Meeting Your Past – Part I (The House Party)

She stood in the corner, at the house party, with a beer in her hand, taking a sip from it now and then. She hated drinking beer, but she couldn’t stop taking another sip and bitch about its horrible taste. A random guy stood before her, flirting with her for the last half an hour.

Her eyes were looking at his face, but her mind was wandering all around. It was an uncomfortable situation, and she didn’t know how to escape from him. Not knowing anyone in the party apart from the host cornered her in this situation. She kept searching for familiar faces among the sea of people.

The music was loud, and the lights were dim. People were grooving on the floor, not so much as dancing, moving slightly to the rhythm. Girls and guys were grouped everywhere. This felt like a real-life Tinder rather than a house party.

Those who had connected took it to the next step. They found a room or a hallway and started making out. The only thing that they didn’t do was to take off their clothes. No one cared. It was that kind of a weekend party.

She went to the washroom and found two couples making out – one on the sink and another by the door. They felt more like decorations to the washroom than someone who interrupts the things that usually go inside it. She got used to it by now, and it had been successful in turning her on.

The desire for some action that day made her fall into this boring, awkward conversation with the guy. She needed an escape from it and was desperately praying to God for a savior. The beer rose from her waist level and up to her face. She held it almost like, hiding her face behind it.

He continued babbling at her. He needed to get laid, and he was preconditioned to believe that flirting always works. Her eyes scanned the room. They stopped at the silhouette of a figure. The person was standing with his back towards her. Something told her that she knew him.

She had a hunch that she knew what the back would be without clothes. Her eyes became closer to check the face. She felt like the person knew what she was doing and was deliberately teasing her by showing glimpses of his face.

A woman stood behind the person. She was very drunk, and she wanted to escape from all the sound and music. Her fingers started shaking, and her mind kept screaming at her that she needed a smoke. She walked past the guy with an unlit cigarette in her mouth.

Her fingers were trying to make a fire from the lighter in her hand. She was now beside the guy when the first finally came out of the lighter. Paru watched the guy among the lighter’s illumination for a brief second, and the girl walked away.

Her wrist stopped midway, swirling her glass, and she walked away from the corner. Instinct moved her legs and made her take a step after step towards the guy. She knew him. It was her ex. It was one of her best relationships in the past. Fate, being a bitch, broke them apart years ago.

She always had a soft corner for him, and she never had been as comfortable in bed as with him. She slept with a lot of guys, but there was no fire. She went forward and tapped on his shoulder.

“Hi,” She said while he was in midway, turning towards her.

“Hey, long time no see, ” He opened his arms wide with a glass of coke in his hand and a wide smile across his face. Ironic. He used to drink a lot when he was with her. Even with a belly, not-so-fit body, and messy hair, she was very attracted to him back in the old days.

It was even tougher now. His T-shirt was gracefully moving on his chiseled body as if it were on a clothesline on a windy day. Veins were popping out of his forearms as he brought them apart for a hug. And his hair, neatly cut with a fringe falling between his eyes.

She went in for a hug, no longer able to look into his eyes, lowered her gaze to his chest. Her arms wrapped around him for a second, and her cheeks fell on his chest. The warmth that came from that position was intoxicating for her. It was just for a second, but she wanted that to last for hours.

She hated the clothes that got in the way. Her lips touched his shirt and gave him a stain on his shirt. She hated it. She hated that the shirt was the one to take it. It might be the alcohol or the loneliness, but she wanted that stain to be around his cock.

He broke the hug. “Fucking idiot, ” She cursed him for taking those moments away from her. Her eyes finally looked up, and there it was, a naughty smile. They must be thinking the same thing cause he had the same look on his face.

“Let’s go somewhere else, ” She hated playing games and took the initiative. He responded with a raised eyebrow and followed her lead as she walked towards one of the rooms. She barged into one and found a couple about to get down to action.

“Out,” She commanded with her one arm grabbing his collar while the other pointing the sorry couple the way out. They obliged and rushed out of the room.

Something came over him, and all his instincts screamed at him to just stay still. His mind wanted to eat the girl before him, but his body had other ideas. As she pulled him into a kiss, his body followed her pull like a servant. He bowed down without any struggle and gripped her waist as she started tasting his lips.

Making those “Mmmmm” sounds, she started by licking his lower tip, making it wet for her comfort. She took her time with it and broke the kiss after a few minutes. It was hours for him. A strand of saliva connected her lips with his. He opened his eyes to the beauty before him.

The room suddenly felt hot, and control left his body as he dissolved into the girl’s arms. One hand in his hair and one around his torso, she was slowing moving down unbeknownst to him. He held her waist in his arms but made no move to grab that ass of hers.

