Affair With My Cousin’s Husband – Part 1

Hello readers of ISS. This is Jessy from Chennai. I am from a conservative background like all south Indian women. I have an elder brother. Mum was a school teacher, and dad was a government servant. I got married at the age of 26. I have been married for 12 years, have 2 kids and settled in Chennai.

Back then, talking about sex was a big taboo and is still the same in all middle-class families. I did have a minor inclination towards sexual feelings but was scared to try anything. So I decided that I just to had to wait till my wedding. I decided not to take up a job.

Coming back to the story.

Back in 2015, my cousin Nancy was going to get married. She was as tall as me, which is 5’4”, had a decent figure, and worked with Titan. She and her parents were staying at my home. The groom and his parents were coming to see her. I had not seen the boy earlier but was stunned to see him.

He was good-looking, athletic build (basically a football player), had nicely cut hair, and working for an IT company. I felt a bit jealous of my cousin as she had such a good-looking husband. His name is Jeremiah. The marriage was fixed for a date after 3 months.

On the wedding day, my cousin was in a wedding gown, and the boy was wearing a nicely tapered suit. The suit was perfect for him. He looked like Harvey Spectre from the Suits web series. I couldn’t remove my eyes from him.

During the post-wedding reception, I ensured that I stood next to him while taking a photo. I kept ogling at him the entire reception and, whenever I found time, would stare at his photo that I had only my mobile.

After the wedding, they went to the Maldives for their honeymoon.

Seven months later, we planned for a family trip to Goa. So all the itinerary and everything was planned. We reached there on Friday afternoon, checked into our respective rooms. We had a light lunch, took a nap, and it was evening by the time we got up.

We all agreed to meet in the lobby at 6 and go to Baga beach as it is the most happening place. I decided to wear a knee-length white skirt with a denim shirt. My husband fell in love with my new look. When we all gathered in the hotel lobby, Nancy and Jeremiah were awestruck to see me in such a make-over.

Nancy came and hugged me and said that I was looking good. She was a sleeveless maxi gown. Jeremiah came and shook my hand and said that I was looking nice and gave a cute wink. He was wearing sky blue shorts with a white shirt and sneakers. He looked so nice in that outfit.

We went to Tito’s got ourselves a good spot. The entire evening though we were having fun, I kept ogling at Jeremiah. I could not take my eyes off him. He noticed the same and did not react much to that, but it made him uncomfortable.

It was only after marriage that my husband introduced me to wine. And I was sipping on the same in the club too. My husband was drinking beer. Nancy was drinking a mocktail, and Jeremiah was sipping a JW Black Label.

We were down atleast four rounds, and I was feeling a little high than usual. We finished dinner and decided to head back to our rooms. While we were moving to our rooms, Jeremiah said he would come a bit late as he wanted to spend some time on the beach.

Within my heart, I wanted to stay but reluctantly went to the room. After we reached, my husband immediately dropped on the bed and slept off. I thought I would get some action, but all in vain. Disappointed, I locked the room and went off to the beach in search of Jeremiah.

Upon reaching, I searched for a few minutes and found him on the shore. I slowly walked to him and asked him if I could join him. He was kind of reluctant, and it was visible on his face. This was because of my continuous staring at him in the club.

He finally agreed. We started to chat about some normal stuff. We grew comfortable with each other until we realized it was past midnight. While walking back to the room, I purposely started to walk close to him to feel his body, his perfume, his heat.

We had to cross the road. I was not paying attention to a couple of bikes coming. He pulled me back, and I collided with him. I thanked him for saving me. We sat down for a few minutes, drank some water and went back to the hotel.

When I collided with him, I felt a strange feeling inside me. It was like I wanted to feel more of him but was scared to do so. I knew he would not do anything. But the strange urge to feel him more grew stronger. So it was up to me to do something.

Our rooms were adjacent, and my room came first, followed by Jeremiah’s. The
The hotel room passage was dimly light as it was close to midnight. Seeing this as the perfect place and time and opportunity, I called him by his name “Jeremiah.” He turned to me, saying, “Yes?”

I gently caught hold of his face and kissed him deeply on his lips. It was just a deep kiss with no tongue involved. The smell of alcohol, his perfume, me feeling high after drinking wine aroused me. I pushed myself onto him, and he got pinned against the wall.

I assume he was shocked and didn’t move. We were in that position for some more time until we realized what was happening. We came to our senses and looked at each other, not knowing what to do or say. He just said, “Good night,” and went away. I responded the same and went to my room.

Coming back to my room, I rushed to the toilet to relieve myself. I closed the door, lifted the toilet seat, raised my skirt, pulled down my panty and sat down. I could feel the warm urine exiting my body. In relief, when I looked down, I saw a huge wet spot on my panty.

I was pretty sure it must have been from the kissing. I tried to brush it off but was unable to. The fear of him saying this to Nancy was starting to scare me. I could not sleep for an hour and managed to doze off.

The next day morning got up with a slight headache. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to relieve myself. Then I brushed my teeth, had a bath and came out draped with the bathrobe. My husband was reading something on the phone. He had ordered tea from room service.

