Fucked hot IITian classmate by helping her in exams

Hello folks, this is a story about my romantic sexual encounter with my batchmate Archana in IIT Delhi in February last year(2020) during mid-semester. The names have been changed for anonymity, but the events described are real.

The story is a bit long with proper experiences involved and not just sexual anecdotes. So, kindly bear with me and if you are a college student, then it is a must-read for you.

About me, I am Viru, a 19-year old single male, residing in New Delhi, having 6ft height and a decent-sized tool capable of satisfying even the wildest fantasizing sex girls. I am used to working out regularly and have maintained a decent physique (though not the athletic kind).

Coming to the heroine of this story, she is Archana, 19, with a height of 5’6”, slim, her navel is so smooth that if you put your finger on it, it will slide straight away! Her boobs are so much rounded that on seeing, you would develop an instant boner!!

It all started when I took admission in IIT Delhi after the rigorous hard work of 2 years and got to know that my next roll number was a bombshell girl. We were pursuing Electrical engineering and in labs. We were divided into a group of 3. She always wore tight clothes which would give me an instant boner every time she touched me accidentally.

I started developing feelings for my hot batchmate but she never gave hints to me. Our 1st Semester passed and I was in the top 5 students in my batch. In the 2nd Semester, we had one tough subject of Calculus (Engineering students can relate to it) which was my favorite.

We had its exam on 26th February and one day before it, Archana texted me for help and asked me to come to the football ground. I reach there in 5 minutes and our conversation went as follow:-

Archana:- Hi Viru, How was your exam today?

Me:- It was great. Tell me about yours?

Archana:- It’s ok ok, Can you help me tomorrow? Otherwise, I will fail.

Me:- What will I get in return?

Archana:- Whatever you want, but please help me tomorrow.

Me:- I want something special. (she blushed at that.)

Archana:- What???

Me:- I will tell you when we meet tomorrow.

Archana:- Tell me now, please.

Me:- Tomorrow, please

After coming to the hostel, I sent her a heart emoji to check her feelings. She replied with a kiss emoji and then I called her and told her about my feelings. Surprisingly, she also had feelings for me.

Then we decided to plan everything the next day. I masturbated twice that night not because I will get the best pussy tomorrow but because she also liked me which she never told me.

The next day, I met her and surprisingly, Archana hugged me tightly. Her round sexy boobs against my chest gave me an instant thunder and those 20 seconds were the best moments till then!

She said that she also wanted to tell me about her feelings but didn’t know how I would react. Then we kissed and that was the first kiss for both of us. We were doing it very passionately, playing with each other’s tongues. I was rubbing my hand on my hot IIT batchmate’s back and she was teasingly touching my dick.

After 5 minutes, we went to the exam hall and I was writing the exam at full speed so that my princess could copy it. I finished the exam in 1 hour and waited for another 30 minutes. Then we came out of the exam hall and she hugged me again and asked me to go to the CCD (which was on our campus).

Later, we decided to go to the hotel. I booked an OYO room.

We reached there through Uber after doing some kinky stuff in the cab. When we entered OYO and asked for keys, the receptionist looked at us in a weird manner. I ignored her. We started kissing in the lift and as soon as we entered the room, we were licking each other like there was no tomorrow!

Archana then asked me to remove my clothes and show my dick to her. I did and immediately, the prettiest girl in my college started giving me a handjob after seeing my monster. Meanwhile, I was playing with my classmate’s round boobs.

After giving a hand-job for almost 5 minutes, I asked her for a blowjob which she refused to do! But, after my 2-3 requests, she was ready for it and gave it to me like a professional! Even Dani Daniels will be a noob in front of her. Lol.

Then I started licking Archana’s golden hole. She was wet there and was moaning like hell. As my tongue touched her pussy, she started moaning. Her voice gave me more pleasure and her virgin juices were flowing heavily which tasted very good.

We lick each other in various positions. Archana was playing with my monster and I was licking her juicy boobs.

Now, the real fun began. She asked me to put my cock in her hole. I wore the condom and started putting my middle finger in her tight hole first. It was hurting her a lot, but I did it for 5 minutes and then she started loving it.

After caressing her for 10 minutes, I put my dick in my IIT batchmate’s hole with full force. My dick was only half inside and she was badly yelling! I was kissing her to reduce her pain and applied more force. Soon, my dick was fully inside in her pussy and I slowly started fucking her.

After 5 minutes or so, she started enjoying it and was out of control.

Archana:- Baby, just tear my pussy!!! Yoo, I am not a virgin anymore. I am loving it. Don’t stop..Go deeper..more and more.. Keep fucking me baby, you are too good, just fuck it.

Initially, I was in pain also but I also started enjoying it later. We fucked each other for about 20-25 minutes in various positions. We were sweating badly and we laid down over each other and were kissing.

Archana was whispering in my ears that it was the best day of her life and she can’t describe how happy she was. I was also very much happy because I was fucking the best girl in our batch!

Then, she gave me a blowjob and we did 69 position for another 10 minutes. After that, we went for a shower together. I was playing with her boobs and she was playing with my dick under the shower. Then we kissed and took a hot shower.

Now, the clock was already showing 6 pm and she had to be in her hostel by 9 pm. So, we talked a lot, shared our fantasies and kissed a lot. We left the hotel at 8 and reached the campus at 8:45 pm. She was in pain but it was worth the fun.

From then onward, we started talking on the phone frequently. Archana was of my type (highly intellect, extrovert and strong sexual desires).

We planned a vacation to Missouri. But the Covid breakout shattered all our plans and we had to leave the college campus.

Now, it has been a year and we daily talk on WhatsApp and do frequent video calls. We miss each other a lot but we have fulfilled our many fantasies on video calls together.

It’s my first story, so ignore the grammatical mistakes and mail me your feedback at [email protected]

Any girl or married lady can mail me if you want to share your fantasies and interested in becoming a virtual sex partner with a smart IITian. Be assured about the secrecy of this relation.

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