirts, and pants littered on the floor.

They would have also seen a yellow petticoat hanging from the edge of the drawer, almost about to fall on the floor. And in the bed was a woman and two men, all of them butt-naked. The woman was in the middle, sandwiched between the men.

She was lying on her side and was being penetrated both from her front and from her back. The fat man to her left had penetrated her cunt and was sucking one of her gorgeous tits. The thinner man to her right was fucking her ass and sucking her other tit, all the while holding her leg up high with one hand.

On the drawer, next to the petticoat, a camera was running, recording all their doings. And the hours passed in that room without any of them knowing.

In the evening, a man knocked on Mrs. Deepika’s door. He was an old man with a weathered face, probably in his late sixties. No one answered. He knocked again and waited. A man with a cigarette in his mouth opened the door and walked out.

Behind that man was another, who gave the old man a look, then smiled and walked away. The old man was perplexed. He entered his daughter’s house and locked the door. Who were those men?

“Deepu?” he called. No answer came. The old man walked to his daughter’s room. The door was ajar, and when he opened it, he got the shock of his life. His daughter was on the bed, sleeping, apparently, and naked as a baby. Her clothes were strewn about the floor, and there was a nasty stench in the room.

He looked at his daughter closely. Small blobs of a white substance were sticking to her body all over. He knew what it was. Cum.

The old man stood silently for a couple of minutes. His hand then moved to his pants and unzipped them, taking out a wrinkled cock that was already hard as a rock. Looking at his busty daughter, he tugged his cock. He imagined what those men were doing to her.

He imagined doing it to her himself. As he imagined, he stroked his cock, and he stroked and stroked and stroked. In the end, he ejaculated on his sleeping daughter’s face, watched the cum fall on her lips. He exhaled quietly and was already remorseful. What have I done?

When he left the room, she was still sleeping.

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