I took a good large sip and could feel the headache go away slowly. I wore knee-length jeans shorts with a light pink t-shirt. We assembled in one of the restaurants for the complimentary breakfast. I was waiting for Nancy but was eager to see Jeremiah. I was waiting to see his reaction to my stupidity.

They came a bit late. My heart was pounding within me, wondering if Jeremiah told Nancy that I kissed him. I know Nancy, and she can be possessive. If she came to know about this, she would humiliate me then and there. She would do the same within the family.

But she came in with her normal happy feeling and wished all of us good morning. Jeremiah also came and wished all of us. I had a partial sense of relief that she did not know about this. While taking breakfast, I tried to stand next to him on the pretext of ordering.

But I wanted to apologize for my stupidity. When I got the chance to stand next to him, I quickly checked my surroundings to see if anyone was close by. He asked me, “What was that yesterday night?” It startled me. But I ended up blushing and smiling.

I said, “I am sorry.” He said, “I knew something was wrong when you were staring at me the whole of yesterday evening.” He said something that changed everything. He said, “All you had to do was ask.” I shocked the shit out of me. I kept standing near the coffee machine.

They all were seated, and the only available chair was between Jeremiah and my husband. After we started eating, Jeremiah adjusted his chair and came closer to me. Out of nowhere, he placed his left hand on my right leg. I immediately felt myself go numb and could not eat.

Everyone noticed that and asked what was wrong with me. With his hand on my thigh, I was unable to respond. He removed it, and I said that I bit my tongue. I drank a sip of water, and he kept it again. After finishing breakfast, I wanted to catch him in the handwash area.

He noticed that I, too, would wash hands and said, “That was for yesterday,” and gave a naughty giggle. I felt kind of horny after that. While we were coming out of the hand wash area, he spanked my ass. This shocked me big time. He giggled again.

Our plan for that day was to go to Anjuna Beach and enjoy all the water sports and other activities. Our first ride was the banana boat ride. The instructor told us to sit in a certain way – first, my husband, Nancy, then me and finally Jeremiah. We were given life jackets, and off we went.

We hit one wave very hard, and all four of us fell into the water. When in water, I could feel Jeremiah’s hands all over my ass. When I came up to catch my breath, I saw him grinning at me. I did not know what to do. I just played along.

On the pretext of pushing me back onto the banana boat, he grabbed both my ass cheeks and pushed me on the boat. All that was making me very horny. We had lunch at the local shack and were lazing around in the cool breeze. It was close to evening. We went back to our hotel rooms, had dinner and slept off.

The next day morning, we had planned to go to a few other places. When I went to the restaurant to have breakfast, I noticed that Jerry was missing. I asked Nancy, and she said that he got up late. Not sure how but the devil in me asked Nancy for a suntan lotion. She said it was in the room.

I asked her if I could get it. She said, please bring it along with you. She said not to disturb Jerry if he was sleeping. As I walked to the room, my heart was pounding, knowing that Jerry would be alone. When I entered, he was not in bed. I assumed he might have gone out or something.

I looked through her bag and everything but did not find the suntan lotion. I went to check the bathroom. When I barged in, I saw Jerry standing nude under the shower. I was shocked to see him standing that way. But he, very casually and without having any shame, said, “You want anything?”

I mumbled, “I need the suntan lotion.” He walked towards the washbasin to pick up the lotion and hand it over to me. I couldn’t remove my eyes off his dangling cock. The majority of the cock was hanging below his balls. I could feel myself getting wet just by looking at his flaccid, dangling cock.

He took the lotion and handed it over to me. I didn’t realize that he was handing over the lotion to me. I was standing at the bathroom entrance, totally stunned. I was ogling shamelessly at his body and more towards his limp dangling cock.

I came to my senses after he had sprinkled water on me. I was blabbering, ‘sorry, sorry’ over and over again. I stretched out my hand to take the lotion. To add to my shock, he pulled me close to him. I landed on his chest with my breasts getting pressed.

I had to wrap my left hand around his waist to grip him and not fall. We ended up with a non-stop gaze into each others’ eyes. He said, “You like my cock?” I didn’t respond and did not break eye contact. He was holding my right hand with his left.

My left hand was wrapped around his waist, slipping slowly towards his ass. His right hand was on my left hip with a semi-firm grip. He leaned into me, paused for a second, looked into my eyes and kissed me. There was no resistance of any sort from me.

I, too, leaned into him and kissed him back. It started gently and was developing into a passionate, tongue-in-mouth kiss. This intense kiss was broken when my phone rang, and it was Nancy. I told her I had found the lotion and had to go to my room to change my dress.

This conversation was happening while I was still in Jerry’s arms. He was kissing my neck. We broke the embrace and told him sorry and left to my room to change. I changed and went to the restaurant to have breakfast. Jerry was not there yet.

He joined 15 minutes late and apologized to everyone for being late. I noticed him looking at him. But I could not make eye contact after my recent encounter with him. But I wanted to be banged by my cousin’s husband at the resort.

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