Besties Make Soni’s Nude College Farewell Memorable – Part 1

I was getting ready for the farewell. I wore tight-fitting jeans and a yellow, tube-top which made my boobs look bigger. I had bought a new denim jacket just for this day.

I was admiring myself in the mirror. Just then, my phone rang. It was Kevin. Kevin was my childhood friend. He was a tall 5.11″ with a well-built body. He was the captain of our college football team.

I answered the call. He told me that they had planned an outing. He asked me to get my bag with clothes, towels, and other necessities.

I told him that I can’t come as I have not informed my family.

“I have already spoken to aunty and she agreed as long as Rishab, Komal, and I are going along,” he said.

I immediately went out of my room and asked my mom. “Mom, did Kevin call you?”

Mom said, “Yes, and I have told your dad also. Soni (short for my name Soniya), it’s your last day of college, so go out and enjoy yourself. You won’t get this time again.”

I thanked my mom and hugged her. I told Kevin that I will meet him at college.

“I am waiting under your building. Come fast,” he said.

I told him to wait for five minutes. I packed my things and went down the stairs. There he was on his bike. He was dressed in a blue suit. With short hair, he looked so handsome.

I sat on his bike and we headed towards the college. All of us enjoyed the last day, the farewell party at college to the fullest. There were moments when a few of us were in tears.

As soon as the farewell party ended, Kevin declared that there was an overnight party at Rishab’s farmhouse. Rishab was the son of a wealthy businessman. He was a spoiled brat, but not with pride and a bad attitude. He was a very nice person, and he too was on the college football team.

He was about 5.8″, fair and well-built with a gym body. All the girls in the college were after him. But he was not interested in anyone.

It was 2:30 in the afternoon. We all who were permitted by our parents headed towards Rishab’s farmhouse. His farmhouse was awesome with a swimming pool and a huge garden.

Rishab’s dad had arranged for food and snacks. The party started. Everyone changed their clothes and was enjoying the pool. I was with Komal and Rishab, while Kevin was playing music. He was our DJ.

While talking to Komal, she told me that she will be going home by 11:00 pm as her parents did not allow her to stay overnight.

Many boys and girls were also going back. Except for a few couples and some boys who just wanted to enjoy, the others were leaving.

Soon, it was around 7:30 pm. Rishab made an announcement saying, “Guys, good news for all. The beers have arrived. Anyone who wishes to drink can help themselves.”

Kevin had come down from the stage as the other DJ whom Rishab had hired had come and he had taken over. I was sitting by the pool with my legs in the water when Kevin and Rishab came with beers.

Kevin handed me one and Rishab handed one to Komal. Komal had to go home so she did not drink. By 8:30, I had drunk about 3 beers. Just then, our classmates started heading home. Komal had to go with them because there was no one willing to stay late. I was a bit high on the beers.

I said, “Goodbye,” to Komal and headed inside as I was feeling sleepy.

So, I went into one of the bedrooms and slept.

”Come on now, wake up,” I heard a voice.

My eyes partially open I could see two people standing in front of me. Rishab and Kevin. Rishab was wearing grey boxer shorts and no t-shirt. Kevin was also in boxer shorts and a blue t-shirt. I was about to close my eyes again to sleep. Just then, Kevin sprinkled water on my face.

“Come on now, you are not here to sleep,” said Kevin.

“Soni, it’s our last day of college, don’t spoil it,” said Rishab.

“Let me sleep just for a little while,” I pleaded.

Kevin: You have been sleeping for 3 hours. Now wake up.

Rishab: Ya, wake up or else..

Me: Do whatever you want, but I want to sleep a little more.

Just then, both Kevin and Rishab lifted me up. I was struggling but in vain. They were too strong for a girl like me. They carried me to the pool and threw me in. I was so scared and the water was cold. I didn’t know to swim, so I was nearly drowning.

Suddenly, I felt a pair of hands grab me, and took me to the shallow side of the pool. I looked up and saw that it was Rishab. I realized that his left hand was touching the side of my boobs, and his right hand was under my thighs!

He helped me stand on my feet. I came back to my senses and started hitting him on his chest. He also playfully started teasing me.

Then he caught both my hands, but I was still trying to get free as I was very angry.

“Kevin, help me! or she will kill me today,” he said jokingly.

Kevin jumped in the pool and caught me from behind. Suddenly, I got free and tried to get out of the pool, but Kevin caught my top and pulled me. I fell in the water again, and when I got up. I saw Kevin and Rishab both staring at me. I asked them what they were looking at?

They pointed out my boobs. I looked down and saw that my top was torn and my right side of the bra was visible. Since I had worn a white lacy bra, my nipple was slightly visible. Both were staring at my boob with their mouths open.

I tried to cover my boob with my hands.

“Awesome,” Kevin said. I don’t know why but I sort of blushed.

