Unfinished Desire With Cousin Sister

Hi readers, I am Abhijeet from Indore. This is a real story, a very real one. This happened a year back.

About myself, I am 32 years of age with a wife and a daughter. I have a normal-sized dick, and I’m good in bed if not great. I have changed the names in the story and also the location to maintain secrecy.

I’m afraid that people I know are also ISS readers. This story can be long and in 2 parts, so please be patient. This story is about my relationship with my cousin sister who is my mother’s brother’s daughter.

My cousin sister is two years elder than me. Her name is Komal, and she has the most amazing eyes I had ever seen. Komal has an almost perfect figure of 32-30-34. Her ass is not very much in shape, but her breasts are almost perfectly shaped. She was dusky, and her smile can win any heart.

In my community, such family sexual relation is not common, in fact, they didn’t exist at all. So I had never made any advances toward my sexy cousin sister. We used to play together when we were teenagers because at that time I used to visit my mama’s home a lot.

I and my cousin usually fought while playing or talking. One thing I made sure of that I never addressed her as ‘Didi’. Luckily, she got married in Indore only.

After her marriage, she started wearing sarees, keeping it low-waist, and she wears almost backless blouses. Now, whenever I meet her, I didn’t stop ogling at her.

I look at my cousin sister’s bareback and try my best to get a glimpse of her cleavage. And whenever I look at her navel, it becomes difficult for me to control my sexual desires for her.

She noticed me several times, but I didn’t stop. I knew she also had something in her mind about me, but I also knew that she will hide whatever it was.

One fortunate day, I met her husband at the market. He asked me to look for a house on rent for his family. I immediately suggested the very next house to my house.

I gave him the number of the owner and left. Komal’s husband called me in the evening and informed me that they have rented the house I had suggested and that they will be shifting in two days.

I was in seventh heaven that my dream girl was going to live next door to me, and maybe I can get lucky. My family was happy especially my mother that Komal and her family are now our neighbours.

Komal’s son who was 3 years old, used to play in my house with my daughter. Komal’s mother-in-law was friendly and would daily come to my house, or sometimes we go to theirs.

I and my married cousin sister Komal were friendlier now. But to my bad luck, she was wearing suits at home and only wore sarees for functions. I tried to make advances towards her, but she never responded.

One fine day, my wife and Komal did some pooja together at my house. And they together prepared food for everyone on that day.

Komal was wearing a green-colored saree showing her navel and her back as usual. When Komal and my wife were having food, my mother was also sitting there. I also joined them and while making casual conversation, I stared at her stomach and her back. I didn’t bother that my wife and my mother were also there.

I helped them by serving them food and while serving, I touched Komal’s arms. She didn’t resist my touch. Also, she looked at me twice when I was staring at her waist, but she didn’t cover it with her saree.

In the evening, I was smoking on my terrace and saw my cousin sister on her terrace. She was wearing the same green saree. Her terrace and mine were attached. She didn’t come to the terrace regularly, so I was a little surprised to see her.

We struck a casual conversation. She told me to quit smoking and I declined funnily.

Then, in a serious tone, she said, “Abhi, I want to talk about something,” and our conversation went like this,

Abhi: Yes, please talk whatever you want to talk.

Komal: You should not stare at me the way you were staring in the afternoon.

I knew that my cousin had noticed me earlier. I was surprised a little that she was talking about this openly, but I tried to be casual about everything.

Abhi: So, how should I stare at you, Komal?

Komal: You should not stare at me at all. Your mom and your wife were sitting by our side, what if they had noticed you staring at my waistt?

Abhi: Ok, I will look at that beautiful navel when nobody is there to notice us. Happy?

Komal: But, why do you want to see my navel? Don’t you think it is wrong to look at your cousin sister like this?

Abhi: That is why I never called you ‘didi’. I have also looked at your back. So, why you are only talking about navel?

