Mind-blowing Sex With High School Teacher In Hospital

Hello, everyone. This is Dheeraj from Davanagere, Karnataka. I want to share a wonderful experience with you all today. This had happened 2 years ago. Her name is Vasudha with whom I had a wonderful experience.

I am a 36-year-old married guy. Vasudha was around 35, and she is married too. She was a high school teacher by profession. This had happened in Bangalore. My grandfather was admitted to some corporate hospital in Bangalore for stone surgery. In the same hospital and the same semi-private room, Vasudha’s grandmother was admitted too.

It was almost the 9th post-operative day; I was looking after my grandpa and Vasudha was looking after her grandmother. During the past 10 days, we had been pretty close as I helped them with small works. I and Vasudha were going together to buy medicine and food for our respective patients. So, we became close.

Sometimes, in the evening we used to sit and talk for hours together. Then I got to know that her in-law’s place was in Tumkur. Her husband works as a junior engineer in a highway authority. She had 2 daughters. I have one son too, they are in Davangere.

I work in a fertilizer company as a regional sales manager. The high school teacher Vasudha had a lot of problems in her in-laws’ house, and her husband never bothered to listen to her. Sometimes, she used to cry regarding the same thing.

She was very beautiful with a hot figure. She had huge melons of size 36. Overall, her figure was 36-26-38. While she was talking and also working, I used to observe the high school teacher’s figure and boobs. I used to see her cleavage, and many times, I went to the bathroom and shagged imagining her figure. I had taken some secret pics of her.

One day at around 6.30 pm, she came to me and told me that her mother had called her and she had prepared food for them and to the patients. She asked her to accompany her for bringing the same (her mother’s place was in Bangalore itself). I nodded.

As the patients were stable, we thought to bring the food. I actually had taken the bike of my cousin. We left at 6.45 pm and reached their house around 7.30 pm. We took food, we spoke to her mother. She was a wonderful human being. She showed her gratitude to me for helping her daughter in all her work.

Her father was not at home. Later we left at 8 pm for the hospital. While going home, I noticed that Vasudha was freely sitting, her thighs were touching the back portion of my legs, and her body and boobs were touching my back! I thought those happened by mistake.

As I was also married, I thought of being respectful, just moved forward with the intention of just helping her. But while coming back, the body contact happened a lot of times. I thought there was something fishy. I could imagine the married teacher’s hot figure and beautiful face and thought of moving a little forward.

I started to apply break suddenly and moved fast over the humps and small path holes so that her body would touch my back. Every time I did that, her body used to touch my back, her boobs used to press over my back. I started to enjoy it.

Vasudha was also enjoying it. Sometimes, she hugged me from behind to control the balance. In the process, I got erected down there in the pants. Breaks, hugs, and erection status continued till we reached the hospital. A few times, she touched my crotch accidentally, and I thought she got to know that my little bro was erect.

When we reached the hospital, it was 8.30 p.m. I told her to go to the ward and I would come in a few minutes. She told me no because she couldn’t carry the bag as it was heavy. She insisted, so I got up and took the bag.

It was very embarrassing as my penis was still erect. She noticed that and started to smile. As I had a 7″ penis, it was looking prominent. I asked her what happened. She said nothing and continued to smile.

I don’t know from where I got the strength, I told her it was because of her. The high school teacher got shocked, maybe because she had never expected this from me, as I was very decent all these days with her. She was shocked and at the same time, she blushed too.

I felt like hugging her there and kissing her. I wanted to rub my erect penis over her curvy hot ass. I felt like taking my penis out and giving it in her hand as it was a parking place. It was dark, and nobody was there.

Then we went to the ward. We gave food to the patients, we also had food with them. While we were both silent, whenever she saw my face, she smirked and smiled.

After having food, both patients slept. I was sitting outside and looking at my mobile phone. Suddenly, Vasu came and asked me for a walk around the hospital. I was shocked and happy.

We went for a walk, it was around 10 pm. Everywhere it was dark except in some places where there were street lights. It was outskirts, the movements of people were less frequent too.

While walking, I asked her sorry. She asked why and I told her about the conversation in the parking lot. She smiled and said it was okay, and there was nothing wrong with it.

With all courage again, I asked if it was okay to have an erection on a hot married lady like her. She smiled again and said yes.

She was wearing a tight, yellow churidar and red hot leggings. She was looking like a kama devata to me. I felt like hugging her. I asked her, “What if I hugged you as I am away from my wife for many days.”

Vasudha suddenly said that she was also away from her husband for many days. I got shocked and turned to her. Nobody was there, it was dark, and it was a winter night. She saw me and looked down.

I went near her and hugged her with all the force. Initially, she did not hug me back, but later, she slowly lifted her hand and hugged me. I started to rub her back with my hands. I asked her, “Is it okay?” She told me yes.

I asked her if we could move to the tree nearby. While it was dark there and nobody was around, she said yes. I was turned on. My dick got erected. I slowly moved my hands down on the married high school teacher’s ass, started rubbing and caressing them. I squeezed them and further rubbed them for five minutes.

Then Vasu whispered saying that she wanted to go to a dark place. I held her hand and took her to the tree. Under the tree, there was some private place. We went behind the tree, and I hugged her from behind. I started to press my erect penis on her ass. I pressed it hard, took my hands to the front, and held her hot big boobs.

I started to press the high school teacher’s boobs and squeezed them hard. She screamed in lustful pain. I asked her if I should slow down and she said no as she was enjoying it.

Then I lifted her top and bra from below. All her hot breasts were out now. They were milky white and so big. I couldn’t control my lust. I squeezed those bare breasts hard and played with the nipples.

I took her hand down and placed it on my penis. Vasu resisted initially but after my request, she started to rub it on my pants. It went on for 5 minutes. To my surprise, she only slid my zip down and took my penis out. My penis was out, she held it in her hand and started to jerk it. She said that it was hard and big.

I asked about her husband’s dick. She said that my dick was bigger than her husband’s dick. We smiled. The pressing, squeezing, and jerking continued for another 5 minutes.

Then I slowly brought my hand down and inserted it inside her leggings from the front, through her panty. I slid my hand into her pussy. It was not completely shaved. I could feel some hair. I inserted my finger and rubbed her clit and moved it inside. The pussy was already wet.

Vigorously, I moved my hand and finger. The horny high school teacher moaned in joyful pain. Later, I slid her leggings down and fucked her in the doggy style. I could see her milky ass even in the night.

I fucked her hard, from behind, she was moaning continuously. It went on for 10 minutes. Later, we both came together. I released my cum in her. She told me that she had never had such a satisfactory fuck from her husband.

Later we said thank you to her and she said, “Thanks to you too.” She hugged me.

We went to a bench and sat for another half an hour. We spoke a lot about our sex life and general life. She slept on my lap. Later, we went to the ward. We slept near our patients.

At midnight again, I felt like having sex. I went and woke her up. She smiled.

We went to the bathroom, we had sex in the doggy position and in the conventional position. This time, I could see her completely nude body. It was fucking hot.

We had sex for another 3 days almost 3 times a day. We booked a hotel room and had sex there as well.

On the 9th day, her patient got discharged. On discharge, she cried a lot and even I felt bad. I was sad too. I asked her about sharing the phone number. She said, no. She told me that she didn’t want to ruin my life as we were married. I tried to convince her but she didn’t agree.

I helped her with the discharge process. She asked me to come to the common bathroom in the hospital. There she hugged me and kissed me again. Later, she went. Even I didn’t force her for the phone number. The high school teacher was married and had a nice family.

We never met after that. That was one of the best sex experiences in my life.

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