Sweaty Sex – Part 1

Hello, my people, this is Rahul with my new story about sweaty sex. I live in Sambalpur, Odisha. I work in Bhubaneshwar, but my office is closed due to the lockdown. I am 29 years old.

Without any more delay, let’s get to the story. I mix my real-life sexual encounters with a little bit of fantasy. So, this happened with my mom’s friend. I get to spend quite a good amount of time with my mom’s friends and my aunts. But this sex encounter happened with a friend of my mom.

She was my mom’s classmate in school. She, too, was residing in Sambalpur with her family. Her kids were working out of town. Her husband was a retired army officer but used to spend a lot of time with his army buddies. So I got plenty of time to make love to his hot wife and fuck her moist pussy.

Let’s call her Namrata aunty. Now because we were already close to each other, we both were completely free with each other. Both her kids were working out of town. That’s why she used to accompany me for her shopping and stuff. My mom was very happy as I was helping her childhood friend without grumbling.

Namrata aunty was a healthy and plump woman. She is in no way fat. She is voluptuous. Now is there any doubt that my cock won’t respond to her hot looks? I always get solid erections after seeing this sexy woman. She definitely might be around 53 years old, but man, she was so hot.

Namrata aunty and I were extremely close. Even my mom used to tease us both and say that she and I appear like mom and son. I have often observed one thing about her. Whenever I touch her, she gets a bit nervous. She never stops me from touching, but she flashes a half-smile kind of thing, a shy hidden smile.

I took her smile in a proper way, without attaching any sexual reasons to it. But the sexual tension between her and me grew more and more. It used to be so intense that even I used to get nervous with the rapid beating of my heart. I was sexually attracted to her.

But I didn’t exactly know what was going through her mind. I wanted to fuck her, to pound her pussy hard and long. I wanted to hear sexual moans from her lips, taking my name again and again. I did not exactly know what to do in that matter. But yes, I knew that I should not hurry and spoil the well-going game.

So, it was raining one morning. I was on the balcony watching the rainfall. I love this season, the smell it produces, the kind of feel it gives, everything. Suddenly, my mom called me from the kitchen. She said that Namrata aunty wants me to help her with some of her household chores.

Yes, my dear readers, I also have been giving her a hand in her household stuff. During these times, the sexual tension between her and me started. So mom sent me to Namrata aunty’s home, which was some 10 minutes’ walk. I grabbed an umbrella and set out for her home.

I rang her calling bell, and there was she, my lovely lady. She called me in. I left the umbrella all spread open over there. My eyes didn’t fail to notice that she was draped in a flower-patterned chiffon saree. Fuck me. She was looking so sexy in her saree that my cock started to respond.

I always felt aroused after seeing her half-naked fleshy belly, sexily revealed in her thin saree. Man, this woman is too hot. As usual, she caught me ogling at her, which I have done often. But she always flashed a shy smile, and that just fuelled my desire all the more.

I wanted to fuck her, and I hoped that day would be the lucky day for me. She offered me coffee, but I gently denied it. We sat together on the sofa and were on with our talking, laughing, enjoying, patting each other, and just living life to the core.

And then, again, the situation arose, usually between us, after our long conversations. The intense sexual tension was back, and it felt all the more arousing. Both of our eyes were locked with each other as if asking each other to break the ice and admit that we both want to fuck the hell out of each other.

I said to myself, ‘It’s now, or never.’ I stood up and offered my hand to her. She took it and stood in front of me. I got closer to her and cupped her soft face. I just spoke out the truth. I was dying to make love to her, till she screams my name again and again.

Namrata aunty placed her hands on my back and pulled me hard to her. She said, “What held you back for this long? Couldn’t you see those gestures that I have been giving you for so long?”

I said, “I was nervous, aunty. I didn’t want to hurt you.” She said, “Hurt me?” She looked sexily into my eyes and said, “Yes. You have hurt me. You have hurt my pussy. It’s aching painfully for your hard cock. It has been dripping cunt juice for your tongue to lap it all into your mouth.”

I thought to myself, ‘Enough is enough. I am going to fuck her now.’ I looked her in the eye just for once and then locked her lips with mine. Her lips were so juicy and soft. I felt as if I could never stop kissing this woman. We both were kissing passionately.

I could feel the heat coming out of her lips. I was busy tasting her warm saliva. It felt so good kissing her. Our hands were groping each other madly. My hands were feeling her big fleshy ass. It felt so hot. Her thin, soft saree fabric made her ass feel sexier.

Both our lips were drenched in each other’s saliva. Her lip-gloss was smeared half across her lips and the rest on mine. Her full lips looked so sexy in that condition. I groped her medium-sized breasts, which felt amazing through her soft saree pallu. I squeezed her breasts, and aunty moaned loudly.

I mauled her breasts lovingly. I slid her saree pallu down and buried my face right into her tempting cleavage. She was wearing a black color blouse. I started licking around her cleavage, trying to devour the exposed flesh into my mouth. I raised my head and gave a long lick across her neck.

Then I looked at her face and said, “You have teased me a lot, aunty. I am going to eat you today from head to toe.” Aunty just said, “Who stopped you then? Do me, Rahul, use me. Ravage me on the bed, Rahul, fuck me till I fall unconscious.”

I felt like my cock was going to tear my underwear. My cock was that hard. I caught her blouse hooks and unbuttoned them one by one, without breaking our eye contact. I spread her blouse flaps and was completely aroused after seeing her breasts trapped in a red bra.

Somebody, please have mercy on our poor cocks. I grabbed her breasts on top of her bra and clutched them a bit hard. Aunty squealed in pain and pleasure. Her lips were sexily parted open. I took them in my mouth and sucked them to my heart’s content.

I left her breasts, and grabbed her ass, and started kissing and licking her back crazily. She was pulling my hair and offering her body more and more. I started rubbing her pussy, on top of her saree itself. Aunty started groaning in pleasure. I increased my pace, massaging her pussy faster.

Aunty caught my hand and looked into my eyes, and then she started shivering. My sexy Namrata aunty was cumming, and her body was convulsing rapidly. Oh my gosh, the whole thing felt so fucking hot. Then finally she screamed my name and almost fell onto me as if she was dead.

I made her sit on the sofa and kneeled in front of her. After she recomposed herself, she looked at me, smiling satisfactorily. I gave her a wicked smile and started raising her saree. She looked confused, but soon she realized what I was up to.

After lifting her saree to her thighs, I bent down and took a sniff of her musky pussy. She started breathing heavily just by seeing me doing it. I raised her saree a bit more and buried my face into her pussy. Her pussy was flooded with her sexual secretions. Her black panty was completely soaked.

I was in sexual heaven. Fuck, her musky pussy smell just killed me. What did I do to my mom’s friend Namrata aunty after that? I will be narrating it in the next part. Till then, bye, and have peace. You can email me at [email protected]

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