Suhani’s Gift To Ishita

Hello friends, I am Aveesh Mehra, a straight guy in an open relationship. I am presenting you with the story of a young teenage couple who love to explore the spices and wildness in their sex life.

Me, my girlfriend Suhani, her friend Ishita and Ishita’s boyfriend Karan, accompanied by our other friends, planned a trip to Manali. We booked the train, 1st AC, to enjoy the trip. We four were the first to board the train. The rest of our friends were supposed to join us at the coming stations.

We got one coupe booked for girls and one for boys. It was around at 1:30 in the night, everybody was asleep and our remaining friends were yet to join. I slowly entered into the girls’ coupe and found Ishita sleeping. Taking advantage of the situation, I went to Suhani and started rubbing her butts gently.

She moaned very lightly. Then I took my hands inside her panty and she woke up all of a sudden. Quickly, I closed her mouth with my hands to stop her from shouting coz of this surprising act of mine. She got relaxed quickly. I stood up, opened my pant zip and placed my dick on her lips and rubbed it over.

She enjoyed it and gave me a blowjob. We tried to be as quiet as possible. Now it was my turn to pay her off. I arranged my clothes and pulled her jeans down along with her panty. I started eating her pussy and by mistake, I gave her a bite down there. She shouted and quickly closed her mouth.

But it was enough to wake up Ishita. We tried to arrange ourselves as quickly as possible. But Ishita got the sense of the situation and scolded us. I came back to my coupe and didn’t utter a word. When we reached the hotel, everyone took their room. I and Suhani quickly went to our room and undressed each other.

We kissed hard and rough. We were so desperate after the train act that we skipped foreplay. I took on my condom and started ramming her in the doggy style. I fucked her in every position I could and I was exploring her. We both are fond of rough sex.

After almost one hour I came in her mouth and we rested on the bed. We were talking about the train incident. Suhani replied, “I wanted to fuck you so badly on the train. I didn’t care if you had to fuck Ishita too, to keep her mouth shut.”

Me: “What the hell are you saying? Fuck Ishita?”

Suhani: “Oh come on, now don’t tell me you never want to fuck her. I have seen your hunger for her in your eyes.”

I and Suhani have a wild sex life. We are in an open relationship and always wanted to enjoy a threesome. So I finally confessed to her how much I was sexually attracted to Ishita. She got up with a smirk smile and said, “I have a surprise for you.”

Me: “What are you saying?”

Suhani: “Ishita told me on the train she is still a virgin. Because Karan requests her again and again so she has planned to have sex with him in Manali. But she doesn’t want to lose her virginity to Karan as he is also a virgin. She wants her first sex with an experienced guy.”

Me: “So?”

Suhani: “She asked me to arrange a callboy for her, here in Manali. Why don’t you fuck her?”

Me: “Haha, like she will agree to get fucked by me.”

Suhani: “I will tell her that I have arranged a callboy. I will tell her to get blindfolded so as she should not feel she is betraying Karan. You come and enjoy your session, but don’t take a single word out of your mouth. Or else she will identify you.”

After a long discussion, she convinced me. I thanked her later for this. She prepared everything for the next day as Karan had to go out to meet his local friends there. She asked me to go inside the bathroom until she brings Ishita and sets everything up.

On her signal, I entered my room wearing just my underwear. I saw Ishita, blindfolded, was sitting kneeling on both legs with her hands resting on her things. She was wearing the same black lingerie which I and Suhani shopped online.

The panty was crotchless.  The area which was supposed to cover pussy was cut open and instead, a string with beads was attached. Hence when worn the beaded string runs over the pussy line. The cut extended till back hence the panty was divided into two sections at back.

The bra was not exactly a bra but a long wide ribbon.  This was rolled over her titties and a shoe-lace knot was done at her back. She was looking like a sexy juicy piece of meat in that. Though I have seen Ishita before in bikini, never have I seen her this naked. Suhani came closer to me and kissed.

She said, “I got your bitch. She is my bestie, take care of her. She should be completely satisfied.” Saying this she started rubbing over my dick. I bent down and started kissing Ishita. She had no idea it was me. Soon Ishita started biting my lips. Suhani laughed, Ishita was too excited for her first-time fuck.

Suhani then proposed an idea. We took a black marker and then we were supposed to scribble every new experience of her on her body. She was still sitting down. I asked her to take out her tongue, on which I kept my dick. I rubbed my dick for a while on her tongue.

Then she held my dick and started sucking it. She was sucking so hungrily that all the juices got spread on her face. The room was full of slurping sound. Suhani came closer and licked all the juices from her lips and wrote on her neck ‘10 minutes blowjob.’

