Lucky Uncle Meets Mallu Couple On A Journey – Part 6

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I am a matured gentleman from Kerala aged 49. I would like to narrate a real-life incident here which happened about a year before. Any comments on this real-life story can be made here or send to mail [email protected]

In the previous parts, I narrated how I met a young couple during my journey and the happenings that turned out which made us travel together, reach a resort in Wayanad and started our sex escapades in the resort.

Sree started sucking my lips and tongue with screaming sound. She inserted her hand inside my t-shirt from its bottom. Her smooth hands traveled touching my body and reached my nipples. Kneading my nipples for a few moments she wanted to remove my t-shirt.

I adjusted myself to help her to remove it. Now she made me feel her boobs on my chest by sliding up and down. I got aroused and I laid on the bed enjoying her touches. She started kissing my face, neck, chest, etc and grazed down. She wanted to remove my bottom dress. I helped her to do it easily.

Meanwhile, Somu was simply sitting on the bed. I pulled him by catching his dress to stay close to me. She was busy with seeing and making my dick ready for the act. She was playing with my dick with her hand resting her head on my belly. Meanwhile, I made Somu remove his dress.

Now we three are naked fully. I caught Somu’s dick and pulled him close to my face. I kissed his groin area. Somu never expected such an act from me. But it was my pleasure to make him also enjoy with my services. Since Sree was facing my dick she was not seeing my job on Somu’s dick.

She gently took my erect dick in her mouth and started sucking me meanwhile I started making Somu enjoy with his dick in my mouth. Keeping his dick in my mouth I caressed her head by giving light massage through her hair. I gently pulled her to come to my face.

She turned and saw me sucking him. She got surprised by seeing me sucking for him. She exclaimed, “Uncle, are you bi?”

“Yes, honey I am bi when I make a couple enjoy,” I answered taking his dick out from my mouth. I made her continue the suck of his dick. I got up and adjusted myself to lay on the cot in the crossed position.

“Sree come and give me a facesitting.”

She arranged herself giving me a clear view of her pussy. I raised my hand and caught her boobs. Now Somu is standing on the floor and she is sitting on my face giving her pussy for my eating. I was kneading her nipples with my both hand and eating her pussy.

Sree could not sit steady because of the pleasure. So she pulled Somu catching his neck with her both hands and said, “Uncle is giving me great pleasure Somu. She lip-locked with Somu and in between, she screamed and was making little loud noises when my tongue made her lead to rare ecstasies.

At a moment she could not withstand and laid over me on her back. On this move, my mouth lost contact with her pussy. I made her turn so that we are in 69 position now. She started sucking my dick. I was sucking her clitoris and pussy lips.

In that position, I lifted her chest little up and now her breasts are just touching my belly. I caught her both nipples and pressed those with my fingers. I started kneading her nipples with my fingers and pressing those to my belly. She was enjoying the kneading in which her nipples were pressed on my belly with my fingers.

She could not continue her suck continuously because of pleasure she is receiving and hence she stopped now and then. When she stopped she was making some sound or admitting the pleasure.  She called Somu to come to her side.

She said, “Somu uncle is killing me with many types of pleasures and you return little pleasure for him.”

She forcefully made him lean and suck my dick. I too was enjoying with the suck of both husband and wife. If this was continued I was sure that she will be exhausted. So I forced her to change her position and I laid in the straight position on the cot.

I gently touched her face and inserted my fingers through her hair and expressed my love by touching her face with my face. Her beautiful boobs are now resting on my chest. I asked her in her ear in low noise, “Did you enjoy, my dear girl?”

“Yes uncle, a lot, your tongue and lips are so smart.”

“No dear, we have only started, the best is yet to come.”

With my soft touchings and gentle talks I made her come down from her high mood and now she is kissing and fondling me.

“Dear Sree, we shall start our oral session again, but with a difference. I will be using my tongue and lips in different methods and you will be experiencing different pleasures. You should give me feedback on which methods you liked most. Are you OK?”

“Yes, uncle, guide me to the rarest pleasures, you are so sweet.”

I asked Somu to hold her and give pleasures with his hand and lips whenever it is possible. I made him hold her always in his hug and watch the ways I suck her. She is sitting in between his legs while he is sitting on the bed with his back resting on the wall of the pillow side.