My cousin sister got a little angry this time and turned to go back. But I quickly jumped the boundary wall and grabbed her hand and said,

Abhi: Why you are leaving the conversation in mid-way?

Komal: Because I’m trying to talk some sense to you, but you are not understanding.

She didn’t try to free her hand from my soft grip.

Abhi: Listen, I know that what you are saying is right, but I have feelings for you for a long time. I adore you and your beauty and in my mind and heart, I had already diminished every social taboo which stops me from feeling your body.

My cousin sister was shocked to hear all this. She looked around to see if anyone was watching us. I told her that it was almost dark, nobody can see us. I still had her hand in my hand. I moved closer before she can reply.

Komal: We should not be like this, it is wrong.

I held both of her hands together and asked,

Abhi: Don’t you love it when I am staring at you? Don’t you have the same feeling? I think, you have.

Saying this, I moved closer to her, still holding her hands. She didn’t answer my question.

Komal: I will be cheating my husband and that is wrong.

I quickly placed my left hand on her bare waist and pulled her closer by still holding her hands with my right hand. She was now more worried that someone may see us, but I didn’t want this moment to go away.

Abhi: Yes, I will be cheating on my wife too, but we can get what we desired for a long time.

My cousin tried to free herself, but I pulled her closer using both my hands. Now, there was no air passing between us. My cousin sister’s breasts were pressing on my chest and my hard-on dick was pressing between her legs.

I was looking at her all over, and she was looking right into my eyes.

Komal: If someone comes, we both will be dead.

To remove her fear, I took her inside the small storeroom on the terrace where it was darker. I didn’t remove my grip over her, she was still resisting my grip.

Abhi: You didn’t answer my question, don’t you like it when I stare at you?

Komal: Will you free me if I say yes?

Abhi: I will free you anyway. But tell the truth whatever it may be.

Saying this, I removed my hands from her waist. She was surprised that I so easily freed her. She looked around to confirm that nobody was listening to our conversation.

Then she looked straight in my eye and said, “Even if I like it, it is wrong.”

My cousin sister turned to go back, but I again held her hand and pulled her towards me.

I said to her, “I told you that I will free you, but I will not let you go.”

I again locked her with my arms and after listening to her reply, I got the courage. Now, my hands were rolling all over her bareback. She was not resisting too much this time, and also had her left hand over my shoulder.

Her right hand was on my chest. I knew that I didn’t have much time. I knew that all this is risky, but I want to do something which can be continued in the future. Without giving much thought, I placed my lips over her neck and started sucking there.

She was shocked over my sudden move, and start pushing me away. I took my right hand over my cousin sister’s left ass cheek and pressed it hard. I rolled my tongue all over her neck.

We both were sweating a little, and I sucked all the sweat from her neck to her cleavage. It was first time I smelled my cousin sister and her natural smell was mesmerizing.

She was breathing a little heavier now, and when I moved my tongue above her boobs, she moaned a little. With her left hand, she pulled me closer, and she too was now in flow.

Suddenly, my aroused cousin pulled my head up and we both looked at each other straight in the eyes. She locked her lips with mine. I was surprised by this sudden move. But I quickly responded.

My cousin pushed her tongue inside my mouth and I began to suck that smooth tongue like this was my first time. I too, pushed my tongue into her mouth, and she welcomed that by sucking it hard. We passionately kissed for 30-40 seconds.

Then, I put my right hand over her left boob, but she pushed that away.

I got the idea that she will not take this further for now. My cousin sister unlocked her lips from mine. I could see that her mouth was all wet like my saliva. She moved away from a little and told me,

Komal: Don’t stop me now from going back.

Abhi: I will not, but we have some unfinished business here for which we both have the responsibility to finish.

My cousin sister smiled and told me, “Don’t use words like finish. It is a start.”

Saying this, she headed towards the stairs and in a flash disappeared.

I too quickly went downstairs and masturbated.

I will tell you about our steamy love-making in the next part. Please send feedback at [email protected]

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