Besties Make Soni’s Nude College Farewell Memorable – Part 2

Hi friends, please read the previous part to know the background of this story and understand how it all began.

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As soon as Rishab went out of the room, Kevin came above me. His cock was still hard and hot as an iron rod. Kevin started kissing me. My hands were exploring his back and caressing his hair.

He moved down on my body until his lips found my nipples. He sucked them one by one. Then he asked me to blow him.

I sat on the bed, and he knelt in front of me. I held his cock in my hands and kissed the tip. Kevin was caressing my hair.

I started sucking his cock. I sucked him for about five minutes. He was moaning and breathing heavily. He then made me lie down on the bed and put a pillow under my butt.

He kissed my pussy. “Open your legs wide as you can,” he said.

I opened my legs wide and said to him, “Please be gentle.”

“Don’t worry baby. Just relax,” he replied.

He placed the tip of his cock on my pussy and rubbed it a few times.

“Ready?” he asked me.

I took a deep breath and nodded my head in affirmation. He slowly pushed his cock in my pussy hole, but it slipped a few times. Then he pushed just a little bit harder, and I screamed in pain.

The head of his cock was in me. He immediately put his lips on mine and my scream was muffled! He waited for about a minute and pushed in a little more.

I was in pain and was pushing him away, but he was too strong for my petite body. Again he waited for another minute or so and pushed it a bit more.

Now, half of his cock was inside me. I was in terrible pain but could not scream, because Kevin was continuously kissing me.

Kevin now started to move his cock in and out of my pussy. Slowly and slowly, I was starting to enjoy.

After a few strokes, he pushed his entire length in my tiny, tight pussy. My pussy was stretched to the max. He waited for my pain to ease. He was still kissing me to avoid my screams going out of the room. One of his hands was kneading my boob like dough.

His strokes were slow and steady for about five minutes. My pain had now turned into pleasure.

Kevin released my lips now. My moans of pleasure now filled the room. Though he was having difficulty pushing his entire length in me, he gradually increased the pace. The weight of his muscular body on mine was making my moans even louder.

I could feel his cock go deeper with every stroke. I could feel my tiny pussy being stretched to its limits. He was now riding me like a bull.

By then, his whole cock was in me. He stopped and pulled out his cock. “Turn around now baby I want to do it like a dog now,” he said.

“So, does that make me your bitch?” I asked smiling at him.

“Bitches get it rough, but if you want to be a bitch, I will be happy to bang that cunt of yours. I will fuck it so hard that you will never want another dick,” he said with an evil smile on his face.

I said, “I am whatever you want me to be. I love you.”

That was all that he needed to turn me around on all fours. He pushed his huge cock from behind. This time, his cock didn’t have much difficulty in getting in. But, still, a little scream escaped my lips.

Just then the door opened and Rishab walked in. His cock was making a huge tent in his shorts. Kevin didn’t stop and started pounding my pussy from behind.

“Rishab, buddy Soni here wants to be our bitch,” Kevin said pounding my cunt faster and faster.

“That’s great news. Then let’s make her our bitch,” Rishab said to Kevin.

Then Rishab looked at me and said, “Soni, so you don’t mind being our bitch ha.. Toh fir gandi,gandi baate shuru kare? (Shall we talk dirty now?)”

I nodded and said, “Yessss.”

Rishab came near my head and knelt on the bed. He pulled his shorts down just enough to let his cock free. He lightly slapped his cock on my face. I licked his entire length and started sucking.

“Yeah, come on bitch, take it deeper,” he said.

Kevin was now on the verge of releasing his load. He caught my boobs in both his hands and pounded me like an animal. I must have came five to six times by then, I couldn’t remember.

I could not scream or shout as Rishab would not let his dick out of my mouth. I was so tired and about to fall flat on the bed, but Rishab put his hands in my hair and made a bun to hold my head steady.

He was now putting his cock deeper in my mouth. He made me gag a few times. Now Kevin emptied his full load in my pussy, and shouted, “Oh fuck.”

Rishab also let go of my mouth. I was exhausted and fell on the bed next to Kevin. I asked them to let me rest for some time. So, Rishab also laid next to me.

Kevin turned my face towards him and gave me a kiss on my lips. I broke the kiss and asked him what he had said to Rishab before he went out smiling.

“Tell her Rishab,” said Kevin.

I turned my head to look at Rishab.

Rishab smiled and said, “The toss we did about who will fuck you first, was actually who will take the virginity of your pussy and who would take your virgin ass.”

“I had won your beautiful ass, but I could not wait to fuck you, so we decided that Rishab will take your ass,” said Kevin.

“I have been dreaming to fuck that ass for a long time,” Rishab said pressing my ass cheek.

We chit-chatted for a while, and then we fell asleep. It was 2 am when I woke up to find that both my best friends were asleep.

I slowly crept out of the bed to clean myself. I could not walk properly as my pussy was aching. Still, I managed to walk to the bathroom.

I had a hot shower and cleaned my pussy of our love juices mixed with blood. When I came out, I saw that Rishab was sitting on the bed and Kevin was not there.

“Where is Kevin?” I asked Rishab.

Rishab told me that Kevin has gone to get something to eat. Rishab asked me to sit on his lap. I sat on his lap. We smooched each other.

Then Kevin came with food. We all ate and went out to the pool area.


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