Exhibitionist Sex Adventures I Enjoyed

Ajay and I had been fucking like crazy lovers. Wherever and whenever we get the slightest opportunity of exhibitionist sex, we go for it.

One day when we were in his house, we were banging for the third time that day. Soon after we climaxed, I was dead tired and laid down on his chest with my boobs pressed against his hairy body. We were talking about random stuff.

I said I wanted to do something different, which should be extremely fun. He thought for a while and replied, “I know the perfect thing which will make my slut happy. He also added that he wanted to try this but didn’t have the correct partner.

He picked me up the next day around 2 pm. We went for a drive towards the outskirts of the city. He asked me to change my clothes in the car which he had bought. The red pleated mini skirt and a dark black tube top were so small that they only covered my boobs.

He asked me not to wear my panty. I jumped to the backseat of the car. There was a little traffic, and I didn’t want other people to watch me change clothes. I put the mini skirt high that my bare ass was on the seat when I sat.

I felt so sexy and wanted to thank Ajay for the dress. So I leaned in for a blowjob. I unzipped his pants and took his dick. It had precum already from the show I gave him. He pulled down the tube top, and my boobs jumped out. He was fondling them while I gave him a slow and deep blowjob.

After a while, he asked me to stop and said what we would do. I forgot about that since I was giving him the best blowjob. He said that he would stop in some shop on the highway. I should buy something, but I wouldn’t have any money. I had to convince the shopkeeper by exhibiting my body.

He also added by saying that I shouldn’t allow that person to touch my body. I should be in his view, but he would sit inside the car. I was both shocked and turned on equally. Ajay placed his hand on my pussy and asked if I would do it or not. I moaned in acceptance, and soon we came near a shop.

Now I was horny as hell, and I just wanted to do this. I got out of the car, adjusted my clothes and walked over to the shop. The shopkeeper was an old man with white hair and a fat belly. I went and asked him for a coke. He said 50 rupees, and he brought one.

I replied by saying that I didn’t have cash, but I wanted the coke. He replied by saying, “Madam, you’re dressing very fancy and look rich. But you’re saying that you can’t buy an item of 50 rupees?”

I replied, “Yes, uncle, I don’t have any cash with me now. I was thinking about paying you in some other way.” He still didn’t understand what I was trying to say, and he just made a dumb face. So I had to take the next step.

I said, “Uncle will you accept my boobs as payment?” While I was saying this, I was pulling up my tube top. Now he seemed to understand. In no time, he started drooling by looking at me and my intentions. He took me into the store. But I had to be in Ajay’s view, so I didn’t go inside the shop.

I said, “This is fine,” and I pulled down my tube top. The shopkeeper couldn’t believe his eyes. He was glaring at my fleshy breasts. I started teasing him by circling my tits with my fingers. He soon started touching his dick and later brought it out for me to see.

He asked me if he could touch my body, I sadly had to say no. He was disappointed, but he was utilizing the situation to his max. He asked me to turn around and bend down to expose my round ass to him. I did as he told, and when my ass came to his view, he started cumming.

He came all over the products that he kept for display in his shop. I took a little of his cum on my finger and licked his cum in front of him. I thanked him for the coke and adjusted my top. I started going back to the car. The shopkeeper requested me to come often. I smirked and got into the car.

To my surprise, Ajay had been recording everything. I was shocked when he showed me the video. But again, I was too horny to think of anything else. We left that place. My pussy was flowing with juices. I needed his dick inside of me.

But after a while, he stopped at another shop where nobody was there except the shopkeeper. He asked me to do the same. I willingly got down the car and approached him. The shopkeeper was probably in his late thirties or maybe even forty. But he was muscular and tall.

He seemed like a pervert as he had only been looking at my thighs. I asked for some stuff to buy from his shop. When he told me the total amount, I just ran my hands over my thighs in a bold way.

I said, “I’m sorry, uncle, I don’t have cash with me. But I want these. How can we sort it out?” By saying these words, my fingers were running towards my pussy. He quickly understood and asked me to show him my body. He called me in, and like an obedient slut I just walked in waiting to pay with my body.

