A Virgin Mistake

Hey guys, this is Abhishek. I have been a regular reader of XIS. I decided to open my own experiences and share them with you people. This first story might be a long one because I had to make the base for other stories. I would like you to be patient when you’re going to go through the initial paragraphs.

I live in Pune. This story involves my college life and how my first girlfriend and I lost our virginity. Her name was Poorva. She was about 5’5 in height and was fair-looking with a whitish skin tone. She was ok when I first saw her in my first year. But since then had improved herself by leaps and bounds.

Now she was much more beautiful and had developed a combination of jaw-dropping assets. Her stats were 34-28-35. (I won’t ask you to imagine as you people must be fully aware of how a 34-28-35 looks). So let’s get started.

Our relationship was about 15 months old. I was a kind of shy guy at that time. She was better than me. But you could still consider her shy when compared to what we see now.

Our relationship was mostly normal and full of emotions. Physical contact was limited to Frenchies or me touching her neck and swaying my hands through her hair. Once, we were sitting on the camp. Suddenly I remembered I had forgotten my keys in the class.

I rushed to take them back, leaving my phone there. When I was coming back, I saw her using my phone. Usually, she keeps on using it, but this time she hastily removed all the apps and put it back to where it was kept.

Later in the evening:
P-Hmm Abhi, you seem to like CK more these days. (an emoji with it)

Me- CK? I didn’t understand.

P- I am talking about that massive collection you own in your gallery of Disha Patani in her Calvin Klein clothing.

Me- (thinking in my mind – oops, I forgot to hide them ) Oh baby, that was nothing, am a fan of her.

P- Come on, idiot, don’t make me fool now. Your hormones seem to be overflowing these days, isn’t it? Touching me more, glaring at me, or I should say at my…this?

Me- So frankly speaking, bae, you’re correct. Looks like my hormones are overflowing. But what to do? Your workout seems to be doing wonders and adding more magic to your body. So much so that I am just not able to control. BTW what does ‘this’ mean? (teasing her)

P- Oh, what a teaser you are, Abhi. I didn’t know about this side of yours, seriously. Meant boobs stupid. (laughing). To be honest, I was enjoying your glares, haha.

We did some more talks like this that day. We probably talked about sex for the first time but didn’t have a sext that day. But as days passed, our talks got naughtier than before. We used to sext day and night. But our lust became unsustainable for both of us. We finally decided to go bang bang.

The problem was about the place. We didn’t want to go to a hotel, but neither we had many options. I lived with a mate, as did she. But as they say, if you want something badly, then mother nature does help. It did.

Her mate had to go to her town, and she was alone in her PG. As soon as she told me this, I told her to be ready. “Baby, tonight we gonna be taking our love to the next level.” I was too excited to think much and was just waiting for the night.

As soon as the clock ticked eight, I took my vehicle and just rushed to her place (forgetting something very important). I reached there and knocked on the door. Here was my princess standing in front of me, wearing a crop top and shorts, which ended as soon as they started. Her round tits looked so perfect in that top.

Once I just shut the door, our inner hungry rabbits came out, and we just started smooching. I took her to the wall. I asked her to keep her hands up while I started going down, licking her neck.

Then I took my hands over her massive tits for the first time. Boy, oh boy, they were soft. I still remember that feeling. Then she pushed me on the bed after opening my shirt and stood before me with her eyes filled with wild feelings and lust.

I lay on the bed just watching my girlfriend lifting her top off herself and exposing her melons to me. I was just not able to take my sights off her and her boobs hanging there like water balloons. She said, “Forgive me if you return home with your chest and back scratched with my nails.”

That statement of her just made me go mad. Wouldn’t you guys go crazy if your partner says this to you? The next moment she just pounced over me and started kissing me all over like a hungry tigress. I was out of my mind by her moves.

Imagine your partner lying over you and licking your chest and kissing you all over. Her hunger was proving too much for me. I took her off me and got over her returning the favor. I took matters in my hands and started sucking those bare, round, milky, soft boobs of her.

