Enjoying Goa With Strangers – Part 2

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It was 7 pm when we reached our rooms. We ordered dinner in our rooms. We were kind of bored so Charlie came up with an idea of playing ‘Truth or dare’. I felt this night will be different again. I was excited too. Mathew spun the bottle and it pointed to Chelsea.

Mathew: Truth or Dare?

Chelsea:  Let’s start with the truth.

Mathew: (without even thinking) Boobjob or blowjob?

Chelsea: Boobjob for you guys and blowjob to my boyfriend Joe.

They all laughed. I was awestruck by their immediate responses. Charlie spun the bottle and it pointed to Mathew.

Charlie: Truth or Dare?

Mathew: I’ll take a dare.

Me and Chelsea: That’s bold.

Chelsea: Here comes the dare. (looking at me) Hold Brownie’s nipples for a minute

Me: WTF I am not letting him catch my boobs. No freaking way. (turned back)

Charlie: Come on, Brownie, it’s just for fun. Our play won’t cross these four walls. After all, let’s enjoy our life, come on, chill out. You can give more weird tasks for us if you want. There’s no one judging you. You are a bold independent woman and you shouldn’t fear like that.

Me: (I turned to them) Alright.

I again felt that I should enjoy my life to the fullest and not stay like a fucking coward. I again felt proud of myself that I am capable of making my own decisions. Mathew then came near me with a huge smile on his face and held my nipples over my shirt.

He gave a twist, “Ouch, hey that wasn’t the dare,”

“It would be a disgrace not treating your nipples as they deserve.”

“Hahaha, ok spin the bottle already.”

This time it pointed to Mathew again

Me: Truth or Dare?

Mathew: Dare again

Me: My turn sucker. Sniff Chelsea’s pussy without touching her for five minutes.

Charlie: That’s amazing revenge, Brownie. You are fucking awesome.

Charlie and I high-fived each other. Chelsea and Mathew became pale. Chelsea took off her panty and spread her legs for Mathew. Her shaved pussy looked so perfect that it is impossible to take my eyes off her. Mathew went near her pussy, “Easy job for me,” and started to sniff her pussy.

I saw Mathew’s cock getting harder and was struggling not to lick her pussy. On the other hand, Chelsea was getting wetter and breathing heavily. Mathew was breathing right over her pussy and the hot air from his nose was making her pussy go crazy. They were struggling and somehow won the dare.

Chelsea: Mathew, why won’t you stop breathing over my vagina. Your air was too hot.

I started to laugh harder. Chelsea spun the bottle it pointed to Mathew.

Mathew: Truth.

Charlie: What’s your fantasy for now?

Mathew: (without even giving a second thought) Fucking Chelsea and Brownie tied to the bed all night long.

The answer made me scared and horny at the same time. I started to imagine how his cock would be. I spun the bottle and it pointed to Charlie.

Charlie: Dare

Chelsea: I always wanted to ask him this. Please do your weird dick thing.

Mathew: That one? That’s gross.

I was confused and interested to see what he does with his cock. Charlie got up and removed his underwear. I was immediately shocked to see how big his cock was. My jaw dropped. Trust me guys and girls it was really big and thick, bigger than Hari’s. (Hari has 6.5-inch dick).

Chelsea: What shocked you? His size? Wait sexy there’s more to come and for your information, this is how Canadian average cock is.

Charlie, with his hard cock, started to move his hip and his cock was going round and round. It was so hilarious and sexy to watch. Chelsea and I started to laugh so hard that our tummy started to pain. Charlie was so proud of his stunt that he had a huge smile.

Mathew, on the other hand, was grossed to see his cock jumping. He did that stunt for a minute making his cock go round and round and round. That was sexy. (Girls, trust me and try this on your guys sometimes. It’s weirdly so much fun).

My tummy was paining and I started to snort in laughter. I felt so good hanging around these weird people. Chelsea immediately kissed Charlie’s cheek, “It was amazing to watch.”

Mathew: How are you girls laughing so hard on that weird shit? It makes me puke.

Me: I loved it, Charlie, you are amazing.

Mathew spun the bottle and this time it pointed to me. I got curious about what I would get.

Me: Its dare for me this time

Mathew: Call someone and pretend that you are getting pounded by both of us

I felt amazed and scared as to whom to call for this weird dare. Then immediately something struck me. “Why shouldn’t I call my boyfriend? He left me alone in Goa without caring for me even a bit.” I started to smile and phoned my boyfriend

Boyfriend: Hello, Varshini.

Me: How are you? How’s my car, btw, you stole it from me?

