Cuckold Experience – Part 6

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I sat on the sofa and looked into the wall clock. Already 2 hours over. Suddenly I remembered that Kartik told me that he will be completed with my wife within half an hour, but still he didn’t come out. I got up from the sofa and headed towards my room. I entered my room. I saw Neha was sleeping.

She took a blanket over her and the room AC was on. I went to the bed and slowly sat beside her. Her face was glowing with complete satisfaction. I kissed on her forehead. Yes, I love her very much. I may be sleeping with another woman but that is only for enjoyment nothing else.

But my wife, Neha, I love her from the bottom of my heart. I slowly entered into the blanket. Neha realized that it was me. She turned toward me and hugged me. She was in her sleep. But I was surprised that she was not wearing anything. She was sleeping nude under the blanket. I smiled.

I was happy that Kartik kept his promise and left the room within half an hour. He treated my wife as his own wife. I slowly moved my hand on her boobs. She was not responding. Neha was in deep sleep. I didn’t want to disturb her. So, I decided to sleep and take some rest for the upcoming session.

I switched off the light and, hugged her and went into sleep. 3 to 4 hours later we got up. Neha was ok then. Her tiredness was gone and she was bubbling. I kissed her and asked her to take a bath. She went to the bathroom and took a bath. She came out and did a light makeup. Wore a nice churidar.

We went out of the room and headed towards the seating room. Rani and Kartik were already sitting there. We went and sat there. Rani gave us tea. We had our tea and talked casually. Kartik winked at me. I understood that he already told his mother about us.

He sent an SMS and requested me to come with him for a few minutes he needs to talk. I went with him.
Kartik: Bro I told my mom about us. Everything. I also told her about the purpose of your visit. First, she was not ready but later she agreed.

Kartik: I think she loved your afternoon session. Can I request one thing? You are staying here for the next 3 days. Until you go back, I and Neha will be live as a husband and wife. You and my mom live like a couple. I will spend the night in your room. You spend it in our master bedroom with my mom. It will start from today night with a foursome. Do you agree with me?

Me: I am ready, but I have one condition. We won’t force our partner for anything. Whenever our partner says stop, we will stop. And this swapping relationship is effective only inside the house. We will not go out with our swapping partner.

Kartik: Ok I agree.
Me: Then let’s go and enjoy it.
We came back to the seating room. I directly went toward Rani and sat beside her and Kartik sat beside Neha. We all understand what was going to happen.

Suddenly Kartik said, “Let’s all go outside and take dinner in a pub.” We all agreed with her proposal. We got ready and headed toward the pub. Rani was wearing a modern outfit. A long skirt and a round neck t-shirt. Which made her younger. I looked at her with a lustful look.

We headed for our dinner. We had our dinner in a nice, big pub. After dinner, we were coming back. That time I was driving the car and Rani sat beside me in the front seat. My wife Neha and Kartik sat in the back seat. Suddenly I heard some noise from the back seat. I looked there through the mirror.

I saw Kartik already start kissing my wife. She also taking part. I smiled and looked at Rani from the corner of my eyes. Rani looked down due to shame.
Kartik took off her kameez and kept aside. My wife was in her red bra. Kartik also opened her salwar and took her on his lap. They were facing each other.

Kartik was licking her neck and she was moaning loudly. Kartik put his hand inside her bra and took out her both the boobs from above. Her boobs were now open. Kartik was busy licking and sucking her breast. He bit her nipples. Neha screamed in pain. He was fondling her body with full force.

Neha took out his t-shirt and then opened his jeans. She held his cock and pressed. Kartik opened her panty and threw it to the side where her other clothes were kept. Kartik held her turn her towards us. He put her on his laps and by one hand guided his cock inside her pussy.

Neha held the front seat and jumping on her cock. Her boobs were hanging and dancing. He held her both the boob and pressing mercilessly, where she was pumping his cock with her moist pussy. They didn’t care about us. I parked the car in a remote place surrounded by big trees and small hills.

