Journey of Sexual Exploration – Part 4

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The next morning, I was still very horny and wanted to fuck her. I went to the washroom. A crazy idea just came to me to expose her today to the maid and her husband. I went and unlock the main door. So when our maid comes, we don’t have to open the door, and she can just walk in.

I also left our room door very slightly open. So that when the maid comes she can easily enter our room. I came back in the bed and lifted her nightdress. I started rubbing my penis on her ass from behind and pressed her boobs. She woke up horny and said that its too early and the maid will come.

I said, “Let her come and join us today.” She said, “Are you crazy?” I was just ignoring her and trying to get on top of her. I started sucking her boobs. She was moaning and said she needs to go to the washroom. I chose not to listen. She spread her legs and let me enter her, and I started fucking her.

I fucked her for some time in that position. Then made her in a doggy style with her face towards our door so that when the maid comes, she can see her naked. But my bad luck, no one came at that time, and we were done fucking. But the excitement was awesome that what if the maid comes.

I didn’t let my wife come out of bed and even didn’t let her wear anything. After some time, the maid came. My wife wanted to wear her clothes and go to her to give instructions, but I asked my wife to suck my penis. She again said, “You have gone mad.” And left the room in her just nightgown.

I was under the sheet naked and was waiting for my wife to come. I was rubbing my penis. It was fully erect and can be seen even though I was under the sheet. My wife went to the washroom, and the maid came in the room asking, “Bhabhi, tell me how you want the breakfast.”

But she saw her not in the room and left. But I am sure she saw the bulge. I then woke up because I have to get ready to go to work.

In the afternoon, I normally make a call to my wife, mostly while having lunch. I called her. I was so horny thinking about all that. I asked her to send me her naked pic. She again said that I am going crazy and asked me to stop that. I requested, and then she sent a topless pic.

I went to my office washroom and masturbated there. After that, I was quite normal and relaxed. But late in the afternoon, I received a text from Arif, ‘Hey, what’s up.”

Me: Nothing much.

He: Did you speak to your wife?

Me: Yes, she needs some time.

He: Ok, let’s make this weekend for drinks and dinner. Let her get a little more comfortable.

Me: It makes sense.

He: Come to our place.

He sent his address, and I called my wife and told her about it. She didn’t say anything. We did not discuss it for 2 days. But then I received a text from my wife during the day, “Are we going to their place tomorrow?”

Me: Do you want to?

She: I don’t know, but did you mention that we are coming?

Me: Yes, I said we will come.

She: So we are going right. Tell me because I have to make arrangements.

Me: What arrangement?

She: Are regular ones so that I don’t have to spoil my Sunday doing stuff. I’ll complete my things on Friday.

Me: Ok. What will you wear?

She: We will talk when you get home.

So I went home with excitement and asked her, “ Did you decide what you will wear?”

She: Not yet.

She went to her closet and got few dresses for me to choose from. I suggested her to wear a casual shirt and jeans. So I choose a white shirt and blue jeans, she looks super hot in those. I advised her to wear black undergarments because that shirt is slightly see-through when the bra is dark.

Saturday evening came, and she was getting ready with makeup and nail polish stuff. We left on time and reached their place. I asked my wife to keep the top 2 buttons open to give some access to cleavage but decently, to which my wife was fine.

I was already horny and started pressing her boobs and kissed her. I felt that she was also feeling horny. I held her boobs. She was melting in my arms. I was kissing her and asked whether she will do it tonight. She said, “No, I’m going because you have promised.” But I know from my heart that she is ready.

So we went to their house. It was a nice house in a good locality. Now we all were in the hall inside their house. They both welcomed us with hugs, and Faiza kissed on my and my wife’s cheeks. Honestly, we both were a bit nervous. My wife’s face was red already.

Faiza was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Arif was wearing a shirt and jeans. Faiza and my wife went to the kitchen to arrange some drinks and snacks. Arif asked me about the plan. He told me what’s in his mind and he mentioned that we will have some drinks first then maybe watch a movie. I said that looks good.

We all sat and chit-chatting about stuff and started drinking. After some drinks, Arif asked, “Movie, everyone?” Arif played an adult movie. I asked to shut the light, but they insisted on leaving it on. So we were sitting like Faiza’s head was near my side of the couch and Arif’s head towards my wife.

The scenes started, and the mood started to grow. It was an old Italian movie featuring a girl in her 20s and married a rich businessman. How she was getting fucked by every man whom she met. The scene and the atmosphere became wild.

My wife was a little more relaxed this time as she was also talking and laughing and making jokes with everyone. Arif and Faiza started kissing, and they were right below our couch. My wife was getting hot. I could feel her breathe. I kissed her, and she just melted in my arms.

Arif ask my wife whether she is comfortable or not, my wife said it’s fine. Then, Faiza stood and came near my wife, sat with her. She asked Arif and me to get some drinks. As we both went, I heard a kiss and saw Faiza and my wife kissing deeply. Watching my wife kissing some else except me turned me so much.

They both have their eyes closed and kissing like long-term girlfriends. We got the drinks and sat in the same manner. Just 1 drink for each of us. Arif and I were sitting below, and Faiza and my wife were sitting together. Then Faiza told me that my wife is a super kisser and very hot.

While saying, she placed her hand on my wife’s boobs and pressed them. My wife closed her eyes and started moaning. She kissed on her necks and came down to cleavage, and started licking them. My wife then pulled her face closer and started kissing her.