Boyfriend: Hey, I am sorry. I am regretting leaving you

Me: (acting) Hey Mathew stop it. I am talking to my boyfriend can’t you see?

Boyfriend: (confused) who’s Mathew

Me: It’s ok. Stop it.

Boyfriend: What the fuck’s going on? Is someone fucking you?

Me: Are you doubting me? Mathew, please stop for a few minutes

Boyfriend: What kind of a slut are you bitch? I thought you loved me all this time.

Me: Ahh, I still love you, da. There’s no doubt. But Mathew doesn’t seem to stop. Stop crushing my breasts, Mathew. You are cruel. Are you milking me, you asshole?

Boyfriend: What kind of nasty slut are you? I am breaking up with you cum slut, you prostitute, you bitch.

His words didn’t rage me since I stopped caring about him when he left me crying in my room. I still had tears in my eyes but was smiling all this time making him regret taking that decision of deserting me.

Me: Seems there’s no stopping you, Mathew. You are making my boyfriend angry. Hey, I love you da. Don’t break up. Mathew, that’s huge. I love you da. Wrong hole! (and I cut my call)

We four started to laugh so hard and we didn’t stop for a few minutes. I was laughing my ass off and noticed both their cocks became rock hard. I started to get horny and badly wanted their cocks drilling my holes.

Charlie: You are evil, Brownie, pray to God he won’t commit suicide today. That was rude sexy. And so fucking hot. You made us so hard.

Me: I noticed, guys. (winks)

I spun the bottle and this again the bottle pointed at me. All this time I was getting calls from my boyfriend and we were ignoring it.

Me: Since I spun the bottle and it pointed to me, I am going to dare myself now and kill my boyfriend once and for all. (I was having evil laughter in my head) I dare myself to kill my boyfriend once and for all!

Chelsea: How tough?

Me: Wait, honey. Mathew, get up and undress.

Mathew respected my command. Everyone in the room was curious to know what dare I have and curious enough to do whatever I ask. Mathew had a cock same length as Charlie but was bent upwards. I came near Mathew’s cock and took his cock in my hand.

Me: Take my phone Mathew and go hike and turn on the camera to auto killing message.

Mathew did as I said. I kneeled and took his cock and placed it over my face. His cock was radiating hot air and his cock over my face was too sexy to look at

Me: Take a pic from the top so that your cock looks like it is over my face

He took a pic and showed it to me. I looked directly at the camera so that it looks like I am submitted to him. His huge cock over my face made me look like a slut. I immediately sent it to my boyfriend with a 5 minutes timer. So that the photo would be deleted automatically after 5 minutes.

Me: Mathew, now I’ll get a call from my boyfriend. You are going to pick it up and talk as if pissed off.

Immediately I got the call and we four were curious to listen to his dead ass voice. I turned on the speaker.

Boyfriend: Hello, what the fuck is happening?

Mathew: What’s wrong with you, asshole? Can’t you see the pic I just sent you mother fucker? Don’t disturb us. Brownie, suck it as you crave for it. Why don’t you ‘never’ call her back, you son of a bitch?

Boyfriend: She’s my girlfriend, you asshole.

Mathew: Your girlfriend is already addicted to me. Sorry, to my cock. Please stop calling her. Call her after I fuck her pussy. It’s so juicy man.

I could hear him crying. I took my phone and cut the call.

Me: Awesome, Mathew. Amazing job.

Mathew: You are so sexy. Brownie. I can’t control anymore.

Me: Then don’t, you asshole.

We four started to shout in enjoyment. Chelsea started to kiss Charlie like a slut. She was moving up and down on his cock giving him a handjob while sucking each other’s lips. On the other hand, I started to suck Mathew’s balls making weird sucking sounds and pulling his balls using my mouth.

I went to cock and started to blow his huge cock. It was kind of hard taking his entire length. I was making slurping sounds all along. Immediately, I pulled Chelsea down from kissing Charlie and showed Mathew’s cock. We both started to lick Mathew’s cock like melting ice cream.

We were giving handjob to Charlie at the same time. We both were in a sync switching cocks and licking and moving hands. Mathew and Charlie were moaning all along in pure ecstasy. Mathew then pulled me up and pushed me to the bed. I turned to doggy style.

He saw my huge ass in hunger and gave a huge spank. “Mathew, that was rough.”

“Brownie, you haven’t seen the scrapes of my roughness,” saying he pushed his thick cock inside my wet pussy. He started to pound me. I saw no mercy from his side. On the other side, Chelsea was getting pounded hard by Charlie in a missionary position.

