Inner Desire exploded with Bhabhi

I am 53 years old mature gut-based in Mumbai. Life has been smooth and inner desire has been normally been fulfilling. Married with one son and nice loving and caring wife.

This is a real incident that happened with my cousin’s wife. Let me share what happened. I hope you would like my attempt to share this.

I am a mature guy, 53 years old, but I still have an active sexual life. In fact, I would say it has increased in the last 5 years. I am 5-10 in height, fair, slim, mustache but have a hairy body.

I realized that all of us have inner desires which we keep to ourselves. Most of the time, we have never shared with anyone, including your life partner.

My cousin brother is 6 years elder than me, and his wife is 4 years younger than him. So my Bhabhi is 2 years elder than me. She is 55 now. When my cousin married, I found her to be a very beautiful girl. I felt happy that my cousin got such a beautiful wife. We have a very close relation with cousin family.

I did have a crush on her, but such inner desires remained suppressed over so many years as social norms. I have a very friendly relationship with her, like any healthy Devar-Bhabhi relationship. No sexual, or I would say not even an element of flirt in the relationship.

This incident occurred three years back when her daughter got married. They were preparing for her marriage and were busy shopping. On one Friday evening, she and my cousin came home to meet my parents.

My cousin mentioned that he has to go for some office work abroad for 2 weeks. It will put a stoppage to the marriage preparation. I said, “If any help is required, I can help Bhabhi.” He felt relaxed. It was decided that I would take Bhabhi for shopping in those 2 weeks.

Bhabhi called on Saturday morning saying she had to go to the city for some shopping. I willingly said yes, and I reached her home. She was ready, and we left for the city. This was the first time we both got to talk to each other alone. She was very friendly, so we started talking.

Me: So how much preparation is pending, Kavita (name changed)?

Kavita: A lot of work is pending. I am tense if this will be over before marriage.

Me: Don’t worry, you have one and a half months.

Kavita: But Manoj (my cousin) will be away for two weeks. So it will affect the work.

Me: Aree, Bhabhi, don’t worry, I am there. You can ask me to come on weekdays also. I can manage it.

Kavita: Oh, Thanks, dear.

And she kept her hand on my arm as a gesture to say thank you. It was a normal gesture. I also never felt anything odd or sexual about it. We continued the discussion on where she has to go and what needs to be planned.

We did the required shopping, and it got late. It was 9.30 pm, and I dropped her. She insisted that I should have dinner. Her daughter and son both have gone to see late night movie with friends. So she and I were alone at home.

It was hot and humid. She said she would take a quick shower and would have dinner. She went for a shower and came out in 5 minutes. When she came out, she was in her pajama t-shirt.

At first, as she came out of the bathroom, she looked stunning and attractive. For the first time in that situation, I felt aroused seeing her. Then I told myself what am I thinking was not right and diverted my thoughts.

Then we started having dinner and a conversation.

Kavita: You must be tired of moving around with me for shopping, na?

Me: Frankly, Bhabhi, I don’t like shopping at all. But it’s an important event in your life, so I am feeling good to help you.

Kavita: How sweet of you, dear.

She smiled and put her hand over my hand. That time a current passed my body and felt hard below.

Kavita: You know I always liked your personality. You are a very helpful, mature and caring person. Sonam (my wife) is lucky to have you as a life partner.

Me: Manoj is luckier!

I don’t know why and how I said this sentence as a reaction. She was a bit surprised to hear it and asked.

Kavita: Why are you saying luckier?

Since we both were alone and I was feeling freer to talk to her.

Me: You know, Kavita, I always used to imagine and desire that one should have a wife like you. Perfect in all ways.

Kavita: Khane mai butter jayada hai kya? (and she laughed loudly) Buttering me?

Me: No, Bhabhi, I mean it. I feel that you are perfect in all ways, and Manoj is very lucky.

Hearing this, she became serious. My reaction reflected seriousness in what I said. There was 1 minute of silence in our conversation. I didn’t know what to say and looked into her eyes. She was also feeling odd the way I was looking at her.

Kavita: Are, dear grass is always greener on the other side. That’s how it is.

Me: Why do you say so? I have seen you and Manoj for many years, You are a perfect couple, and I always admire you.

Kavita: I understand what you say, and I appreciate it. Yes, there is no problem. We are good and leading a good life. But…

Me: But … Why this but…

Kavita: Aree, nothing dear. Nothing worth mentioning.

I got curious about this reaction of hers. She also understood she said something which has risen curiosity in me.

Kavita: Manoj and I are very well adapted to each other as life partners. But there are few things which are inside of, and no one knows inner feelings.

Me: I understand. Each one of us has our core self, and only we know that person inside us.

Kavita: You are a mature person. So I can share it with you. I always liked you and in my mind got attracted to you sometimes.

This sentence was the most unimaginable response from her. But if you ask me now, I wanted this sentence from her. I had similar inner feelings for her. There was pin-drop silence for 1 minute. I didn’t know how to react. I also could not see in her eyes.

But after a minute, I looked into her eyes and got up from my seat. She also got up from her seat. I moved close to her, and she responded and took one step towards me.

I held her both hands with my hands. I was looking at her eyes. I moved my arm around, asking as a gesture of hug. She came, and we hugged. I could feel we both were with high beating hearts at that moment. I moved my hand across her back and just hugged her feeling her.

She responded by moving her hand over my back and her hand settling to my waist. I was gently hugging, and our bodies were not touching or pressing it hard. I was getting aroused in that silence started my hand caressed her back.

As I started that, she hugged tight, and her body was pressing and came closer. Her boobs were touching my chest. I felt the tightness of the hug. I moved my hand, held her face with both hands, and moved my face closer to her and kissed her.

As our lips touched, my manhood got very hard. I am sure she would have felt that touching her body. She responded with a gentle sensual kiss, and I had the best sensual kiss of my life that day. We were very soft to each other, and our lips started feeling each other.

I moved my tongue out and licked her lips while kissing. She moved her tongue out, and our tongues rolled and felt each other. We both kept kissing and feeling each other for 10 minutes. Our hands were feeling each other’s bodies. I slid my hand inside her t-shirt and felt her bareback.

The moment I did that, she moaned and hugged me tightly. I was very excited with the naked touch of her back. I moved my hand down and slid my hand in her pajama, and felt her ass. The shape of her ass was arousingly sexy.

I pressed her ass with one hand. She moaned again and kissed passionately. From her kiss, I could make out she asked me to give her the ultimate pleasure she wanted to experience.

In that hugged state, we moved to her bedroom and lay on the bed. While doing, I also removed her T-shirt. Her body is amazing and very sexy. I unhooked her bra, and she was topless. She lifted her body slightly up, telling me that she wanted to get full nude through body language.

I removed her pajama and panty together. She was fully nude, and that is the dream come innermost desire of mine getting realized. I was in heaven as my unfulfilled desire was happening in real. She was enjoying it too.

I bent over her body and started kissing every inch of her body gently from toe to knee to thigh. I stopped and thigh and sucked her thigh for 5 minutes. I could see love marks on her milky and silky thighs.

She was clean-shaven, and her pussy was awesome. I kiss her pussy. She spread her legs apart, inviting me to give her ultimate pleasure. I licked her pussy and sucked it too. She held both my hands tight and moaned loudly.

Her moan made me feel like a real man who can satisfy a sexy female. There is no higher pleasure than making your partner satisfied in bed. I licked her pussy, and I felt that she got her first orgasm while I was doing it.

Her body was moving as she was reaching the peak of orgasm. It was a sight which I can never forget. Her legs came closer when she reached there. I moved up and hugged her tight.

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The next part shall continue.

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