To which I took the marker from her and edited it to ‘20 minutes blowjob.’ After that, I held the face of Ishita and started fucking her mouth, choked her, slapped her. She was loving to be treated like a slut. Then we made Ishita lie on the bed and Suhani and Ishita came in 69 position.

They were licking each other’s pussies like hungry bitches. I was spanking them one by one. I plucked the beaded string of panty like that of the guitar. When it hit the pussy of Ishita, she cried with a moan. I sat down and now I was kissing Suhani as well as licking the pussy of Ishita.

Ishita is much fairer than Suhani and hence so her pussy. Suhani did take care of my likes and dislikes. I noticed Ishita had some pubic hair above her shaved pussy, just as I love it. When I was eating her pussy, her pubic hairs used to get pulled by my lips which gave currents in her body.

They both were still in 69 position and slowly inserted my tongue in Ishita’s pussy. She moaned like hell and lifted her booty to express her acceptance. Suddenly Suhani slapped Ishita lightly and instructed her to stop moaning and continue eating her pussy.

Just after that Suhani also inserted her tongue in Ishita’s pussy. It was now me and Suhani together tongue-fucking Ishita’s pussy and her body started shaking due to pleasure. Some more scribblings got added on Ishita’s body like, ‘tongue-fuck’, ‘69’, ‘lesbian’, ‘oral’, ‘choking’, ‘blindfold’, etc.

After that, I put on my condom and started rubbing my dick on Ishita’s pussy. It doesn’t matter how much she wanted to be treated like a slut, she was still a virgin. Hence I had to be soft for her first time to give her pleasurable sex. I slowly started inserting my dick.

It was less than half inside she started shivering. So, I started pumping my dick ‘in’ and ‘out’ slowly at that depth only. I have taken the virginity of 4 girls before. But she was the tightest one I had till now. Slowly increase the pace, I also started digging her deeper. Finally, my dick was full inside.

We were in a missionary position and I was kissing her while fucking her. She was touching me everywhere, my hands, my chest, my shoulders. After she was fully comfortable, I took her in the spooning position. I was pressing her boobs with one hand and rubbing over her pussy with other while fucking her.

At that moment Suhani came and sat in front of Ishita. She spread her legs wide and pushed her pussy onto the lips of Ishita. Now while getting fucked, Ishita was tongue-fucking Suhani and the room was filled with the moans of ours. Ishita’s pussy was tight. I was enjoying hers more than of Suhani’s.

I took her in the doggy style and now I was deeper inside her. I started hammering her pussy with my dick with increased thrust. She shouted “Keep fucking me like this, Fuck me! Fuck me, Aveesh!” I and Suhani got shocked. She asked, “Why did you stop, Aveesh?”

First time in this sex session I spoke some words. I asked “Aren’t you blindfolded? Can you see through it?” To which she replied, “When I was touching you everywhere, I touched the scar on your hand. Moreover, Suhani was able to arrange a guy, to fuck me, so easily. I know about her wild fantasies. It had to be you.”

We took off her eye pad and we were standing in front of her eyes. She pushed me on the sofa and came above me in the cowgirl position, facing towards me. She started jumping on my dick. I couldn’t do more but started eating her shaking boobs. I sucked them harder and harder and she was fucking me.

After enough time, Suhani exchanged places with her. Ishita sat down and started licking my dick and Suhani’s pussy while she was fucking. They made me lie on the bed. Ishita sat over my dick facing towards me. Suhani sat on my face facing towards Ishita with my tongue inside her pussy.

They both started pumping and rubbing while kissing each other. Meanwhile, they were also giving blowjobs to keep the dick wet. They exchanged places and the direction they were facing. At most 1 hour after I started fucking them, I was about to cum and told them.

Suhani said, “It’s her day, fill her pussy with your cum, she is on pills.” I took off my condom and started ramming Ishita in missionary. I was at full pace and thrust and shoot. My cum started flowing out of her pussy. I released leftover drops all over her stomach.

Suhani wiped off all the cum on her and they kissed long while exchanging my cum in their mouth. Then they both cleaned off my dick too. Till now Ishita’s body was covered with scribblings like ‘cowgirl’, ‘reverse cowgirl’, ‘master-slave’, ‘sofa’, ‘threesome’, ‘cum in pussy’, etc.

She saw herself in the mirror. She asked Suhani to click her pictures with me on her phone. After that, she kissed me and we went for a shower. In the shower, while I was helping Ishita to wash off scribbles. Suhani sat down and started licking my dick. I started kissing Ishita.