She tightly held her hands to the bed while getting pounded by Charlie’s huge cock. Her perfect boobs were jiggling up and down which was heaven to watch. Chelsea saw me getting banged in the doggy style. My boobs were hanging down like a water balloon and moving like a pendulum for each pound by Mathew.

She got crazy and caught one boob in hand and started to massage it. She started to crush them while we both were getting banged like bitches. Charlie took out his cock from Chelsea’s wet pussy and signaled Mathew to switch. He took out bent cock out of my dripping pussy. I let a huge moan with him releasing.

I fell on the bed in relief. Mathew went to Chelsea and held her right breast tightly. So tightly enough to milk her breasts if she has any milk. He inserted his cock and started to fuck her hard. His hairy cock vanishing in her pussy was something nice to watch.

Charlie went to drink water this time while I watched her getting banged. I was still resting on the bed and my butt was still showing up. Charlie came near me and inserted his middle finger in my butt hole. “I can’t take it, Charlie, please stop.” He laughed and let go of his finger.

Without any hesitation, he flipped me over and sat over my face that his filthy asshole was right over my mouth. He bent down licking and tongue fucking my pussy. I was struggling to breathe and seemed I had no other way than enjoy this fucking hell

I started to lick his asshole slowly and inserted my tongue inside his asshole. His tongue, on the other hand, was doing a great job. My legs started to tremble in pleasure with his licking and moving his ass against my face. He then lifted his ass, still licking my pussy.

He inserted his cock in the same position and started to fuck my face in an inverted position for a few minutes. He then again switched to Chelsea. All this time, I didn’t know what happened to Chelsea as Charlie’s ass was covering my eyes completely. All I could hear was her loud moans and screams.

I was shocked to see both their cocks still rock hard. My legs were still spread and I could see Mathew readying his dick over my pussy. He starting to kiss my neck sensually and starting to pound me hard.  Trust me guys and girls, a bent cock is a pure pleasure.

The dick head will be like a sharp hook and scratches the pussy wall and exactly stimulates our g-spot. Every pound was a pleasure. His cock was scratching my g-spot so well that I was in tears in pleasure. I was struggling in pleasure with his erotic kissing on my neck.

It was the sexiest pounding and I was scratching his back with my nails. I managed to look around for Chelsea and Chelsea wasn’t around me. She was getting pounded pinned to the wall. Her ass was held by Charlie and fucking her pussy. His balls were hitting her, making horny sounds.

Her butt was being hit by each pound and slapping her ass made him hornier and harder. Charlie, at last, lost all his energy after 20 fucking minutes and filled the pussy with his load. Her pussy was creampied with his cum and was dripping down her thighs.

She couldn’t stand much longer and she fell. Charlie lifted her and threw her next me. After 25 minutes of hard pounding, I lost my energy. His perfect rubbing my g-spot made me squirt a lot, like a borewell pumping out groundwater.

I was breathing heavily and was losing consciousness. But Mathew was also on his end and he started to screw my sore pussy even harder. He pumped his sperms deep in my womb. I felt sperms filling me up over my tummy.

Me: Don’t pull your cock, just rest like that.

Mathew: I have no plans of pulling it out.

Mathew slept over me with his dick still in my sore pussy. Chelsea was next to me already snoring. Charlie slept next to her holding her breast and slept. I was losing consciousness due to my tiring body. I could feel Mathew’s cock losing strength in my pussy and becoming soft as he was falling asleep.

The next day morning, I was the first to wake up due to Chelsea’s and Charlie’s huge snoring sounds. I woke Mathew up, with a big struggle he finally gained strength to wake up and slowly pulling out his flaccid cock. I let a little moan coz it felt real good him removing his cock off me.

I struggled to walk and sat on the couch spreading my legs so that air can pass through my sore and swollen pussy. Slowly everyone started to wake up one by one. We ordered tea. After we drank it, we decided to take a bath. Every hole from our body smell like someone’s pussy and cock.

We had a private pool for each room in the hotel. So we all jumped into the pool and started to rub each other clean. Chelsea came to me inserted her fingers in and pulling out Mathew’s cum out.

Chelsea: How was yesterday, Brownie? Seems you had lots of fun.

Me: (winking at Mathew and Charlie) They both are amazing in pleasing us. Right, Chelsea? (she was still cleaning my pussy in the pool)

Mathew and Charlie seemed to gain energy again. They pulled and pinned us to the wall and started to pound us again. These amazing fucks continued for another three days. We enjoyed each other’s company and shared a lot of memories. I sent them off at the airport and I got into the Bangalore flight.

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