She was moving like crazy as I kept on sucking her tits and the protruded nipples, leaving love bites on them. Then I went down, licking her bare belly and waist, hearing her moans. I moved southwards and opened her shorts button with my teeth and took her shorts off

There I was in between the heavy thighs of my Poorva, taking her panties off and seeing her cunt for the first time. It was already wet, and I kept my fingers on her pussy lips and started rubbing her pussy and clit slowly.

P- Ah, baby, don’t tease me more.

Me – Oh, my cute baby, let me serve this beautiful cunt of yours.

As I said this, I started working my tongue over her pussy, licking it. She had held my hair and was pushing me more towards herself with her thighs wrapping me completely. I was pressing her clit and licking her cunt.

P- Oh, baby, I am gonna cum.

As she said this, I increased my speed, and she squirted out all her juices on my face.

Me- Oh, Poorva, you’ve got my face spoiled. I hope you will clean it up.

She licked all of my faces and cleaned it up.

Me- Ready for returning the favor, baby?

P- Baby, it can’t be the case that it isn’t ready. I would readily blow it the next time because I can’t wait much longer to have that cock in me.

Me – Sure, baby, do whatever you feel like doing. I am lying on the bed under your control.

She came over my pajamas, pulling them down and my undies, and saw my 7.8 inches in full attention.

P- Ah, Abhi, you do have some big things up your sleeve.

Me – Oh, come on, baby, it’s dying to be touched by your soft hands.

Oh, dear, as soon as she grabbed my cock with her soft hands, it sent me shivers down my spine. She gave my dick a few lovely strokes and sat over me. Now a moment came when I was completely embarrassed, and she laughed out at me. I remembered I had forgotten something important.

P- Where’s that?

Me – What baby about what are you talking about?

P- Stupid, condoms!

Me thinking to myself, ‘Oh, WTF, how can I miss that!’ Imagine yourself in a similar situation. Your gf is sitting over you and asking for the condoms you never carried and it’s your first sex of life.

Me – Oops, baby, the excitement made me forget it!

P- Oh, damn stupid, now what are we going to do?

I was laughing but also seem to cry over my luck.

Me – Baby, what happened has happened (in a fearful tone), can you please blow me for today?

P – (slapping me and pinching me) Ha, ye sahi hai (this is correct). Forgotten the condoms and asking me to blow you, idiot, stupid (hitting me ).

Me – Please please, Poorva please na.

P – Ok, fine.

I was relieved to see her smile. Little did I know that smile wasn’t for what I was thinking. She made me stand and sat down on the floor, kissing my cock for the first time. She started to lick the head of it, and I was just in complete dreamland.

Now she took my cock in her mouth and started blowing me. Oh, gosh, her mouth was hot. That feeling of the first blowjob is damn amazing.

Me – Oh, Poorva, suck that dick.

As she was sucking me, the naughty girl started playing with my balls and slapped and squeezed them.

Me – Ouch, you naughty Poorva.

P- Haha, I love you getting this pain

Me – You wait now.

I held her head and started mouthfucking her. My cock was slipping in and out of her mouth, and she was completely gagging and getting choked sometimes.

Me – Oh, Poorva, your hot mouth gonna get hotter now.

P – Hey, no way you gonna make me drink your juices.

Me – Haha, I love this feeling of yours, but you gonna have to know that your mouth has loved my cock so much.
After a few seconds with a couple of jerks, I emptied my filled balls all in her mouth and took my cock out of her. She coughed a bit because of the amount of semen I put in her. Her mouth was leaking.

And here she was, sitting down on the floor with my flaccid cock in front of her face again. She was laughing quite badly for some reason.

Me – Hey, why are you laughing? You were just choked for a few seconds, gone mad?

P- I ain’t gone mad. But please, you don’t go mad over me after telling you the reason for my laughter.

I was completely out of sorts about what was going on.

So this is it for now. I hope you liked the story of me deflowering my beautiful girlfriend. Do answer the questions I have asked in between. I would be glad if anyone who liked the story comments down. Stay tuned for a reason for her laughter. Trust me, you gonna enjoy the next part.

If anyone wants to reach me personally, then they can. Leaving my mail id here – [email protected]

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