Affair With My Cousin’s Husband – Part 2

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We set out on our rented scooters to visit the places we had decided. The entire trip, I couldn’t look at Jerry. He also did not make the situation uncomfortable. He knew it would go out of proportion.

We roamed nicely, had a good lunch and came back to the hotel. All of us were dead tired. My husband went to sleep after dinner. Nancy went to sleep. I was not able to sleep.

I sneaked out of the room and wandered towards the bar. As I entered, I noticed Jerry sitting at one of the tables facing the door, expecting me. He signaled me to come to sit with him. I was a bit hesitant but just went and sat. He ordered me wine and himself a beer.

It was an awkward silence between us. I broke the ice by saying

Me: Really sorry about what happened in the morning

Jerry: It is totally fine, no worries. It just happened.

He left out a little giggle which turned out to be a loud laugh. I was a bit embarrassed and asked, “Why are you laughing?” He replied, “Your expression on seeing me naked was priceless.” I ended up blushing at his comment.

We finished our drinks and went to the shore for a walk. We walked for some time and sat near a boat. The night sky was dark. The warm, gentle breeze from the sea was making the already erotic situation more romantic. We were sitting unusually close to each other.

Out of curiosity, I asked:

Me: How does Nancy manage it?

Jerry: Manage what?

Me: Your thing.

Jerry: What thing?

Me: You bloody idiot, how does she manage your dick?

He was rather shocked, which was very evident from his facial reaction

Jerry: Actually, that is becoming a problem. She doesn’t let me put it in completely, and she complains about pain.

Me: Dumb bitch.

Jerry was taken aback by this statement and said something that shook the hell out of me.

Jerry: You seem to be very excited about it. Want me to put it in you?

I just giggled and let it slide by. He leaned back, resting on his right hand and stretched his legs. He took my right hand and placed it on his crotch over his shorts. As the area was dark, no one knew what was happening. I gently started to rub his crotch over his shorts and could feel his dick grow.

I could feel it was semi-erect, and it was already bigger than my palm. He came close to me and kissed me and said, “You still don’t want inside you.” I asked him, “Are you serious? We will get caught. Nancy and my husband will surely not take it lightly.”

He convinced me, saying, “We will not get another opportunity like this. All of them are sleeping, and once vacation is over, we might not have another opportunity like this.”

His words kindled me. We kissed each other once more. He adjusted himself and helped me up. He told me to walk ahead and wait at the entrance of my room. He told the receptionist that his wife had locked the room inside and switched the phone off.

He could not get inside and wanted to know if he could get a room just for the night. The hotel agreed and gave a corner room for no additional cost.

As I was waiting at my room door, I saw him coming waving the room key. He grabbed my left hand and dragged me to the room. He unlocked the room and pulled me inside as quickly as possible. I was standing there thinking that it was happening too fast.

Meanwhile, he had switched on the A/C and was creating the atmosphere. He came and hugged me. It took a while for me to react, and he noticed that. He asked, “If you are not feeling right about this, it is totally fine with me.”

I was feeling guilt and also the lust to ride him. I managed to overcome the guilt and let lust take over. I caught hold of his t-shirt and pulled him close, and planted a deep kiss on his lips. He giggled in satisfaction. I continued to kiss him and pushed him on the bed.

I was on top of him, hugging him by the neck and kissing him deeply, tongue in the mouth and exchanging saliva. Meanwhile, his hands we massaging my butt over my dress. He was in no hurry to undress and fuck me. As the kiss continued, I could feel a lump pressing against my pussy.

I could feel his cock getting hard against the thin fabric of my dress. He held me tight and turned me over. Now I was below him. To accommodate him better, I had to spread my legs wide. In this position, I got a better feeling for his enlarged dick.

While we were kissing each other deeply and passionately, I asked him to dim the lights. When he came back to the bed, he stood at the edge of the bed. He took my right hand and helped me to sit up straight. He held it for a few moments and kept my hand over his shorts against his hard cock.

