Sexy Friend’s Wife Satisfied Her Lust

Hey there, thanks for the overwhelming support about my previous experience. I am Rahul, 31 years old male from India. This story is about how I got so lucky to fuck my friend’s wife and how she seduced me for a hot session on an afternoon.

We live in the same apartment of a big society. Rohit and I become friends while we play games in our apartment. As we become close friends, we are connected just like a family friends.

Rohit got an official trip that he had to travel for a week. So I also didn’t go to play for more than 2 weeks.

One fine afternoon I got a call from Rohit’s wife, Sakshi. She said that she needs some help to lift few things and keep them in her loft. As it is heavy, she needs help.

I said, “Sure, I can come.” Of course why I will say no to my friend’s sexy wife. But after that, she said, “Don’t come now. Come after an hour as I am going for a bath now.” My kinky mindset peeped in and thought I will go now itself.

So I got ready in my shorts without inners and sprayed some perfume. Her apartment was on the 4th floor. I reached there in 15 minutes and knocked on the door. She has seen me through the lens and opened the door.

She Rahul I asked you to come after an hour, right. I said, “Sorry I didn’t hear that clearly. That’s fine, I can wait. She opened the door fully. I was awestruck. She was just on a towel around the body. I could see her silky and smooth skin and thighs. My dick got slowly got erected.

I said, “Sorry I came at the wrong time. It’s okay, you can watch TV until I come here.” I said, “Let me know if you need any help there. Just call me.”

She winked and said, “What help you gonna do now?” My dick was fully erect now by seeing her in sexy bath wear. I said, “Rohit is so lucky to have you.” She replied, “Hey, don’t see me like I am your friend’s wife.”

I said, “That’s really tempting me more, Sakshi.” She said, “Naughty friends! Let me go now.” By that time she noticed my erection. She said, “If I stand some more time here, you will wet your shorts, it seems,” and laughed at me.

I held my dick in my hands and pressed it. She really got tempted and came closer to the sofa I was sitting on. She went down on her knees and said, “You seem to have a huge one inside. Let me see that.” I was on cloud nine.

She removed my shorts slowly and made way for my dick to jump out. Her eyes widened up. She said, “Ouch, that’s a huge one.” She held that with her sexy hands and fingers, which she has sexy red color as nail polish.

Her eyes looked into my eyes. She licked my tip and started sucking my dick up and down. I kept my hands on her head and pushed slowly towards my huge dick. She was not able to take it full.

She licked all around my dick from the bottom to top and sucked it just lick ice cream. She started to lick my stiff balls and every place on and around my dick. She was pro at it. I was just thinking how well Rohit would be enjoying her blowjob.

I couldn’t control it anymore. I pulled her towel, and it fell down in a matter of seconds. She pushed me on the sofa to rest on it and climbed up on me. By holding her boobs, she gave it in my mouth to suck it.

Wow, what a scene it was! She crushed both her boobs into my mouth. Her areola was small round and dark brown in white silky skin. And more ever, it was so stiff. I love stiff boobs.

She moaned, “Suck it, Rahul, and crush it. It is not used enough. Use it now.” I sucked both her nipples and areola around and sucked it hard.

And we started to kiss each other madly as if we were in deep love. While we were in intimate kissing and sucking of boobs, I took my fingers down to her pussy.

It was dripping wet down there. I started rubbing her clit. Her clit was bigger in size which I could pinch it even with my fingers. I exactly pinched it, and she was moaning loud. “Oh, Rahul, what are you doing? Please do it again and again.”

I rubbed her clit and pinch her unexpectedly. I was repeating this for some time. While I was doing that, her sucking and kissing become intense. She pushed her boobs on my face all over and made to suck it hard.

I was biting her nipples, and she said, “Enough now. Fuck me, Rahul. I am your bitch, fuck me hard.” She pulled my hands and guided me towards her bedroom. Fuck me on this bed to have this everlasting memory.

That was a cozy bed and neatly arranged. I took her in my hands and dropped her on the bed. She just got immersed in the bed as the bed was so spongy and so cozy.

As soon I got on the bed, she pushed me down and climbed on my top. She wanted to do cowgirl. She guided the huge dick inside her wet sliding pussy. My foreskin rolled down and it went slowly inside her pussy.

She was enjoying it so much I could see it on her face. Once the full dick went inside, she got hold of the bed rest and started jumping over my dick. It was long enough. She had enough length to jump up and down.

Her jumping boobs were so sexy to my eyes. I hold it, and I increased my speed too while I was jumping. Now she started pushing her pussy front and back. I was also so horny. I want fuck her so hard. She got a bit tired of jumping on fall on my chest and started licking my nipples.

That drove me crazy as my left nipple is so sensitive, and she licked that so nicely I held her hip and started pushing my dick from down to up. I fucked her in that position for almost 5 minutes.

She went down and stood in the doggy style for me. I went behind her and took her full long hair and both her hands. I kept it all together on her back and rubbed my dick on her wall.

I inserted my dick full inside in one shot. Her face was buried inside the mattress. I was holding her hands and hair and started pumping fast and then faster

She was moaning loud. Sure it was heard outside too. I slapped her ass and pranked her ass every now and then. I wanted to go deep and deep I stood up and held her hip and started fucking her so faster.

Now her hands were rubbing her clit while I was fucking her from behind. She cummed so heavily while I was fucking her on full speed and collapsed on the bed. She slept on her side and gave her some time to recover.

She got up and started sucking my dick to make me so erect. Asked me to cum on her boobs. She was holding both her sexy boobs while I was getting a boob fuck. I inserted my dick inside her cummed pussy and took the cum, and gave on her lips.

She licked my fingers. I cummed on her boobs which she rubbed all over.

It was so refreshing for both of us. We went to take a bath in her bathtub and did another quick sex inside the bathroom.

She thanked me by saying, “Rahul, so you are so good. After a long time, I got good sex. Thanks a lot.” I felt happy to spend an evening with my friend’s wife and satisfied her. That makes us feel like a man, isn’t it?

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