Wife Swapping With Friends

Hi, I am writing this story, which is completely fantasy-based. This is the first story I am writing. If you like then I will write another part for sure.

My name is Hemant. I am 58 years old, and my wife’s name is Amisha. She is 56 years old. It has been many years to our marriage. Sometimes I feel that Amisha is still looking forward to sex but she never talks to me about it.

Sometimes I think that she was never attracted to me. But she came from an orthodox family so she always is with me. I don’t have a fair skin tone as she has. She is kind of chubby at this is. But sometimes I notice when another male looks at her body.

I had some very close friends with whom I share my problems. One of them is Vipul who is married to cute chubby lady Krishna. I spoke to him about this situation. He came up with a very interesting idea, which was about wife-swapping.

I asked him to explain in detail how this works. He said, “Some couples like to spice up their sex life after marriage like this. It’s not wrong if you have a mutual understanding. It’s just for fun and sex that’s all.”  I asked him how long he and Krishna have been into this thing?

Vipul: 5 years after marriage.

Hemant: So it was your idea or Krishna’s fantasy?

Vipul: Well, it was my fantasy. She was not ready for this at first. But after some time she finds out how I was so obsessed with fantasy. One day she came up with a topic that she’ll want to try for him.

Hemant: Good for you, you are a very lucky guy who got a lovely wife who fulfills your fantasy. My wife comes from a small town. She’ll never agree to this.

Vipul: Don’t say like that, you are lucky too. Amisha is a beautiful lady too. Just try to talk with her about this maybe she will like it and agree!

Hemant: I don’t know, Vipul. I don’t want to upset her.

Vipul: So what you want, I go and talk about this with her?

Hemant: No! No ways.

Vipul: So how you gonna fix this?

Hemant: I guess one person can help me with this, Krishna.

Vipul: If you think I can speak to her about all this. But are you sure about this?

Hemant: I think so.

Vipul: So, when can we come to your place for a meeting?

Hemant: I will text you. I think first I need to create a mood for this to get things to work.

Vipul: You are right! Ok just text me when you are ready I will speak with Krishna tonight.

Hemant: Ok let’s head home then.

Vipul: Yeah. See you soon. Bye

Hemant: Bye.

After coming home and after dinner in the bedroom:

Hemant: So how was your day?

Amisha: As usual. Why?

Hemant: Just asking.

Amisha: Ok.

Hemant: Can I ask you something?

Amisha:(with strange looks) Yeah.

Hemant: Do you really love me?

Amisha: Why are you asking stupid questions? What is wrong, are you ok?

Hemant: Yes, I am ok just tell me.

Amisha: Yes, of course, I love you. But why are asking this today?

Hemant: Don’t get angry just listen carefully. I am feeling guilty that I am not the right person to satisfy you in bed. Am I right?

Amisha: Are you crazy?  Can you hear yourself.?

Hemant: I know what I am saying. I want to hear it from you. And please come up with truth if you love me.

Amisha: You love me a lot and you are good in bed too. Why do you think like that?

Hemant: I feel like I am not good for you and are saying this because you are my wife. I will feel happy if you tell me what you think about this.

Amisha: Look I really love you. I never thought to hurt you.

Hemant: I know, you never do. But can you please tell me?

Amisha:  Ok. You are right. Sometimes I feel that thing after having sex. But I don’t have any complaints.

Hemant: But I have.

Amisha: What?

Hemant: Yes, I have a problem with that.

Amisha: What do you mean?

Hemant: You love me so much. But I feel sad about it because I can’t fulfill it.

Amisha: No it’s ok, don’t feel sad.

Hemant: It’s not ok. I want to do something for you to make it up.

Amisha: Can you tell me why we are having this conversation?

Hemant: Because I have thoughts that will help you.

Amisha: What’s going on in your mind?

Hemant: Promise me you will stay calm and not get angry.

Amisha: Now you sound much more strange! Just tell me what is going on?

Hemant: I know how to satisfy your needs.

Amisha: How?

Hemant: I want you to read a story and you’ll know.

I opened wife swapping stories from the net and gave her to read)

Hemant: (after a few minutes ) So what do you think?

Amisha:(very angry tone) Are you insane or what? Do you know what you are asking for? What is wrong with your mind?

Then I saw tears of anger in her eyes.

Hemant: But listen to me.

Amisha: I don’t want to talk with you I am going to sleep.

I felt sad about what she thinks about me. Then I messaged the whole thing to my friend

Vipul: Don’t worry we will come tomorrow evening and let’s see how it goes.

Morning at breakfast table:

She was not even looking at me. But still, I informed about Vipul and Krishna coming tonight.No response. So I went out to work and came home early.  She looked angry with me. Still, I told her not to be angry when they come.

Doorbell sound in the evening:

I opened the door.

Hemant: Hey, Vipul how are you?

Vipul: I am good thank you. How are you doing?

