Sex Adventure With Cousin Sister In A Fort

Hey everyone, I am Aman from Bhopal, M.P. I am a fit guy with a 6 inch long and 3-inch thick tool. This is a real story of my cousin and me making out at a historical place at Jabalpur (M.P).

So before taking you on the journey of lust, I want to introduce you to my cousin. Her name is Lovie, 19 years with stats of 32-28-34, in short, a hot piece of meat. She is a horny girl. It’s quite a long time since we got into our secret relationship.

I usually meet my maternal grandpa once or twice a year. Every time I go there, all my relatives (including aunt and uncle) explore a site nearby. So this time we decided to visit a fort which was 10 km from our house.

My cousin was super excited to go there. I already told her that we are going to have some fun if we get some privacy. She ignored it at first, but later she also agreed to it. We decided to go to the place in the afternoon as it will be less crowded. Then we can have a photo session there without any disturbance.

So finally, that day came. The weather was hot and sunny, but the weather app predicted heavy rainfall in the evening. We were all set to go. I was waiting for Lovie to come as she was taking much time getting dressed. We were 6 members – me, Lovie, aunt, uncle, and their 2 kids.

Finally, she was there, looking damn hot with a red off-shoulder top (confused guys, please google it) and a black printed skirt till her knees. Her top was a little deep, which showed some part of her cleavage. I was getting turned ON by this.

We reached the fort in 30 minutes. To our luck, there were just 2-3 people there. And no security member as it was really hot that day. To your knowledge, the fort has two parts. The second part is an adventurous site as it takes too much climbing and stamina to get there.

We started our photoshoot. I was waiting for the right opportunity to get some privacy and at least have some oral sex. After some time, the weather started to change, and there were dark clouds all around. Suddenly, Lovie asked my uncle to have some photos in the second part of the fort and winked at me.

I was impressed by her cleverness. Uncle was getting annoyed by the 2 kids. He asked me to take Lovie to the other part of the fort, get some photos there, and come back soon. Lovie and I were very happy as we got our chance to have some lustful adventure.

We left for the second part, and there was not a single person in the way. So I was squeezing her boobs while we were climbing. As we got there, we saw NO-ONE. We took 2 pics as a formality and started exploring each other’s bodies in a small dark cave in the corner of the fort.

We started smooching, kissing each other like wild animals. I started caressing her boobs. Her one hand was on my hair, fondling them and stressing more when I kissed her neck. The other hand was on my hard dick.

I grabbed her boobs above her top and started kissing her neck with a sensation of tongue and teeth. Also, I started rubbing her vagina above her panty with my hands inside her skirt. As we continued, we heard a sound and stopped for a moment. It was a dog.

We smiled and again started smooching, now with more passion. She came near my ears and whispered, “Baby give it to me in my mouth,” and knelt. She removed my belt, unzipped my jeans and removed my underwear, and started licking my balls.

She is a pro when it comes to blowjobs. She started licking my dick’s head and took my entire dick in her mouth. She started blowing it up while applying her saliva as a lubricant. It was hard for me to control. So I left a few moans, grabbed her head, and started fucking her mouth for 3 minutes.

I was going to cum, so I controlled myself and made her stand up. I turned her around, inclined her towards the wall, and removed her black panty. It started raining heavily by then. I got a call from my uncle to stay there till the rain slows down a bit.

I continued with my work. I got down, spanked her ass cheeks. I started licking her asshole while fingering her clean, shaved pussy with two fingers. She started moaning while squeezing her boobs and closing her eyes. She turned around as now I faced her pussy.

Without waiting for a second, I started eating her pussy. I was kissing her inner thighs, spreading her vaginal lips. I was kissing her vulva and tickling her clit with my tongue tip. She grabbed my hair and pushed my head into her pussy. I knew that she was about to cum.

So I increased my speed and started fingering along with licking. She was in heaven with a loud moan. She let out all her juices, and I drank all of them. Now it was my turn to get the climax. So I made her incline with her ass out and both the hands on the wall.

I was lubricating her pussy with my saliva and pushed my dick into her warm pussy. She was moaning, so I put one hand on her mouth and increased my speed. We were full of sweat. I fucked her with a lot of lust for about 15 minutes non-stop.

Giving my dick deep inside her, slow passionate strokes with speed increasing with each stroke. She was rubbing her pussy. The sound of phat-phat when my thighs collide with her ass can be heard in the cave. We both enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.

I finally cummed on her ass cheeks which she took in her finger and tasted. Then we adjusted our clothes and a short kiss on lips, hugging each other. We left for the exit gate where uncle was waiting for us.

So this was my real erotica. I hope you girls and guys liked my amazing sex experience with my cousin sister. For your valuable feedback or some fun, you can email me at [email protected]

I will be waiting, and for any girl or aunty near Bhopal, I can help you out in the way you want. Thank you, and I will be coming with more such stories soon.

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