Marital Status

Spoiler Alert! The story about the marital status is wildly erotic and a bit long. (But you can read one of my shorter stories here.)

“Wake up, sleepyhead, ” Akash greeted Renuka as he searched for his bike key in the drawer.

“Good morning, Jaanu. Just gotta freshen up. You ready?” Renuka replied, stretching her body.

“Yeah, searching for my keys. I got it,” he said with a relieved feeling.

“So, are you going to be free early today?” Renuka asked, with a sense that she knew the answer.

“Doubtful! I have a client meeting today,” he replied with a smile looking at her.

“As expected,” she uttered meekly, rolling her eyes, tilting her head down.

“Sorry Jaan, I have to go now. It’s getting late,” Akash kissed her forehead, went out the front door in a hurry.

“Bye,” she muttered in anger.

Akash is a very conservative guy, yet optimistic. He was working in a well-known MNC as a marketing executive recently moving to Bangalore. His wife Renuka was a bank-teller in a well-known bank. They had been married for 5 years now.

Although arranged marriage, they had well known each other due to them being family friends. Initial years of marriage, their relationship bloomed fast and wild. Lustfully, their love growing stronger with each day passing. Akash losing his virginity to his wife, while Renuka had already lost it in a past affair.

The romance between the newlywed couple was nonetheless spicy. They would always look for chances to make out. Whether in the bathroom, the kitchen, the couch, even in the car parked in the mall parking lot.

As expected, sex was better than spicy in the first few years. Akash would always lower his hands into her panty and play with her trimmed pussy at every make-out session. At the same time, Renuka became a master giving her husband blowjobs whenever and wherever he desired.

“Madam, can we start the trip?” asked the Uber driver, looking at Renuka through the rearview mirror. “Yes, bhaiya,” she replied, looking outside the window, still frustrated from her conversation with her husband. She continued to check her phone.

Her mind wandered into deep thought on her way to the office. Wondering how all the romance and fun could disappear from their relationship. Even though they both hadn’t changed much. Akash was still the same caring, loving guy he was when she had married him.

She loved him very much, but the spice in her relationship was almost drained off. There was no longer the crazy outing, night outs, movie times, or romantic dates. Even WhatsApp that was meant to bring them close was limited to one-word replies. Her mind wandered into the dark forest of sadness.

She could not remember the last time they had fulfilling, passionate sex. The man who used to want her nude in the house all day used to grope her breasts while cooking, limited to emotionless sex talk in WhatsApp. Renuka needed the spice back. The unattended need inside her was growing.

Renu was a typical Indian beauty turning 30 in the coming month. She had a light brown flaunting skin with a beautiful curvy figure. She doesn’t work out but had a naturally shaped figure. She was 36-32-38, 5’6” with a medium length bob haircut.

The most captivating feature was her perfect heart-shaped ass mesmerized ogling eyes. It was no doubt that Renuka had many men trying their best to impress her over the years. But she remained faithful to her husband.

Even so, Renu would occasionally have ‘friendly dates’ with handsome admirers unknown to Akash (occasionally lying to him). She didn’t want to turn them down. It was her way of lively freedom. She believed she loved Akash very much.

So these outings and hot-texting over the phone with these men seemed harmless. In truth, she loved the attention. It made her feel alive, happy, relevant, sexy, and proud.

Renu had transferred to this branch only last month due to her husband moving to Bangalore. She was getting used to the new environment. As soon as she joined the branch, all eyes were on the ‘new sexy thing,’ a nickname by her eagle-eyed colleagues.

Among these colleagues was Joshua, the assistant manager. The ladies in the branch had warned Renuka and told her to watch out for the ‘Playboy’ (his nickname).

Joshua was a 29-year-old young protege who hailed from Kerala. He stood at 6” with stylish facial hair, a bulky mature man with broad shoulders. The best thing about Joshua was that he was such a smooth talker. He had this mysterious, charming aura about him which women dug.

He liked to get women into bed. He never failed in impressing any woman he set his eye upon. Like everyone else at the branch, his eyes were set on Renuka now. It was not just her sexy figure that attracted Joshua, but her hard to get attitude.

Joshua loved a challenge. Renuka was oblivious of what Joshua was plotting. She caught him blankly staring sometimes. Unbeknownst to him, Renu, too, had her curious eagerness towards Joshua. She avoided her fellow peers’ warning. She thought it was out of jealousy or envy for her.

As she reached the branch, she was greeted by Joshua at the door on the way in.

