Enjoying Goa With Strangers – Part 1

Hello guys and girls, this is Varshini Shetty with my experience. Thanks for your responses to my previous confession story, I used to feel lonely and now I feel surrounded by like-minded people. To the people who haven’t read my previous story, ‘Unexpected Meeting My School Mate And Getting Fucked By Him’, I recommend reading it first before proceeding here.

After 3 freakishly amazing days with Hari. On 4th day morning, Hari came with a cup of tea and woke me up kissing my forehead

Hari: Hey babe, wake up!

Me: What’s with the tea? Are you trying to seduce me to bone me again? (laughing)

Hari: You could have asked that question three days ago. For your information, I fucked you so many times that your pussy stores more of my cum than my freaking dick does now!

Me: (kissing) You taste good.

Hari: Now drink your tea and let’s go home, dear.

Me: What? So fast?

Hari: We’ve been here for three days. My office calls are coming already.

Me: Can’t you postpone for a few days?

Hari: No Varu, I can’t.

Me: I think Goa has much more to show me. I guess I’ll stay here for a while.

Hari: Are you angry with me? Why are you saying like that?

Me: No way I can get angry with you. But I think I should stay here for a while

Hari: In that case, I wish you enjoy your life.

Hari packed and stacked his luggage over his bike. He got on his bike all geared up looking like a macho man. I stood near him just in my nightwear with no panty nor bra, staring at him. I pulled his face, locked his lips with mine and started to suck on lips like a kulfi.

He kept his right hand over his bike and left hand around my waist and pulling me closer. He was to sucking my lips and tongue. We were kissing so well that saliva was dripping from our mouth. Slowly he started to slide his hand over my butt and starting to caress it softly.

His hand was right at the center of my butt. We continued kissing for a few minutes and I let go of him. He left and I immediately felt wetness around my vaginal area. I ran to my room and locked myself in. I fell on the bed and started to rub myself over my nightwear.

I was moaning all along. After a few minutes, I came hard. I drenched my clothes in my cum. I slept there legs spread for a few hours. I woke up at 2 pm due to itchiness near my thighs and I was damn hungry. I took a bath, cleaning my vagina and realized that Hari true all along. Indeed my pussy was filled with cum.

I came out and took my ipill. I got dressed in red panty and bra with a loose mini skirt and low neck shirt that ended right at my navel. I booked an auto and was roaming around a few places all alone. All this time my auto driver was ogling at me. I guess he was fucking me hard in his mind.

It was 7 pm when I reached my room. I had no mood of going inside my room so I bought a Breezer and sat on a chair, drinking. At this time I heard loud party noises next to my room. I kind of got jealous of hearing them. A few minutes later, a white guy came out laughing hard.

He sat next to me. He was sweating hard to due to partying, I guess. He was ogling at thighs since my skirt moved up a little, revealing my fleshy thighs. He realized I was alone so,

He: Hey! Did you come alone?

Me: (felt weird) Yes, why do you ask?

He: Just asked. I saw you sending off your boyfriend, I guess, this morning.

Me: (in mind) WTF? Did he watch us kiss?

Hearing his words made my cheeks go red in shyness and shame.

Me: Oh!

He: Btw, I am Mathew and you?

Me: Varshini.

He: Varrs…Sorry, I can’t spell your name. Do you mind me calling you ‘Brownie’?

Me: What?

He: I was joking. I have a weird habit of flirting with hot chicks

Me: (laugh) Btw, where are you from?

He: Oh, we are all from Canada, came here for a summer trip

Me: Oh, nice. (awkward silence)

He: Don’t you feel bored being alone?

Me: Kind of…But it’s ok, I guess.

He: You know what? Why don’t you join us? It’ll be great fun.

Even though I was kind of happy, I was scared mingling with pure strangers.

Me: Wouldn’t that be weird?

He: Hey come on. You seem like a cool girl. Trust me you’ll love our company. And we do need a sexy Indian girl as our company. (winks)

I smiled. I immediately pulled me into his room. I was literally shocked to see only a guy and a girl apart from him. I was expecting more than 5 people. Mathew introduced them to me as Chelsea and Charlie. Chelsea immediately was happy to see me and hugged me in joy.

“At last another chick to accompany me,” she let out a huge breath. Mathew and Charlie laughed together. All this time I was just smiling coz I was still in shy meeting strangers and befriending them. All three immediately made me feel safe by talking well.

I did get comfortable around them and started to talk. We went to a hotel and had our dinner. While eating I noticed Mathew and Charlie were staring my boobs whenever I bent a little. I didn’t care much coz I understand its common among men to stare at women.

Chelsea: I am sleepy already.

Me: Yeah, I ate really well.

We four decided that I and Chelsea would sleep in my room and the men in another. We got in and Chelsea immediately took off her shirt and pant, staying in her bikini. “India is too hot even at nights.” She was so sexy to look. Her boobs were so healthy and a treat to look at.

And her butt, I got jealous looking at those buns. Damn, she was curved. I don’t think those two left her without tasting her flesh. I changed to my black nightwear skirt and shirt without bra and slept next to her.

She: (turning to me) Do you mind me putting my arms around you?

Me: Hahaha (I immediately put mine around her) I don’t know? Do you?

She: You are so cool.

Me: So, you put hands around those guys too?

She: Yeah obviously, there’s only one bed.