Seeing me blush, Rishab said, “Mind-blowing.”

Both walked towards me till they were so close that I could feel their breath.

“Soni, you really have a nice pair of boobs,” said Rishab.

I was so shy. I turned around and looked but there was no one near the pool except us three.

“I should go change now,” I said and got out of the pool.

As I was walking towards the room, Rishab said, “We could help you change.”

I just turned my head and gave a sexy smile.

“Both of you have gone mad,” I said.

“After what we saw, yes we have,” Kevin replied.

I just blushed and gave them another sexy smile. They took it as a green signal and started following me. I was near the stairs when I felt a hand on my waist. It was Kevin. Soon, Rishab came to my right and put it over my shoulder. All three of us started walking towards the bedroom.

Once we were in the room, Kevin turned me towards him and kissed me on my lips. His lips were so warm and his hands were cupping my face.

While we were kissing, Rishab lifted my top and started kissing my back. I was shivering so Kevin said, “Soni, take off your clothes or you might catch a cold.”

I was a bit shy, so Rishab just raised my hands and Kevin lifted my top off my body and threw it aside. Rishab started to press my boobs from behind while Kevin went on his knees to kiss my stomach.

By then, Rishab had lifted my bra and was pressing them. His fingers were playing with my nipples.

Kevin undid the buttons of my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles along with my panties. I was now completely nude in front of them. I was experiencing mixed emotions. I was shy, embarrassed, and also happy that these two hottest boys of our college were making love to me.

Then Kevin sat down on the bed and pulled me on his lap. He started kissing me and removed my bra. He was like a hungry child.

Unlike Rishab, Kevin was a bit rough. He was squeezing my boobs hard. It was paining me.

“Aahh, Kevin be gentle like Rishab please,” I said.

To which he replied, “I can’t be gentle love. I have been eyeing these beautiful babies for a long time. Now that I have them, I will do what I always wanted to do. Bear this pain for me because this pain will give you pleasure.”

Kevin then put his lips on my boob and started sucking it and played with my nipple with his tongue. He bit my nipple lightly. I just moaned in pleasure.

My pussy was aching. I closed my eyes. Then Rishab took my hand and put it on his cock.

“Hold this and play with it,” he said. I opened my eyes and saw a massive cock. It was about 7 to 8 inches, and thick with the size of my wrist. I started stroking it. Kevin was still taking turns on my boobs. Sucking one and squeezing the other.

I was horny as hell and so were they. While stroking Rishab’s cock, I wondered what would Kevin’s cock be like. I guess Kevin sensed what I was thinking.

He put me on the bed and removed his shorts and underwear. I was now seeing the second cock of my life. Kevin’s cock was thick like Rishab’s but slightly bigger in length than Rishab’s.

There I was sitting on the bed, my eyes filled with joy. I was looking at the cocks of my best friends. Rishab’s cock was in my right hand, and my left hand was reaching for Kevin’s cock. They both looked like handsome models. Their cocks were fully hard and throbbing. They were saluting my beauty, my body, my 32-24-32 figure.

“We want to give you the best pleasure and joy you have ever imagined,” said Kevin.

“Yes Soni, we want to make you and treat you like our Queen,” said Rishab.

“Do you want to accept us as your lovers?” asked Kevin.

I just closed my eyes laid down on the bed and said, “Yes. How can I say no to such handsome, best friends of mine?”

“I am the luckiest girl in the whole world. Which other girls always dream of having, I have it all for me,” I added.

Both of them jumped with joy and lay down on either side of me. Their cocks were touching the sides of my thighs.

Both looking into my eyes held my hands and said, “We promise we won’t let you down ever. We are yours forever unless you want us to leave you. We will always be with you in good times and bad. We pledge our love to you, our Queen.”

“I love you both. Please don’t ever leave me alone. Whatever you want I will do for you,” I said.

All of us were overjoyed. They both hugged me.

“So, do you want to continue what we started?” asked Rishab.

I said, “Yes”, but I was a bit scared as this was my first time. Sensing my nervousness, Kevin asked if I wanted one on one session?

I said that would be a good idea.

Since I was a virgin, both of them wanted to deflower me. Since it was not possible, they tossed and Kevin won.

Kevin was very happy to break my virginity. Rishab was disappointed. Kevin said something in his ears and Rishab smiled.

Then Rishab kissed my lips and went out. As soon as Rishab went out of the room, Kevin came above me. His cock was still hard and hot as an iron rod. Kevin started kissing me.

My hands were exploring his back and caressing his hair. He moved down on my body until his lips found my nipples. He sucked them one by one.

Then, he asked me to blow him. I sat on the bed and he knelt in front of me. Then I held his cock in my hands and kissed the tip.

Next Part: Besties Make Soni’s Nude College Farewell Memorable – Part 2


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