“Good morning, Renuka,” Joshua greeted her with a handsome smile, trying to start a conversation.

“Morning,” Renuka replied with a reluctant smile, tirelessly hiding her frustrations about her husband.

“So how is everything? Have you gotten comfortable here yet?” he asked as they strolled out of the lift.

“Yeah, somewhat,” she replied with a little uncertainty in her voice.

“That’s lovely. So if you need anything, just let me know (with a charming smile). My cabin is just next to yours,” he said, letting her know that he will be the go-to guy for her.

“Sure,” Renuka replied with a smile.

He was doing his best to continue the conversation. So he asked, “Have you met all your new colleagues?”

Renuka looked up at him as they walked to their cabin and replied, “No,(pause) not all of them.” She felt sorry for Joshua for trying so hard.

“Hmmm, then let me do the honor. Come on, pick up your ass from the chair,” (pulling her from the chair), Joshua said with excitement.

Renuka was little taken back by what Joshua said all of a sudden. But she regarded it as typical playboy behavior. She followed him as they moved around the branch. Joshua introduced her to every member of the branch.

Even though a renowned playboy, he never made any public advance on any colleagues. He was aware of the consequences it could present, should any complaint come against him.

But when he saw Renuka, he couldn’t calm his dick. He was drooling to spank that ass.

“So now everyone knows you,” Joshua saw a hesitant smile on her face. “Don’t worry, you will remember their names gradually,” Joshua continued assuring her. Joshua then grabbed her phone, typed his number in.

“Here, that’s my number. Call me(wink) in case you need any help,” handing the phone back.

“Okay, sure, thanks,” Renuka took the phone back with a smile, moved back to the cabins.

After that day, Renuka could not shake the thought of Joshua from her mind. “Is he a playboy trying his luck or a genuine gentleman?” she thought. Either way, she was very happy to have some hunky attention. It gave her butterflies in the stomach.

She placed the dishes on the table. Akash came in with a smile, placing his bag on the couch. It was 10:00 pm

Akash: Hey Renu, ask me how was my day?

Renuka:- Okay, How was it? (with a fake smile)

Akash: Really busy (excited). I think I have cracked a big deal. I might be on for a promotion in the coming months. The client was very happy with the idea I pitched.

Renuka: Hmmm, (deep in thought) good for you. (a fake smile)

Akash: You don’t seem happy.

Renuka: Of course. I am happy for you (holding his hand on the table). But I am tired, Jaanu. I am going to skip dinner and freshen up and off to bed.

Akash:- Okay, I’ll freshen up and eat. Good night sweety.

Renuka: Night Jaan.

“Not even a caring ‘How was your day,’ or kiss on forehead like you used to,” she thought to herself.

6 months into Renuka joining the branch, she had many friends. Yet her frustration kept on doubling. She was now familiar with everyone in the branch, and some of the male staff even texting her.

But the thing that bothered her was that Joshua had made hardly any advances towards her. Other than occasional, ‘Hi, How was your day?’

“Madamji, the Bank Manager, is calling you,” said the peon.

Renuka was somewhat curious about why she was being called by the Bank manager. Her fingers entangled in fear as she walked. As she entered the room, all her doubts were answered. The manager started yelling at her for a wrong transaction.

It was an honest mistake that could cost her job, and even more, Joshua was there too. Renuka came back, sat in her cabin with teary eyes, and felt quite stressed. She took her phone in a hurry, with eyes struggling to hold the tears. She called Akash for support, but the call was declined.

She didn’t know what to do. Joshua came out of the same room after a yelling session and walked towards Renuka, who had moved to the coffee room.

“Hey madam, what happened? Why the teary eyes?” asked Joshua.

“Nothing,” Renuka replied, wiping her tears.

“Don’t worry, we all share responsibility in this. Don’t cry like this. A pretty girl like you is not supposed to cry. Give me 5 minutes. We’ll fix it together.” He consoled her as he forwarded his handkerchief to wipe off her tears.

Joshua had a smirk on the face and told her, “You be strong, go wash your face, then come to my cabin, and we’ll fix it.”

As Renuka arrived at the cabin, Joshua was ready with details, already checking something. “Oh, see, now take a seat,” Joshua said as he extended a chair to her. Then after two minutes, Joshua took a print-out and ran inside Manager’s cabin.

Renuka was a little scared and confused, thinking about what he was doing. She was getting more and more scared by the minute. Then all of a sudden, Joshua came out of the manager’s room was a relief.