As soon as I walked in, I started pulling down my top. I exposed my boobs in a very slutty way. He asked me to get completely naked. Without hesitation, I removed my clothes in front of him and started showing off my ass without him asking. He was about to grab my ass, but I told him not to.

He gets only to watch my beauty. He obeyed and pulled back his hands. He asked me to rub my pussy. I spread my legs while resting myself on the table and started masturbating right in front of him. I had forgotten how good I felt doing it for a stranger.

Within a minute, my legs started shaking, and I had a massive orgasm. I was also moaning as if a guy was fucking me rough. As I was recovering from my orgasm, I opened my eyes to see him stroking his big dick. Before I could fully recover, he got wild and dragged me inside.

He tried to fuck me even though I said no. He forcefully spread my legs and tried to penetrate me. I tried my max not to let this happen, but in the end, right when his dick entered my hole, Ajay barged in, knowing something was happening. He kicked him off me. He fell to the ground.

Ajay started yelling at him and gave another few kicks. The shopkeeper yelled back by saying, “This whore only came here and wanted my products for free. She got naked first, and I thought she wanted to fuck me too.” Ajay just took out his wallet and threw money over him, and pulled me back into the car.

Honestly, I felt a little bad for the shopkeeper. I showed him an entirely new world with my body and didn’t let him experience me. Again, he tried to do it even though I told him not to. Ajay tried to calm me down by saying these men are animals.

I wasn’t paying much attention as I was super turned on now. I had the shopkeeper’s finger marks on my hand when he aggressively pulled me. I told Ajay not to worry. I also bent down to his seat and started blowing his dick.

Ajay seemed to have been enjoying my show as his boxers were fully wet with his precum. As we passed a truck, Ajay slowed down and rolled down the windows and honked the horn. The truck driver turned down to see me suck his cock.

Ajay told me that the driver was watching us. So I slowly pulled my skirt to show off my ass to him. Ajay saw the driver pulling out his phone to take a picture, so he started speeding to cross the truck.

We quickly went to his farmhouse, and we fucked from the moment we reached. He fucked me continuously and came over my body multiple times. I had lost track of times I cum too. After that marathon of sex, Ajay was too tired to drop me back home. So he sent his driver.

The next day, all I was thinking was of those two shopkeepers and how I liked when I had complete power over the old man. When the other shopkeeper overpowered me, I started masturbating, thinking about how those two situations would have ended. I thought to experience it myself.

So two days later, I booked a cab. I told the driver that I had to take a survey of some shopkeepers in far-off places. So he had to wait until I met the shopkeepers and came out.

Saying this we went to the first shop. As usual, there wasn’t anyone other than him. He was happy to see me and said, “Ma’am, please don’t say you have money to buy. I want to see you naked again.”

This was the time to feel how a young girl can overpower an old man. So I said, “I will pick a lot of products. But instead of watching me, you can suck my pussy and my boobs.” He was shocked to hear that.

I went into the shop, sat on a seat, spread my legs, exposed my love hole to him and ordered him to suck me. He, like a puppy, came down on his knees and started sucking. His hands came up to press my boobs. But I said no to that, so again he obeyed and continued sucking.

I came on his face, and he was covered with my fluids. I told him, “You have given me good pleasure, so ill return some for you.” As I said that, I pushed him back to the wall and went on my knees to suck him. I kept looking into his eye, and I could see what I could do to him with my mouth.

I am pretty sure he would sell his entire shop to me for more. I soon got up when I realized he was going to cum. I sat on a table and asked him to fuck me. He was so happy and said that it was the best day of his life. He had a small dick.

I had brought him to the edge of cumming. So he came on my body after a minute or two of continuous strokes. I wasn’t satisfied. He leaned in to kiss me. But I didn’t allow again to prove my dominance and control over him. I soon left, and we went to the next shop.

I got down and went close to the shopkeeper. He saw me and said, “Go away from here, or I will fuck you up. My shoulder still hurts cause that fucker kicked me.” I didn’t move back. Instead, I got into the shop with him.

