Made My Married Ex My Girlfriend Again

Hi guys. I am here with one of my stories. This story narrates how lust sparked in my ex after she got married.

So the story goes like this, I and my ex parted ways a couple of years ago. After 2 years I got to know that she was married for 18 months. I ignored it and again went into my business of hunting for new pussies.

Then one day we suddenly crossed paths in a coffee shop where I was waiting for a date. The date didn’t arrive but my ex arrived. Let me explain about my ex. Her name was Ria She is 5.7 in height with the body figure of 36c-30-34 before marriage.

But I noticed that her ass got bustier in 24 months. I guess she must be now 38-34-38. She looks like Richa Chaddha, the actress. She saw me and reached out to me and said hi. She wore a black chiffon saree with a pink border. The blouse was white with a v cut back and sleeveless.

I bet anyone who looks at her would cum then and there. She was that hot. Ria was looking like a smoking sex goddess.
R – Hi Karan.
Me – Oh, Hi Kams ( I used to call her Kams when we were together. It sounded great during sex.)

R – How come you are here? I heard that you shifted to Pune some time ago.
Me – You knew that? Someone has been keeping tabs on me.
R –  How can I lose track of my first love?
I was a bit taken aback by her words.

R – So what are you up to nowadays?
Me – I have shifted back to Hyderabad a couple of months ago. You tell me about your self. How’s your married life? Have any kids?
R – Yeah, got one beautiful boy. He is 1 year old.

I was so angry from inside because she got fucked by another guy just 6 months after our breakup and is now bearing him a kid. Suddenly she puts a contrasting face to her excitement. I was confused about what happened.

Me – Kams, what happened, dear? Why do contrasting face when you have such a beautiful kid and a loving husband?
R – Nothing. I am fine.

Me – Come on, Kams. What is there to hide from me. You know that you can tell me everything. I will understand your problem.
R – 6 months ago Raj met with an accident.

Me – Omg! Is he okay?

I was acting. From inside I always wanted to bed Kams even after our breakup.
R – Yeah, he is fine now.
Me – Tell me in detail about what happened?

R – One day he was coming home from the office. Suddenly his bike skid and his leg broke. Now doctors have given him medicines to reduce the leg pain but the side effects are affecting his erection. We have not made love for months now.

Listening to this my cock rose into the action. Getting ready for a treat of a known pussy but improved one. I was making plans to cash on this opportunity and make her my slave for the rest of my life.

Me – It’s really sad to hear. Don’t worry Kams. He will get okay and your life will restore to normal.
R – Can I get your number? It’s good to be in touch.

Me – Sure.
We exchanged our numbers and she left saying that she was late for a meeting.
I was watching her ass sway like a pendulum and was not at all in a controllable position.

That night I got a message from her asking me to come over tomorrow for lunch. I was excited like hell and started to masturbate looking at our previous sex videos.  (Yes, I have taped some of our steamy sessions and even she knows about it.) My cock is black like an African dick, 7 inches in size and 3 in width.

The next day, I went to her home and rang her doorbell. She was in shorts which are tightly hugging her thighs and a tight top, helping her boobs to bulge out. My eyes popped out looking at in that attire. When we were together, she generally would cover her body completely.

My hunger for lust was increasing by every passing minute. She made coffee for both of us and we started to chat.

Me – Where is Raj?
R – He went on a camp to Singapore and will be back after 3 days.
Me – Great!

R – How’s the coffee?
Me – As usual, the best.
R – I made it with my milk. (she winked at me)
Me – What!
R – The milk I bought in the morning.
Me – Kams, I want to confess one thing.
R – Sure, go ahead.

Me – You are looking very sexy and ravishing. Sexier than when we were together.
R – Thank you. Is it why you were ogling at my ass yesterday when I left? And now undressing me with your looks?

Me – (shocked) Sorry, but I couldn’t control. It’s been ages that I’ve seen such a beauty like you.
R – (smiling) You want a gift?
Me – Sure, why not.

Kams took my hand and put it on her milky thighs. My dick was hitting max to and fro and my underwear was about to tear.
Me – Can I see your ass? I want to see how big Raj had made it.
R – Yes.

Saying that she removed her shorts and was only in her top. Her ass was milky white and bend forward and split her ass for my clear view. God, I was almost about to go and fuck her. But she swiftly turned towards me and kissed me in my lips. We started to smooch.

We were like the hungry lion who got food when it was about to die out of hunger. My saliva was all over her face and I loved the smell. She was also spitting on my face. She took me to the balcony. her house was a penthouse on the 25th floor. I was thrilled to have sex in the open.

She made me sit down. And asked me to remove my clothes and started to striptease. I was horny but couldn’t do anything. She was dominating and asked me not to proceed. She squirted for me. After 40 minutes of the session, I pounced on her and kissed like a maniac

She bent into doggie style and I entered from the rear. The pumping sound was audible.
R – You bastard, where were you for so many days? Fuck me like a bitch. Make me your property and fuck me like a hungry dog.

Me – You bitch, you have grown your ass from someone else. For that, you need to take punishment. Now come and ride my dick.
R – Yes.

She spat on my dick and started to hump like a crazy whore. This session continued for 45 minutes. After that, I said that you are due to take your punishment. And I spanked her ass a couple of times till it got red like a tomato.
I entered anal and she was crying like a prisoner who is being poked by nails.

Again I fucked her pussy for 1 hour and was about to cum. She said that she wants to become my child’s mother so she asked me to cum inside her.

That’s it friends. The next part will be posted shortly. I hope you guys liked it. Do mail me or send me a message on hangouts at [email protected]

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