He came straight to her and said, “Okay, Renuka darling, the problem has been sorted. (gently tapping her right shoulder, passionately) Now go home and relax.”

“How? What did you do?” Renuka was confused, yet she couldn’t help but smile.

Joshua saw her smile and said, “Just went in, picked him up by his collar, and gave a warning not to disturb you again.”

“Hahaha,” Renuka giggled with teary eyes.

“Thank God, you laughed. Don’t worry, I will handle this. I have told him that I’ll sort it out, and he agreed,” Joshua consoled her.

“Thank you so much, Joshua.” She was so happy and just wanted to hug him, but she fought that urge. With a smile, she walked her way to the cabin and took her phone to book an Uber.

Joshua felt confused. He followed her with a smiling face and noticed it “Hey, why are you getting an Uber?”He asked in a jovial manner.

“Then, how will I get home?” she replied and tilted her head down to the phone.

“I thought your husband picks you up every day,” Joshua exclaimed.

Renuka locked her phone and looked at Joshua, and replied, “I wish he did.”

Joshua’s wicked mind saw a window of opportunity. “Well then, where do you stay?” he asked.

“Indiranagar.” Renuka replied.

“Cool, that’s on the way to my home. I can drop you. No worries,” Joshua said with excitement as he picked up his bag. Renuka thought for a while, finally agreeing.

From the moment Joshua dropped Renuka off, she couldn’t help but feel grateful for a courageous gentleman who helped her. She checked her phone as she walked to the flat, a pile of messages from Akash.

She got into the flat, freshened up. She was about to reply to Akash when a text from Joshua popped out. She suddenly went to the chat with a grazing smile on her face.

Joshua: Hey, You okay now?

Renuka: Yeah, I am good, thanks to you.

Joshua: No thanks needed, darling. Dinner?

Renuka: Yeah, going to, did you?

Joshua: Not yet, finishing up a glass of scotch.

Renuka: Drinking?

Joshua: Yeah. Do you mind?

Renuka: No, I don’t. Just asked.

Joshua: Shall I pour you one? (wink face and a wine glass emoji).

Renuka: Hmmm, I had a long day. I don’t mind (winky face).

Joshua: Oh, that’s my girl. We will get together sometime, then.

Renuka: Hmmm. Let’s see.

And just then, a message from Akash popped up.

Akash: Hey Renu! Not replying?

Renuka: I am feeling tired, can you eat from outside today? I will be going to sleep.

She was lying to Akash, changing her Whatsapp last seen feature off. So she could continue the exciting chat with Joshua.

The next Morning, Renuka, was in a hurry to get to the office. Joshua had promised to pick her up. She got her hots on today(wearing glam makeup).

“Good morning, dear, looking good,” Joshua lowered the car window and greeted her.

“Morning,” Renuka replied with a smile as she boarded his car.

The travel and occasional office chat, lunch breaks, and late-night chats sparked a friendship between Renuka and Joshua. He made sure to compliment Renuka’s looks every day. It became a daily routine to get her glam makeup on to get that compliments.

Their chat topic was about life, love even relationships. Renuka loved the undivided attention she got. Even introduced him to her husband once when Akash was in her bank for a business matter. Akash felt a weird vibe from him, almost threatened his ‘husband’ status. But he trusted Renuka.

Renuka assured Akash that Joshua was a great friend, nothing more. As he had a great experience, she needed a tutor like him. Joshua was planning to tutor her in bed and cheat her husband in many sex positions.

In the next two weeks, Joshua had become quite frustrated. It’s taking too long. In all his days of being a playboy, it never took him so long to fuck someone he so badly desired. But he was patient as he wanted an erotic date with his mentee.

While Renuka was attending to a customer, her cell phone buzzed. It was a WhatsApp text from Joshua. Once the customer left, Renuka checked the message and started giggling.

It was a non-veg joke about dicks. Seeing Renuka laugh in her cabin, Joshua knew he had just gotten the green signal for his next phase.

[String of messages]

Renuka: Nice joke

Joshua: Just trying to calm the mind, ‘sexy thing.’

Renuka: Sexy thing?

Joshua: Yes, you are the gorgeous sexy thing. I know you know that’s your nickname.

Renuka: Says who ‘the Casanova.’

Joshua: Oh. So now we’re going to play the nickname games, huh. Do you want more of those jokes? I got plenty in stock. (winky face)

Renuka: Sorry, Sir. Unlike you, we have to work, and I have customers now.

Joshua: Okay, sorry, Madam.

Renuka: But you can send me them later tonight (winky face).