Nobody could see us. I took my mobile and start recording. They looked at me once but ignore me. Rani was sitting in her place quietly. After 15 to 20 minutes Kartik released his load and my wife Neha also reached an orgasm. They were sitting side by side and took rest.  His load was flowing from her pussy.

I got out of the car. I went to the left side of the car, the side where Rani was sitting. I opened the door, held her hand and pulled out of the car. She was a little opposing, “Not here, please, let’s to our house first.” But I didn’t care and almost tore open all her clothes.

She was now standing completely nude under the open sky. Three pairs of eyes were observing her beauty completely. One of them was her own son Kartik. She was blushing and tried to cover her breast and pussy with her hands due to shame.  I rammed her pussy with full force.

She was convulsing with pain and pleasure. Within a few minutes, I filled her hole with my hot liquid. She reached the climax and collapsed. We closed the car doors and started our car. A few minutes later we reached their house. We garaged the car and went into the master bedroom.

We all four were partially nude, wearing only our undergarments. We all got into the master bedroom. We were taking some rest for our next session, which will be a foursome. A few minutes later Kartik got up and pressed her mother boobs over the bra.

He told, “Mom you and Rohit go to the kitchen and got some drinks for all of us.” I understood the situation and went with Rani. We entered the kitchen. We hugged each other very tightly. Our hands moved on our back and we were in a deep smooch. I opened her bra hook and threw it on the floor.

I took her and placed her on the kitchen shelf. I bent forward and sucked her boobs with full force. She held my hair and pressed my mouth on her boobs. I took her in my lap. She wrapped her hand around my neck, and we were kissing deeply.

In that posture, I was walking towards the bedroom, where my beautiful wife was alone with Kartik. We entered the bedroom. Kartik was sitting on the sofa and Neha was on his lap. They were facing each other. They were hugging and kissing each other like a lunatic. I sat beside them. I watched them closely.

Her boobs became red with his vigorous fondling. She was moaning and crying, and Kartik was pressing her boobs with full strength and sucking her lips. Kartik leaned back on the sofa. Neha moved a little and opened her panty. Then she held his underpants and took it out. Now they both were completely nude.

His fly was dancing in joy. She held his monster and pressed a few times. Kartik was shouting and slapping on her breast. I was enjoying the show, where my wife was handled roughly by some other man. Rani took out my underwear and threw it to the other side.

Neha held his cock in her hand and placed it at the opening of her glory hole. She sat on her dick and immediately it entered completely in her pussy hole. Rani took my dick in her hand and gave me a nice massage. “Today I will give you the best experience of your life,” Rani told. I looked at her.

She took my dick in her mouth. She was sucking my cock and sometimes tingling my dick head with her tongue. Another side my wife was riding his cock. Kartik held her boobs and pressed. Occasionally he twisted her nipples. I was watching their fuck session and having a beautiful blowjob from Rani.

I felt some heavenly experience. Almost 15 minutes later Kartik jerked his hip and pushed his dick deep inside her pussy and released his load. Neha also reached her orgasm and felt on his chest. I also was close to the climax. I held her head and released my load in her mouth.

I never felt that much pleasure in my entire life. She drank all my cum. We three were exhausted but Rani till did not get her orgasm. She stood in front of Neha and pressed her head on her pussy. Neha understood what she wants. She starts licking her clitoris and fingering her hole. She was jerking.

We held Rani and placed her between us. Now Rani was sitting in between Kartik and me. Neha sat on the floor and sucking and licking her cunt. Kartik and I bent forward and took her each nipple in our mouth. I took care of her right breast and Kartik left.

We were licking, sucking, biting her entire globe and erected nipple. Rani was enjoying a lot. She was shouting with pleasure. She held our dick with her both hands and jerked them. A few minutes later with a loud scream, she released her juices and felt on the sofa. But we didn’t allow her to leave.

Later we made Neha in the doggy position, and I was fucking her cunt. Rani was lying there and watching us. After almost 30 minutes we released our hot fluid in her mouth and cunt. The next three days we were fucking each other continuously. In various posture, in various combinations and in different places of the house.

Those days we enjoyed ourselves a lot. So, guys, this is the end of my story. Please send your feedback on [email protected] You can also chat with me.

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