He is hugging her from back holding her close to his chest just below her boobs. He is licking her ear lobes and kissing the back of her neck. I caught her boobs with my hands and her nipples were peeping out through the gap of my index finger and thumb.

I started by licking her nipples. I made saliva to spread much on her nipples and sucked well. Sucking each nipple intermittently made her mad. She turned her face to lip-lock with Somu.

“Somu, Uncle is so nicely sucking my boobs. Thank you Somu for arranging such a pleasure for me. I never imagined this much.”

“Enjoy darling, he will give you more and more pleasures.”

I slide down little by little playing with her skin with my wet lips and arrived at her pussy. Now my tongue is licking her clitoris from bottom to top like a cow licking the calf, giving her the type 1 pleasure for her. She screamed and said, “Uncle it is great!”

Her pussy lips were big in size to swallow. I then swallowed the pussy lips fully and sucked it with great passion to give the type 2 pleasure for her.

As the third type, I pulled her pussy lips apart with my hands and licked the tip of the clit using only the tip of my tongue. She shouted in pleasure and pulled my hairs with her hand.

Now I vacuum sucked her clitoris. The clitoris produced the sound of vibration inside my mouth. Then as if a dog licks milk from its feeding plate. Then licking and sucking clit doing fingering simultaneously

This continued for more than half an hour in different ways. She responded with her screaming and shouting for every method.

Finally, she said, “I counted nine different methods in which you played with my pussy. I could not count it at the end. I don’t know which method I enjoyed most. All are good in one way or other. You are an expert in this. I want in all ways for as many years of my life as possible.”

Somu was watching and enjoying seeing his wife enjoying. He might have been satisfied on coming to his dream true when his wife is enjoying with a matured male. His dick was like a rod and took its hardest position. I took hold of his dick sliding the foreskin up and down.

I was sucking and licking her pussy in the last method. I wanted him ready for a fuck in her pussy.

“Uncle, I want your dick in my pussy,” Sree cried.

I made her sit in doggy position in the crossed position to the bed. Now Somu is standing behind her. I slid under her body between her legs and arms. Asked Somu to fuck her from behind in his standing position. I can see his dick entering her pussy and coming out.

I used my hand to fondle with his balls and her pussy lips while he is banging her. I pulled his dick out forcefully and he could not understand what is my intention. With my one hand, I pulled his dick into my mouth and sucked it while the fingers of my other hand fucked her pussy.

Leaving his dick I then licked and sucked her pussy making it clean. I made his dick pushed into her pussy again. He continued his banging in her pussy. Now my fingers were wet with her pussy juice and with wet fingers, I played with her clit while he fucked her.

With great pleasure, she moaned loudly and she started sucking my dick as if she is a madwoman. I extended my one hand to her nipples and kneaded her both nipples one by one. Honey was oozing out from her pussy now. Again I pulled his dick out and licked her pussy to clean it. I made him continue with his fuck.

Sree in a crying voice said, “Uncle I am coming. Make it faster. Somu fast.”
Somu made his thrust faster. Somu said, “Uncle I am also coming” He exploded inside her. I pulled her down to my face covering her butts with my hand. On that action, his dick pulled out of her pussy.

I made her legs wide to make her pussy close to my face. Her pussy juice and his cum mixed together spread over my face. She turned and kissed me in passion. She licked my wet face and hugged me.

Sree said, “Uncle you gave me the greatest pleasure ever in my life. But I am sad little because you did not fuck me. I wanted you also inside my pussy. I could not return the pleasure to you.”

“Hey my dear girl, I am matured enough to avoid it.”

“No uncle I am sad. I wanted you inside my pussy. Is my pussy not good enough for you?”

“No darling it is my treasure.”

“Then why don’t you give me yours in me?”

“Don’t bother girl, we have started only. Do you think I will lose the greatest luck of my life to enjoy with an angel? You are so good, dear. I will enjoy with you in the coming session.”

“Thank you uncle, I want you inside.” She kissed me deeply.

She put her head on my chest and started to lay exhausted with her hand holding my erect dick.

To be continued


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