Burglar Enjoys And Bangs Hot Indian Housewife – Part 2

First part of the story – Burglar Enjoys And Bangs Hot Indian Housewife – Part 1

The burglar slowly moved his hand on my breast and licked my lips and face to prolong my pleasure. I was lying there in his arms. My eyes were closed and I was panting for breath. He was happy that I started cooperating him.

I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was smiling. I also smiled at him. He kissed on my lips. I reciprocated his kiss. He asked me, “What is your name?”

I said, “I am Priya. What is your name?”

He answered, “Ravi”.

Ravi: So Priya, tell me, did you enjoy? Do you want more?

He fondled my breast and looked at me. I couldn’t answer due to shame and closed my eyes. Now I felt very odd. That was the first time I totally naked in front of a stranger. I tried to cover my nudity and turn around. I was now lying on my belly.

Ravi slowly moved to me and planted a kiss on the back of my neck. I felt his tongue and lips. He was licking the back of my neck. I enjoyed it. Slowly, he moved down and started kissing my bare back. He also licked my back. He planted kisses on every inch of my back. His tongue and lips moved every inch of my back. I felt excited again.

He then moved his tongue through my spine. I was shivering with pleasure. He also gave love bite on my back. He again moved down and now gave a small bite on my butt. He held my two ass globes and parted it. He moved forward and now licking my ass hole. I never experienced that before. It was new to me.

My juices were dripping out again. A muffled sound came from my mouth. He knew what he was doing. He slowly moved to my upper legs. The same treatment was given there. He was licking and sucking the back of my upper leg. Then he shifted a little bit down and was licking the cup muscle of my leg.

He took my legs and was sucking my toes one by one. He was making me mad. His tongue and lips found every corner of my toe fingers. I was feeling heaven.

Slowly, the robber moved up. He hugged me from the back and inserted his hand through the gap of the bed and my body. He held my boobs and was kneading them gently and showering kisses on my back. His monster dick was pocking at my butt. Slowly, he turned me.

I was again lying on my back. He moved closer and kissed on my lips. I opened my mouth and welcomed his tongue. He guided his tongue inside my mouth. Now, our tongues were fighting with each other in my mouth. His hand was busy fondling my breast.

I was completely offered myself to him. He came down, licking the valley of my twin globes. He made the passage wet between my two globes. He whispered in my ears, “I want to fuck your boobs.”

I opened my eyes. He looked at my eyes and knew that I was ready for it.

He got up and positioned his huge piston in between my two boobs. I voluntarily held my both boobs and pressed his dick. He started fucking my boobs. His monster black cock was moving between my two soft and fair boobs.

His black cock and my whitish boobs made a good contrast. He was enjoying my soft boobs and its smooth skin. He was grunting with pleasure. He took his right hand back and tickled my clit. His monster cock was like a drilling machine which drilled my boobs.

I was also enjoying his finger fuck. After 10 minutes, he withdrew his cock from my breasts. He shifted a little and brought his face down to my cunt. He kept his mouth on my cunt and started licking my cunt with his tongue.

His left hand was busy fondling my breast. His right hand was circling the outer lips of my pussy. Then he pushed his two fingers deep in my cunt.

With his left hand, he was pinching my nipples alternatively and pressing my two soft beautiful breasts. His right hand was fingering my cunt. At the same time, he took my clit in between his two lips and started sucking and licking vigorously.

An orgasm was building inside me again. I was jumping on the bed and screaming with immense pleasure. I dug my nail on his back. My hips were coming up with excitement. My mouth became dry. I couldn’t take this anymore. About 2 minutes later, I reached my second orgasm.

I was thrusting my hips in the air and shouting, “Ufffffffffffff aeeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhh.. Oh god.. What you are doing.. I am coming again.. ufffffff Raviiiiii… Don’t stop.. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..”

I keep coming for 2 to 3 minutes. After that, I almost fainted on the bed. I was lying almost unconscious. Ravi was looking at me. He brought her right hand and licked my love juices from his hand. He laid by my side and licked my armpits slowly sensually.

Almost 10 minutes had gone. I was coming back to reality. I looked at him. Our eyes met and he knew his next step.

He came upon me. His muscular chest pressed by boobs. his both handheld my hands above my head and his lips were sucking mine. I felt his monster cock near my pussy. The head of his cock was pocking at the entrance of my pussy.

He left my hand and held my both mound and whispered in my ear, “Priya, can you please guide my cock to your glory hole?” I was like a doll. I didn’t protest because all my modesty and the guilty feeling had gone by then.

I held his cock. It was so big and hot. Precum was oozing from the cock head. I whispered, “Your cock is very big, please be gentle.”

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