Hemant: I am good. (but I am not and Vipul knows) How are you, Krishna?

Krishna: I am good. Where is Amisha?

Hemant: In the kitchen. Still angry with me. (I whispered to them)

Krishna headed to the kitchen. We settled on the sofa.

Vipul: Don’t worry. Krishna will handle things.

Hemant: I hope she’ll do.

In the kitchen.

Krishna: Hi Amisha. How are you?

Amisha: I am good, you tell?

Krishna: What is going on with you, Amisha? You are not looking good at all?

Amisha: Nothing, I am ok.

Krishna: I can see on your face.

Amisha: I am feeling shy. I don’t know how to say it.

Krishna: Oh please say it. We are good friends, right?

Amisha: Yes we are. But it’s not something usual.

Krishna: Oh Amisha, please. What is it? Is it about something you and Hemant right?

Amisha: Yes.

Krishna: Tell me what happened?

Amisha: Last night we had this conversation. About intimacy. He came up with some idea which I didn’t like it at all. How could he say something like this to his wife?

Krishna: What was his idea?

Amisha: It was something about wife sharing or something like that.

Krishna: Oh! Wife swapping??

Amisha: Yeah. Do you know that?

Krishna: Yes I know. Very well.

Amisha: How do you know about it?

Krishna: Because we tried. It’s Vipul’s fantasy. I didn’t like it for the first time, I was angry too. But after some time I thought at least I should take look at what is it and how does it work.

Amisha: Wait. Did you try? (with shocking reaction)

Krishna: Yes, it’s not something bad or like that. I was nervous too, but then Vipul explained to me all the things in detail and then we tried.

Amisha: You tried with whom?

Krishna: Looks like you are taking an interest too. Hehe.

Amisha: No it’s not like that. I am just surprised by your answer.

Krishna: It’s ok. There is nothing wrong with taking an interest in it. After all, it’s just for fun you know.

Amisha: So you tried with whom?

Krishna: We went to Devesh and Sonali.

Amisha: They are too? (as they are in friend circle with each other)

Krishna: Not only they even Raj and Dolly.

Amisha: What? (shocking)

Krishna: Yes. It’s just you couple in the group who are not part of it.

Amisha was thinking about all things and all people.

Krishna: Amisha. Already started in dreams or what? (in a bit of seductive way)

Amisha: No, no, it’s nothing like that.

Krishna: Can I ask you something? Why don’t you try?

Amisha: No. No. I am not sure about things. My mind is still trying to process things you said.

Krishna: Don’t worry. It’s not wrong. It’s just for fun no hard feeling. And if you are not comfortable with known people you can try with the unknown too.

Amisha: You are going too fast. I am still thinking about trying or not.

Krishna: Don’t think too much. Just talk with Hemant. He will make you feel comfortable.

Amisha: Ok as you say, I will talk to him.

They come into the table area and called us for dinner. Krishna gave us a thumbs-up sign that means all things are probably sorted. We had dinner and chat. Then they left our house. In the bedroom, I was in bed reading the newspaper when she came and sat next to me.

Amisha: Look I want to say something.

Hemant:(I was a bit curious as I know where this conversation goes) Ok, say?

Amisha: Look I am sorry for yesterday. I get angry with you. But you know that I am not aware of these things.

Hemant: I know. It’s ok don’t be sorry.

Amisha: So, you still want to try?

Hemant: Only and only if you are ok with it. Because I am doing this for you in the first place.

Amisha: I am a bit scared of it.

Hemant: Don’t worry I am with you.

Amisha: So how we gonna do this?

Hemant: Let me explain how it works. (she interrupts me)

Amisha: I know how it works.

Hemant:(with a smile) How you know??

Amisha:(face turns red) Krishna told me already.

Hemant: So as you already know. It’s up to you? Wanna try with friends or with an unknown couple?

Amisha: I don’t know. I guess we should try with friends. Cause it sounds safe. What do you suggest?

Hemant: I think it’s a good idea. So it will be helpful for us too.

Amisha: Right but with whom?

Hemant: It’s all about your satisfaction. So whom you like?

Her face turns red with a cute smile

Hemant: Don’t be shy, tell me?

Amisha: I always wanted to have sex with a tall height, broad chest type of man.

Hemant: So are thinking about.Devesh?

Amisha was blushing.

Hemant: I got your answer.

So I messaged Devesh on the spot. In a very short time, I got a response.

Hemant: Look he is asking for a meeting time and place. What should I say?

Amisha: I think we should go to his place.

I passed the information to Devesh and he agreed for the weekend. Times passed away and the weekend came. I came home early and went for a shower. I was ready. So was Amisha. She was wearing a black low neck gown. My eyes popped out.

Hemant: You are looking so hot today(I want to say beautiful but hot came )

Amisha: Thank you but I am a bit nervous.

Hemant: Don’t worry. We will meet them and talk first. If you feel comfortable then only we will move further.

