Adventure In A Moving Car With A Couple

Hello everyone, I am here to narrate the awesome experience I had with a couple a few months back. First few things about me, I am a 30 years old guy from Hyderabad (originally from U.P.) with average built, 6’ height.

I had published a story on XIS and got many responses from people. Some were from single men asking the usual questions like girl’s info, which I ignored but one was different. It was from a married guy who was curious about the incident I had written.

We texted back and forth a few times and shared some personal info (without revealing the name and all). A few months passed and he revealed that he wants to see his wife with another man. Reason – the same faced by the majority of couples.

They love each other and want to spend the rest of their life together. But sex life comes to stagnation. They miss the fun and spark that they had earlier for each other. In my case, the couple had a 2-year-old daughter. They were happy with each other but their sex life was dull.

Husband named Raj and wife named Shweta, both were working in IT and living in Hyderabad, away from parents. Now a little bit about Shweta, 5’ 3”, fair complexion, awesome figure and having the lips everyone can die for. She was having 34C size(which I came to know later) and a killer smile, lethal combination for a lady.

Both were slightly younger than me. So the husband slowly revealed all that to his wife and somehow convinced her to chat with me. She pinged me on WhatsApp and we started talking. Talks rapidly changed into sex chats and in video chats thereafter.

Turns out she was also hungry and at the same time forbidden fruit (other men/women in this case) always tastes better. Oh man, I miss going into my office washroom and having video calls with her. She used to show me her boobs. I used to show my dick.

We would silently masturbate in our respective washrooms seeing each other’s private parts.

Well, we 3 quickly planned to meet and see how things go. We decided on one night and I went to a pub where they both were waiting for me. I waved at them and sat with them. I was in awe of her beauty as soon as I saw her. She was wearing a knee-length dress with light makeup and was looking like a bomb.

After some ice-breaking over drinks, we all were talking freely to each other. Nothing related to sex, just usual stuff about each other’s life. Suddenly I felt my hand-rubbed with Shweta’s hand. We both said sorry to each other. But guess what, our hands rubbed again and we did not say sorry this time.

Then all the time we were holding hands under the table which I am sure many people who could see will be wondering about. Then slowly I touched her on her thigh, of course from above her dress and her reaction was favorable. We kept playing while having drinks.

After some time, Raj suggested that we should go for a long drive. We hopped into their car and started on the way towards outside the city. I was sitting in front with Raj driving and Shweta sitting behind me. Still, our play was going on from the sides of the car seats, rubbing and touching each other.

After sometime Raj stopped the car roadside and asked me to get a water bottle. I went out, bought the water bottle. while coming back, something got into me and I opened the backdoor and sat with Shweta. They both were startled for a minute.

But Raj started to drive while I and Shweta got comfortable on the backseat. As soon as we were on a secluded road, it’s like a spark that happened between me and Shweta. We both jumped at each other at the same time and started kissing each other wildly.

Raj glanced at the back, found us kissing like mad people and kept driving. Shweta was like a wild cat that time, sucking my tongue passionately while pulling my hair. I had raised her dress upside and had full access to her silky smooth thighs.

A lot of saliva exchange happened between 2 passionate bodies. My hands started roaming at the edge of her panty on her thighs. Slowly I inserted my hand inside her panties and I think her heart skipped a beat. Someone other than her husband was accessing her private parts.

I am sure she must be having conflicting thoughts. But as it has happened always, lust prevails over social boundaries and she got more wild in her kissing. Meanwhile, Raj was watching everything in the mirror. As the road was empty, he did not have to concentrate much on the road.

Meanwhile, things were heating up inside the car due to the activities I and Shweta were involved in. We knew no bounds now and were playing on the front foot accessing every part of each other. She opened my zip and got my dick out after caressing.

Now I have a 7” dick with enough thickness which can be considered slightly above average in the Indian context. She looked at it in the dim light coming inside the car and I saw an appreciation in her eyes. She started stroking it and gulped it in her mouth.

From her way of sucking, I realized that she was quite an expert in that and knew how to satisfy a man. I envied Raj for a minute for getting his hands on this beauty every day and night. Her gagging sound brought me out of my thoughts. It turned out she tried to deep throat my entire dick and gagged on it.

She left my dick and had some water. She took a minute to catch a breath but guess what, her hands didn’t leave my dick for a second. Again we started kissing with full intensity while she kept rubbing my dick. I diverted my attention towards her boobs.

I got her bra covered boobs outside her loose dress and started pressing those. Slowly I pulled her bra down and yeah, awesome honeypots were in front of me ready to shower their nectar over me. She had fair boobs with a slightly large areola.

Seeing this in the mirror, Raj also pushed his hand towards the backseat and started pressing one of her boobs. Now the situation was that I was pressing her right boob and her husband was pressing her left boob. None of us were showing any mercy on her.

I don’t know what got over me. Usually, I am not rough with women but again, this situation was different from being in a threesome. I pinched her nipple and she bit my tongue. She playfully looked into my eyes saying it was punishment for pinching the nipple.

We took a short break and again she started giving me a blowjob, this time with the intent to finish me off. I was also fingering her frantically with one hand and pressing her boobs with the other one.

After a few minutes, I was about to cum. When I told her, she stopped the blowjob and took tissues and started stroking me with her hand. I came soon in her hand which she cleaned up with tissues.

We were on the way back and about to reach the city. We adjusted ourselves and sat properly. I asked Raj where we’ll be going next, he said, “Relax buddy, its only 11 PM. Let’s go to our home and continue the party.” I and Shweta looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.

We both knew this night was going to be the first of the many memorable events we are going to have in the future.

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