Not that he did not want to, rather he couldn’t. His brain was not acting. She gave him no time to think as in one swoop, she took off his belt. She did something with that belt that he did not notice. He was busy swimming in her deep eyes.

“Hands up,”  She said, and he obliged. He was thoroughly enjoying her big surprise. This was a new side of him. Girls were always at his mercy when it came to bed, but here was a woman who could bring out the other side of him.

She put in the belt and pulled it hard. It hit him. She fucking turned the belt into a pair of handcuffs and tied his hands with it. She was a fucking pro. The girl he knew who was an amateur in bed was now taking away his control in bed. He felt powerless, and that increased the bulge in his pants.

She grabbed his hair and tugged it towards her shoulder. His ear was at her mercy, and she blew slowly onto it. The warm air’s feeling relaxed him so much that he felt the sudden chill in his entire body. Shivers ran down his spine, and he let out a slight moan.

“Moaning already,” She whispered in a sexy voice, one that he was not used to. One that made him feel like begging her for pleasure. She slid her hands down his shirt, which hugged his body. He waited for her to unbutton his pants.

But as her hands slid down effortlessly, it dawned on him that the fucking bitch had already taken off the button. She was so subtle that he never got the sensation. As his mind was having these thoughts, a new sensation hit him.

Soft but firm hands were sliding down his crotch, and slender fingers were encircling his hard cock. He let out a gasp. She gripped his cock. The grip was strong enough to give him pleasure. He closed his eyes as her tongue licked his earlobe, and her hand started to work on his hardness.

She started slow, going back and forth on the entire length of his shaft, and feeling the outline of his head. She used her thumb to rub along the wet head of his and flicked it. He bit his lip like a girl. He let go of his inhibitions. His entire existence wanted the pleasure that woman was giving him at that moment.

She stroked him a few times again and then started whispering.

“Did you miss me?” She kept stroking him, not so slow, to let his mind work and not so fast, to take him to climax.

“Y-Yes, yes I did,” He responded. He did not want to say no to that question. What if she stopped doing what she did?

She increased the pace just for a bit. His head tilted, and she asked the next one. A gentle whisper in his ear, and his body would shiver. “Do you miss my touch? Licking my pussy like a dog? Me, riding you on the bed? Do you miss that?” She was going faster now.

Gripping his foreskin and pulling it back with each stroke. After every few thrusts, she took his head into her palm and polished it like a doorknob. She resumed back to stroking his entire shaft. He slowly opened his eyes. The sight before him was surprisingly very hot for him.

He could hear the sexy whispers of a woman, and all he could see was the curve that ran between her waist and her ass along with the sexy ass of hers. Fuck, it got better from the last time he saw it. He could also see her shoulder moving forward and back – the reason for her hand to move in such a graceful way.

The movement made him imagine the state of his cock in her hands. He was getting closer to climax. He was about to cum. Two reasons brought him to the edge. One, the visual aspect of how her shoulder is moving his cock at the bottom. Two, she moaned ever so slightly into his ear.

His cock throbbed in her hand, and it got hotter. He was about to cum, and she knew it. Her hand gripped his balls, and she squeezed them hard.

“Do you want to cum, baby? You are at my mercy. Beg me for it.” She ended it with a moan. Those words were a whisper but different from the others. It was stern and commanding. His ego came up, but it lost in no time. He gave in.

“I beg you, let me cum.” He dug his teeth into her shoulder, asking her for his ticket to heaven. She let out a slight moan and bit her lower lip. Her hand left his hair and came down. Tugging his pant, she pulled it with force. His cock was now out in the open. She started stroking again.

This time faster, harder, and with more tightness in her fingers. He tilted his head back and let her do the work. His hands tied up tightly in his belt struggled for some freedom, but his efforts were in vain. Her hand explored all of his body from under his shirt while her lips kissed their way down.

She did one thing that made him cum hard. Made him shoot his load across the room. She sucked on his nipple and bit it. He lost it and cummed hard. She squeezed out the last drop of cum out of cock. His head fell forward with exhaustion, and she licked the last drops of his sweet nectar off of her fingers.

She was smiling. Smiling at her trophy.

There was a sound from the door. They both looked up and saw a young couple witnessing all this. It was a signal for them to leave the room. She started adjusting herself while he wore his pants. Everything was set, and they started walking. He tried to free himself from the belt but was badly failing at it.

She held something from somewhere on the belt and pulled it. His hands were free in a split second. She found him cute as he looked at her with surprise. He found her hot. He was not going to leave a chance to get with her into bed. They started walking and crossed the young couple.

A smile came across her face as the hot breath of the young couple grazed her hair. They were really horny seeing the things that just happened. They couldn’t take their eyes off of the Sex Goddess that just passed them. He followed her back, and he whispered.

“Follow me,” He led the way down to his car and started the engine. Little did she know, the tables were about to be turned.

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