Lesbian Fun With Nurse Friend And Her Brother-In-Law

Hello readers, I hope you all are fine and safe in this pandemic. I am Shijina. I am from the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram (TVPM). I am a professionally certified, unemployed nurse. I hail from a strictly orthodox family. Ours is a big family and currently I am staying with my husband’s family.

We are in Kollam, and his family consists of my father-in-law, my mother-in-law, and my 6-year-old son. My husband is in Dubai. He runs 3 shops in Ras Al Khaimah. By this, you can imagine how busy he is.

My husband comes to see us only once every 2 years. Most of the time, I used to go there, but now as my in-laws are getting old, I am permanently staying in Kollam.

We also have some land here which is more than 6 acres, both in TVPM and Kollam which consists of rubber trees, coconut trees, and a wetland consisting of banana trees. So, I have to take care of this all alone, as I am really a stubborn lady with a good socializing nature.

Even I am being asked to be a candidate for the all-time winning party which I will tell you about later. But, deep inside me lays a whore with a lot of fantasies.

I always managed to explore my darkest and wildest fun of sexual life like every other woman and kept it as a big secret. I got many sexual encounters in my life. I will tell you about that here, which entirely depends on your feedback on my first story.

This incident happened back in mid-September, 2020. I was introduced to the world of ISS on this day. And from then, I am really a big of Indian Sex Stories (ISS), and now I thought of contributing my life experiences to it.

Every day I use to spend more than 3 hours reading ISS stories at night and satisfy my thirsty pussy with my middle finger. So, rather than wasting time, let’s get into the story.

It was a Friday night and I was busy sexting with my online boyfriends in IMO and SHARE CHAT. Suddenly, I got a call from an unknown number. Usually, I don’t take calls from an unknown number at night, as I told you earlier, that I am a woman with a good, clean image and reputation in my area, so I don’t want to spoil that.

Suddenly, the true caller notification popped up showing the name Sruthi FB. I was hoping that it was a female on the other side, I picked up the call. To my surprise, it was my best friend Sruthi Nair.

I and Sruthi did our nursing course together. We were roommates and classmates and we both are from TVMP. We were more than friends and more than lovers.

We both had a lot of secrets together. I will share with you everything about us, depending upon your feedback on this story.

The 4 years of our nursing education in Bangalore, were our most memorable days in our life. We shared everything from boys to drinks and smokes in our college days. She belongs to a wealthy family with a good reputation in her place, just like me.

After our studies, within one year we both ditched our boyfriends and married the person that our family suggested, and we moved on with our lives.

Sruthi is married to an accountant who is working in Singapore and so they moved out of the country, and I moved to Dubai. Now she is back in TVPM and is planning to start a new boutique in Varkala (TVPM), which I came to know later in the conversation.

We used to call each other ‘MOLLU’ meaning baby (BABE) in Malayalam. That’s the amount of love and lust that we have for each other.

We started our conversation, and we both were happy to talk again after a long gap of years. Even though initially we used to text on Facebook as there was no WhatsApp then. But that didn’t last for a long time because of our busy life schedule.

Now she called me up to invite me for her housewarming. She had constructed a new sea view villa in her husband’s place in Varkala. This house is just 10 minutes away from her upcoming boutique.

We continued the conversation for 1 hour from house-warming to our sex lives. From my words, she understood how desperate my holes are. As a loving and caring friend, she consoled me and said, “Don’t worry, I am there for you. I am not going anywhere as I am settling down in Varkala with my boutique.”

“We will bring back our college life and I still love you like before. We will have a lot of fun together.” Her words made tears well up in my eyes, and I said, “I love you a lot and am ready for every surprise that you are planning.”

She told me that her house warming is on Sunday, and I should stay back at night with her as she is planning for a night party as we are meeting after a long gap of years. Without thinking twice, I accepted.

She said, “No gifts are accepted here. But if you really want to gift something then you should come in a white top and leggings without wearing any inners.” We both laughed at that. I said, “Ok, I will do that.”

Suddenly, I got an IMO call from my husband, so we ended our conversation immediately with a phone kiss. As I was talking with Ikka (my husband), I told him about the plan for Sunday.

I told him that I will be back on Monday morning, as I have to stay because she is all alone in the new house. He accepted it and asked me to invite her to our home after the pandemic is over and give her a lavish treat.

He also said that now I won’t be bored in my town anymore, as my best friend is back. It’s only a 20 minutes ride from Ikka’s house to her new house.

