Wild Sex With A College Senior

Hi guys, how you been? My name is Jake. I am putting up one of my experiences with a wonderful girl I had met in college. Her name is Mayuri Ravi. The first senior girl I had a crush on when we both went to the same college.

Though I never approached her, I heard she was now married and settled up in Bangalore. She was quite a fair girl with a good set of large breasts and a cute smile. I also am in Bangalore for my studies. It has been a few years since I have been here. It is a wonderful city.

The other day when I was shopping in a mall. I heard my name been called from behind as I left a shop. I knew I recognized the voice. I turned back and the sight put a smile on my face. It was Mayuri. She thought it was me and wanted to confirm. I was happy seeing her. We started talking a lot.

The whole evening, we shared good old memories of our college days. She was pissed off that I didn’t even call her. I replied that she didn’t call me for her marriage. I saw her face going down on that topic. I didn’t mean to pry into more.

But the evening was great. We exchanged numbers and ended with a coffee. We used to chat with each other a lot. She used to make me feel wonderful. I helped her more smile and laugh. We sometimes used to meet up for coffee or tea, sometimes even for night drives.

I knew she wanted a shoulder to lean on So I tried to make that happen. She had always the cheerful person in college, I wanted her to reinvent. During that time, there was an idea of a stupid two-person class reunion drinking party. We went to a club like a couple, boozed and danced.

It was great, just drowning in old times and booze. But eventually, the topic of our love lives may come up. That’s how it started. She was taking it heavy and I told her to slow down. Mayu was like it ain’t sounding drinking, what you are even talking about?

She had her full adrenaline breaks and mind full open out. She started to talk about her marriage.
Mayu:- What you wanna hear about my married life? It is in the sack. I never was able to cum with that dipshit in bed.

And there I was with a drunk girl at a club, who was drunk enough call her husband real nice names and in the corner. As time went. I also drank with her. It was safe to say, at a point, I was in with a drunk level with her. As I went, she started pushing herself down the drowsy lane of sentiment.

I had to move onto her side of the table to chill her out. I hugged her tight by side and tapped on her shoulder as she hugged me back at my waist. At some point, we started making out on the lady’s washroom stall. She was rubbing herself on my thick hard dick.

I hadn’t worn underwear that day. And it resulted in a total score. We then decided to take a cab back to her place. As soon as we were in the room, we started kissing each other deep and passionate. Our tongues rolled and wrestled. I then pushed her to the wall and started to lick her neck.

She was gasping in low sound. I moved my hands to fondle her boobs over her top. Her top was a red tunic t-shirt, which I removed and threw on the floor. We were in heat. Her boobs were waiting to be opened from the black bra. She was wearing lace panties. She helped me remove my dress. I got naked.

As I started to kiss her again. I rubbed on panty, with fingers. While my other hands moved onto fondle her boobs. I continued to rub her more strenuously on her pussy. I could feel her wet on her lace fibers on the panties. I moved my hand in her panty. While pinching the clitoris she broke the kiss and moaned.

I unhooked the bra using my teeth and took out her boobs. I started to suck on them. They had these dark nipples. I loved to suck them. I rolled my tongue around them as my fingers touched her pussy. I rubbed her pussy on the outside more and more as her lips bit in passion.

I unraveled her pussy lips around my fingers as they dug in like a saw on her pussy. I fondle her boobs while pressing them, squeezing them as my mouth sucked them for milk. I felt her body shivering from the pleasure. I then took her to her bedroom. I then placed her on the bed removed her panty.

I spread her legs to the side as she folded them at knees. I started to suck on her pussy lick her pussy juices as I entered with my two fingers into her pussy. I kept on ravaging her pussy as she moaned. She moaned even more as I started to rub off her g spot. Then I entered my tongue into her pussy licking it.

I stretched her pussy lips. I pushed in my tongue she moaned more and more. As I entered with my three fingers, it didn’t take much at her g spot to get her to cum on to my hand. She had a shivering orgasm. After her orgasm, she got even wilder. She gave me a naughty smile.

As she bit her lower lips, I then turned over ass. I rubbed on her pussy a little more, she then turned and told me to stop teasing and she wanted the big black cock. I then rose myself as she stumbled on my thickness. She loved it. I then raised her up at her stomach and pushed in my dick in the doggy style.

I raised her to me as I turned her head and kissed her from behind. I then played with her boobs as I squeezed them and fondled them as I pumped her from behind. She moaned and moaned as her tight hot pussy stretched. She was crushing my cock and enjoying a man’s touch.

I then bent her and start pumping in from the back as if the world was about to end. I kept on pumping hard, as my thrust increased she moaned, “Oh god.” After some time I turned her to missionary style as we fucked as we kissed and I played with her boobs, till I put my hot cum in the womb.

Wish you all a great time. I am Jake. You can contact me at [email protected] Any comments or feedback are welcome.

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