Amisha: Ok.

Hemant: I have to ask you something. If you don’t like it then I will not go with Sonali.

Amisha: Let’s just reach first.

We reached Devesh’s house. I first met Sonali at the door. She was wearing chudidar, a very tight fit which exposed her body. We sat on a couch.

Hemant: How are you, Devesh?

Devesh: All good. Do you say? I was a bit shocked when I get your message.

Hemant: It’s not like that.

I explained to him everything while Amisha went into the room with Sonali.

Sonali: You are looking so hot, Amisha.

Amisha: You are looking hotter than me I guess.

Sonali: Oh please.You look nervous?

Amisha: Yes. These things are new to me. So I don’t know. So many things are going on in my mind.

Sonali: Make yourself comfortable. Don’t think too much. It’s not something you are thinking of. Enjoy and have fun. Ok.

Amisha: I’ll try.

Sonali: I know how to make you comfortable.

Amisha: How?

Then Sonali held Amisha and put her lips on Amisha’s lips and kissed passionately. At first, Amisha got into shock. She tried to back out but Sonali was holding her. After a few seconds, she was responding too. Then Sonali started moving her hand on her thighs and reached on her panty.

She was rubbing her fingers and Amisha was on another level. Sonali whispered, “You like it? Let me make you more comfortable.” She stopped kissing and went down on Amisha. She lowered her panty and start licking her. Amisha started making moaning sounds

Sonali moves back her head. Amisha stopped her by hand and said, “Please don’t stop. Just finish it.” Then Sonali started licking and put 1 finger at the same time. After a few minutes, Amisha jerked off on her face.

Amisha: Thank you so much Sonali. I never felt something like this.

Sonali: You liked it, na.That’s good. Wait for some time. You will get a chance to do the same for me.

Then she went to clean her self. Both came out so Devesh said, “Looks like you 2 had fun without us.”

Sonali: Not 2, just one.

Then she looked at Amisha. Amisha sat beside me, blushing.

Devesh: So Amisha. What are you thinking? Wanna try more?

Sonali: Oh I can say she is definitely ready.

Devesh: Ok I believe my wife.What about you, Hemant?

I looked at Amisha waiting for her confirmation.

Devesh: Don’t tell me Hemant that you came here for just sitting. Who will take care of Sonali?

Sonali: Devesh, stop teasing them. It’s their choice. You cannot force.

Devesh: Ok ok I am just asking.

Amisha: Sonali you can join my husband.

That was the signal for Devesh and me. Sonali came to me and start kissing in front of everyone. I was feeling great as she was in my lap and her boobs wear touching me. I could feel her nipples. My hands were moving in her hair. So in no time Devesh came to Amisha and sat beside her and start kissing her.

He started moving hands on her body and grab her boobs and started pressing. Amisha was feeling amazed. She was finally getting what she wants. Then both couples went to their rooms.

Sonali push me onto bed start removing her clothes and she was naked in seconds. Then she removed my clothes and start kissing me and her hand reached to my dick. She was massaging and that feeling was so good. I become so hard after that.

She said, “You want me to lick it?” I said yeah. Then she started giving me a blowjob. What an experience it was. I felt her soft lips on my dick moving slowly. I was so turned on. I told her I am about to cum. She asked if I want to offload it in her mouth or on the face.

I asked what she likes. She said, “You can drop it into my mouth. I will drink it.” I said ok. Then she started moving her head up and down. In a few seconds, I shot cum into her mouth. I asked her, “How is it?”

She said, “It’s hot and I like it.” She swallowed it. Then she laid on bed. I went on her and started pressing and licking her boobs. Her boobs were so nice and big. I don’t know how many husbands pressed it. They were white and soft, with light brown nipples. Then I went down.

A clean shaved pussy it is. I put my finger first and start rubbing it. Then she pressed my mouth on it. I started licking it. It smells so good I cannot tell. My dick became hard again. Then I put it inside and started pounding her. She started making moaning sounds.

Then I asked her to turn and she turned. We switched into doggy style.  I started pounding her and then she jerked off.  Then she laid on the bed.  She took my dick into her mouth and start giving me a blowjob again. And after some time, I cum into her.

I asked her, “What do you think is going on in the other room? Should we go?” She agreed and we slowly went to the other room. I saw Devesh was pounding my wife in the doggy style. Her clothes were off.  We didn’t go to the room. We were just looking from the small opening of the door.

Then he turns her and she was laying on the bed. He started stroking her and at the same time pressing her boobs.  He was licking and biting and my wife was shouting. Then Devesh held her by her hair and started moving her face. She was trying to move but Devesh was strong.

She couldn’t do anything. His dick was so big and he was pushing so hard as deep throat. He cum into her and she swallowed it all. Then both lay on the bed. We came back into our room and Sonali wanted more. So we played one more round.

Thank you guys for reading my story. Please give feedback and tell me if you want me to write another part for this or any other story.

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