We both are living on the borderline of KOLLAM and TVPM. There are many in-roads which can get us to each other’s place quickly. He also said that I should gift her something special. Ikka doesn’t know that what she likes the most in the world, is my ASS.

I told Ikka that I will definitely give her the precious gift that she likes, with a devilish smile on my face. Then I got back to my online boyfriends for the usual sexting. Ikka doesn’t like satisfying me online with dirty talk and nudity, as he believes that it is still a sin in the 21st century. That night I had a great orgasm.

I woke up early in the morning on Sunday and did all the household chores. I assigned the rest of the work to the maid. I gave proper guidance to her about the medicines that should be given to my in-laws.

I took a shower and a proper pussy-shave as she does not like my hairy assets. I dressed up with the sexiest, white leggings, along with a pink top. My white tops had gone to the laundry. I was without my inners and left for her place immediately. She sent me the exact location.

I took the village roads to reach there, as it’s the shortest distance with no police checking which was happening due to the pandemic everywhere. I reached there within half an hour. I saw her standing in front of the gate to welcome me. As I reached, she came out of the house and came running hugging me.

We both were happy to see each other after a long time. We hugged tightly and she kissed me on my left cheek. She welcomed me inside the house, and I saw her parents and her in-laws there.

Only 20 people were present at the function. Her husband was not present at the function as he is stuck in Singapore, due to the cancelation of the flights at the last moment.

She took me to every corner of the house, and it’s really a big house. Behind it, I saw a part of the Arabian Sea and it is their private area. No outsiders are allowed there. Overall it was beautiful.

As we were standing in the kitchen and talking with her amma (mom) I saw a Royal Enfield Bullet bike being parked outside the house, and a handsome young man in typical Kerala dress getting into the house.

He was having a cover in his hand, and he took it to the first floor by hiding it in his mundu (dhoti). He was approximately 6 ft in height with a heavily built body.

As I was leaning against the wall and wondering who the guy was, Sruthi came near me and said you are much sexier than before. I blushed and said, “Even you too.”

She slowly slid her right hand into my leggings from behind to make sure that I had not worn my panties. She was surprised to see me without panties. I saw the wonder on her face. “Do you like my gift?” I asked as she was scratching my ass hole with her middle finger.

Immediately, she inserted her middle finger into my ass and then removed it out. I was really shocked by her bold act. Luckily, nobody noticed us, and we had the protection of the wall from behind. Then she licked her middle finger which was completely wet with a foul smell. That act made me horny. Sorry, I forgot to give you’ll a description about us.

Sruthi and I are in our early 30’s. She has got a boy who is in the 2nd class and was with his father. My figure is 42C-38-46 and she is 36D-34-42. Sruthi was wearing a white sari with a sleeveless blouse. Her sexiness was really making some of her family friends stare at her assets.

We both always tease men with our figure. My ass was really wet by now as I could feel it. Suddenly, I saw that same heavily built guy coming downstairs.

Sruthi was standing near the car porch. He said something in her ear and came to the hall. He saw me standing in the kitchen. But he was not giving me any eye contact.

After 5 minutes, Sruthi messaged me to come to the first floor of the outer bathroom as she is waiting there. Slowly, I moved to the spot. While climbing the place I could feel the wetness in my ass.

As I got into the bathroom, my dear friend was sitting in the European closet waiting for me. She suddenly closed the door from behind by saying that I can’t control this anymore and started kissing me. We smooched madly.

After 5 minutes, she made me bend towards the closet and removed my leggings and started licking my asshole. She said that my ass tastes so good even better than before. There was no light in the bathroom. Suddenly, somebody knocked the door and said, “Open the door fast, someone is coming.”

Suddenly, without giving me time to adjust my leggings, she immediately opened the door. Immediately, that same big guy entered the bathroom with a cover. And without talking, he opened the bathroom tap. The water was flowing down the pipe and flashing everywhere. My leggings immediately got wet which was down to my knee.

Sruthi immediately lifted her sari up to the thighs and sat on the closet. As my leggings were on my knees, I could not balance myself so I supported myself by leaning forward and catching her shoulders as she was sitting. He was just behind me, catching my shoulders from behind. I was sandwiched between that guy and Sruthi.

Then somebody came to that spot. They were talking about the view of the house. We were quiet without making any noise. After a few seconds, I noticed that something was poking me from behind. It was nothing but his dick.

I realized that his dick was correctly placed in-between my ass and he had got a boner now. I didn’t know what to do. Even he realized that, but he was also helpless. His hand was around my waist and by then he knew that my leggings were down.