They both were now kissing and making moaning sounds. My wife was now pressing Faiza’s boobs. She removed her t-shirt, leaving her in a bra, and started kissing on her neck and breast. They both were kissing and pressing each other’s boobs. Arif and I were getting horny looking at the wild sides of our wives.

Faiza was opening my wife’s shirt buttons one by one and then removed her shirt. The black bra was looking so hot on her right now, and Arif was just looking at my wife’s boobs. He started to remove his shirt and jeans and then his boxers and became completely naked. I saw the size of the penis.

The first time I saw it on facetime and that time only I realized that it’s big. But I found it actually big and thicker. It was actually very black in color, like some very cheap person’s penis. He started rubbing his penis, looking at the girls.

Arif was going closer to Faiza. He started touching Faiza’s cheeks with his penis while the girls were kissing. My wife also saw Arif’s penis, and I can see the disgusted look on her face. Faiza then turned to Arif and took his penis in her mouth, and started sucking it. My wife looked at me. I went to her and started kissing her passionately.

Arif was pushing his penis in his wife’s mouth, choking her completely and then taking it out. They both had good eye contact while she was sucking. My wife sat on the floor and opened my jeans, and lowered my underwear. In no time, she started sucking my penis.

Even my penis was too big to fit in her mouth, so I wondered how she would be able to handle Arif. He was doing rough with his wife. He just lifted Faiza and made her in a doggy position and started fucking her. She was screaming loudly. “Please do it slowly, Arif. You are hurting me.”

Listening to this, he calmed and started doing it nicely. Faiza’s boobs were so beautiful that I just wanted to suck on them. On his every stroke, I can see the expression on her face and the pain she can feel. Her boobs were bouncing to the extend.

I could not control it. I lay my wife on the couch and removed her bra. Then her jeans and panty making her completely naked for the first time in front of someone else. But she was behaving that there is no one else in the room. She just opened her legs wide and placed one leg on my shoulder.

She placed my penis on her hole, and I started fucking her. There were 2 moaning sounds, both loud and sexy. Arif was fucking Faiza in the doggy style, and I was fucking in standing missionary. Both girl’s faces were towards each other, and they had eye contact.

Then Faiza held my wife’s hand and was getting fucked by her own husband. The moaning sound increased, and the room was full of sex sounds and bang sounds. Arif was done, and he released his sperms on his wife’s thighs. They both lay down, breathing heavy.

I was now fucking my wife in the doggy style. My wife’s face was very close to Faiza’s boobs. So she was trying to press them and kiss them as well. But then soon, I also released my sperms on my wife’s ass. We all 4 sat exhausted and said that this was so far the best sex.

I kept my hand on my wife’s boobs and started kissing her again. I was looking at her with more love because, after almost 6 years, this was the best sex. After we were done fucking, we decided to have another drink. All 4 of us were completely naked and roamed in the house.

But so far, no one took the liberty to touch someone else except their own spouses, within their marital status. I saw Arif ogling at my wife’s boobs and ass and desperate to take her down.

After another drink, Faiza said that she is hungry and want to eat dinner. So we all 4 sat and had dinner naked. During dinner, I asked what’s next. Faiza smiled and said, “Don’t worry, the party had just begun.” We will live our life to the fullest today.

But my wife said that she is very tired now and wants to go home after dinner. Faiza told my wife to rest here, and once she feels better, then she can join. She didn’t say anything. The whole room was disappointed, especially me, because I’ll not get to fuck Faiza.

I asked my wife what happened. She said that she is not feeling very good because of the alcohol and getting a severe headache. So I told her to have dinner and then decide that if she wants to stay, we can stay. Else we can go.

After dinner, Arif asked my wife whether she wants to go to their bedroom and sleep for some time. But my wife said no and went to the living room to get her clothes and started wearing them. She had decided to go home. So we all 4 got up and got dressed, and then we left for our home.

In 5 minutes, my wife slept in the car. It means she was not feeling good in real and was not just trying to escape the situation. We reached home, and she went straight to the bedroom and slept wearing jeans.

The next morning, everything was normal. I asked her how she felt, and she said, “Much better, last night I was getting hangover type feeling.” I asked, “How did you like it?” She smiled and left to help the maid. So at least I felt relaxed that she didn’t feel bad about the whole thing.

But after this, my wife was freer in the house. She went to help the maid in her nighty only. The nighties she wore with me are sexy and reveal a lot of flesh. She never wore that in front of the maid before. Especially when the maid’s husband can come anytime asking for car keys for cleaning.

I heard the maid said to my wife, “Bhabhi sundar lag rahi ho, raat lambi thi kya?” and giggling. My wife just asked her to keep on working.

I went to work. Around lunchtime, I made a call to my wife like always to know what happened. She said that her parents called us on Saturday to their home. A guy and his family are coming to see her younger sister for a marriage proposal.

She told me that if the marriage gets fixed, it will be next month. The boy is working in Canada and wants to get him married in the next 15-20 days. I didn’t get a chance to talk to her to plan for the weekend with Arif and Faiza.

When I reached home, she showed me the guy’s pic. She was telling me about his job, etc. Basically, it was decided already. She just wanted to meet him in person from her parent’s side.

Will continue in the next part. Hope you like it till here. Please share feedback and suggestions for writing.

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