I let out a gasp feeling his size. I stood up to remove his t-shirt. After I had removed it, he unzipped my dress, and it fell into a bunch around my feet. He took the dress and kept it aside. He kept staring at my boobs and fleshy stomach.

I was wearing a blue color padded bra and matching panty. He unbuttoned his shorts and was standing only his boxer shorts which had become a tent. I sat down on the edge of the bed. I put my index finger into the waistband of his boxer and pulled him closer.

I put my hands on his hips and slowly pulled down his boxer. I kept sliding his boxer slowly while maintaining eye contact. I had pulled it almost halfway down his thighs. Then his dick sprung out, throwing a drop of pre-cum on my forehead. I had still maintained eye contact with him.

After I had removed his boxers completely, I could get a sense of the size of his dick. I had to grab his dick with both my hands to measure his length. It must have been atleast 7 inches long. The thickness was also good. The thickness of his head was slightly bigger.

I just stroked his cock to measure him nicely, spreading his pre-cum all over his cock. As I was gently stroking his cock, he began squeezing my breasts. He bent over and unhooked my bra. I co-operated by removing it. He gave them a gentle squeeze and pinched my brown nipples.

I kept stroking his cock all the while. He then gently pushed me on the bed and removed my panty. It gave him a good view of my partially trimmed pussy, all wet and moist from the foreplay. He knelt between my legs and started to lick and suck and finger fuck my pussy.

He licked my clit and finger fucked me simultaneously. It was an amazing feeling. I had a good orgasm just by oral sex.

Before he started, I looked at my phone. The time was around 10.45 PM. After I came back to reality, I noticed that the time was 11.20 PM. I didn’t know that he had done me so long. This was longer than any of the sex sessions with my husband in the 12 years of marriage.

After I had an orgasm, I called him to come next to me. He laid down next to me. I stroked his limp cock to full strength and whispered into his ear, “Let’s put your dick into me.” He winked at me and said, “How would you like it.” I replied, “Be gentle, that is all.”

He understood that and came on top of me. I knew I was close to my periods. So I didn’t worry about Jerry not using a condom. He held his dick and pushed the head a little. I let out a gasp and moan. He inserted his full cock inside me and rested on me, sucking my nipples and kissing me y and passionately.

He then started to slowly and rhythmically fuck me. I felt like a virgin with his dick. There was some initial pain. After that, there was only moaning and pleasure. He would pull his cock halfway out gently and push it back in with some force. This kind of fucking was new to me, and I was enjoying it a lot.

His actions were different. He would fuck me real slow, grinding his pubic against my pussy. He would suddenly increase his pace and fuck me quick, or he would pull out halfway and bang it in hard. He was wonderful. He ensured that I felt every thrust of his dick.

I could feel his dick twitch inside me and knew he was going to cum. He increased his pace rapidly. I was trying to match his movements. I felt his dick twitch harder and could feel that a wave of warm cum hit me. It was such a wonderful fuck. I looked at my phone once again and saw that it was 12.10 AM.

I was surprised by stamina and vigor. I was so happy about the fact that I got fucked nicely and had an orgasm before that. He had crashed on top of me after he had orgasmed into me. I hugged him and savored the moment completely. I could feel his dick going limp inside me.

I could feel his cum flowing out of my vagina towards my butt crack. I signaled him to get up so that I didn’t stain the sheets. He got up and took his t-shirt to wipe my pussy. Using his t-shirt, I cleaned my pussy nicely.

I went to the restroom, cleaned myself. I got dressed and went back to my room to avoid any suspicion. I texted him back, “It was wonderful. We should try to meet someplace else for a more intimate experience.”

He replied, “Same here. It was wonderful. I loved every moment of it. Let us see if we can meet up someplace else.”

The next day morning, we had to pack our bags and head to the airport. Jerry and I could not stop seeing each other. Before the flight, I told him, “Let us meet up some other day for a wild one.” We took a taxi to our separate homes, saying goodbye.

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