After a few minutes, the people outside had left and we settled ourselves and switched our positions. I somehow put my leggings back even though it was wet. He seated himself in the closet as he is really big, and I and Sruthi moved towards both his sides. Then he took 3 beer bottles from the cover that he was carrying.

She said to drink it as we are going to have food now. While drinking he was constantly giving me eye contact and I was really embarrassed to look at him.

Then he took a packet of lemon pickle to use it as a topping. He drank it in 2 sips and we both ladies took 15 minutes to finish the bottle.

After our college, this was the first time that I am having alcohol. It really turned me on. After that, as we were getting out of the bathroom, I purposefully rubbed my ass on his hand and he even pressed it with his thumb.

We reached Sruthi’s bedroom and she gave me a sleeveless top and leggings to wear. Then she introduced him to me. He is her brother-in-law. He is a model and is settled in Mumbai. He is her best friend in her Ettan’s (husband’s) family. With this, I easily figured out how close they are.

Sruthi suddenly said, “Karthik, welcome my girl with a sexy hug the way you used to give me.” As he came forward, I introduced myself and opened my arms for him. Karthik slowly slides his hand to my ass, and pressed it slowly, and lifted me in the air. We 3 started laughing, and he openly said that I am much sexier than his sister-in-law.

Then he threw me down on the bed and asked both of us to get ready and come down quickly otherwise someone will get a doubt because it’s more than 30minutes as we are missing from the main area.

After 5 minutes, we both went down, and I changed into her sleeveless top and white leggings. I was at the center of the attraction there. Even Karthik was giving me close eye contact this time. We both were high and we immediately had our lunch. Slowly, people started going back, as it was a small function for the namesake due to the pandemic.

We went to the nearby beach as we were high and we really wanted to enjoy the moment. In-between, Ikka called and I made Ikka talk to her. Even her ettan called and talked to me.

As the guests left, her parents and in-laws joined us on the beach. I saw Karthik with them and he perfectly acted as if we are meeting for the first time. He called me ‘thatha’ (sister) in front of everyone and asked me about my whereabouts. Her in-laws were saying that they were looking for a bride for him.

Finally, everybody left and we both were left alone. Karthik couldn’t stay back as it would create doubt. But I was really sad about not having him.

As everyone left, she took a bottle of scotch that Karthik had left for us in the bathroom and a packet of cigarettes. At first, as I smoked, I coughed my lungs out. 2 pegs down and we both lost our control.

We were having the best lesbian sex ever. We poured the alcohol on each other’s bodies and licked it. It was after a long gap of years that we were having this fun. We were finger-fucking each other by lying down on the floor.

By then, it was 10 pm. We didn’t even know when the time passed by. Suddenly, we heard a sound from the kitchen side. It was something falling from a height.

The lights were all off. Suddenly, somebody started knocking on the door. We were really afraid and suddenly Sruthi’s phone started ringing. It was Karthik on the line. He said that he was outside the kitchen. We were like on cloud 9 as were really missing a dick at that moment.

Suddenly, we opened the door and he was really thrilled to see 2 super hot bitches nude and drunk. We straight forward kissed and made him nude.

I only remember a few things that happened that night. We both women climbed on him and he took us to the nearby bedroom. He was totally avoiding Sruthi and spending more time with me.

(I am not narrating the entire thing of fucking here. I hope you can imagine how it will be when 2 women and 1 man make out. I will tell you the entire incidents that led to the fuck session.)

At 4 am as we all were tired and sleeping on the same bed, I woke up as I heard the sound of water droplets. It was Karthik in the washroom. He wanted to get back to his house before his parents woke up. As he saw me, he pulled me inside the shower and banged me hard. He was so happy to have me.

It was the first time that someone banged me so hard. He said that he can always be available between my legs whenever I want him. I gave him a nice blowjob and took his load inside my mouth like an obedient bitch.

Then he oiled my ass and fucked my ass. Initially, it was not getting in so he applied more force. I was screaming due to pain and pleasure. His yippee marks were all around my body. I was not even able to walk properly. He carried me in his arms to the bedroom and we settled ourselves in 69 position.

He took my WhatsApp number and said that we can be more than fuck buddies. The next day around 10 am, Sruthi woke me up.

We took a bath together with nice lesbian sex. We cooked some food and I thanked her for the last night. She said more that fun was on the way. Then we smooched and I left for my place.

I hope you guys liked my story. If so, then do give your valuable feedback. Depending upon your feedback, I will give my other life stories.

Thank you,
With love,

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