Joshua: Oh, naughty, huh. You free tomorrow?

Renuka: No, actually, Akash is planning to take me out.

Joshua: No problem. Enjoy your date.

Renuka had almost forgotten what it was like to be on a date with her husband. So, when Akash pitched the idea of the outing, she jumped at it. The day started with a breakfast in bed, Akash had cooked. Renuka was so happy that her face almost became red with blushing and smiles.

She hugged Akash tightly and kissed him. They went to a movie. Renuka stuck by Akash’s side, wrapping her body around his hand, never letting go. They both enjoyed the movie and had an amazing lunch returned home by 3 pm.

They agreed to binge-watch something and be at home around each other rest of the time. Akash then made her coffee after she freshened up. He brought it to her and asked her about all things in the bank.

Akash was afraid that Joshua was stealing his wife. He didn’t want his wife to be stolen away and had planned this weekend. Renuka started sharing things and incidents at the bank. She realized she could not discuss anything about her day without mentioning Joshua’s name.

She could see her husband’s displeasure when mentioning him. Joshua had become an integral part of her daily life now. Her nerves electrified as she sunk into the calmness of lust. As he wrapped lips on hers, kissing her passionately, she felt jolted. She had lost her body in that moment of lustful weakness.

She gently placed her hands on his broad chest, running her hands up to the brim of his face. Akash gradually ignited the passion. They both were in the moment, deeply in lust and enthusiastic about exploring each other’s bodies once again.

Renuka started to respond to the kiss with heated passion. Their tongues tugged on each other, their mouths exchanging saliva. Akash gently rubbed over her body, giving it the attention she needed, then lowering his hands down. They started to move back to the kitchen wall, slammed onto the door.

They both smiled and ran to the bedroom like a college couple. Renuka was very much excited to feel passion and wilderness in her life again. She jumped on the bed, stood on her knees, biting her lower lips. She was slowly lowering the shoulder bit of her top, exposing her shoulders and neck to her husband.

She taunted him with her index finger to come to get the delight dish he so ignorantly denied. Akash walked up to her. They again started to kiss. Renuka ran her hands through her husband’s body. He took her face and kissed all over it. She unbuttoned his shirt.

She then touched his bare body, feeling the warmth of his chest, made her remember her honeymoon days. He pinched her thighs and spanked her ass. She withdrew the kiss and whispered in his ear, biting her lips, “If you spank me hard enough. maybe you will get anal today.” Those words were a jolt to him.

He pushed her on the bed and made her lie on the bed. They both glared into each other eyes. Renuka pulled her husband closer to be on top of her. He moved his lips through her eyelashes. On to her nose, her lips, her chin, placing a small but passionate kiss on them, gently kissing her earlobes, and biting it.

Renuka curled up her shoulder as he blew a stream of warm air into her ear, biting her lower lips. He kissed her again, slowly stretched his hands to feel her soft thighs to feel about her inner thighs, pinching them over and over. He lowered his lips onto her neck and started to suck on it.

He brought his hands to the brim of her legs near her watering pussy and gave intense rubs on it. She started to give out gasps of enjoyment. He drove his lips along the center of the neck, licking into the brim of her collar bone. Renuka trembled and gasped as her voice became stuttered.

He lowered his hands to her back, started to grope her soft ass cheeks. He spanked them as hard as he wanted, squeezing their plumpness in his fingers. She raised her body up in pleasure towards him. He kept on squeezing and fondling her ass cheeks as he drove his tongue down, licking to her navel.

He licked her belly button. She was biting her lower lips and kept on giving out small moans with a stuttering breath. Then his phone started to ring. There was the ignition of fear in Renuka’s heart. But to her joy, Akash avoided the call and focussed his attention over to her legs.

He raised her legs, licking and kissing them from toe to thighs, and placed them on his shoulders. He then bites her inner thigh skin of both legs. Akash grabbed on his wife’s navel like beats grabbing his prey, pulled her down to him. He lowered his head in between her legs.

She pulled on his hair and stuck it to her pussy. He licked her pussy over and over. Then held her clit between his fingers, squeezing it slowly. Her breathing heaved up, and she slowly started moaning. Her grab on his hair became tight.

In that moment of pleasure, Renuka was losing herself. She pulled his hair and moaned with a wild expression on her face, “Aaah, ooooh.”

Hey guys. Sorry that the story was long. Wait for part 2. I hope you guys liked this story about a guy trying to seduce his sexy ass married colleague. Mail me with feedback at [email protected] Thank you.

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