First Tinder Hook Up With A Sexy Indian Girl

It was December 2017 when I first made a profile on Tinder. I had just had a breakup and wanted someone else, probably to make my ex jealous.

I soon matched with this girl named Prachi. She had the hottest body, slim waist, good figure, and long hair that flowed till her waist. She was short, about 5’3 but was very cute. We both started talking and I got to know that she was there for just a one night stand. I couldn’t believe my luck.

I told her that I was a virgin and she told me how she had sex just a month before for the first time and now wanted to do it again. So. we decided to meet at one of her friends place in Gurgaon.

When we first met, I couldn’t believe my luck. My ex-girlfriend used to give blowjobs reluctantly and now this beautiful and sexy Indian girl was allowing me to go down on her. By the way, I am 5’5, dark complexion. I am an average looking Indian guy with a slim body.

The day we met, Prachi was wearing a short top of blue colour and a small black skirt. I could see her navel and all I wanted to do was just lick it and squeeze her tiny waist. Her ass was begging to be spanked and my hands couldn’t wait to feel them.

I wanted to tear her clothes and fuck her hard. But she wanted to talk first, so we sat on the bed and chatted for a while. Then she herself leaned in and kissed me. I placed my hands on her back and started to caress her hair. She slipped her hands through my t-shirt and felt my chest.

I pulled her tightly towards me and Prachi opened her mouth, allowing me to insert my tongue in her mouth. Our tongues tangled and we sucked them too.

My dick started to get hard which she felt. She kept her hands over the bulge of my pants and started to caress it. Meanwhile, I removed her top and black coloured bra and started to press her boobs. The horny tinder girl bit my upper lip and that’s when I couldn’t restraint myself anymore.

I picked her up and made her lie on her back with her head hanging. Removing my pants, I kept my dick near her mouth which she started to lick.

I leaned over her and started to suck her boobs. I was still standing on the floor, Prachi was on the bed. My hands were holding her by the waist and she started to caress my balls. It was the best feeling ever.

She did things with her tongue that I did not know anyone could. It was the best blojob ever. She licked the top of the dick and then slowly licked the shaft. I then face fucked her for a while and cummed on her face.

After that, I climbed over Prachi and started to lick her pussy which was clean shaven. I caressed her thighs with my hands and started to bite her pussy lips.

Prachi was sucking my dick, we were in 69 position with me on top of her. I bit her inner thighs and at that point, Prachi moaned loadly and started to suck my dick harder. Both of us were breathing heavily as we both were enjoying it.

I then inserted my tongue in her pussy and licked every bit of her wet pussy. I even tongue fucked her for a bit. Then I licked her navel and bit her pussy lips one more time.

I asked her to sit in doggy style position which she was reluctant at first as she said she didn’t like it but agreed anyway. I slapped my hard cock on her ass cheeks and pulled her hair. Prachi was so turned on that she started begging me to fuck her now.

I pulled her by the hair and in 2-3 thrusts, I put my dick inside her. She screamed a bit as I jammed my cock into her. The feeling was awesome, to lose my virginity to her was more so.

I started to fuck her slowly, giving her hard thrusts. As we both got a hang of it, I started to fuck her harder. Prachi was moaning and liking her hair being pulled. I spanked her ass and each time, she shouted loudly.

I started to fuck her faster, my balls bouncing on her ass. I liked her scream because of pain and pleasure. I leaned over her, pulled her head towards me and kissed her while fucking her at the same time.

Then we changed positions, we sat on a sofa with her on top of me. She started to fuck me while I played with her boobs and nipples. Her nipples were brown and I bit them as she moaned and screamed. I held her hair and started to suck her tits. She reached climax and came.

I then licked her pussy after which I told her to suck my dick while sitting in doggy style. She had never done it but liked the way. I then tied her hands and face fucked her rough. She had tears but enjoyed it very much. She agreed to take my cum in her mouth which I soon did.

We then bathed together, and left, never to meet again. My first sex was over. It was awesome. I taught her things and she taught me stuff. We both were great. This was a really good one night stand.

This is one of my several personal sex stories. I hope you liked it.

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