Me: How did the guys maintain their boner? You are obviously sexy enough to give them awkward times.

She: (laughs) I know. We three are childhood friends we are used to been naked around each other many times. So, I don’t much care if their hard cocks spoon me on the bed.

Me: Thats amazing. So, you guys had sex with each other?

She: Lol! We do have urges, right? But we don’t have sex like hyper sexual friends. But sometimes casually since we all have boyfriends and girlfriends.

Me: Still your friends are sexually active.

We both laughed and there was an awkward silence.

She: Where is that guy you were with all these days?

Me: He left today. I stayed here to enjoy some more of Goa.

She: Glad he did. You both were disturbing us all night with your moans and screams.

Me: What? Was it that audible? (my face became pale)

She: Hey, hot stuff! Our rooms are separated only by thin wall. We three could listen to all your loud moans. It was super-hot you know. I used to become wet listening to your screams. Did he fuck you so well or you were just moaning?

Me: (shy) He did a great job.

She: Mathew even saw you today morning at the parking lot kissing each other. He said he got so hard looking at you getting your butt squeezed.

Me: Omg! What else do you guys know about me?

She: Hahaha. Nothing, just that. (after few minutes) I have a weird request.

Me: What is it?

She: Can we kiss each other before we sleep? I am really sorry if it’s weird. But I can’t stop but ask you since Mathew said you kissing good at parking lot.

Me: Ok, stop I already feel weird. (smiling)

I got over her and laid my lips slowly over her. She held my face start to kiss me. Initially, it was just a normal kiss due to her soft lips. It was hard for me to let go of her. I started to suck her lips. She responded well by sucking my lips and biting them softly.

She was moaning. We started to share tongues and sucking each other tongue and sharing our saliva. In fact, I realized why men are addicted to us women. I was laughing in my mind and enjoying her lips. My hands were on her waist feeling the waist and still sucking each other.

I got wet and definitely she too. We both let go, leaving a huge string of our saliva hanging from her lips.

She: That was fucking amazing, you are indeed a mother fucking kisser. I got wet dude. (looking at my nipples) That became so hard and pointy that I felt it on my breasts

Me: I know I am wet too. Now shut up and sleep. This is a different night. I never had this before.

We both slept and it was a weird night for me. The next day we planned to go to Baga beach. We got to the beach by 9 am after breakfast. Mathew and Charlie instantly undressed themselves to just underwear. We both got into our bikinis. I had my sexiest bikini, revealing my 36 ass and a tight bra.

Chelsea, on the other hand, was on a different level. Her bra was just supporting her hanging boobs revealing most of her sexy cleavage. All four started to play in water like crazy people. Playing catch using a ball, where I and Mathew were on one team and Chelsea and Charlie on the other.

Occasionally now and then Mathew used to dash me and rub my butt in the name of playing. Even though it was creepy, it was kind of fun and hot. Chelsea’s boobs were jiggling like the waves of the sea. It was so hot to watch that.

I felt bad for the men around us for not touching them. All this time, men were ogling at us jumping and playing catch. My boobs and butt used to jump so hard. I felt so happy for teasing men around. I and Chelsea sat on a chair and the guys got oils for us.

Mathew: Hey Brownie, do you want me to help you with oil?

Me: And touch me on weird places of my body like you did while playing?

Mathew: So, you knew all along.

Me: Come on, dude, I know men.

Chelsea, on the other hand, was getting oiled by Charlie. I guess it’s common among them coz they didn’t act weird. I signed at Mathew to oil me. I felt like a queen of men when I signed at him. He responded like my slave. He took oil on his hands and started with my hands.

Massaging my hands, with oil rubbing them, went to my underarms too and oiled them. I could already see his cock becoming hard over his underwear. He then went to my cleavage and started rubbing oil softly. I didn’t let him do more since it was too weird for a stranger to massage my boob.

He poured oil on my navel (like Indian hero does to heroine) and started to massage them and went to thighs. I was already in cloud nine getting massaged by him. I was looking at him struggling with his hard on (It was kind of hot and cute to look at him massaging me hungrily).

He turned me and massaged my back so well that I got drowsy. It was too good. I got sleepy with his massages. I didn’t even stop him from rubbing my butt with oil and massaging them like a pro. But he made sure not making it weird in public and rubbing my butt cheeks.

I slept there without realizing that I was getting massaged by a stranger I met yesterday. I woke up after half an hour becoming like a tandoori chicken under the sun. I saw Chelsea oiling her friends.

Mathew: Sexy Brownie is wake finally.

Chelsea: Did he massage so well?

Me: He fucking did an awesome job. I love those massages, they were too good.

Chelsea: Yes, he did. But you have to be sorry, Brownie. You made him struggle with his hard cock. I felt sorry for his dick.

All three except Mathew were laughing hard.

Me: I am sorry Mathew’s cock, was I too sexy?

He became pale. We left the beach and were roaming around many places. Charlie and Mathew used to put their hands over my waist and sometimes on my ass while taking pictures. Chelsea and I used to hug each other tightly for photos with our boobs pressing each other.

Charlie was eying my huge boobs a little too much all this time. I used to side pose for photos, lifting up my butt a little and resting my breasts over Charlie. Teasing both Mathew and Charlie at the same time.

We had a great time together on this trip. In the next part, I will tell you what all we did. You can send me your feedback on varshinishetty88 @ gmail.com.

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