I don’t know what was happening but I was falling for her. Her juicy lips, tender fluffy loose boobs, white-pink pussy. With my one hand, I was fingering her and with the other, I was squeezing her boobs. I was hard again. I pushed Ishita towards the wall, her back facing to me.

I pulled her butts to bring them in position and pushed my dick in her pussy in one go. To my surprise she was still very tight, I guess it’s natural. She cried out loudly. I wasn’t wearing a condom so it was more pleasurable to me this time. Suhani hugged me from the back.

She started kissing all over me while I was ramming Ishita. It feels so good without condom inside her. I could feel her tight pussy, her juices, her pussy lips all over my dick. After about 20 minutes I came inside her. We washed again.

After the bath, we all were very tired. So we went to bed to take a small nap. We didn’t even care to put some clothes on. We all 3 were lying naked on the bed. I woke up in the evening, Ishita was gone. Karan took him for lunch while I was sleeping.

Although she went to her room and dressed up a little before Karan was there. The next day I and Suhani were enjoying our morning sex. But I was still lost in Ishita’s tight pussy. While fucking Suhani in doggy, I felt as if it was Ishita’s butt. But I didn’t let Suhani get a single hint of what was happening.

At late night when I couldn’t feel sleepy, I went out in the balcony. I saw Karan going out. So, I went to their room to ask if everything is fine. Ishita opened the door. She was wearing exposing lingerie. She saw me through peephole so she was comfortable coming in front of me like that.

She told me that one of the local friends of Karan is going abroad tomorrow. So they planned a sudden night out to celebrate. She was a bit sad. “And what about your sex night?” I asked. “Suhani told me everything,” I added. She didn’t reply.

After an awkward silence, and seeing her in that juicy outfit I couldn’t wait and kissed her. She held my hands first but then stopped resisting. She started to moan. I closed the door. “You are smelling like a rose,” I said. “It’s the rose perfume for bathtub, Karan bought for us,” she replied.

While keeping my hands on her pussy, I said, “Suhani is asleep and your partner is out. I can be your Karan tonight.”

“Fuck me Aveesh,” she said, keeping her hands on my dick and giving a smirky smile. I lifted her and threw her on the bed covered with rose petals. “I will be rough and treat you like a slut,” saying this I kissed her and grabbed her boobs. I was enough desperate.

I tore her lingerie in one go and she was completely naked. She completely agreeing with my moves and enjoying it. She kissed me back, bite my lips and took off my shirt. I got myself undressed and placed my dick on her mouth. She started to lick it and suck it. But her mouth was dry.

So, I held her up by pulling her hairs and spit in her mouth. Then I made her kneel on both legs and again inserted my dick in her mouth. Holding her hair, I started to fuck her mouth. I could see my pre-cum and saliva coming out of her mouth falling on her body. I didn’t care and kept choking her.

Meanwhile, I was also slapping her boobs gently. I took her up and ate her boobs. Pressed them, fondled them, bite them, caressed them and in return she tit-fucked my dick. I pushed her up and came down. I took a deep smell of her pussy and I got lost completely in that.

It was amazing. I started eating her cunt. I didn’t care for her shouts. She was still on pills. So I didn’t have to care about the condom. I took her to the bathtub and I went in first. She sat on me and started pumping. The water was splashing everywhere and her pussy was making a lot of noise. I kept hammering her.

She got both cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl experience in there. After that, I took her on the bed and started with doggy. Oh damm, that tight pussy. I was enjoying each bit of time. We were wet so all the petals got stuck on our body. I took her in the spooning position.

I was now licking her back and shoulder, while she was enjoying being fucked. We changed to the 69 position to lubricate each other. Then I got into the eagle position. She got all sweaty but I was lost in her body fumes. Then I turned her around and placed a pillow below her pussy.

I held her hair and fucked her in the doggy position. After some intervals, I kept pulling back upwards and fucked her in ‘Basset Hound’ and ‘Crab’ position. She was moaning loud at each pump. All her makeup got down with sweat. We used to kiss in between and explore each other’s mouth with tongues.

After almost 1.5 hours, I lifted her and made her lie on the table with her face facing upwards and legs hanging down. I lifted her legs and started ramming her with full thrust and pace. At last, I came inside her and she cleaned the rest of the cum by sucking it. I went back into my room and slept.

No one had any idea what was happening around. I and Ishita fucked every time we chance during the whole trip and continued this to college too.

If you like the story please give feedback and suggestions, if any. You can connect to me at [email protected]. I am also good at role-plays, sexting, adult-chats and flirting as appreciated by my girlfriend. Feel free for the same.


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