Lucky Uncle Meets Mallu Couple On A Journey – Part 3

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Lucky Uncle Meets Mallu Couple On A Journey

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I am a matured gentleman from Kerala, aged 49. I was narrating a real-life incident here which happened about a year before. Any comments on this real-life story can be made here or send to mail [email protected]

In the previous part, I gave the story that Sree had shared with me on Telegram. Oh, the story clearly explained how Sree was bold enough to talk with me openly when we were at the bus stand. But it is telling me nothing about the secret of this journey as she told me before at the bus stand. I looked at her.

She was closely watching me and understood that I have completed reading. She adjusted herself leaving Sam and sat more close to me. By that time the few passengers in the seats behind got out of the bus at some stops. I did not notice during my reading. The bus was now nearing Angamaly.

She sat close to me on the pretext that she doesn’t want to disturb her sleeping husband. I decided in the mind that I will not take advantage of her close sitting.
She asked, “Uncle, did you read it fully?”

“Yes,” I said.

“This is the file I sent to the Uncle in his email ID whom I selected finally. He read this and continued our chat and talk in Hangouts. I asked his number to call and he promised that he will give it before we meet him. He said he is more comfortable in Hangouts because the phone is used by his wife as well.

We believed him and don’t want to trouble him in any way. After a lot of discussions, we decided to meet at a resort tomorrow. He said he will meet us at Kozhikode and we together will move to the resort from there so as to reach there early in the morning.

Sam has booked the resort in a package sponsored by his company. The package is for three members. The company gives the provision for three. So we can accommodate our driver or a helper or a member of our family in a separate bedroom of the cottage.

All food and drinks are included in the package and it is the dream of my Sam coming true after many years. But to our bad luck, the uncle we selected is not responding in the Hangouts from today morning. We could not cancel our trip because everything is arranged in the package by Sam’s company.

We did not even take our car because Sam alone could not drive this much long distance. We wanted to include that uncle instead of the driver. My Sam will be very sad if this opportunity is not used properly. So we were trying to contact him even in the bus stand but he cheated us we think.

We were upset about this on the bus stand. I found you looking at me, especially on my boobs. I noticed you are fascinated by me. So I watched you closely and found you as a smart uncle of our choice. I suggested to Sam that should we select you as our dream uncle.

He asked me to ask you directly as we were short of time. So I wanted to expose myself to you. So the ball is in your court and you can decide. Please uncle, will you accept my offer to join us? I request you to be with us for two days. It is Sam’s dream for six years and mine for the last eleven months.”

I looked into the eyes of Sree, and I found that she is upset. I could manage two days because I left for a five days program. Still, I said to her I need to send an email to the Institution I am to attend tomorrow. I could send the mail from my phone, but I could get the reply only in the morning.

Even though I said to her like that, the fact was that I needed to inform only that I could not attend the program.

She said, “No uncle, we need to decide before we reach Kozhikode. The car arranged by the company will be waiting to pick us from Kozhikode. We will be late when reaching Kozhikode. So please send your mail and try to get the decision by the earliest. Also, you could continue to Madurai in the same bus if your decision is negative.”

I looked again her in her eyes. She was pleading me with her look. She caught hold of my arm and rested her head on my shoulder. Her left boob was touching my upper arm. She said she took many months to select one matured man through continuous chats and calls. But she selected me within a few hours.

I asked her whether she is sure that I am the apt person they are looking for? She said in the affirmation that she liked me very much by this time. She liked that I did not take advantage of her moves even the touch of her boobs on my arm.

More than anything even when she had submitted herself to me, I am thinking again to accept her offer. Bad persons will accept such offers readily. So she is sure that I am an apt person. Also, it is her compensation to Sam by selecting an uncle without his assistance of Sam.

If I accept, it will be her credit to save the already ruined trip. I said let me send the mail. I took my phone and opened my mail. Composed a mail. I noticed that she did not read what I was typing, respecting my privacy. I sent the mail and told her it is sent. She asked whether I wanted to wait for the reply.

I said I will be losing this angel forever if I wait for the reply. So whatever be the reply I am going to cancel my assignment. On hearing this she caught my arm firmly and planted a kiss on my shoulder. I asked shall I take advantage of the brushing of your boobs.

She said do you want it right now? I said if she doesn’t mind. She adjusted her shawl and now my hand is inside the shawl. Inside the shawl, she raised her t-shirt and my upper arm was pressed with both the boobs over the spaghetti. I could not touch her naked boobs.

Understanding my thought she said, “It is difficult now to allow me to touch directly. It is for you uncle for the next two days My husband will gift all my treasures to you. If you don’t mind please wait until that.” I said OK to her. She said she wanted to share the happy news with Sam right now.

She said he will be excited and he will be busy with her boobs for the rest of the journey if I will be watching his acts. Sree moved closer to Sam. Her hand worked covered by the shawl on him to make him wake up from his sleep. He woke up and she said there is happy news awaiting him. He asked, “What is it?”

She said, “Uncle agreed to join our trip for both days.” She asked him to block that unanswered uncle in their Hangouts. He said he will block. She said, “No you must block immediately. We don’t want him if he messages or calls in a second thought. That cheater must not get even a chance to send a message to us.”

He immediately took his phone, opened Hangouts and did something with it. He might have blocked him. Still, I am thankful to that unknown person for gifting me a treasure. To be continued.

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