He again said, “Go away now, or I will…” Before he completed the sentence, I said, “Fuck me, I won’t go.” He didn’t waste a second and grabbed me hard, like the way he did the other day. Before I could say anything, he tore my t-shirt with great force.

When I tried to talk to him, he said, “Bitch, you disrespected me that day, now I’m going to do the same to you. I will fuck you so hard, make you the whore you are supposed to be.” Saying this, he ripped off my bra too. I was very turned on with his aggression. I didn’t say a word other than a moan.

Thankfully he didn’t rip my jeans off but pulled it down with great force. He found my pussy without a panty. I was also soaking wet, so for this, he gave a tight slap on my pussy. I moaned out so loud that he ordered, “Whore, be quiet.” He knew I wasn’t going to be quiet.

So he pulled me out through the back door. There was a storeroom behind. I had to walk naked until that room. But it was just 5 meters away. As soon as I entered, he pushed me to the wall, vigorously started rubbing my clit. He was also was choking my neck.

He didn’t give me a break, neither did he stop for a second. Only his rubs got even more violent. I started squirting pretty soon, and he collected some of it with his mouth. After that, he came near my face and spat everything into my mouth. I had no other choice than to drink it.

Right after this, he made me kneel. He took his big dick out. He forced down till my throat in the first go. He kept gagging me. I tapped on his thigh, but he didn’t bother at all. After some time, he made me lay down on the dirty floor. He came and started mouth fucking me.

Now he was thrusting his dick deep down. I couldn’t do anything but be his ultimate sex toy. He could see tears rolling down my face but ignored all that and continued. Soon I got the hang of it and started using my tongue. This was when he started cumming.

He cum for such a long time that my mouth was full of his thick, salty cum. I had to swallow it twice to drain my mouth. He seemed happy but wasn’t done. He soon got his dick hard and got closer to fuck me. He started ramming his entire body onto my pussy.

He continued crushing me. Soon he asked me to go on my fours so he could fuck my ass. He gave me a rim job and soon put his dick into my asshole. He grabbed my hair, and with each thrust, he pulled my hair. I was moaning like crazy and couldn’t control it at all.

He then took one of his big torchlights and lubricated it with my vaginal fluids. He slowly started entering the bottom end of the flashlight into my pussy. As it was a metal one, it was extremely cold. I screamed like crazy. He almost put the whole flashlight in me.

Then he started fucking me in the ass. Since he had just cum before, he kept on going for a long time.

This was when the cab driver walked into the room, thinking something had happened to me. He was shocked to see me naked and getting fucked rough. He just said, “Sorry ma’am, I’ll just wait in the car,” and he ran back to the car before I could say anything.

The shopkeeper didn’t bother at all and just kept on fucking me. Soon when he was going to cum, he removed the flashlight and cum into my ass. My body was fully covered in dirt, both of our sweat. I stayed there for some more time. I got back to my senses after this heavenly fuck.

I remember that he ripped off my t-shirt, so I asked him for one. He just gave me his shirt. While leaving, he took my wallet and emptied it. He said, “Now you don’t have any money to pay for the cab, go fuck him too.” The tone in which he said, how he treated me, and how he degraded me all turned me on.

Soon I got into the cab and saw him look at me awkwardly. I just told him to take me home. I realized that I cant go home with this shirt. I asked the cab driver for a favor. I told him that I didn’t have any cash and would like him to buy me a t-shirt somewhere.

I think seeing me getting fucked turned him on. So he said, “I would do that only if I fuck you right now.” I tried to say another day, but the driver didn’t listen. Finally, I told okay. He took me to a deserted place, got back into the backseat.

Fortunately, for the first time, I was happy to see a small dick. He fucked me for 5 minutes, and he came into my mouth. When we were about to leave, he said I had to sit in the front seat and give him a blowjob until he dropped me. I did accept it and was giving him a sloppy blowjob.

He bought me a t-shirt, and I changed it in the car. He was driving slowly so that I would suck him for a long time. He again came into my mouth. As we reached my place, I told him that I couldn’t do anymore. He didn’t say anything but just dropped me back home.

I hope you all like my sex adventure with strangers. I’m happy about all your responses.

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